Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Random Bits

Note: The woman on the right is too skinny. You can see her bones protruding from her hips, yuck.

Random Bits

~Something tells me this Sex in the City movie might suck. However, I still think Kristin Davis is the sexiest lady on that show. Besides, we know that she likes to take pictures of herself having sex, bless her heart. You can check them out here. What a way to 'viral' market a movie called Sex in the city.

~I’m a huge fan of the series Venture Bros. So when a preview of the third season came onto the web, I’m was more than a little giddy about it. Go Team Venture! If you liked the show The Tick (both the cartoon and the live action one), then you’ll enjoy this riff on the Johnny Quest series, which is created by the same people.

~Is Gary Coleman really getting a divorce? Why are he and his wife putting it all on the stupid a reality show called Divorce Court? I know he’s starving for attention because his acting career sucks now, but come on.

((Shannon says the reason she wants a divorce is because all Gary wants to do is play with his train sets and video games instead of going out with her))

Looking back at it all, I had more fun with the huge train set I had and the videogames. Going out is overrated. Besides that, you married a man-child. Heck, he is a famous man-child. She claims she never watched an episode of Different Strokes. What are you talking about, lady?

Monday, April 28, 2008

Lost: The Shape of Things to Come (spoilers) Part 2 of 2 review

The flash-forward in this one also answers the question as to why Sayid works for Ben in the future. I still don’t buy that Widmore’s people killed Sayid’s wife. I think Ben’s been playing games with Sayid and had her killed. I still don’t think Ben is the hero he claims to be.

I also like the hero status of Sawyer. Ever since end of last season, Sawyer is a changed man. He’s actually friends with Hurley and very protective of him. I like this Sawyer 2.0, even though I miss the name-calling that he was famous for.

Why does Locke need Hurley to find the Jacob house? I thought the encounter between Locke and Sawyer was a nice little standoff.

The acting from everyone was spot on, despite the faster pace of the episode. And some people might have a problem with the speed of the show this season. Things are happening so fast that there are times when normal character development isn’t possible. The episode never really takes a breather.

However, that’s what I like about this season so far. There have been a few missteps here and there, but this season has been spot on in pacing and story progression.

Grade: A-


~Is it just me or is Smokey looking bigger and meaner in this episode?

~When Ben emerged from his hidden room, why was he cover in black dust?Locke, Ben, and Sawyer: I see a new Spin-off involving a sitcom with these three.

Ashlee Simpson needs to stop

Holy crap, Ashlee Simpson needs to stop

Somehow, Ashlee made the bad reality show Dancing with the Stars even worst.


Someone needs to tell her that she can’t sing. Her music is horrible, and it feels like she’s not even trying to sing. You have to have talent and not just use your family name to sell tickets, Ashlee. Do you remember the Orange Bowl incident? Hey, I liked you better when you disrupted a McDonald’s restaurant.

Please stop making ‘music’.

Boll against Bay

Uwe responds to Michael Bay's attack

Boll against Bay

Uwe Boll challenges Bay to a boxing match. Whoever wins, we lose. Listen, Boll knows how to market himself. Sure he knows his movies are crap, but he builds up this character of himself as villain.

I'd like to correct something that Boll said in his video response.

((So it’s my message to Michael Bay, Michael, in between your pool parties in LA or your casting sessions with the strippers you should start training now. And I’m sure you look good, you look thin. ))

I wouldn't say he has casting sessions with strippers, but pornstars. Look at his hair and Douche Bag (Bay) style. He'd only demand pornstars because he knows that they will put out after the session.

Love this bit

((Michael Bay responded to my note about him in a very insulting way for me. He said that he doesn’t care about me and this was very insulting because I care about him and I think that with the money he has for his movies, he sucks big time.)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

88 Minutes

88 Minutes

This movie is a piece of crap, but not as bad as the critic community says it is. Jack Gramm (Al Pacino) is a forensic psychiatrist that ends up being caught up in a strange frame job with a copycat killer. And, he receives a call from a voice that says he has 88 minutes to live.

There are so many problems that I don’t even know where to begin. I can forgive the some of the lazy plot points, but some are just unforgivable. The story doesn’t seem to know what it wants to be, a Scream movie or a simple thriller. So, instead we get an unfocused movie that pretty much doesn’t go anywhere. However, what’s even worst about the movie is the direction.

Director Jon Avnet simply doesn’t care about the movie. He films some scenes like Michael Bay, short and choppy, and then shows us long boring scenes with little editing. He throws in some rap music at weird times during certain scenes that make no sense. The direction is just plain bad, and it hurts the film. Perhaps if they had a better director, this movie could have been something.

I like Pacino, but he looks like he’s tired and bored. But, he does get to hang out with the very lovely redheaded Alicia Witt and I’d spend an entire movie with her too. Damn, she’s cute. However, surrounding Pacino with hot women, which there isn’t a lack of here, doesn’t make for a good movie.

With poor writing and direction, the movie will never be remembered as a Pacino classic. Now that I’ve seen how badly Jon Avnet has screwed this movie up, I’m dreading his new movie Righteous Kill, which also stars Al Pacino.

