Thursday, October 17, 2013

This is 40

This is 40
I know this movie received a lot of flack for its long running time and the non-central plot, but I enjoyed this movie a lot.  It reminded me of 40-Year-Old Virgin more than Knocked Up (which this movie is set in the same universe).  It is perhaps the manner the movie smoothly flows between subplots and side stories that work. 
Director Judd Apatow does a great job balancing the jokes with the more serious aspects of the story.  As I stated before, it seems to be more like the old school Apatow movie style than his recent stuff.  I have found his later stuff to be plodding such as Funny People. 
Yes, the movie might be too long, but I didn’t have a problem with the running time.  And, people aren’t going to like that there isn’t a central plot.  However, the reality of getting older is nicely displayed here, as many of my friends are now married and have children. 
-Leslie Mann:  She is very cute and I found myself really liking her character a lot here.  Mann is Apatow’s real wife.  I’ve always had a crush on her. 
-Paul Rudd:  This guy is always great as the smart-ass character.  Sure Rudd plays the same type in most of his movies, but he does it with style.  He never comes across as an asshole, even when he terrorizes a “concerned” parent. 
-Megan Fox:  I totally forgot she was in this movie.  Damn, she’s hot, and she does an okay job as the “hot girl” working for Mann’s character.  Fox is really just there to get nearly naked, which I don’t have a problem with at all.   
-Charlyne Yi:  She a character from Knocked Up.  She is very strange in this story compared to her appearance in the Knocked Up.  I am not sure how to take her resolution.  Very strange…
-Melissa McCarthy:  She is probably the funniest thing about the movie, and she is the breakout star. 
-There is a funny Tom Petty running joke.
-Lost the TV show also has a running joke too. 
While I understand the criticism, the movie has some nice performances and funny moments.  It isn’t laugh out funny as Apatow’s earlier work, but it is a throwback to it though. 
Grade: B
 Someone farted and no one is fessing up to it.  
 There you go, Megan Fox's contribution to the movie.  Enjoy. 
 I am not going to say a damn thing. 

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