Thursday, October 31, 2013

Mayor Rob Ford Done?

Mayor Rob Ford Done?
From USA Today, ((The police chief of Toronto said Thursday that his office is in possession of a controversial video allegedly showing Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack ))
Remember, he's that other mayor that has allegedly smoked crack. It looks like that video of Rob (the blob) Ford smoking crack has turned up in the police's hands after all. The whole story just makes me fill filthy all over.
He's a major asshole and this might be the end of him.
Wait, crack is supposed to make you skinny.  Wait a minute...
Why does this story sound familiar?

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Rand Paul: (Andrew Ryan): You need to stop reading from Wiki

Rand Paul: (Andrew Ryan): You need to stop reading from Wiki
I love wiki and I spend hours reading entries on the site. However, I always source (link back) to Wiki when I use the site in quotes. Rand (Ryan) Paul doesn't believe in that.
The people listening to that speech isn't going to meet him halfway on this reference.

Julianne Hough Blackface and that Trayvon costume...

Julianne Hough Blackface
Blackface and yellowface is offensive, but I will not call Julianne Hough racist or her costume racist. I think Hough is just stupid and bit sheltered. She wasn't seeking attention or anything like that. She's just dumb. She made an apology anyway, ((I am a huge fan of the show Orange is the New black, actress Uzo Aduba, and the character she has created. It certainly was never my intention to be disrespectful or demeaning to anyone in any way. I realize my costume hurt and offended people and I truly apologize. ))
This was just a mistake. Time to move on.  People want to roast her alive and drag her out in the street.  Calm down, people.  
Now, the Trayvon Martian costume is offensive and mean...

And, why would you post this on Facebook? These people knew their costumes were offensive.    

All three of these guys are dicks in my opinion.  
And, if you want offensive yellowface costumes, someone has already done that stupid bit too!

Yes, they're dressed as Asiana Airlines flight attendants.  

Monday, October 28, 2013

Power Glove: Instructions

Power Glove: Instructions
The Power Glove
Useless and Gimmicky, just like the Wii and Wii U. Nintendo just took the idea from this concept and made it into a whole console. Interestingly enough, the Nintendo flop The Power Glove has been recently mentioned. I am old enough to remember when this thing was heavily promoted during the launch.  I think one of my hardcore gamer friend got one of these things and never used it.  
Everyone remembers the shitty intro to the controller in the movie The Wizard.  It turned out to be a big ad for the product.  

Chris Brown in Trouble Again

Chris Brown in Trouble Again
I swear this guy stays in trouble. Has there been anyone that has had more incidents and violent encounters like Mr. Brown? This man just stays in constant conflicts. You would think he'd stay under the radar with all his legal troubles. He's either very stupid or just doesn't give a crap.
From CNN, ((Brown, 24, has been in jail since he and a bodyguard were arrested Sunday morning and charged with felony assault, the Washington Metropolitan Police Department said. ))
Now, he's punched a civilian. When you're rich like this guy, people are going to make money out of your actions. When is he going to learn this? I don' think Brown is going to receive any time from this incident because the victim will seek money and not criminal charges.

The funniest agenda-seeking thing about this story is TMZ trying to make this a gay-bashing incident. It seems TMZ is always trying to make something more than what it is. Do you remember that Will Smith thing TMZ tried to make bigger than what it was?   

Sunday, October 27, 2013

They're Rebooting Charmed

They're Rebooting Charmed
This story just gives me a reason to post pictures of these lovely ladies.  
From, ((TV's  No. 1 network may be ready to conjure up the Power of Three: Vulture has learned that a remake of the hit Aaron Spelling–produced WB drama Charmed is in the works at CBS. ))
Hot girls using magic may be my thing, but why would you reboot a series so soon? The show ended back in 2006, and there are still enough fans of that old series to piss off today. And, we've seen how well remaking/rebooting popular franchises have turned up. It just seems odd that CBS would even bother remaking this series considering it was on the WB.
Everything that was popular in mid 90s has had a remake/reboot/sequel and they've all failed.
I also find it amusing they won't consider broadcasting their new show on the CW, considering that CBS owns 50% of that channel. And, it would help boost the ratings on that network.
Given the state of Network TV, it just seems odd they would think this series format would work in today's TV world.  