Grade: D+


~Some people call Leelee Sobieski a “butter face”, but I think she’s cute. Her acting in this movie sucks though.

~Tick Toc Doc: Worst line ever.

~The movie isn’t as bad as the folks at Rotten Tomatoes claim, but it is stupid

Al Pacino is one lucky SOB.
Al: “Can we do this scene again? This time I want land on top of her, whoo-haaa.”


Weird voice guy: “Hello, Sidney. What’s your favorite scary movie?”

Al: “Wrong number and movie, buddy.”

Weird voice guy: “Uh, sorry.”


Al: “I was in the Godfather, now I’m doing this crap… Please shoot me.”


Agent: “Hey, Al-baby, Gigli II will be a great idea.”

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Lost: The Shape of Things to Come (spoilers) Part 1 of 2 review

Lost: The Shape of Things to Come (spoilers) Part 1 of 2 review

Wow, now this is a way to welcome back the show after reruns. After killing off two major guests stars in the last episode, we get even more death and destruction in this episode. We even get some answers in the process of the mayhem.

This is Michael Emerson’s episode with a bit of Naveen Andrews thrown in. Emerson goes through so many emotions in the single episode that it may overload some folks. For a brief moment, we actually care about this ultimate villain. The moment involves the death of his daughter. It is such a brutal death that we almost forget all the problems he put our heroes through during the early seasons. Watch Emerson’s face when he hears the gunshot. The scene was shocking and well played.

Emerson then plays Ben in the future in the middle the Sahara Desert. He encounters two Arab men and kills one, knocking out the other one. Why did he simply appear in the middle of a desert and why is he wearing Halliwax’s coat? (The guy from the Dharma videos.) He doesn’t seem to be too worried about his situation here either.

Not only is this episode packed with some major character moments. We get to see just how ruthless these freighter people really are. They come into camp, kill three people in cold blood like it’s nothing, and then proceed to kill Ben’s daughter in front of him. I like that the writers aren’t pulling any punches this season. But, I do want to know what happened to the rest of the people that lived in the Others’ camp when the attack happened.

Plus, we see an angry Ben ‘summon’ the Smoke Monster. Boy, that was an impressive scene. However, this summoning of Smokey opens a whole assortment of problems for the series. Does this mean everyone that’s been killed by the Smoke Monster is connected to Ben’s plan? Does Ben really control the monster or was it attracted by something that Ben sent out?

Side question: Is Danielle Rousseau really dead? I hope not, but after she receives the news of her daughter’s death, she’ll probably end up even crazier.

She reacts very strangely when Ben gives her his fake name.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Random Points

Random Points

~Wesley Snipes is going to prison for three years. I guess he won't finish up any of his direct to video projects. I really should write a post about what the hell happened to Snipes movie career. Three years...damn. Nino Brown is finally in jail (random New Jack City thing).

~Well, it's official, Guillertmo del Toro will direct the Hobbit and the Hobbit II. I’ve grown to really enjoy Blade II and I thought Hell Boy was fun. I think his dark humor fits with the Peter Jackson Lord of the Rings world. There’s no way this story could have been told 15 years ago with the technology we had.

~Listen to Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew get into it. I must have missed this one.

~I felt good about myself a few days ago. I walked along Baxter Ave and a bum tried to get my attention by asking for money. I just simply ignored him flat out. I’m tired of people asking for money from me, a person that doesn’t have that much myself. I'm all about helping the poor, but giving them money to drink or smoke it away isn't my style. When someone really needs help, I help them out, but a guy smelling like beer doesn't need my help.

~I've been watching episodes of Babylon 5 and I like the stories but the acting in the first season is a bit off to me.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Random Pictures and having fun

Random Pictures and having fun

The Samuria Frog does these pictured rants very well, and I used to go through these pictures comments way back in my early blogging days. So, I decided to throw some in for the sheer heck of it.

A face made for radio...


Can we please stop this Emo movement? I know down in Mexico they’re having Emo riots. While I’m not saying we should have a riot here in the US, can we at least have a peaceful protest over these crybabies? I’m going to have to side with Mexico with this one.

The world is becoming a strange place. Men are wearing makeup and tight pants and women are becoming men. (Such as asking men out and paying for the dinners). I’m not the manliest man out there, but these Emos are annoying with their makeup and dyed two-toned hair.


Three words: Fanboy wet dream


Kelly Osbourne seems to enjoy donning the clown makeup, when actually she looks better without any make up or spiked hair… Is there really a Reality Show curse? It certainly seems that way.

Btw, Kelly, what happened to that music career you said wasn’t dead?



David O. Russell strikes again

David O. Russell strikes again

Cool MoFo James Caan quits the movie Nailed after cookie incident. You heard it right. It seems Caan and hot-headed Russell got into it when Caan asked if he should be coughing while choking on a cookie.

((The two couldn't come to an agreement and Caan left the set never to return. The film's producer got to work on the damage control and was quoted as saying the disagreement was "part of an ongoing creative conversation between the actor and director", and that Russell had been nothing but professional throughout the shoot. ))

I am a fan of Russell's work. Three Kings and I heart Huckabees were good films. But will people continue to work with him knowing that he has these massive blow outs on the sets?

