Thursday, May 12, 2016

Joey Cramer Flight of Nothing

Joey Cramer
If you have read this blog long enough you know I've covered the whereabouts of this missing action child actor Joey Cramer. He was the main actor on one of my favorite 80s movie Flight of the Navigator. As a kid, I freaking loved this movie. I fondly remember going to the theaters to see it with my family when we were still together.
After making a few more movies, he quit acting and disappeared back into Canada and no one knew where he went. Thanks to the Internet, he was discovered a few years ago working in a sporting goods store as a clerk. The Internet was satisfied. We were happy that he seemed to be happy and living a normal life.

Now, we've learned that he is not a good guy and has turned into a former child actor stereotype. He robbed a bank, and the police later arrested him.
From the Huff Post, ((RCMP arrested 42-year-old Deleriyes Joe Cramer of Gibsons on Sunday after a man dressed in a disguise escaped a bank with an undisclosed amount of money.
Investigators say the suspect in the April 28 heist wore a wig with scraggly hair, a bandanna, sunglasses and a dark jacket.))
This really sucks to know he's fallen on hard times. Usually when someone does a half-assed bank robbery like this it means they're on some type of drugs.And, they need cash quick.  (remember Kimberly from Different Strokes)
I have a family that had a steady job, but let his addiction get the best of him, and he fell on hard times too.
Maybe the alien ship can break him out of jail, and they can go on another adventure together. 

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