Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Steal for Xmass

You may not know this, but that stroller is equipped with twin rocket launchers and a hidden rail gun on the top, so store security guards watch out

Three women stole things from a clothing store inside a stroller with a child inside.;bp=t

Comment: ((Store officers at Marshall Field's on Big Beaver Road at Somerset Mall observed the women -- ages 15, 24 and 25 -- pushing a store stroller through the department store Saturday with a 6-year-old girl inside, police said. As they walked through the store, each suspect was seen placing items in the stroller, according to police.))

Why do people act like complete fools during F’ing Christmas. This is unbelievable. This is really starting to PO me.

Be sure to call your mom while being chased by cops.

Dude calls his mother while being chased by cops.;bp=t

Comment: I can see it now.

Mother picks up the phoned, “Hello?”

“Yo, Mom, how ya doing,” dude said.

“Hey, Jimmy, did you pick up the Eggnog for me?”

Dude said, “Yo, check channel 5, Mom. I’m on TV. I dont think I'm coming home for Christmas.”

canned popcorn/lame gift/lame person

Another lame gift idea is the canned popcorn gift-sets. These are not good. When I think of the Holidays, I don’t think of large portions of canned stale popcorn. The popcorn usually comes in three types, cheddar, camel, and plain. A folded cardboard divider separates the different types of popcorn. Usually the camel brand gets eaten first followed by the cheddar, and no one eats the plain portion.

Now, don’t get it twisted, I love popcorn. But that much popcorn gets sickening. Like a bad cold, the popcorn sticks around for weeks after Christmas, getting staler by minute, yet no one throws it away, because it’s a gift.

Who came up with this lame idea anyway?

Worst Gift for Xmass

One of the top worst gifts to give someone for Christmas is a fruit basket. Nothing says I didn’t put any thought into this gift more than a fruit basket. It’s just a lame gift and should never be given out during Christmas.

The last thing I want is a perfectly arranged combination of fruits in a basket. Just stop giving these things out.

1. Only give someone a fruit basket if you don’t like them, yet have to give them a gift.

Example, a boss or a crappy coworker, or that creepy aunt with the millions of cats.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Family Guy: “Peanut Butter Jelly Time”

Comment: You don’t know how much I loved that scene. Click on the link on that site to see the movie clip funny as heck. I can watch over and over again.

Batman the Killer

Batman that kills

Comment: There is an interesting discussion about why people have a problem with the Begins version of Batman letting Ras die on the train, while no one has a problem with Tim Burton’s film Batman that kills over 20-30 people over the course of two films. The best comment is from this guy…

((OK, first off, Batman doesn't Kill. Period. If you think he does, or should, then you just don't understand what the character is supposed to be.

And yes, I'm including Tim Burton in that group. While his films did a number of things right, they also did a bunch of things flat out wrong. Batman does not, and would not, bomb factories with at least a dozen people in it, throw henchmen off belltowers, fire on people with the Batwing's machine guns, roast people with the Batmobile's engines, or strap bombs to people and throw them into sewers. To think that he would is a gross violation of the character. I was very relieved when Batman was clearly against killing in Batman Forever. It's one of the few (very few) areas where Schumacher got it right and Burton got it wrong.

He may rough up criminals something fierce, but killing is a line that Batman will not cross. He may be very tempted, as he was with the Joker in The Dark Knight Returns, but at the end of the day he will not do it. End of story.

And, yes, Batman letting Ra's die at the end of Batman Begins is a cop out, IMO. The whole "I don;t have to save you" thing is splitting hairs morally, but I think it's more indicative of Hollywood not knowing how to end an action movie without killing the villain than a misunderstanding of Batman's character

from JonnyQuest037

Monday, November 28, 2005

Tomb Raider 3: Beating a Dead Horse

Another go around for Tomb Raider the movie? I hope not

Comment: Well, we can only wish it will fall through. Even though I liked the 2nd one for popcorn enjoyment, I still don’t think another Tomb Raider movie can fly after the huge bomb of part 2. The first one was bashed by everyone, including me.

Then again…watching Angelina Jolie run around in a tight shirt and short-shorts isn’t that bad either. Maybe, I should reconsider.

Ronald MacDonald a Thief

I told you all about my clown fears…Should have never trusted this guy.

Dave Thomas hated that clown

Ronald MacDonald steals more than hamburgers from Wendy’s

Comment: Yes, you’re not reading this wrong, a worker for Wendy’s named Ronald MacDonald stole money from Wendy’s. That’s just plain funny and weird. Why would anyone name their child that? They’re bound to stay in the fast food restaurant business and then end up in jail.

((Two workers at a Wendy's in Manchester, New Hampshire, have been charged with taking money from the safe. One of the suspects is Ronald MacDonald.))

