Wednesday, May 04, 2016

WTF is a Plumbus? And, what is its use?

WTF is a Plumbus? And, what is its use?
I've been into a big Rick and Morty theory kick lately and this came up in my suggestion spot.
A plumbus...
 It seems to be a cross between a penis,a vagina and a butthole. Heck, even the Rick and Morty wiki doesn't have much about its use or origin. Is there some expanded universe use for it? Does it clean or freshen up the house?
And, if you want to wear penis/vag/bunghole around your neck, then the real world has you covered. I love this random type humor that comes from the mind of Dan Harmon.
 What does it do?
Then there is Mr. Poopy Butthole...

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