Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Well that was cool

Please tell me this is real.
I am not going to post it here, but click on the link to see the very cool photo.It reminded me of my Star Trek plate story, but this is cooler.

DePaul Incident: My Thoughts

DePaul Incident: My Thoughts
This is a message from a black man to Black Lives Matter.
First off, I probably don't agree on most things that Milo Yiannopoulos believes in or stands for. Second, some people seem to not understand that he is a troll and a big troll at that. I only agree with him 15% of the time, but he has the right to speak and go to any college that permits him to go and speak. What these protesters did at DePaul was shameful.
This goes beyond Trigglypuff...
When I saw the Black Lives Matter group storm into Milo event, I got angry...pissed. Not because I agree with everything Milo has to say, but the fact BLM shut down a paid event. They threatened and baited the people on stage. “What you gonna do?” This is not debate, argument or discussion. This is NOT free speech.
Here's the thing, BLM, the civil rights movement had different voices and ideas, and many people had different ways oo dealing with the grand problems, they listened to them all. What you're doing is shutting another voice because you don't agree with them. Counter what the right has to say, but don't shut them down and dance on stage like a black stereotype.
What was that dance anyway? By shuffling and jiving, you've set us back. With Edward Ward blowing that whistle and that young lady dancing, it distracts from your movement. By acting like complete assholes, you make us all look bad and you do damage to the very cause you're trying to promote. (And, don't get me started on BLM attacking Bernie Sanders, a man that was a member of the REAL civil rights movement. Sanders should be considered an ally, but BLM can't see beyond themselves. )
At some point, the far left morphed into a screaming group of cry babies that shut down anything that thay don't agree with. This is not liberalism. Being a liberal used to mean people that were open to everything. We were the ones willing to listen and use facts to make our points. Shutting down speeches was a tactic that the far-right used to use, Remember the civil rights days? They beat and sicked dogs on us because we wanted to speak our minds and fight injustice. Don't you see the irony in what you're doing in the video at the Milo speech? Instead of shattering their ideas, we've taken to blowing whistles and grabbing microphones.
We have other things to worry about than a right-wing troll speaking at a college.
And, then this video made me angrier...

Friday, May 27, 2016

Kids at restaurant

I would have told her to get her sensitive-entitled ass out of my restaurant. Then again, I am not a manager. This manager is going out his way to be nice, but she keeps getting more and more angry.
From what I am guessing, her tribe of kids were too loud. And, people started to complain. The whole point of me NOT having kids is not having to hear them wherever I go.
Just keep your kids in line.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

H3H3 being sues by Bold Guy (Hoss)

H3H3 being sues by Bold Guy (Hoss)
yeah, this is serious business. I am a huge fan of H3H3, and I was in total shock when this came across my video feed. This has gone too far. H3H3 did a side video making fun of the dude-bro Matt Hoss (Bold Guy).
They made fun of his Bold Guy character and he got butt-hurt and sued them. Really? And, I love that it was over his shitty YouTube channel.
For the lulz, here is a video explaining the concept of the Bold Guy.
I guess this guy doesn't understand the the hornets' net he kicked and pissed off the internet.
After watching Hoss' videos, I tried watching at least seven or eight, he is clearly full of himself. He didn't like what he saw from H3H3 and is taking this to court. Look, the vids are bad, but in a The Room sort of way. Plus, Hoss' videos all feel like something out of 2005 (iFilm era). 
I will be donating, once I figure out how, to the cause that has been set up
1 Don't harass Hoss. But, make sure you explain to him why this is wrong, in the nicest way possible: Though, I doubt he's understand.
2 If you are subscribed, then unsubscribe: Yet, I think his audience is more of the GUY/DUDE/Bro types that don't know about the larger issues of copyright and other issues plaguing YouTube.
His latest video has 40 thousand dislikes. God bless you, Internet. Plus, many of his other videos are sliding into the 4-10k range of dislikes. You better believe there will be more to come. And, he might want to disable his comments too.
Make sure to head over to the legal support page to help H3H3 with their legal funds. Right now, the Go Fund Me amount is at 115k (of 100k) when I saw it last night it was in the early 90s. This was raised in one day. Damn, Internet.
Here is the deleted video that gotH3H3 in trouble.
H3H3's reaction video is rather tame.

