Friday, April 29, 2016

Cops and Bathrooms

I'm not bleeding heart liberal, but I do take certain things to heart such as marriage equity and trans and gay rights (having three types is bathrooms is fine). This is silly what you're about to watch.
Uh, sorry, despite the manly voice and clothing, that is clearly a woman. I'm sure once they pat her down, they realized dude was a woman. I hate these stupid anti-trans-gay laws. When you frighten ignorant religious people, These are the things that make it dangerous to be trans-gay person.
You better believe someone from the line snitched.
Here's the kicker though. Snopes claims this video came out back in December of last year well before the bathroom law was passed. So, keep that in mind. I however don't want our cops to be police the bathrooms keep people from taking shits in the wrong rooms. It is a waste of man-power (people-power?). 
If you're gay/straight or trans I don't care.  You don't have to remind me, but I really don't want these religious types clamping down on them due to their crazy beliefs either.   What happened to just letting people just be?

Marvel/Fox crossover? hmmm

Marvel/Fox crossover?
I seriously doubt it . There is still a lot of bad blood between the studios. And, it hasn't gotten better since Disney took over Marvel. The two studio run their properties completely differently. Disney did patched things up with Sony, but there are to many factors to take in with the X-men franchise. Sometimes the mutant stuff doesn't really fit with the superhero world in Marvel's main comic book universe.
Inhumans is Marvel's Studios' mutant characters without calling them mutants. We saw much of this in the Agents of Shield show. And, I know Marvel wants everything to fit in with their universe, but the X-Men might not work in its current state.  Now maybe the Ultimate versions of the team might fit in if we make mutants a fairly new thing. 
We'll see if they bring in FF into the Marvel universe. This might happen, but the X-Men will just stay pure Fox.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Bonita Tindle (My thoughts)

Bonita Tindle (My thoughts)
Once you get to know her, I'm sure this woman is such a delight...
Why are you smiling?  This is not anger.  I generally make it a point NOT to touch people with dreads. 
I love that somehow she has decided that dreadlocks are exclusively a black culture thing, except many culture have had them.
This is what I have a problem with the current black movement in North America. Instead of actively dealing with the huge problems affecting the black community, they focus on white people. If she and others were this active against black on black crime, we wouldn't have it anymore. Yet, Bonita focus her anger on some hipster/DJ white dude with dreadlocks. Who cares? 
I am the first to tell you hate when I hear a white girl or guy talk ghetto.  It really pisses me off.  That's doesn't give me the right to grab them and tell them they're stealing my culture.  Actually, they can have that portion of my culture.  
And, don't get me started with the fact she turned on the cameraman. After you acted like a fool, you get mad at the guy that filmed it?
I want these strong feeling in our young youths, but I want it focused on the right issues and not some dusty hipster guy. We literally have a violent subculture that destroys our streets and people without a second thought and that is what we need to be focused on.
If you really want to get pissed off, read her response to the incident herself. She freely admits she zeroed in on dreadlocks-guy.  She is clearly a smart and pretty young lady with talent, don't act like this. 

August Ames, damn girl

By the way, I love this Before They Were Famous Series with the Pornstars.
August Ames is one of my favorite new pornstars. While I am not a fan of her fake lips, I really think she has a stunning body.
I read that she is one-quarter black with some Polish background in her, so maybe the lips are real (Boobpida) She is like the new batch of newcomers that have amazing bodies. She is also known for doing a lot of interracial scenes. Also her boobs are very much real. Wow, and I am not a boob man, but damn. (She was born in Nova Scotia, Canada. They grow them nicely up there.)
There is another Pornstar that looks a lot like her, but I forgot her name. She also has a lot of interracial scenes under her belt. Play on, player.

unsolicited opinions about Pornstars!!!!!11111!!!!
Bonus (boner) video, Brandi Love...

