Tuesday, May 31, 2016

DePaul Incident: My Thoughts

DePaul Incident: My Thoughts
This is a message from a black man to Black Lives Matter.
First off, I probably don't agree on most things that Milo Yiannopoulos believes in or stands for. Second, some people seem to not understand that he is a troll and a big troll at that. I only agree with him 15% of the time, but he has the right to speak and go to any college that permits him to go and speak. What these protesters did at DePaul was shameful.
This goes beyond Trigglypuff...
When I saw the Black Lives Matter group storm into Milo event, I got angry...pissed. Not because I agree with everything Milo has to say, but the fact BLM shut down a paid event. They threatened and baited the people on stage. “What you gonna do?” This is not debate, argument or discussion. This is NOT free speech.
Here's the thing, BLM, the civil rights movement had different voices and ideas, and many people had different ways oo dealing with the grand problems, they listened to them all. What you're doing is shutting another voice because you don't agree with them. Counter what the right has to say, but don't shut them down and dance on stage like a black stereotype.
What was that dance anyway? By shuffling and jiving, you've set us back. With Edward Ward blowing that whistle and that young lady dancing, it distracts from your movement. By acting like complete assholes, you make us all look bad and you do damage to the very cause you're trying to promote. (And, don't get me started on BLM attacking Bernie Sanders, a man that was a member of the REAL civil rights movement. Sanders should be considered an ally, but BLM can't see beyond themselves. )
At some point, the far left morphed into a screaming group of cry babies that shut down anything that thay don't agree with. This is not liberalism. Being a liberal used to mean people that were open to everything. We were the ones willing to listen and use facts to make our points. Shutting down speeches was a tactic that the far-right used to use, Remember the civil rights days? They beat and sicked dogs on us because we wanted to speak our minds and fight injustice. Don't you see the irony in what you're doing in the video at the Milo speech? Instead of shattering their ideas, we've taken to blowing whistles and grabbing microphones.
We have other things to worry about than a right-wing troll speaking at a college.
And, then this video made me angrier...

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