Anyway, here's the plot of the movie “Nailed” and I'm not making this up either.

((An original political satire about a naive small town waitress who accidentally gets a nail buried in her head, causing erratic and outrageous behavior that leads her to Washington DC. There she falls for a dashing, but clueless, Congressman who searches for the courage to save her.))

Sounds like a good concept to me, but Russell will be this movie's worst enemy.

Side note: This is joke, but I guess it's supposed to be funny...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Columbo: the after years

Peter Falk going crazy…

As I stated before, my mom was a huge mystery/court drama fan. One of the shows I watched were the Columbo specials and episodes. I liked the crumpled character and the way he tricked people into thinking he was an idiot, but he ended up being a smart detective.

So, it’s a little disturbing to see Mr. Columbo roaming around the streets looking a little uneven in the pictures above. Here’s hoping the 80-year-old actor can get it together. Where’s Mrs. Columbo when you need her?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Forbidden Kingdom

The Forbidden Kingdom

It’s a light-hearted fairytale. And like Mayren says in her review, it’s a great little story. In this period of stupid talking chipmunks and PG-13 horror movies, it’s refreshing to see a movie that just wants to be a fun little story. Just go into the movie knowing that fact.

What you get is a Chinese fairytale mixed with a bit of time travel and kung fu. Some people will hate the fish out of water storyline, but for me it worked. Michael Angarano is fair in the role of the young American kid lost in ancient China, and he has one great part at the end of the film. But, he doesn’t really stand out in most of the film. I guess his point is not to stand out, because people want to see two of Hong Kong’s greats interact.

And, interact they do. Probably one of the best scenes in the film involves the meeting and fighting between Jackie Chan and Jet Li. The fight scene is long but outstandingly preformed by these two. They have very different styles, so it’s fun just to watch them in that scene together. (BTW, without giving to much away Chan and Li each play two roles in the film…sort of.) Chan and Li seem to have a lot of fun working together and it shows on screen.

Yifei Liu is pretty, but a little restrained in her performance. Bingbing Li actually has a far more interesting role than Liu. And, this might be because Bingbing Li plays a villain. She carries a whip and uses her long white hair as a weapon. What’s cooler than that?

Rob Minkoff does an okay job as director, but you better believe that Chan, Li, and fight choreographer Yuen Woo-ping had more to do with how the battles turned out. The sight of the rolling mountains and vast lands also helps you get the feeling you’re in ancient China.

Despite some loose ends and some shaky dialogue, the movie is still fun and shouldn’t be taken seriously. This is not Couching Tiger and Hidden Dragon, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying this film. While not for everyone, you will have to see the fight between Jet Li and Jackie Chan.

Grade: B


~The opening credits are a great tribute to the old Kung fu movies.

~The score in the film is a little weak in some places. I think John Williams would have been a better choice.

~Jet Li is great as the Monkey King.

~There are a few twists in the movie that I found enjoyable.

~Li does something very disgusting to Chan in the movie…

Monday, April 21, 2008

20 Dates

20 Dates

Myles Berkowitz is a dork and a douche bag.

20 Dates is a documentary/comedy about a lame guy filming himself on 20 dates and trying to find true love. He’s also trying to launch his dead film-making/acting career in the process. Not everything goes as planned during the filming.

And, that’s part of the fun of the movie. He finds himself in strange situations mostly because of his own doing. At one point, Myles hits it off with one lady, and they really seem to get along very well. However, he reveals that he’s been filming the entire date from a hidden camera. That’s when all things go to crap. The lady has a meltdown and ends up suing him.

Another running gag are the scenes with the producer and money provider Elie Samaha. Elie tells Myles that his movie is shit, and he needs to add sex and boobs into the film. He also threatens to break Myles’ legs if he doesn’t make his money back. (Elie also tries to shove the lovely Tia Carrere into his movie, not mentioning that Tia was Elie’s wife at the time. For some reason, Tia also has a producing credit on this film.)

It’s scenes that these that keep you from turning off the movie, because he’s not a guy you’d cheer for to get laid or find love. That’s the negative aspect of the movie. Myles is the kind of guy you’d keep away arms-length. He’s the guy that dresses funny, but thinks he’s the life of the party. The interviews with his “friends” expose the truly annoying person that he is. You don’t want to be around him.

If you have some time to waste and have a free rental, there are far worst movies to watch.

Grade: C-

Saturday, April 19, 2008

At da movies (rude moviegoers)

At da movies

The movieblog did a post about rude moviegoers and I wrote one a few weeks back. And, we’ve brought up a few things as well. (You can read their post here.)

Since I probably can’t sell this article to any newspaper or magazine, I’m going to go ahead and post it. My teacher told me that it was very funny, but the story has been done to death. So enjoy this story.


Chris Merfield, an avid horror fan, says that he almost never goes the theater anymore because of the complete lack of respect from some of the younger moviegoers these days. At one point, he almost lost it. A cell phone went off behind him, and the girl answered it during the movie. “I turned around and looked at her. I said, ‘Are you fucking serious?’ I was so angry that my girlfriend had to calm me down.”