Monday, April 25, 2016

Did Game of Thrones just reveal another secret on the show? (Red Woman/Witch)

Did Game of Thrones just reveal another secret on the show? (Red Woman/Witch)

At the end of the premiere episode, Melisandre removes her necklace and reveals she is a very old woman. Thus, showing that it is one of her illusions (that also means everyone has been feeling up a very old woman) That was a total shock and a good one. Throughout her appearances on the show, she never was seen without her necklace. (except one scene in the bathtub)
Here's the kicker; in the books a certain someone is replaced with someone else due to an illusion from the Red Witch. Mance appears to die in the fire started by the Red Witch.
From the Fire and Ice wiki, ((Mance is supposedly burned alive by Stannis with the wildlings, members of the Night's Watch, king's men, and queen's men there to bear witness. Jon Snow orders him killed by archers of the Watch during the burning to give him a quick death. ))
Here's the key thing from the book. From the Wiki, ((In actuality the man killed is Rattleshirt, who is glamored by Melisandre's magic to appear like Mance. Meanwhile, the actual Mance is glamored by a ruby worn at his wrist to appear as Rattleshirt. No one but Mance and Melisandre know the truth of the deception. Melisandre keeps the secret from Stannis due to Stannis's strict code of following the law. "Rattleshirt" even spars with Jon Snow in the yard and Jon is shocked by the man's speed and skill, not knowing it is actually Mance. ))
I noticed when they filmed the scene with Mance burning, he looks to Tormund before he is set ablaze. I was like, Are they going still go with the fake Mance story line or streamline it? 
Did they make it Tormund to throw off book readers?  

It should be noted that Tormund (swapped for Rattleshirt, which he later kills in the show) seems to speak differently when talking to John Snow. The actor sounds like Mance. I never noticed that before until now. Does that mean the Red Witch gave Mance one of her illusion stones?
Probably not. Then again, I am still hoping Lady Stoneheart will show up this season.

Chyna RIP

Chyna RIP
Well, this one really didn't come as a surprise due to the fact she is notoriously known for having a substance abuse problem. It appears she mixed a bunch of drugs and overdosed due to it.
And, how do you go from being one of the biggest female wrestlers at the time to being a pornstar? Things started to backslide for her when Triple H cheated on her with the boss' daughter and she got fired from the WWE.
She never recovered. However, she did bring a lot of female fans to the WWE and that should be noted. She was supposed to show up on Intervention before her death. However, her other stint on an intervention type show really didn't help her. She probably needed to stay away from reality tv period and seek help.
While I wasn't a fan of her countless plastic upgrades and boob jobs, she did have an impact on female wrestling, especially in the Attitude Era when women were pretty much just sexual props. I never found her sexy or anything, yes even when she became a pornstar, but I liked how she built herself up and her screen presence. Sure she had her flaws, some of them major, but she is a part of that WWE history I fondly remember. 
This has been another shitty year for deaths.  

Prince RIP (d)

Prince RIP
From Star Tribune, ((After a frantic 911 call from an unidentified man who said Prince appeared to be dead and that the people at the scene were “distraught,” emergency responders found the musician, unresponsive, in an elevator, the Carver County Sheriff’s Office reported. He was pronounced dead at 10:07 a.m. They performed CPR but were unable to revive him. ))
 This came as a total shock, but it looks like he was very sick over the last couple of weeks. We've lost another musical Icon in my humble opinion. There are so many great songs to choose from and that are true classic. During the 80s, you had to choose between MJ and Prince as your fave popstar. I liked them both.
There are so many classic songs from his various eras of his music to pick from. I still think his Doves Cry is one of my favorite songs.
Prince even paid tribute to Michael Jackson by covering some of his song on his tour after his death. That showed that the so-called feud between was never really real and just for fun. Plus, they were different types of pop stars, both big on production and sound, but from different angles. Plus, it seems that the Jackson family was very close to Prince after MJ's death.
Plus, I only realized recently that Prince modeled himself after James Brown. Many of his moves were clearly similar to the Godfather of Soul. Like MJ, his music just totally kicked ass and still has a place in pop culture today. (Remember Shaun of the Dead?)
I loved his songs from the poplar Batman 89, and they fit with the Joker. It seems the Joker was a huge Prince fan, given that he has a burly bald man carry a boombox around with Prince's music on it. I also liked the musical group Morris Day and the Times. Actually, I liked the Time's music in Purple Rain better than Prince's.
Kevin Smith had this to say about Prince on his Twitter page, ((We lost one of the greatest Artists who ever lived. Prince's music was the soundtrack to my life. RIP, Royal genius. Nothing compared 2 U... ))
KS has some interesting history with Prince and this story is very funny too. It makes the mystery of Prince even better. Will we see that Smith/Prince movie now that he's passed? .
Here is the clip/story.
And, yes Prince tried to sue KS for that story. 
Isn't Prince the first person to change their name to a damn Symbol.  