Worst Doom footage

Chrono Trigger warning: This gameplay is bad
The gameplay is horrendous and this is coming from a guy that isn't skilled in first person shooters. However, this is very sad from even my standards. If someone didn't know it, this preview reel would make Doom look like a difficult game to control.
A lot of people are attacking Polygon for having people that aren't fans of certain game genres reviewing games those type of games. Others are attacking them for clearly having a newbie play the “first 30 minutes”. You want to show off the perks and strengths of the game, but this footage looks lazy.
Polygon removed comments and ratings from the preview video due to all the negative attention. At this point, I'd own up to it. “Yeah, we goofed. Sorry.”
There are two things to take away from this shit.
1 I don't think you have to be a fan of the genre that you're reviewing as long as you note that in your review. There are a few reviewers that hate the Star Trek universe and they note that in their reviews. Just note that you are not a fan or well-versed in FPS games. As long as people know that going in that's fine, because I review things I am not a fan member of all the time.
2 I lean on the side that THIS gamer playing the sizzle reel isn't interested in Doom and just didn't care, which is why he keeps missing and letting the bad guys attack him. That is kind of sad given there were probably gamers on Polygon's staff that would have given a shit about Doom.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Some Rad Chrono Cover songs

I found this guyon YouTube and he's a kickass musician. He does all the instrument and edits them together. A lot of people do this on YT, but this guy is really good. His name is Poop Poop Fart and that is the best name ever. I wish I came up that name.
Check out his cover of Chrono Trigger's Corridors of Times. This was the first video I saw from this guy and I was amazed how well constructed the cover was.
He does a lot of covers of anime songs too, but I am more fascinated by his video game covers. This makes me wish I had stayed in music because today I would have probably been a YT music guy. Oh well.. BTW, his profile picture for his YT site is clearly a reference to Michael Jackson's Thriller album cover. 

Anyway, here are a few more of my favorite Poop Poop Fart cover tracks. Enjoy.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Fox Logo variant for Fantastic Four (2015)

Fox Logo variant for Fantastic Four (2015)
Did you catch it? As the screen starts to fade on the 20th Century logo, the “F” stays on screen a few seconds longer. This was a clever thing I noticed when watching the movie. I actually reversed it and watched it again. Most of the X-Men movies do the same thing. The “X” stays on screen longer than rest of the logo.
Here's the X-Men logo with the “X” fade and the X-Men theme added to the studio logo. I love this variant the best.

Captain America Civil War (Part 2 of 3)

Captain America Civil War (Part 2 of 3)

Let's start out with the fun bits, Marvel really does Spider-Man brilliantly and spot on. Unlike the last two Spider-Man versions, this one is the best by far. It is fitting that it is Marvel's casting and working with Sony that got us a spot on Spider-Man. He is clearly the Spider-Man from the 80s comic book and 90s cartoon series with some elements from the Ultimate version as well.
I also like that Marvel didn't dwell on the origin story again just like the Amazing Spider-Man reboot did. We see Spider-Man already being a superhero and just now starting to get his suit right. And, his suit is closer to suit we've come to love and his eyes move around in the mask...thanks to Stark.
Tom Holland is a cool kid and carries the Peter Parker attitude perfectly. He's full ofpop culture references sort of like Stark. Plus, Spidy loves being in the civil war fight because he gets tot see all of the heroes he looked up to including Cap. His flight among all the heroes is one of the best things to watch in the film. Garfield was good, but Holland is better. Plus, he has a New York accent to boot. Every time he is on screen I smile.
By the way, Aunt May is hot and being played by Marisa Tomei. How does someone get hotter when they get older? Damn, Marisa Tomei. I like they're not doing the gray-haired Aunt May. Plus, she might have a thing with Mr. Stark. Great casting and making her a GiLF. And, we really don't have another origin story thankfully.
I can't wait to see the follow up Sony Spider-Man movie (with Tony Stark). I've never been this pumped with Spider-Man since the trailer for Spider-Man 2. Spider-Man is so charming as this young boy that you'll fall in love with this character. DC, take note.
Black Panther 
 Damn, they really brought it with this introduction. You can clearly tell he looks up father and we only get a few minute between the two. It was clever that we get to see the new hero born in this movie instead of his own movie.
I love his costume design and it looks practical in the more-grounded world of Cap's movies. Also, notice that he makes little to no sound when he runs around in that chase scene.
Chadwick Boseman is third or fourth lead in this movie. Boseman is great as the Black Panther and he moves like a ninja and I can't wait to see his standalone movie. Damn, he's a good character and has a full arc in the story. Plus, his character is important in the plot and not shoehorned in for diversity reasons. With the larger world being concerned with superheroes, it makes since to my a diverse group of heroes. You have to add character that make sense to the story and have an impact to the narrative. Panther fits that, plus, he is a strong black character.
Boseman carries himself with such strength that it makes sense that he holds his own against Tony and Steve Rogers. What a cool character. Yes, it is important to see strong minorities in movies, let's just make sure they're important to the overall story.
T'Challa / Black Panther is directly taken from the updated version of Panther from the main comic book universe, except they can't use the X-Men stuff involved with his character. He was in a relationship with Storm in the comic books.
Like Spider-Man, Marvel knows where they're taking this character, and it shows. Again, I can't wait to see his standalone movie.
 Was his suit updated for this movie?
Okay, he's the comic relief, but he's very funny. When the movie deals with some heavy issues, you need a character that is sort of thrust into the major conflict. Like Spider-Man, he is rather new to this superhero business. I love how they make his feel out of place because he doesn't view himself as being on any team. He is literally kidnapped and thrown into team Cap. He simply goes along with it and being a little lost in why he's there.
Paul Rudd is funny as always basically playing Paul Rudd. The mixture between Spider-Man and Ant-Man really make this a clever and funny fight scene.
Spoiler alert: Ant-Man becomes Giant-Man. It is a real treat to see. The special effects for this scene are amazing. I had a huge smile on my face when Ant-Man got bigger. And, I love how team Iron Man takes down Giant-Man. It will be interesting to see where they take the character after this.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Boyfriend Bomb: AKA The Boyfriend Card

