Sunday, October 13, 2013

AVGN takes on strange E-mail: Sun of Destroy

AVGN takes on strange E-mail: Sun of Destroy
After checking out a Reddit post on this video, I did some searching and found out the Blog posted in the video is very much real, and it is the same guy. I have no idea what the blogger is trying to say in the video or in his blog.
Check out his blog “Fight Hard Yeah!”, because it is the best thing you'll ever read. And, for a bigger laugh, check out his “talk back” about James' e-mail response. It makes even less sense than the original e-mail.
What does Sun of Destroy mean? From his blog, ((A!: Ahhh yes, sun of destroy, ball of fist in a sky, burning of all to see it. You see it? Goo0d. Now look again, see coming closer....Gonna destroy. When a gods begin fight, sun of destroy is like a fist of bitch in all faces, gonna begin again all our lives! Be ready! ))
Looking at his own FAQ, he hails from Korea. I am guessing South Korea. But, I have no idea what the hell he's talking about. I don't think his writing was put through a Google Translate filter.
By the way, he started blogging back in 2009, but sort of gave up earlier this year.
Hey, bro, blogging isn't easy.
Only give shits: This is my new phrase.
Anyway, thanks for the good laugh, Windrammer.

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