Sadly, these things tend to happen more frequently these days. People just don’t care about basic movie theater manners. The normal people, the ones who enjoy the movie theater experience, are growing weary of the clatter and are opting to stay at home for the DVD. Moviegoers aren’t willing to spend money on theater tickets because of the horrible experiences. How does one deal with these crazy situations? Hopefully, this little article here will help you in your movie-going ways.

Every year, more moviegoers are skipping theaters altogether and waiting for the home release. Brian Corbin, 30, is one movie fan who now almost exclusively rents Blu-Ray movies from Netflix. “It’s not even worth it anymore,” he says about the theater.

If more people continue to migrate to the home market, theater owners will miss potential profit. When a studio releases a movie into the theaters, they have to share that profit with the theater owners. When that movie is released in the home market, the studio receives most of the profit. So, it is in the theater owners’ best interest to make sure their steady customers are happy.

“Our best advice to theater goers if they are aware of a disruptive audience member is to inform an usher,” Wanda Whitson says. She’s the Director of Corporate Communications with National Amusements, a major theater chain in the United States. “We would not want to put any of our patrons in an uncomfortable situation, and our ushers are trained how to handle situations like these.”

Does that mean the ushers are highly trained ninjas capable of taken care of the situation? Probably not, but then if they are ninjas we would never know what happened until after the fact. Seriously, what Whitson is trying to say is one of the biggest mistakes is to confront the disruptive person. But, how does one deal with the problem?

In order to solve the problem, we have to identify the people behind the problem.

1. The cell phone user: These are probably some of the worst people in the world. The light from their phones, to say nothing of their ring tones, can be annoying. Then they answer their phones.

2. The bathroom runners: These guys drink a big cup of soda and have to go the bathroom every 20 minutes, walking on your feet in the process. Apparently, some people simply want to pay money to use the bathroom.

3. The late arrival: These types roam in groups or herds. They tend to arrive 10 minutes after the movie has started and then stand in the front of the theater, searching for a good seat. They’re creatures with no sense of time and respect. Perhaps, they are merely celestial beings from a dimension that has no need for an existence temporal like in “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”.

4. The seat-kicker: They always feel the need to kick the back of your seat for no other reason but to piss you off. They come in all shapes and sizes. When you turn around to glare at them, you may inadvertently kick the seat in front of you. So, keep that in mind. What came first, the kicker or the back of the seat?

5. The Talker: Before the others on this list, there was only one, the talker. These guys are the legends among the disruptive groups. They will talk through the entire movie no matter how good it is. They are the most likely to ruin your movie experience.

Now, that we’ve identified the problems. When you encounter these people, here are a few things not to do.

1. Setting their popcorn box on fire: Now, you may get points for being a badass, and they probably deserve it, but the smell of burnt popcorn is just as bad as a disruptive person. And, the screaming, “My Hands, my hands” just might irritate people more.

2. Rallying the entire theater against them: You may think you are William Wallace from “Braveheart”, but causing a local rebellion doesn’t help anyone. Plus, you’re missing the movie.

3. Using logical reasoning: That’s like teaching a caveman to fly a plane. It just won’t work. It all ends up going down in flames, just like the popcorn box.

Now, how do you really prevent these people from ruining your movie-going experience?

1. Don’t confront the rude person directly: Confronting the rude person is like yelling at a loud person in a library. It only makes the situation worst. When you yell at the person, you become part of the problem. Direct confrontation can cause the situation to get totally out of hand.

2. Don’t ignore the rude person either: Remember, you paid for your ticket, and you should see the movie without any major interruptions. Without taking some sort of action, these disruptive people will continue to be rude to in other theaters. Ignoring a problem will only make it worst.

3. Complain to the management: Leave the theater and talk to the manager or some of the workers. This is the best course of action. They have the power to remove the disruptive people from the theater.

4. Arrive to the theater at least 10 minutes early: Finding the right seating arrangements can play a huge factor in how much you enjoy the movie. Getting there early means you get to choose where you want to sit. Find the proper area to sit inside the theater.

5. Demand your money back: This is the most important one, because theaters should be concerned about losing money. And, why should you pay for something you can’t fully enjoy?

Taking these steps could make your movie-going time better. Remember, you paid for the movie, so it is only fair you’re able to enjoy it.

Random Bunch

Random Bunch

~The only thing the aftershocks effected were some of the streetlights. The quake reset them and they just blinked red. Some people blew right through not knowing that you’re supposed to stop.

~I’m almost done this semester; I just have to do a rewrite and create a web site using HTML and CSS. Btw, I love CSS.

~ Chocolate Rain 8Bit Remix: I can see this being in a Mega Man game. Plus, there’s a Rick Rolled version too.

~Anyway, here’s a Jay-Z VS Super Mario remix. You have to hear this remix. It’s good. Check out the Yoshi drums toward the middle of the song. You want more: Here’s Daft Punk with 50 Cent and Timberlake remix. It works, strangely enough.

~ Here's a cool mash-up of children songs all done in Aceppella: I like it, and it brings back memories.

