Wednesday, May 18, 2016

How can she slap? Reborn

I love when people leave comments on blog posts from the early 2000s. It is amusing because I was a different blogger, and it is just a sample of that era of pop culture and I love when it pisses someone off today. The comment below appeared on my blog recently about my post about How Can She Slap.
From Anon, ((Anonymous said...
Man you keep blathering about how you don't respect him for being on this reality show but is your lame blog about the reality show any better? ))
Yeah, this blog is shit and it is shit that has been running for about 10+ years. However, you decided to comment on a blog post from 2008. Really? You took time to look up something from 2008 (meme) and decided to read the damn post. Then , you had to get through the blogger anti-spam thing to leave a comment. That takes dedication to leave a comment on a post no one really remembers from 2008. Then, you reminded me my blog is shit. Thank you, I respect you.
Maybe we can go out for a hipster coffee or something.
Like the prick that defended the Love Guru by attacking me, did you love the reality show and the guy?

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