What would Dave Thomas do?

$2.4 million in bribes, Come on you can do better!

Crooked Congressman (Is there any other?) drops out and pleads guilty

Comment: If the government ran a full investigation on all of Congress, they would all go to jail, on both sides of the floor. Hmm, that doesn’t sound like a bad idea. Time to clean up congress, vote for me!

pencil break (Lame game)

KO, You lose

For some reason we used pencils as an example of selling a product. Well, we were coming up with reasons for people to buy our pencils.

I said, “They’re good for the game pencil break.”

Everyone in the class laughed except for my teacher. She looked slightly confused by my remark.

“Have you ever heard of Pencil Break?” I asked.

She shook her head. “No, I’ve never heard of it.”

Keep this in mind; I am older than my teacher about 2 years. I couldn’t believe it. I was shocked. I thought everyone knew about the game Pencil Break. Hell, I’ve even played it a few years back.

In the end, I showed her how to play the game.

Place your ad here

Kick your Ads

Today, in my media writing class, we talked about advertising. While discussing the subject, I came to realization that I completely block most ads from my mind. I don’t even pay attention to TV ads.

~I stop all flash ads whenever I can, as I look through web sites.

~Whenever I do look at something on normal TV (Not HBO), I quickly turn the channel during the break, and completely forget about going back to the channel. Which is probably the reason I don’t watch much Network TV.

~Whenever I listen to the radio and hear ads, I quickly turn off the radio or put in a CD. (I listen to more NPR than most people do)

~In theaters, I shut my eyes when the commercials come on before the trailers.

~I completely ignore all ads in magazines.

~If I see a billboard, I quickly turn my focus on something else.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Random Thoughts (Busy Edition)

dont name your child that.

Random Thoughts

~Man, I’ve been very busy this weekend. I have to complete four newspaper articles for my media writing class. And, I have to make some headway on my 7-page report. This is not going to be a fun Sunday.

~Thanksgiving was pretty good; I enjoyed the food and the company. My brother wasn’t able to fly in from CA because of a bad cold he has.

~Saw Harry Potter last week, and loved it. Not sure which of the Potter movies are the best, this one was the way I’ve wanted the early ones to end up. Review coming in a week or so.

~The more I read about MGS4 the more I am looking forward to it.

~I spend a lot of time reading online; I’ve been reading up on the Legend of Zelda games at Even though I am more of an old school Sega guy, I am always curious about the continuity of the Zelda series take a look for your self, it’s a nice read

I am really interested in the Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask connection.

~I rented True Crime: NY, not bad not bad. I have to write up some thoughts about that as well.

~Time for some sleep before I dive back into all this homework.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Why? why? Is this a chick thang


Most likely, you got this result by putting
the bad answers; So heed my advice, if you dont
have a love, wait and look. You will find your
soulmate one day...
How in love are you with somone?
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Hmm, heartless i can live with that.

IF i was a woman...this would be my BF

Your better off alone, crying, because your alone.
So find someone whos also alone, that
sunglassed-in-a-suit boy who always leans
against the lockers seductively winking at you.
You guys can talk about how lonely you are

<33 href="*13%20dif.%20results%21*%20%5BPiiCtURES%21%5D%29/"> What kind of boys like you? (GiRLZ ONLii<3>
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Friday, November 25, 2005

If I lived in Harry Potter's world...

Congradulation! Your in Ravenclaw! Go join your
friends in the commonroom. Will you rate??:)

Which Hogwarts House Would You be Put in?? *with pics!*
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Black Friday gives me a black eye

“Yes lady, someday you will look back at all this and realize it was not worth it. That day will be tomorrow.”



For some reason people enjoy being herded around like livestock after spending time with family at Thanksgiving. They fight over Xbox machines and totally forget what Thanksgiving was about, and what Christmas stands for. Come on people stop this crap. You can buy the stuff another day, so stop being animals.

Even though I’m not a Christian, I wish actual Christians would remember what Christmas stands for; not Xboxes and DVDs, but God.

Does this seem right? It’s freaking cold outside. Go back home and spend time with your family.


Oh, yeah. This is what I want to do with my time after Thanksgiving, spending it with smelly total strangers.


I find this pic to be funny as heck…yet sad too


I love the guy in the front reading the ads in the paper.


Uh, lady that “early bird” sign is not for sale, trust me.

Which DISNEY character are you

Maleficent Result
Which DISNEY character are you most like?
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Uh, first Wesley Crusher and now this… Great I am now a witch. I need to see someone about this…

Oh, boy…

Mr. Miyagi is dead

"After after"

Mr. Miyagi is dead

Comment: Bad news, Pat Morita of the Karate kid movies has passed away at the age of 73.