~I know the GI Joe movie will suck big time, but I like the picture of Scarlet and the rest of the crew, with the exception of Marlon Wayans . And, I know that Marlon wanted to do the movie because he grew up on GI Joe. But The Rock as Shipwreck? Hmm...

Friday, April 18, 2008

Earthquake Time!

Earthquake Time!


It was 5:30AM. After coming home from work, I decided to watch some videos before I went to bed. I started to watch that Scientology episode of South Park when I noticed the windows started to shake. My first thought was that there was someone trying to break in, but then I thought it was heavy winds. It was after the shaking stopped that I realized it was an earthquake. It ended up being a 5.2. I really didn’t feel it, and I am a little disappointed that I didn’t feel it like you see in the movies. (Maybe it is Xenu trying to stop me from watching that episode.)

The aftershock!

While sitting in a class room, a fellow student read his paper on the earlier earthquake. He read aloud his paper and that was when the room started to shake and rumble. Yep, he was discussing the Earthquake and an aftershock happened just as he started.

Actually, the aftershock felt stronger than the earthquake. It ended up being a 4.6.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Random Bits

Random Bits

~Man, I am busy this week. I can’t seem to get through a day without having to deal with school crap. But, I’m trying to squeeze in walking every other day. Luckily, school this semester is nearly over.

~I attempted to watch John Tucker Must Die, but I can’t sit through it. I had to turn off the TV. The movie is brain dead.

~I still can't get over the time Adam Carolla hung up on Anne Coulter. She just comes across as snappy and I'm glad Adam hung up on her.

~Farm Boy from FF7: I always like this track. It's pretty good on piano.

Listen to the original here

Here's a pretty good snyth one here

Here's a quiet version


The weirdos from the view interview Robin Quivers


The View is so annoying, but she barely mentions the Artie Lange thing. But, Robin looks great.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Roger Rabbit (deleted scene) the Pig Head

Roger Rabbit (deleted scene) the Pig Head (Update)


Here’s the scene (actually a collection of scenes) that were deleted from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. That gorilla from the club in the earlier scene catches Eddie and Judge Doom sends Eddie to Toon Town with the weasels. They paint a living cartoon pig face over his head and Eddie freaks out.


~That famous Witch from the loony toons cartoons with the hair-pens makes an appearance here. Look closely…

~Jessica Rabbit appears to be working for Doom, or we’re supposed to believe that in this scene. She would later try to convince Eddie that she’s a good person...er cartoon

~The FX shots of Eddie washing the ‘pig head’ off are nicely done here.

~It would appear that these scenes were deleted very late in the post-production process.

Side post: Here’s a “making of” special that’s a little creepy. Yeah, the guy that did the voice was on set reading the lines in a roger rabbit suit.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Kirk R. Thatcher (I hate you!)

Do you remember that punk rocker on the public bus in Star Trek IV?

Yeah, it was a funny moment; especially when Spock knocks him out with that Vulcan nerve pinch. The best part is when he flips off Admiral Kirk just as the song says, “Screw You!”

But the story behind this scene and the person playing the punk is just as entertaining. His name is Kirk Thatcher. (Check out his interview here)

Thatcher has worked on both Star Trek and Star Wars over the years. He also wrote the song “I Hate You”, in which he’s playing punk in the scene above. Thatcher and The Edge of Etiquette preformed the song. The band was comprised of people working on the set and this is their only song. (Go here for the history behind the song)

Here are some points worth mentioning.

~The song showed up in the movie Back to the Beach as well

~Thatcher was paid more for the song in Back to the Beach.

~Thatcher was the voice of the computer that tested Spock at the beginning of the film. “How do you feel?”

~He worked with Jim Henson (Muppet shows) and Phil Tippet (Return of the Jedi) as a puppet master

Here’s the song being played in a parody of Shawshank Redemption (The complete song uncut)

This is just funny as hell. It fits well with the video.

The Shitty Enterprise theme being played on the bus

I’ve felt that way every time I’ve heard that damn Enterprise song.

Punk on the bus Rick Rolls everyone…

Hey it needed to be done, take it like a man or woman…

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Random Bunch

Random Bunch

~Who knew Wilford Brimley could rap?: This is beyond creepy. As I stated before, this guy creeps me out.

~A very special Bibleman: If you remember, I used ragged on this stupid show countless times, and this clip is really bad. I can't believe this show was even made.

~A “V” remake? Really? Do we need to remake this 80's miniseries. Btw, there was a remake to V, and it was called ID4. There was talks of them doing some TV movies, but it appears they might just be revamping it and changing it into a remake theater movie. You have to remember that V had two miniseries and one network weekly TV show, which was canceled.

~Transformers go Hollywood: What happens when the two leaders of the transformers meet up with the leader of the GO-Bots? Btw, Peter Cullen and Frank Welker did the voices on the Go-bots.

~A hot Korean Girl dances and I like it a lot: I'm guessing she from the southern side of Korea. Just a hunch.