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Do you remember the Naked Bart Attacker? He's free to "hang out"

Do you remember the Naked Bart Attacker?
Because I don't post full frontal nudity on my blog, here's the direct link to the Bart Attacker video. (NSFW!)
I would have had the same reaction from the woman had if I saw this guy swing him member around at me. I want to know what happened leading up to the incident? Did he take a stroll on the streets naked before getting to the subway?
Also, note how gentle the cops handle this guy, not wanting to touch certain parts of him.
I wanted to post this story months ago but never got around to it.

Well, ladies, he's free from jail and ready to mingle. He's out of a job now and banned from entering this subway stop, but he is allowed to use the subway though.  I was surprised to find out he's still in the news given it happened months ago.  
Hello, Ladies.  Look at me, now look at your man.  Now, back to me.  

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Jenna Jameson, go home.

Jenna Jameson F'ed up in Interview
She is completely messed up! One of the producers should have canceled the interview. Keep in mind this is one of Romney's supporters.
I remember when she was cute back in that Howard Stern movie, but looking at her today is just sad. Just listen to her. And, note the lack of weight and painted on tan, the fake lips. Jenna, you need to go home and stay inside. I can't believe this woman is a role model for women getting into the porn business.
Don't you still find her sexy, fellas?  
Now, this is how you promote a book. Man, this is hard to watch. I know the publishing company wants to make its money back, but she is in no condition to be doing interviews.
And, why in the hell is she is able to “write” and publish fictional novels now? Something tells me there was more Ghost Writing in the partnership. It looks like someone wanted to cash in on the 50 Shades craze by “plastering” a former pornstar's name on the cover.  I'd be interested to know just how much she wrote. 

Now, which interview was worst this or that James Brown interview?

GTA 5: Clown Rampage and Danny Elfman

GTA 5: Clown Rampage and Danny Elfman
I never thought smoking “really good” weed and killing clowns would mix with composer Danny Elfman. But it does. This character (Barry) has encounters with all three of the main characters. Trevor and Michael are the only ones tripping on the weed. Michael sees aliens and fights them.
There's a whole Scientology angle with Michael that worth exploring in the game that's connected to these aliens.   
I hate clowns so this is creepy. By the way, the music is from Pee Wee's Big Adventure composed by Danny Elfman. I never thought I'd hear Elfman's music in a GTA game.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Day One: Garry's Incident: They Apologize and video is back up

Day One: Garry's Incident: They Apologize and video is back up
Kotaku released a statement from Wild Games. From Kotaku, ((Wild Games Studio didn’t intend on preventing anyone from using their right to freedom of expression.
For this reason, Wild Games Studio sincerely apologizes to TotalBiscuit and anyone who felt that their freedom of speech was denied.))
They gave in quicker than Microsoft. Well, here's hoping other companies learn from their mistakes.
Where's the Smoke Monster?  
For shits and giggles here is an amusing display of the bugs.

Day One: Garry's Incident: Taking down critical reviews of a videogames

Day One: Garry's Incident: Taking down critical reviews of a videogames
Yeah, the game developer got butt-hurt and struck down a video on YouTube. This Total Biscuit guy pretty much destroyed this developer. People forget how underhanded some of these developers or publishers are with strikes.
And, you thought gamers were pissed about Xbox One, they're going to be really pissed about this one. You can't take a stance of removing negative reviews by striking people with copyright claims. And, keep in mind there at least a dozen let's play videos still up on YT at the moment. Why isn't the company striking these down? Hmm.
Wild Game Studios, you have some explaining to do. For their part, Wild Game has removed their complaints. (supposedly)
And, don't get me started with the huge problem I have with everyone kick-starting everything now and receiving a shitty product. People are abusing the kick starter program. I love when people dump money into a game and this is what they get.
People paid for this game and they have a right to bitch about it. Cinema Blend brings up a good point. Newspapers and websites don't need to get permission to review movies or games when they have ads plastered all over their websites.
This game is shit. It might be the new worst game of this year.  