  The Boyfriend Bomb: AKA The Boyfriend Card
You speak the true-true, Demetri Martin.
From Urban Dictionary, ((When you're about to ask a girl out and during the conversation she intentionally inserts a line about her boyfriend so you'll back off. ))
Don't you just HATE it when you totally hit it off with a girl and really really dig her and she mentions she has a boyfriend rather offhandedly? It happens all the time doesn't it?
Back when I still gave a shit about dating, I would find myself really hitting it off with some really cool chicks and boom she mentions her boyfriend and that when I realize I never had a chance. I even received the hubby-bomb after spending an entire party hitting it off with this woman. And, she threw in the hubby bomb at the end of the party as a parting gift.
The boyfriend bomb is a little different than the friend zone. I am not sure which one hurts more, the friend zone or the BB. I've been B-Friend Bombed and friend zoned numerous times and I now know just when its going to happen. Both of these pretty much stopped me from pursuing dating or even asking people out. I've lost count as to how many times these things have happened to me.
The friend zone is more of a long term thing, the BB is usually sudden.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Whole Foods: Love Wins cake was a fake...

Whole Foods: Love Wins cake was a fake...
Well, I was hoping this story would have an okay finish. Yeah, this whole thing seemed like a scam, and Whole Foods proved it with the video. Now, something has come out about the whole thing.
From Inquisitr, ((“I want to apologize to Whole Foods and its team members for questioning the company’s commitment to its values, and especially the baker associate who I understand was put in a terrible position because of my actions,” Brown said in a statement, adding that he was dropping the lawsuit.))
Whole Foods has come out being a complete champ in this situation. They stood up to the fake writing and defended their employee. And, now, they've dropped their counter-lawsuit. I might have to start shopping at Whole Foods now.
What I don't like is Brown would have continued with the lawsuit despite the fact it was a fake if he wasn't caught faking it.
As I said before, this is a low thing to do, because it takes away from real discrimination. He knew he was drowning in debt and wanted a quick fix. So, he created this fake outrage story in order to get some cash.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Fantastic Four (2015)

Fantastic Four (2015)