~Speaking of dancing girls, here's the Groovy Dancing Girl dancing to a bad song. She makes the song better with her 'groovy' dances. Here's her myspace. Living in Dublin, Ireland, She's 25 years old, divorced, and is an animator. I still want to know how many of those damn strange hats she has around her house? Hey, if she every wants to teach a black man that can't dance a few things, I'm game.

I want one of those hats.

Need help with a project

I need some help with a paper.

I am writing a trend story for Flash Animation. It involves me having three sources (interviews). If anyone reading this post minds answering a few questions about your Flash Animation viewing experiences, feel free to e-mail me back here (jbjr27@aol.com).

I just need your name (it will only be used for my assignment) and the country/state you live in. (my teacher might e-mail you back to confirm the story)

Here are the questions,

What flash cartoons do you watch?

Why do you find yourself drawn to those series?

Why do you think Internet flash animation has gotten so big lately?

What do you get out of flash animation compared to normal TV animation?

(Btw, I just interviewed one of the most important people involved in flash animation today. And he was really cool.)

The project is due on Monday, but I can take e-mails up to 9AM on Monday.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Boll Game

Both Eli Roth and Bay have responded to Boll's comments

I think Roth gets the joke that is Uwe Boll and responded accordingly. On the other hand, Bay is a bit more serious and seems to take it to heart. (Well, Boll did call him a retard.)

Here's more info the whole Boll thing.

Does anyone really think Boll will stop making crappy movies?

Friday, April 11, 2008

Artie Lange goes off…

Artie Lange goes off…

At some point Artie went after his assistant outside the studio and then brought it onto the air live. Artie tried to attack his assistance live on the air. If you listen to the entire thing, you can hear Artie slowly lose it over time.

Artie Lange Quits Pt. 1

Artie Lange Quits Pt. 2

Artie Lange Quits Pt. 3

(He blows up around 4:12, and then Robin totally loses it.)

Artie Lange is out of control. Earlier in the week, Artie showed up on the Adam Carolla show, and he came across angry and slightly out of it and it sort of comes to a head on the Howard Stern Show.

Artie has some major drug and drinking issues and he’s loosing it. He needs to check himself into rehab or he’ll end up dead like Chris Farley.

Listen to the way he blames Howard for the attack. He then walks off the show on the air. Plus, Howard almost never talks to Robin the way he does in this incident.

He's a mess. I used to like Artie, but he's out of control

What the Frak

Battlestar Galactica: What the Frak is Going On?


Everything you wanted to know about the new Battlestar Galactica in 8-minutes. It’s pretty entertaining.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Uwe Boll kicks ass

Listen, any man that can wear a wimpy sweater around the neck, but is a skilled boxer that flips people off is all right with me.

Uwe Boll kicks ass (follow up on a MC post on Mr. Boll)


Check out the video in the link above and listen to Boll call out Bay and Clooney. I have a whole new respect for a guy for saying, “Look, I'm not like a f'ing retard like Micheal Bay or other people.”

Now, I want to hear Bay's response.

Sure, his movies are total shit, but I love his angry German accent.

The man is funny as hell when he's pissed off. I'd watch a movie with him going around the world cussing people out.

DOA: Dead or Alive

DOA: Dead or Alive

When you think DOA, you think Bouncing Boobs, a fighting game that has bouncing boobs. You see, most fighting game fans have better games on their list, like Street Fighter, Tekken, Soul Caliber and Mortal Kombat, but there seems to be a younger crowd that likes seeing polygon breasts over a good fighting game. They’re usually the guys that don’t have any means to see real breasts. Don’t get me wrong, I like the games, but I think the publishers are trying to milk the series for every cent. Remember that volleyball spin off game?

For some reason, someone thought it would be a good idea to make a movie out of this over hyped game series. So, how do you translate the game to a movie-going audience? Well, not very well.

With very poor acting and bad dialogue, there’s only one thing going for this movie. That’s right, good-looking people and tons of ass shots. The story is dumb and not worth mentioning.

Devon Aoki as Kasumi just proves that she is no actor, but she’s cute though. Jaime Pressly is playfully entertaining as Tina Armstrong and is the only person in the movie that seems to be enjoying themselves here. Eric Roberts is sleepwalking through the whole movie.

The actual martial arts moves are good, but the hectic editing just distracts from some of the better fight scenes. They also feel the need to add the HUD from the videogames. The MTV film-making is annoying.

If you like seeing sweaty hot women fighting each other, but not much else then this movie is for you.

Grade: D+

They read my mind.
Actually, I do like the bright colors in this movie.
Earl was one lucky guy.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Valkyrie delayed again

Valkyrie delayed again, this time 2009


This Tom Cruise Nazi flick seems to be pushed back every few months.

((The MGM release has been moved from October 3 to February 13, coinciding with the U.S. Presidents Day holiday weekend. Last December, it was pulled from its original July 4 holiday weekend berth where it would have competed with the Angelina Jolie thriller "Wanted."))

There are a few real possibilities here as to why it’s being pushed back.