Music is Evil?

Music to die for
I guess this host likes DC Talk. It seems so quaint today to talk about the “evils” of music. One of the people they discuss is Prince and he's super religious now. Just ask Kevin Smith, so that point is moot.
I also did some checking and found one of the Religious groups displayed in the video. Check out the “wonderful” W's and the “great” track.  This song is shit.
Remember when swing bands were hot? I guess this group also remembered this too and copied the movement and added a religious swing to it. (Pun intended) You are the musical group and you are bad.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

TLC movie trailer

TLC movie trailer
This TLC (the group not the channel) VH1 movie actually looks like it will cover all the good and bad things that happened to this Hip-Hop/R&B group. I love this group a great deal  It was a shame that internal and external problems kept this group from reaching new heights.  They still knock out most of the musical acts of today
Side Note: Yes it is hard to watch the last moments of Left Eye's life in the video or seeing those autopsy photos.
-Left-Eye not getting along with the other two: What people don't really talk about is the major falling out the group had with Left Eye. Even after FanMail turned out to be a major hit, Left Eye made it a point to distanced herself from the album. From WIKI via Vibe ((Lopes sent a message to Vibe magazine saying, "I've graduated from this era. I cannot stand 100 percent behind this TLC project and the music that is supposed to represent me." ))
Clearly, there was a major falling out between the two vs Left Eye. From MTV, ((In the article, TLC's T-Boz and Chilli spoke out against Lopes, saying "she doesn't respect the whole group" and "Left Eye is only concerned with Left Eye." ))
-The problem with the group being broke: It looks like they will cover this aspect too.
-Yes, they cover the shoe burning incident as they should.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

This is 40

This is 40
I know this movie received a lot of flack for its long running time and the non-central plot, but I enjoyed this movie a lot.  It reminded me of 40-Year-Old Virgin more than Knocked Up (which this movie is set in the same universe).  It is perhaps the manner the movie smoothly flows between subplots and side stories that work. 
Director Judd Apatow does a great job balancing the jokes with the more serious aspects of the story.  As I stated before, it seems to be more like the old school Apatow movie style than his recent stuff.  I have found his later stuff to be plodding such as Funny People. 
Yes, the movie might be too long, but I didn’t have a problem with the running time.  And, people aren’t going to like that there isn’t a central plot.  However, the reality of getting older is nicely displayed here, as many of my friends are now married and have children. 
-Leslie Mann:  She is very cute and I found myself really liking her character a lot here.  Mann is Apatow’s real wife.  I’ve always had a crush on her. 
-Paul Rudd:  This guy is always great as the smart-ass character.  Sure Rudd plays the same type in most of his movies, but he does it with style.  He never comes across as an asshole, even when he terrorizes a “concerned” parent. 
-Megan Fox:  I totally forgot she was in this movie.  Damn, she’s hot, and she does an okay job as the “hot girl” working for Mann’s character.  Fox is really just there to get nearly naked, which I don’t have a problem with at all.   
-Charlyne Yi:  She a character from Knocked Up.  She is very strange in this story compared to her appearance in the Knocked Up.  I am not sure how to take her resolution.  Very strange…
-Melissa McCarthy:  She is probably the funniest thing about the movie, and she is the breakout star. 
-There is a funny Tom Petty running joke.
-Lost the TV show also has a running joke too. 
While I understand the criticism, the movie has some nice performances and funny moments.  It isn’t laugh out funny as Apatow’s earlier work, but it is a throwback to it though. 
Grade: B
 Someone farted and no one is fessing up to it.  
 There you go, Megan Fox's contribution to the movie.  Enjoy. 
 I am not going to say a damn thing. 