I've gone into detail some of the problems this movie faced on my blog, and I can't help but note these problems are the reasons this movie will go down as a bad superhero movie and generally a train wreck of epic proportions. Despite the big budget, it feels like no one really tried making a good movie. However, it is not a bad-bad movie like say Steel or Catwoman, but surprisingly not as fun as the 2005 FF.
Did we really need a reboot for the FF franchise from Fox? Nope, but Fox was about to lose their rights to the property. So, they threw this movie together with an “in over his head” director at the helm. You got tons rewrites and re-shoots with the director sitting on the sidelines. Plus, you had a director that denounced him own movie just before it was released.
First act is pretty good, but the third act is a total mess. The movie is a compete and utter mess and you can see the duct-tape where the studio pieced together the various cuts of the film into one cut. Fox and Josh Trank butted heads in pre and post-production, and it shows all over this movie. Then Fox tried to do CPR on this movie without Trank.
I think Trank didn't have the chops to make a FF movie, and I only think Marvel has the knowledge to write a proper FF movie. Unlike the X-Men, the FF team works better in the larger superhero universe. (Sue Storm plays a role in the comic book version of Civil War.)
-Planet Zero: I found the alien planet to be fascinating in the first act of the movie, but it loses all coolness in the really bad third act. This origin has more in common to the Ultimate versions of the FF team.
-When they were kids: If the flashbacks to the two heroes was important to the story, why is there no payoff to them in the third act?
-The Third Act: The movie changes gears and the entire tone of the movie is different right down to the acting and dialogue. You can clearly see the moment when the actors stopped giving a shit. The dialogue, while not great, was okay up until the third act. It switches to the main characters telling us what they're going to do and spelling it out. You can see the actors not really giving a shit about the re-shoots, due to most of the re-shoots being done for the last act. The third act just harms this movie beyond repair because it makes zero sense compared to first two acts.
-Kate Mara's hair: You want to know where some of the massive re-shoot happened? Watch Kate's hair switch from real hair to a bad wig between shots and completely changes in the third act.
-Dr. Doom: What hell is Dr. Doom's motivation from his first appearance until the end? This is by far one of the worst and under-developed characters in the movie. If you're going to have a villain in your movie, why only have him be the main bad guy literally in the last ten minutes? I know that they were going for the Ultimate version of Doom, but at least give him a more compelling back story? What is up with the dropped blogger thing? Why did he return with the science team in the third act?
-Johnny Storm: At least the first two versions of Johnny Storm had personality. Here, Michael B. Jordan is given NOTHING to do. We don't even get to see his hot-hotheadedness and jokey nature. These things made Johnny Storm cool. Let's make Johnny Storm black, but we won't give him nothing else to do.
-Dr. Doom's super powers are to pop people's heads like balloons and manipulate rocks? : Yes, his super power is to move rocks around and throw them at the FF team. Huh? Was this power in the original script? Rocks seem to be a central theme in this movie even if the writers didn't realize it.
-good actors/bad movie: Yep most of the cast is very good, but the uneven script betrays them. However, the acting goes from being good to wooden in the third act. Nobody wanted to do those re-shoots.
-Miles Teller: Not bad as Reed Richards, but he is wasted.
Avoid this movie.  
Grade: F+

How can she slap? Reborn

I love when people leave comments on blog posts from the early 2000s. It is amusing because I was a different blogger, and it is just a sample of that era of pop culture and I love when it pisses someone off today. The comment below appeared on my blog recently about my post about How Can She Slap.
From Anon, ((Anonymous said...
Man you keep blathering about how you don't respect him for being on this reality show but is your lame blog about the reality show any better? ))
Yeah, this blog is shit and it is shit that has been running for about 10+ years. However, you decided to comment on a blog post from 2008. Really? You took time to look up something from 2008 (meme) and decided to read the damn post. Then , you had to get through the blogger anti-spam thing to leave a comment. That takes dedication to leave a comment on a post no one really remembers from 2008. Then, you reminded me my blog is shit. Thank you, I respect you.
Maybe we can go out for a hipster coffee or something.
Like the prick that defended the Love Guru by attacking me, did you love the reality show and the guy?

Monday, May 16, 2016

Playstation Start up screens

PS1: I loved the basic nature of this boot up.
PS2: I loved the Start Up and the cubes and pillars this guy or girl has means they're plays a lot games. When you first boot up your PS2, there are no cubes.
PS3: I loved the first version, and the update seems muted. But they kept the orchestra tuning up though.
PS4: I think they should have kept the tuning Orchestra.

VG Stream Guy gets caught...well just watch at your own risk.

