Sunday, May 01, 2016

Game Gear

Game Gear
Because I was a Sega fanboy, I was always jealous of the people that had this system. My high school friend Joey had a Game Gear. I loved the way it felt in my hands. And, I hated the original Gameboy. It had an ugly green screen and piss poor sound. But the green/black screen bothered me the most. 
I never understood why the Game Gear never caught on, but now it seems it was because it loved to drain batteries fast...real fast. Handheld systems need the battery-life due to the nature of handheld gaming. With that shitty green screen, the GB could last longer.
Side note: My friend Joey had all the systems. All the shitty systems too.
Here's Space Church member Ethan Suplee hawking Game Gear. I remember this commercial. I'm sure banging a dead squirrel against his head is a Scientology thing. Remember, Sega ads always had an attitude vibe to them. In another ad they have the GB scooping up shit. 

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