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So Long Uncle Phil (James Avery )

So Long Uncle Phil (James Avery )
Found this on Reddit...
I was more than a little upset with news of Jame Avery dying at the age of 68. For us pop culture junkies, Avery was in everything you can think of. He was both a character actor and a father figure type actor. For black kids like myself, he showed there were successful black men that lived in a normal family structure.  And, they had a positive vibe over their children.  That was important. 
Yes, he was the main bad guy on the popular cartoon show Teenage Mutant Nijia Turtles as the voice of Shredder. Pretty cool right? He played the role all the way up to the end of the show. Note: He did not come back for the amusing Turtles Forever special. He also played War Machine in the both the Iron Man and Spider-Man cartoon shows.
Oh, and I had completely forgotten that he played a Klingon on Star Trek Enterprise years ago and this post reminded me. Also, he was one of the few people up for the role of Worf on TNG. That's an interesting note.  Dorn fit the role perfectly, but Avery would have been interesting.  
Sure most people remember him from the Fresh Prince show, but there were many roles worth noting. The man has been in EVERYTHING.
The Blues Brothers:  They list this as his first role on IMDB back in 1980.  He’s one of the dancers in the crowd scene outside Ray Charles’ music shop.  I can’t find him.  Can you see him? 
The Jeffersons:  I think every black actor and actress has passed through this show.  I don’t remember his guest role. 
Webster:  He played a judge on one episode.  A bit of foreshadowing...
Rock 'n' Wrestling:  I believe this was the beginning of his animated voice over career.  I could be wrong.  He played the Junkyard Dog.  Not even the real Junkyard Dog could play his own cartoon version.  Professional actors, instead of the wrestlers, voiced all the characters on the show. 
Chuck Norris: Karate Kommandos and Rambo:  Both of these cartoon shows were based on R-rated franchises sort of. 
The Karate Kid:  I vaguely remember this.
The Real Ghost Busters:  He did various voices on this show. 
Night Court :  Another Judge role…
Beastmaster 2: Through the Portal of Time:  Yes, I’ve seen this piece of shit movie more than a few times.  Whenever it is on cable, I watch it.  It is so bad.  His character comes in at the middle to third act of the movie. 

Anyway, RIP Avery.  

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