VG Stream Guy gets caught...well just watch at your own risk.
I guess you could call it gaining bonus points (boner points?)before the real game. I love his expressions during his evil deed. Maybe he was just cleaning his joystick. I did some digging and found most of the gaming community isn't that fond of him. He's known as the Chris of VG streaming and is considered a bad VG player, if not the worst. It seems every wiki has a negative view of him.
BTW, I love his expression after he realizes that the camera was on the whole time. Look, I am a horny guy too, but I don't need to jerk it just before going to live stream. Is that his way of pumping up...literally. Every time he starts a stream, we now know what he's been doing...enjoy that image.
Some are claiming he faked this incident, but his reaction seems real. Plus, he blocked a few people that mentioned it to him on Twitter and did a copyright claim early on.
He's certain;y gotten a boost from it, but it is a rather amusing incident.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Joey Cramer Flight of Nothing

Joey Cramer
If you have read this blog long enough you know I've covered the whereabouts of this missing action child actor Joey Cramer. He was the main actor on one of my favorite 80s movie Flight of the Navigator. As a kid, I freaking loved this movie. I fondly remember going to the theaters to see it with my family when we were still together.
After making a few more movies, he quit acting and disappeared back into Canada and no one knew where he went. Thanks to the Internet, he was discovered a few years ago working in a sporting goods store as a clerk. The Internet was satisfied. We were happy that he seemed to be happy and living a normal life.

Now, we've learned that he is not a good guy and has turned into a former child actor stereotype. He robbed a bank, and the police later arrested him.
From the Huff Post, ((RCMP arrested 42-year-old Deleriyes Joe Cramer of Gibsons on Sunday after a man dressed in a disguise escaped a bank with an undisclosed amount of money.
Investigators say the suspect in the April 28 heist wore a wig with scraggly hair, a bandanna, sunglasses and a dark jacket.))
This really sucks to know he's fallen on hard times. Usually when someone does a half-assed bank robbery like this it means they're on some type of drugs.And, they need cash quick.  (remember Kimberly from Different Strokes)
I have a family that had a steady job, but let his addiction get the best of him, and he fell on hard times too.
Maybe the alien ship can break him out of jail, and they can go on another adventure together. 

Captain America: Civil War (Part 1 of 3)

Captain America: Civil War (Part 1 of 3)
 Yes, this movie is very entertaining and very sharp. Marvel proves they know their characters better than DC ever could. Civil War does Batman vs. Superman way better than DC ever could hope for and that's sad for DC. Seeing all the character interactions and battles are the best reasons to see this movie. While the movie has some strong dark elements, there is a sense of fun. There is a sense of humor between the characters that you could only get from years of building an universe.
With the focus on a strong story and on characters, you can then get away with some of the political aspects of this movie, which were hinted at in Avengers II. It doesn't feel force-feed or preachy and comes across as natural because they've been setting this up for a while. Somehow, they managed to keep the story going despite all the really neat characters and side characters that join the battle. This is probably something that the current Marvel Comics could learn from the MCU. Don't be preachy without earning it in your story. Strangely enough, the detail to continuity and character interactions reminds me of DC's animated universe. It is strong with this movie.
Captain America does take a bit of a backseat in his own movie to some outstanding new and old characters. Chris Evans does a great job with his character and builds upon what he set up with Avengers II. I like that he is more or less no longer a man out of his element and has gotten use to his new environment. Captain's argument against the oversight committee is something I believe and I actually tended to side with in the movie more so than Tony. He's gone through overreaching governments and armies twice in his life, Hydra and the Nazis.
And, yes, they pay a certain story reveal back in Winter Soldier that has been carried around with Cap since then and it pays off wonderfully tragic here and brings Tony and Cap at odds personally. That is a nice pay off to the grander scale of their views on the world.
The movie does narrow down to Cap and his friends and Stark and that is a smart move.
Tony Stark is written extremely well here with Robert Downey, Jr. taking his character to another level and very much a raw level toward the end of the third act. Stark has a reason to support restrictions on superheroes. And, there is a human moment with Alfre Woodard. (Woodard is playing a different character for the Luke Cage movie.)
Stark has a point to and I can side his angle too. However, some of his government allies are a bit more overzealous with their approach in controlling the superheroes. (Ross) Both sides are fully explored. However, Stark takes it a step further thanks to some news revealed about him. This stuff was dramatic as hell in the third act.
Unlike DC, Marvel seems to really want to take time building these conflicts so it makes sense in later movies. Characters will meet and have minor disputes but explode and explored in later movies such as this one. Stark sees Cap as a golden boy that he could never live up to in his father's eyes and that carried over to the Avengers movie.
By far the strongest and best aspects of this movie are Black Panther, Spider-Man and Ant-Man.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Streamer Fakes Being in Wheelchair

Streamer Fakes Being in Wheelchair
This is one of my faves. He should have learned from wrestling. You stay in character even when the camera is not on you just in case. His name is ZilianOp and he was playing the poor old me card with donations by pretending to be wheelchair bound, except he screwed up and walked on live stream.
I love that his girlfriend tries to deflect for him by coming up with a on the fly story. No one cares. The guy that magically got up claims he fell over, but that doesn't explain the camera moving downward. 
BTW, this happen three years ago.  