Dianne Reidy rants and we are entertained

House Stenographer goes nuts in front of the famous vote!
If you're going to go bat-shit insane, I guess doing it in front of congress is the best option. And, spouting out religious nonsense is best subject to bring up in a debt vote. (WTF?) Why is she talking about Freemasons? Now, every conspiracy theory dude is going to come out of the woodwork talking about this outburst.  Thanks a lot.
Here's an uncut audio of the foolishness.
Dianne Reidy is this woman's name. People inside are saying it was the long hours that made her snap. However, she and her hubby are defending the outburst due to the Holy Spirit talking to her. (Great)
From NY Post, ((“God was preparing her for this vote last night, because this was kind of the culmination of everything,” he continued.
This was the big one. Everybody’s there. And Dianne didn’t know what she was sharing, she didn’t know when — but she just sensed in her spirit.”))
So, God told you to lose your job, so you can't provide for your family? And, he forced you to go to the front and make an ass of yourself. Oh, boy, we got a crazy one here.
This is just strange.  Crazy people are our free entertainment.  

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Random Stuff

Random Stuff
~Fiona Apple needs to eat?: I think Fiona has the prettiest eyes in the world, but I always thought she was a bit too skinny. Lately, she's been looking really skinny.  Well, she was at a concert and someone heckled her between songs, basically telling her to eat something. She broke down and told him to get out. She then couldn't get through another song afterward. She's been know to go crazy at show.
~Donald Glover makes some strange letters on the Internet: Welcome to depression, Donald. I fear the same the issues constantly, and it is a bitch. I personally don't have to success that he has, I have had no success, but I find it strange he has these fears when he's successful. Glover is a very funny guy.  But, keep it together.  
~GTA 5 Trevor: Everyone loves this character, but he is a very dark and does some really bad things. He kills people in a fit of rage. At one point, he slaughters two people in a shocking manner that me give a second look. He's a complex character, but he's a cold blooded killer.  I can't believe how well written he is. 
~Danny MCBride in GTA 5: I was shocked to hear his voice in the game's radio. He plays a radio host that pretty much is a version of Eastbound & Down.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Crazy Female Driver crashes into moving train and then gets hit by another train

Crazy Female Driver crashes into moving train and then gets hit by another train
She just got a face full of Union Pacific. Some might make a female driver joke, but this goes even beyond that stereotype into just crazy.
Uh, did she think she was in GTA 5? Did she have a wanted level of five stars?  
Who the hell drives that fast right into a moving train? Craziest part about the video is the cop doesn't hear the other train rolling down the track as he tries to get her out of the car! The other cop has to warn him, and he gets out of the way in seconds.
Shockingly, she survived the double crashes with only a broken arm. Get f'ed up by one train is one thing, but two is just plain bad mojo. I guess her nickname can be Two Trains. 

They say any crash you can walk away from is a good one.  Or a crazy one.  

Random Stuff

Random Stuff
~GTA 5: My brother got GTA 5 Friday and I've been watching him play the game over the weekend. What a great game! The characters are great and the story is very good. This game is based the movie Heat and other heist films. The way the main mission unfold is freaking complex and the character switching program is great. It is the best game in the GTA series I think. And, yes there is a lot of nudity.
~Rihannna getting people caught: Speaking of sex, Rih got a bar in trouble via a Tweet. They local police didn't take kindly to the bar having sex shows, so they arrested the owners thanks to Rih's tweet. Man, Twitter is really bad. She seems to really be into these strange bondage thing and sex shows.  Don't get me wrong she's damn sexy.

~This lady is F'ed up (NSFW!): I hope this lady sees this video and finally changes her life style. I've never seen someone this messed up on drugs. This is major tripping balls. Why is she covered in paint and dust? I would never want to be the EMT or police officer confronting this person. Geez. What was she on? Bath salts?

Sunday, October 13, 2013

AVGN takes on strange E-mail: Sun of Destroy

AVGN takes on strange E-mail: Sun of Destroy
After checking out a Reddit post on this video, I did some searching and found out the Blog posted in the video is very much real, and it is the same guy. I have no idea what the blogger is trying to say in the video or in his blog.
Check out his blog “Fight Hard Yeah!”, because it is the best thing you'll ever read. And, for a bigger laugh, check out his “talk back” about James' e-mail response. It makes even less sense than the original e-mail.
What does Sun of Destroy mean? From his blog, ((A!: Ahhh yes, sun of destroy, ball of fist in a sky, burning of all to see it. You see it? Goo0d. Now look again, see coming closer....Gonna destroy. When a gods begin fight, sun of destroy is like a fist of bitch in all faces, gonna begin again all our lives! Be ready! ))
Looking at his own FAQ, he hails from Korea. I am guessing South Korea. But, I have no idea what the hell he's talking about. I don't think his writing was put through a Google Translate filter.
By the way, he started blogging back in 2009, but sort of gave up earlier this year.
Hey, bro, blogging isn't easy.
Only give shits: This is my new phrase.
Anyway, thanks for the good laugh, Windrammer.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Must Be The Honey: Stop just stop, Cheerios