  1. The bad press: You have to remember that Scientology is under a lot of heat across the world right now, and the major protests have hurt the group. Tom is closely connected to the group in the public’s eye. Plus, the leaked footage of Tom hasn’t helped his image. People are sick of Scientology and crazy Tom. They will not go out to see his movies anymore.
  2. The movie just sucks: The movie just might be bad, and the story poorly done. The studio knows this and is trying to fix the problem instead of dumping the film.
  3. They simply need more time: Yeah, there have been some behind the scenes production problems with the movie and could be a move to help the troubled production.

It’s probably a blend of all these factors.

Anyway, you had better believe if this movie bombs, Director Bryan Singer would be the one that will receive most of the shit. The more I hear about this movie, less I want to see it.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Box Office Jam

Brand new sequel: Horton hears a fart...

Box Office Jam

There really hasn’t been anything that has caught my eye since Cloverfield, but here are the Box Office numbers.

  1. 21 (2008) $15.1M $45.5M: Maybe it’s me, but I don’t see anything that’s appealing to me. I was hoping this was a flux sequel to the show 24, but I guess not. I don’t see a connection between Jack Bauer and a bunch of snotty nosed hipsters.
  2. Leatherheads (2008) $13.5M $13.5M: George Clooney seems to be pissed off at the WGA, but who cares. I might check this one out on DVD. Please, Clooney, enough with the nodding and grinning bit.
  3. Nim's Island (2008) $13.3M $13.3M: What the heck? This movie came out of nowhere. I’ve never heard of this movie. I probably will skip this one.
  4. Horton Hears a Who! (2008) $9.1M $131M: This movie has become a huge hit. I’m sure it beats the movie Cat in the Hat. Cat in the Hat has something going against it; a Paris Hilton cameo. I’m not joking.
  5. The Ruins (2008) $7.84M $7.84M: Keep in mind this movie has boobies and a R-rating. I heard this was a pretty good horror flick, but I’m sure all the PG-13 horror movies have pretty much ‘ruined’ the horror market. I also think the torture porn movies haven’t helped either.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Battlefield Earth (Top 5 questions.)

Battlefield Earth (Top 5 questions.)

Ah, yes, this is probably one of the worst Sci-fi movies I’ve ever witnessed.

The guys over at Agony Booth have successfully ripped the movie a new one. It’s one of those movies that most people haven’t seen, but should because it is so bad. You’ll laugh aloud from the sheer cheese of each scene. Travolta is way over the top as the main bad guy.

1. Why are there so many Dutch angles in this movie? Did the camera man fall asleep when he started filming? I mean this is just plain stupid. Was the camera broken and no one bothered to fix it? Xenu will be pissed.

2. Why is the vast Psychlos Empire in need of gold? At this point, a space-traveling race wouldn’t be too concerned with just merely gold. Wouldn’t other resources be just as important, even more so?

3. Why are the Psychlos so stupid? For a race that took over our planet in nine minutes, they’ve certainly slacked off a bit haven’t they? They’re some of the dumbest villains in the universe. Was this L. Ron Hubbard’s intention? I hope no.

4. Is shooting a bunch of cows really a good way to show off your shooting skills? Terl (John Travolta) proves his guns skills by shooting limbs off a group of cows. This is probably one of the unintentionally funniest moments in the film. I can watch Travolta shooting cows all day.

5. So, it’s all right to kill billions in the name of your own freedom? Yes, the human resistance planned to wipe out the Psychlos’ home planet without giving it a second thought. They never once think about the people that aren’t involved in the occupation that are living on the Psychlos home planet. They just nuke the entire planet and kill billions in the process. Aren’t you just as bad as the Psychlos then? Sloppy writing, I’d say.

____________________________________________Terl: “I knew the latest Xbox was going to be big, but this thing is freaking huge.”
Xenu rules!
Did they really need to make John’s crotch the biggest one in the movie? Is that how they choose who is their leader?

Friday, April 04, 2008

Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Colon Movie Film for Theaters

Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Colon Movie Film for Theaters

Uh, wow, I really can’t say how I feel about this movie, because I don’t know what to say about this movie. I am a huge fan of the series and have been for years. But, this movie goes way beyond the strangeness of the show. So much so, that I don’t know if I should be angry or confused with the ending. I get some of the jokes, but the movie is so stupid that I surly can’t give it a favorable grade.

The story is about the ATHF constructing a workout device in order to get babes. Carl ends up trying the device first. While Carl is in the workout device, it transforms into a giant killer robot that dances to an annoyingly loud techno song with Carl attached to it. (I’m not making this up.) The whole workout/techno bit is very funny, but the movie completely drops that storyline from the movie for an origin story. This origin story makes no sense either, none.

I can take the random humor of the TV show because it is only 22-mins long. But, an entire movie with this type of humor is a bit of strain for anyone to handle. Yet, I can see why someone would like the movie, because it’s all ATHF jokes, but on a larger level.

I’m just a little confused if the whole movie is just one big ‘f’ you’, and I am not getting it.

A confusing grade: D+

Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Moron Saga

McPherson’s own site.

Internet Justice saves some of the tech items that were stolen from a guy's house. Some kids broke into Jesse McPherson's house and stole his Xbox, labtop, and TV. They made off with these items and never thought they'd be caught. The story says that one of his roommates was in the house when it happened, but hid upstairs. (Yeah, if you have no way to defend yourself, don’t confront the thieves.)