Here is an update on a few things I am working on.  I took some time off due to the KY Derby, but I have some content I am working on for this week .   It should also be noted that I am going to try to get some help for my major depression in the coming months.  Does that mean you'll get a more positive blogger?  Nope. 

_Captain America Civil War:  Yes, I saw the movie, and I will have a two part review for the blog.

- Fantastic Four:  Holy crap, I have to write a review for this piece of shit movie.  This movie is a complete and utter mess.  And, I need to write a review on it.  I am not sure which review I want to write first thouh. 

Monday, May 09, 2016

Fastest fight ever...

Fastest fight ever...
I was feeling a bit bummed out until I witnessed this video. Homeboy flips this dude down within seconds and then tells the woman to “Let's go” without missing a beat. I love the scream at the end. BTW, I also like the second guy just walking by him. Someone make a YTP.

Jurassic World

Jurassic World
 Jurassic World isn't a prefect movie, but it is far more entertaining than the second and third movies in the franchise. With some respectable action scenes, you might enjoy this movie. The movie tries its best to invoke the first movie and succeeds in that aspect. The movie has some major flaws and most of them are the same exact problems that plagued the first movie. It feels like two scripts were shoehorned into one, but many parts are entertaining. It doesn't have the fresh coat of paint the the Star Wars had, but it is still damn fun.
In this follow up, JP has turned into a Disney World park and is much bigger than even Hammond envisioned. It is no longer a small park with dinosaurs on the island, but JW is a huge place with various dinos and other projects. If you wanted to see a fully realized park, this movie shows it to you. I think the movie truly captures the Park/World feeling with all the activities and people rolling around the park. It is truly a nice callback to the first movie, and I love that the park/world is profitable with all its merchandise. We finally get to see what a dinosaur park would look like that we were promised in the first movie. However, here is where the first issue arises.
Bryce Dallas Howard's character is problematic. She is a frustrating character because she is both a hero and a villain character at the same time. She makes some grave mistakes that cause a lot of death and destruction, yet she receives some hero moments too. The movie doesn't know if we're supposed to cheer for or boo for her. Bryce does a pretty good job with the conflicting material and despite the way she is written. And, the love interest between Pratt and her is a bit forced and part of Hollywood 101 writing. I would have been more interested if they weren't a couple brewing.
Chris Pratt does well as the swaggering hero type. He is clearly playing a cross between Star Lord and Han Solo. And, that's fine. While it would have been nice to learn more about his character other than he bonds with a group of raptors, his character is all you need for an action flick.
While JW does pay tribute to the first movie, it has a tone of an action more than a horror movie, which was Spielberg intent with JP
Director Colin Trevorrow does a good impression of Steven Spielberg. He also adds bit of edge to the action scenes, which work almost 95% of the time. He really builds up the main villain dinosaur extremely well with camera shots and editing.
JW is infected with a major flaw as the first and third movies.
The kids are dumb, but not as dumb and annoying as the two kids in the first movie. They figure out ways to get out of situations, but they're stupid actions are what got them in the predicament in the first place. The writers make them dumb and then smart and it is a lazy trap writers get into.
They're not bad, but just a slight improvement on the earlier kids.
The military subplot feels a bit forced, but somewhat entertaining. Here's the thing though; all the military story bits are from another script from an early version of JP4. In that early script, there were concepts of human/dino hybrids due to military foolery. It seems portions of that script and concept were carried over here. Fresh off of playing Kingpin, Vincent D'Onofrio is the face of the concept of the military wanting to use these dinos for world conflicts. And, the big bad dinosaur is the other side of that abandoned script and concept, because this guy is a hybrid of sorts. It is a bit uneven.
The third act is the reason to watch the movie. Now, there is a major heel-turn with certain dinosurs, that seemed bit strange, but the turn to face (good guys) is a nice little double twist.
Spoiler Alert: The T-Rex from the first movie makes a major appearance in the final battle and it is worth the wait. They never really bring him up and you almost feel they're going to cheapen him up like they did in JP3 to make a point. They don't.
The final battle almost makes up for some of the weaker parts of the movie. We get a major drag out Godzilla type of fight between the “good” and “bad” dinos. Do you remember how you felt when the T-Rex appears and becomes the hero in the first movie when it killed the raptors? This third act is even bigger than that with some satisfying CGI and editing. Heck, I even love the victory pose by the hero dinos. Cheesy, yes, but damn fun.
The FX is good as always with these movies, so I don't have much to say.
Michael Giacchino's score is probably one of the brightest moments in this uneven movie. Michael score rises above everything else and gives the movie a grander feel and scope. His score uses the main theme from John Williams' masterfully crafted JP score. And, that makes since JW is supposed to be the direct and true sequel to JP. The score is full and rich with callbacks to Williams' music. MC is clearly from the school of John Williams.
JW feels like, with all the same issues, the first movie just a bit more fleshed out and more victims. The body count is larger, but it does not have that horror feel of the first movie. The main adult characters aren't as complex as the first movie's characters, but that's fine. It is a fun and entertaining movie in the same manner as the Fast and Furious movies. I am in for another sequel.
Grade: C+