Honey Nut Cheerios trying to be hip
This must be Cheerios new campaign push. They're trying to make Honey Nut Cheerios hip by adding some dubstep and Nelly (WTF?). The song they're using is a remix of Nelly's “Ride wit Me” from 2000. If you want to bring the teens into cereal buying, using Nelly's track from 2000 isn't it.  
Exec: “Who are all the kids listening today so we can base our campaign on?”
Exec II: “Nelly?”
Exec: “Great!”
Seeing the Honey Nut Bee decked out in dance gear and “bling” just seems a little bit wrong. Do we have Nelly to blame for this? Look, I know you got paid a lot of money for this, Nelly. You needed to take more of a creative control of this campaign. This just feels like a group of people my age trying to figure out what is “swag”.
You can't make the damn company mascot hip. Don't try it, because it comes across as being cheap and silly looking. And, yes, they have an annoying website for their “Must be the honey” slogan. It is a sight for sour eyes as things flash and blink on the screen, as if it harkens back to the annoying days of MySpace.
Check out more on this campaign at here.   
To be fair, I LOVE Honey Nut Cheerios.  I just don't like adding my rappers with my Cheerios.  

Hey, you don't see Fogers changing their slogan with MC Hammer.     

Thursday, October 10, 2013

This is John Connor from Terminator II: Edward Furlong...currently

This is John Connor from Terminator II: Edward Furlong...currently 
I'm the last person that should discuss looks, but damn he is looking bad. Drugs and booze seem to really taken its toll on you. It beats you up and spits you out looking like Jon Voight at the end of Anaconda.
Damn, he's changed. I guess this is what happens when you don't fight Skynet in this timeline.  As I stated before, I have a family member who is a hard alcoholic and drug user and looks worst than this.   
He's not the only John Connor to end up on the bad side of the law and drugs from T3 is in bad shape today too. 

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Saints Row IV: Mass Effect Spoof

Saints Row IV: Mass Effect Spoof

You have to love the fact they took on the romance aspect of the Mass Effect series. Some people really took the romance stuff seriously in the ME series. The best part is the Keith David portion. Mr. David isn't having any part of the romance subplot. Plus, this makes sense because Keith David is a major character in the Mass Effect series!

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

After Earth: Honest Trailer

After Earth: Honest Trailer
Okay, this one might be the best one ever. Really, you centered a major motion picture on Jaden Smith? I would have loved to have heard a Scientology bash against this movie in the honest trailer. I still can't get over the fact the studio went out of its way to not mention M. Night Shyamalan in most of its promotional material.  I mean they did it aggressively. 
A writer over at Forbes begs a differ. He claims Sony made a mistake distancing itself from M. Knight. I disagree. After the stink that was The Last Airbender, I think even Joe-Six-Pack can't ignore the M Knight's poor choices. Why did they let him buy the rights to franchise in movie form?  Did they not see The Happening?  
For me, it was that “twist ending” in Signs that ruined M Knight. Water...really? Water is their weakness? They go to a planet made up of water. Humans are made up of water, so why are they kidnapping us? Did M Knight pull this twist out of his ass?
 Dianetics?  I can't see the connection to...wait.  I see it now. 

Anna Kooiman fooled by parody site

Really. Anna, you fell for a parody story about Obama funding a Muslim museum? I thought this “Obama is a Muslim” stuff was over now. It was kind of like the birther movement. Just reading the story for myself, there are signs that it is a parody story.
The site even as a thing called The Xenu Report (A story about banning buffet). Come on.
Keep in mind this is the same network that wanted to make a list of everyone that buys violent videogames.

