Monday, October 14, 2013

Random Stuff

Random Stuff
~GTA 5: My brother got GTA 5 Friday and I've been watching him play the game over the weekend. What a great game! The characters are great and the story is very good. This game is based the movie Heat and other heist films. The way the main mission unfold is freaking complex and the character switching program is great. It is the best game in the GTA series I think. And, yes there is a lot of nudity.
~Rihannna getting people caught: Speaking of sex, Rih got a bar in trouble via a Tweet. They local police didn't take kindly to the bar having sex shows, so they arrested the owners thanks to Rih's tweet. Man, Twitter is really bad. She seems to really be into these strange bondage thing and sex shows.  Don't get me wrong she's damn sexy.

~This lady is F'ed up (NSFW!): I hope this lady sees this video and finally changes her life style. I've never seen someone this messed up on drugs. This is major tripping balls. Why is she covered in paint and dust? I would never want to be the EMT or police officer confronting this person. Geez. What was she on? Bath salts?

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