"You never heard of Star Lord?"

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Wal-Mart conflict: Food Stamps

Wal-Mart conflict: Food Stamps
Everyone is this video loses. However, I have to wonder if this is staged. It does seem to have that trashy-ness that Wal-Mart encounters have and that seems real. When I am in Wal-Mart, I do everything I can to make my stay the shortest as possible. Why would this lady argue with this dude? Why does she care?
I am sure she had an ax to grind and seeing this guy use food stamps gave her a reason.
Look, there are a lot of problems with food stamps and welfare, but confronting a sorry sap at Wal-Mart does NOTHING, except make you look like an asshole.

WTF is a Plumbus? And, what is its use?

WTF is a Plumbus? And, what is its use?
I've been into a big Rick and Morty theory kick lately and this came up in my suggestion spot.
A plumbus...
 It seems to be a cross between a penis,a vagina and a butthole. Heck, even the Rick and Morty wiki doesn't have much about its use or origin. Is there some expanded universe use for it? Does it clean or freshen up the house?
And, if you want to wear penis/vag/bunghole around your neck, then the real world has you covered. I love this random type humor that comes from the mind of Dan Harmon.
 What does it do?
Then there is Mr. Poopy Butthole...

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Enterprise D Virtual Tour

Enterprise D Virtual Tour
I loved this little tour using Unreal Engine. It looks amazing.
-Main Shuttlebay: Did we ever see the main shuttlebay on the show? I remember using the two lower bays a lot. Probably because it was cheaper. Here, we get to see what the shuttlebay would look like. They simply didn't have the money for a set that big.
-Runabout on the Enterprise D: This is a season seven set due to the runabout stationed in the bay. That was a nice touch because we know that they had them at this point in the series on the Enterprise.
-The corridor between the conference room and the bridge is different: For years we only got glimpses of it. It was just a plain yellow walkway, which I always found amusing. This person filled it up with gold versions of the ships of Enterprise. It is a nice touch. Side note: this is the updated conference room that was shown in season 7. I heard rumors this was done because the Star Trek 6 people did some damage to the set when they filmed their scenes with the redress. I am not sure about that one. 

-The Bathroom (the head): Yes, this was always joked about in fandom. But, there was ONE (or two) bathrooms on the bridge. This VR tour got it correct. They even used the STV style toilet to boot. Given that toilets haven't really changed designs that much for a hundred years in real life, I see this as being okay. Also, check out the three seashells as toilet paper. That is a nice reference to Demolition Man. It should also be noted this is a gender neutral bathroom. This was done back in the 80s before this became an issue today. Good to see people are okay with taking a shit with another gender using the restrooms. Take that Robocop and Starship Troopers. 

Now, there is another bathroom in Picard's ready room. 

Riker: “Uh Captain, can I pee in your bathroom? Worf is taking a massive shit in the main head.”
Picard: “Make it so, Number One. Literally.”
Riker:  "I think Worf is creating his own Mass Effect fields around the bowl."
Picard:  "Wrong franchise, Number One." 

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