Monday, October 07, 2013

Random Things

Random Things
~Luther Third Season: I just finished the third season of Luther. It wasn't hard because it was made up of four episodes. I really love this show. It is basically a meaner version of Sherlock. Idris Elba is freaking great as always. From what I can gather, there will be a movie in the future. By the way, his anti-hero female friend is also a nice touch.
~Chris Brown lost his virginity at age 8. Well, that kind explains why he's a little vicious toward women. He claims that porn and the 15 year old that popped his cherry made him the sexual beast that he is today. Yes, Brown, you're the gift to all women everywhere. Let's look at that photo of your former girlfriend again. Reading the key-points, Brown really doesn't have a grasp on reality. With a few exceptions, most of his music ranges from bland to down right bad. What about you quitting the music business?
~Hell on Wheels: Despite changing show-runners, this show has improve this season. AMC also changed the weekly schedule to the very bad Saturday night, but the show still lived on. I am hoping this show continues for at least one more season, but AMC hasn't renewed it yet. Sure, it doesn't make Walking Dead numbers, but it is still good TV. They really take on the Mormons this season. They aren't seen in a good light.

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Aurora Snow pens a letter to her unborn son...

Aurora Snow pens a letter to her son...
Aurora Snow has always been my favorite pornstar for years now. I remember reading about her retirement, but I hadn't heard about her pregnancy. This is a bit of a shock. I watched her go from Barely Legal to MiLF over her career. I've seen her go from blond to red/brunette. It is a little freaky to know that you've watched her mature in the business. Heck, she's been a in few legit movies as well such as Superbad.
After 12 years, she hanging it up.
I've always liked her attitude and she has every right to have a child, but writing a letter your unborn child might be considered a little strange. Again, she is a very good writer and could find her way with being a writer.  I'd let nature take its course first and then consider talking to your child about the business.  
She's always had a smart brain in that cute head.  
I have no idea how a child will react to finding out his mother was in “The Gangbang Girl” series at least twice. There is going to be a point when he does find out, so I guess she feels this letter will help soften the blow.  

Tom Clancy: RIP

Tom Clancy: RIP
From USA Today, ((Tom Clancy, the best-selling author of dozens of thrillers, including a famed series starring Jack Ryan, died Tuesday in Baltimore, his publisher, Putnam, has confirmed. He was 66. ))
I was a little shocked to hear that novelist Tom Clancy died last week.  66 is a good run but a bit young.  
While I never read his books, I loved his movies based on his Jack Ryan character. Hunt for Red October is one of my favorite spy movies out there. Mainly, it is because Ryan is the un-Bond character in the movies. Heck, I think Ford did a good job with the follow up movies.
Clancy started out with the boring job of selling insurance and went into writing books, which turned into movies and video games. 53 books isn't something to scoff at. I couldn't even finish writing ONE book without being fed up and throwing it away.
RIP Clancy.
Now, this is a bit confusing about the movies. The new movie, coming out later this year, will be another reboot of the Jack Ryan franchise. Ben Affleck starred in the first reboot, which led to nothing. Now, Chris Pine is taking over. Will this lead to other films?

Friday, October 04, 2013

Chromeo: “Don’t Turn the Lights On”

Chromeo: “Don’t Turn the Lights On”
Yes, this video is that creepy.  I’m not 100% sure how they did the flashing lips and eyes effects, but I am thinking it is animated eyes and mouth for the darkness portions.  I also dig the changing of the people between flashes.
However, I could have done without the floating –body-less eyeballs and the dog licking them. 
The song is very cool and retro. 
Chromeo got my attention for doing a cover with Daryl Hall’s “I can’t go for that”.  Check out the remake of the song below. 

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Show off!

Show off!
First off, if I see anyone doing these “tricks” at a real party, I’m punching them in the grill.  Second, why is Malcolm-Jamal Warner hosting this video?  It is not like he was hard up for cash at the time. 
Since I can’t find anything on this video on IMDB or Google, what happened to these “clowns”?  I am guessing nothing good.  It probably involved a smoking gun and a broken bottle of booze.    

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