Monday, January 13, 2014

Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies 
 The concept of a love story between a zombie and a living chick seems like a stupid premise for a movie. It actually works in its quirky way in Warm Bodies. Part Twilight and part parody, Warm Bodies straddles that line finely. Thankfully, it never crosses either one too hard with exception of a few moments in the third act. I am shocked that I liked the movie as much as I did.
Warm Bodies is set in a post-apocalyptic world were zombies have taken over and humans live in well-guarded encampments. The young people will go out into the doomed cities in order to gather supplies. One group encounters a zombie group and two individuals from both sides find themselves connected to each other.
A portion of this movie’s story is based on Romeo and Juliet while some of the more soapy moments are taken from Twilight. I mean the concept of a young lady falling in love with a rotting corpse is so out there that it works, damn it. The movie is making fun of Twilight, while still telling a straight story that almost works in its universe.
It also doesn’t help matters that Teresa Palmer is made up to look like the Twilight female lead. And, her character’s name is Julie (Juliet) and the zombie goes by R as in Romeo. Very clever, movie.
The “love” that the star zombie R has for the girl is more than a little creepy and overboard stalker-like. It reminds me of like how the male character in Twilight behaves around the female lead. It is very creepy.
It is toward the last act that the movie starts to lose some of the humor and parody that it built up to that point. You see, there are two types of zombies. The normal zombies we see in movies and the boney zombies. The boney zombies have completely lost their humanity, and they turn out to be the main villains in the third act. It gets a little silly at the end even for me with the humans and zombies fight side by side.
Overall, I have to give Warm Bodies a good rating because it actually tries to turn the overused zombie tropes completely on their heads with a strange merging of Romeo and Juliet and Twilight. For the most part, it works. I actually liked the movie.
Grade: C+
 We can dance if we want to. 
 Zombie 1:  Look, there is a lot of work out there for zombies more so than vampires.  Resident Evil, Walking Dead and Game of Thrones etc.

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