Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Boyfriend Bomb: AKA The Boyfriend Card

  The Boyfriend Bomb: AKA The Boyfriend Card
You speak the true-true, Demetri Martin.
From Urban Dictionary, ((When you're about to ask a girl out and during the conversation she intentionally inserts a line about her boyfriend so you'll back off. ))
Don't you just HATE it when you totally hit it off with a girl and really really dig her and she mentions she has a boyfriend rather offhandedly? It happens all the time doesn't it?
Back when I still gave a shit about dating, I would find myself really hitting it off with some really cool chicks and boom she mentions her boyfriend and that when I realize I never had a chance. I even received the hubby-bomb after spending an entire party hitting it off with this woman. And, she threw in the hubby bomb at the end of the party as a parting gift.
The boyfriend bomb is a little different than the friend zone. I am not sure which one hurts more, the friend zone or the BB. I've been B-Friend Bombed and friend zoned numerous times and I now know just when its going to happen. Both of these pretty much stopped me from pursuing dating or even asking people out. I've lost count as to how many times these things have happened to me.
The friend zone is more of a long term thing, the BB is usually sudden.

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