((Morita died Thursday at his home in Las Vegas of natural causes, said his wife of 12 years, Evelyn. She said in a statement that her husband, who first rose to fame with a role on "Happy Days," had "dedicated his entire life to acting and comedy."))

This is truly a sad day. As a kid, I grew up watching and looking up to the character of Mr. Miyagi. He was guy that had the power to kick someone’s a** but didn’t do it. Just because you have the power, that doesn’t mean you have to use it.

RIP Mr. Miyagi

Side note: He was supposed to reprise his voice from the Mulan movies in the game Kingdom Hearts II. I guess that’s not possible now.

Here is his career.

Troll? flame wars?

Comment: This dead blog used to be a place that made fun of other people’s blogs. The man (Jute) was harsh and mean. I don’t agree with this guy at all. You shouldn’t badly review people’s personal blogs, because they are their blogs and not works of art. (Good blogs, thats a different story) But, there is something to be said about his harshness. However, I am posting this here because the response from the people that own the blogs left comments, and I found the whole thing entertaining.

I wonder what Jute would call my piece of crap blog.

Useless, crap-filled blog from a chump named Semaj. Hey dumb-a** just spell your name the right way, James!

Star Wars Episode 3 random thoughts

Star Wars Episode 3 random thoughts first few mins

~The opening Battle above Coruscant was amazing. I loved how complex the battle was, and I enjoyed trying figure out all the details.

~The Republic Warships look a lot like the Imperial Star destroyers. Nice Detail.

~Generally Lucas’s dialogue sucks, but his space battle dialogue is always spot on.

~I wonder what kind of “General” Skywalker was? He seems to care about the fate of the clone pilots in the battle.

~If you watch closely, you can see one of the clone fighters explode and a pilot clone floating with the wreckage. The kicker, he’s still moving.

~I actually liked the buzz bots.

~I remember reading about this battle a year ago in an early script of Ep 3.

Threshold cancelled?

Don’t look so sad, Braga. You dated Jeri Ryan


Threshold cancelled and Brannon Braga out of a job.

Comment: Please note that CBS hasn’t confirmed this news yet and the show could continue to run.

I wish I could say something nice, but I can’t. If anyone has read my other Brannon Braga posts, then you understand my hatred of this guy. I blame him for running Trek into the ground. He should have let someone new run the show and stepped aside after the first episode.

After watching the ratings erode, he let another person take charge of the 4th season while he collected a paycheck. The show then received some of the best reviews it ever had under the new producer, something Braga never received during his time. Then, he helped developed Threshold while Enterprise show was being cancelled. The worst part, he stepped in and wrote the last episode of Enterprise without consulting the people that took charge of the 4th season. He wrote one of the worst Series Enders ever. Braga is a lazy writer and people should know that.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Alias ending

Alias cancelled in May.

Comment: Bad news, but Alias is getting canned. It’s never been a ratings lover, but I enjoyed watching the show on DVD though. I’ve never seen the show on TV, just DVD.

I still need to finish up season 4.

((ABC did not explain why the show is concluding, but "Alias" has struggled to draw viewers to its new Thursday slot. Next month ABC has scheduled two episodes on Wednesdays after "Lost," a hit by "Alias" creator J.J. Abrams.))

Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey No more!!!

I think something did bounce up into his undercarriage ____________________________________________________

New movie: The Adventures of Dumb and Stupid: A Fairy Tale


Ha ha ha ha

Simpson and the dork of a husband split

Comment: Nick and Simpson call an end to their dreadful marriage (and hopefully to anymore reality shows). This is a wonderful Thanksgiving gift to me. Why am I hating on their misfortune? It’s because they decided to put their love life on TV.

I am sure Nick married her for looks and money, and he later realized she’s dumber than he is.

Now, if we can stop her sister from performing that’ll be great.

((“After three years of marriage, and careful thought and consideration, we have decided to part ways,”))

In other words, Nick got sick of hearing her voice.

((This is the mutual decision of two people with an enormous amount of respect and admiration for each other.”))

Uh, they didn’t make this statement someone with smarts wrote this up.

((“Hopefully mine and Nick's story will continue for the rest of our lives, like what we vowed, through sickness and in health,” said Simpson, who famously professed that she remained a virgin until she got married.))


Anyway, Happy T (Thanksgiving everyone!)

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Alicia Keys (do you like me? check yes or no)

Alicia Keys

It should be noted that I love Alicia Keys. I think she’s beyond hot, beyond cute. Hey Alicia if you ever want to date a loser, give me a call, please…

Thanks Andrew for da idea

Uh, please call me…please…

If a woman has a great smile, that’s 15 points there.

No shirt, no problem.


Look at that face, for real

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