Sunday, October 27, 2013

They're Rebooting Charmed

They're Rebooting Charmed
This story just gives me a reason to post pictures of these lovely ladies.  
From, ((TV's  No. 1 network may be ready to conjure up the Power of Three: Vulture has learned that a remake of the hit Aaron Spelling–produced WB drama Charmed is in the works at CBS. ))
Hot girls using magic may be my thing, but why would you reboot a series so soon? The show ended back in 2006, and there are still enough fans of that old series to piss off today. And, we've seen how well remaking/rebooting popular franchises have turned up. It just seems odd that CBS would even bother remaking this series considering it was on the WB.
Everything that was popular in mid 90s has had a remake/reboot/sequel and they've all failed.
I also find it amusing they won't consider broadcasting their new show on the CW, considering that CBS owns 50% of that channel. And, it would help boost the ratings on that network.
Given the state of Network TV, it just seems odd they would think this series format would work in today's TV world.  


MC said...

They are remaking Murder She Wrote with Octavia Spencer too.

Semaj said...

Oh crap. Why why why? There's no reason to do this considering all the new and spin off detective shows today.

Is there really a lot of people asking for a murder she wrote reboot?

Did they remember what happened with Knight Ride?

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