Of course the police didn't do anything and pretty much didn't care about the crime. (Hey, they're too busy stopping people for speeding and making illegal turns. It should be noted that there are a few cops that do care.)

Well, McPherson did some of his own detective work and discovered the identity of one of the thieves. But it doesn’t end there, some douche bag called him out on Xbox live bragging about the fact that he stole his videogame system. Being the clever guy that he was, McPherson recorded the message. That was when the Internet public went to work and did more detective work than the actual police.

He explains the story in greater detail here.

Here's the video of the fartknocker that bought the Xbox from the guy that stole it. He's one of those white guys that tries hard to act black, whatever that means. I find these guys to be the most insulting people in the world. Is talking in broken English and wearing sagging pants supposed to make one Black? (KINGSIKE11, take in any culture, but don't make a mockery of it.)

I guess it doesn't come to any surprise KinGSIKE11's mother isn't the smartest person in the world. It's no wonder that her little son got into taking stolen items…and rapping badly.

Here's the FOX news video of the story: The best part is when FOX news makes fun of his rapping skills. Btw, the female newscaster is hot!

Here's a response to the whole saga.

After noticing all the media coverage, it looks like arrests are finally going to be made in the case. The Xbox and Laptops were returned, but no sign of the TV screen.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

More Terms to learn…

More Terms to learn…

I’ve been busy lately, haven’t been able to do some of the usual posts I write around here. But, the one I usually like the most is the Terms and Definitions from the wonderful Urbandictionary.com

Here are a few interesting ones.

manorexia: The male version of anorexia nervosa, or any general wasting away of the body in men. This eating disorder is commonly seen in starlets but is now affecting men, where they take on the wasted appearance of starving children in third world countries.

Comment: I’ve never heard of this one before. I’ve noticed a growing trend of putting the word “man” in front to it gives it a different term. Like, Man-purse or Manginal.

wiki-snob: Academics who feel that anything found in the wikipedia is suspect because it wasn't written by a committe of fat-cat, overpaid, grant-hogging professors whose prusuit of pseudo science is endandering science funding everywhere.

Comment: This one is funny, because I’ve come across many Professors that throw their noses up to the mere word Wikipedia, but Wiki is a good source to start and do further research for your story with the outer-links.

Lawyer Ball: The art of playing the rules instead of playing a game. For example, trying to work out a walk in slow-pitch softball. Swing the bat, you puss!

Comment: I like this one a lot too. I always hated those guys that would call a foul every time someone would touch them, thus slowing down the game. This is street ball, son. My brother was like that a lot and is probably the reason I stopped playing basketball with him. Such a cry baby, man-up, son.

It is what it is: Used often in the business world, this incredibly versatile phrase can be literally translated as "fuck it."

Comment: I use the term “what ya going to do?” instead. But, I also use f’ it too.

it just might blow: when someone throhs trash in your yard and you tell them to get rid of it and they kick it to thwe street there's a chance it may blow into your yard again

Comment: Uh, what? I just might blow trying to figure out this piece of crap.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Random bits (Hopefully, no April Fools)

Random bits (Hopefully, no April Fools)

~10 most annoying things about Lost: I love Lost like other people, but there are a few things that annoy the hell out of me. One of them is certainly that damn Four-Toed statue. Then there is the bad decision to kill off Libby. I know that they needed to really shock the audience, but this character was never fully developed.

~Hmm, this statement by George Lucas is a little confusing: I don’t know what to really make from this statement “[W]e know that for the fans it won’t be the movie that they have been making in their minds for the last 19 years, so they all get bent out of shape. A lot of the critics forget that they didn’t like the first three, and so they get off on this one, too — or it’s not the Second Coming. And, yeah, we didn’t make it bigger and better, we made it exactly the same. So if you loved the other ones, you’ll love this one. But if you expect to have F-14s flying under freeways — that isn’t there. It’s just another period adventure movie with this wacky archaeologist.” Part of me agrees with this statement, but I’ve generally mistrusted anything Lucas has said for years now. He’s pretty much destroyed anything creative inside him and merely sold out his fan base. (Making fans pay for Internet content, Really, Lucas? And, I can’t believe the fact people actually paid a fee to get Hyperspace.)

~Speaking of Indiana Jones, I am a huge fan of the other three movies, but Lucas and Spielberg are completely different people creatively. Plus, I always felt The Last Crusade was fitting end to the Indiana Jones franchise.

~Young people and Indiana Jones: Then, there’s the factor of the younger crowds (teenagers) not being interested in anything that’s considered old. Yes, there are children growing up having not seen the original Star Wars or Indiana Jones movies. I remember talking a young lady that’s never seen Star Wars. (I was shocked.)

Is Indiana Jones relevant to this Meet the Spartans and Step up to the Streets crowd?

Remember, these kids have grown up on reality TV shit, Myspace/Facebook and bad spoof movies. There is no real value for good media anymore.

~Speaking of bad Media: I can’t wait to NOT see the Gears of War movie. We can hope it’s at least Mortal Kombat quality, but it will probably be Super Mario Brothers: the movie quality.

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