Friday, April 22, 2016

Justin Bieber (N-word song)

Justin Bieber (N-word song)
I believe that is not how the song goes, Justin.
This little fart-knocker showed up in Louisville a few days ago. I encountered some of my fellow workers that went to the concert. I was a little shocked. However, I didn't know that some of his less aggressive fans didn't know about the n-word cover song he did. I also wanted to post this for a friend too to watch this little turd sing this shit.
Oh, and Justin Bieber, you can't even hold a candle to Prince. While you have the right to state your opinion, you might have wanted to keep your mouth shut when you have an artist that has more talent than you pass away. Wow, just wow.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Shaq is your guide...on Waze

Shaq is your guide
Yep, I used Morgan Freeman on Waze. However, now there is another famous voice doing navigation VO work. Shaq is now a navigation voice on Waze. And, he's very funny when he starts the journey.
I wanted him to say some random Kazzaam quotes and a few Shaq-fu references. However, we didn't get this. However, he will bark out orders to you like he's Steel. 
 He does say “BBQ chicken alert” when the trip ends. I guess that is a thing with Shaq on ESPN and other things. Yes, Shaq has created his own meme. Plus, he will tell you hes tired of talking and shut him off at the end of the ride.
I laugh every time he says that. Plus, he tells you not to have a Shaq-accident. Unlike the Morgan Freeman, he says more things during the ride. Plus, he will say something different when he starts the trip. I heard him say something different four or five times.
Yeah, download Shaq and listen to him bark at you. It is pretty funny.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Cake is a lie and homophobic

Yeah, something about this story just doesn't seem right. Wouldn't it be traceable back to the the worker that made the cake? Plus, there is concrete evidence that is traceable too. It makes no sense. Plus, why would the cake person do it in the first place considering he or she would likely lose their job?

BTW, don't eat that cake, because it is filled with homophobia.
From the, ((Pastor Jordan Brown of Church of Open Doors in Austin, Texas, is claiming that the cake ended up reading, “Love Wins Fag,” and he’s now taking action, turning to the Kaplan Law Firm in Austin to bring his grievance to the courts. ))
And, we discovered that Brown wants to sue Whole Foods for it. If I received this offensive cake, I'd post it on the internet and talk about it, but I wouldn't seek a legal payout for it. That just seems a little suspect to me.
From, ((“Pastor Brown never asked for this to happen,” attorney Austin Kaplan said in a statement. “He continues to be overwhelmed by the feelings of pain, anguish, and humiliation because of this incident.” ))
Yes, but why would he then post a video on it if he was humiliated by the incident? He wanted a hashtag crusade and attention. Wouldn't you check the cake before getting in the car? Once in the ca, wouldn't you take it back?
Whole Foods has come back swinging and counter-sued Mr. Brown claiming he made it up. From CBS, ((Mr. Brown admits that he was in sole possession and control of the cake until he posted his video, which showed the UPC label on the bottom and side of the box," the statement read. "After reviewing our security footage of Mr. Brown, it's clear that the UPC label was in fact on top of the cake box, not on the side of the package." ))
Then Whole Foods made a clever hashtag to counter Brown's claim with a photo. I think the win goes to Whole Foods.
I hate these false (allegedly) reports because it takes away from actual real homophobic incidents. We know those do happen, but people are less likely to side with them due to these get rich schemes. 

I guess he tried to have his cake and eat it too...Yes I am sorry about the pun, but it fit here.  

Monday, April 18, 2016

Random Things (Winter is leaving)

Random Things
 ~Game of Thrones re-watch: I've been watching the show again from the first season to third, so far. And, it really does hold up. It is clear there are certain storylines set up, but not paid off. But, most of them have been paid off. A lot of people call this show The Wire of fantasy. Characters are in different places and worlds, but will crossover with each other at some point in time. I really like this about the show. Plus, the White Walkers are always lurking throughout the series and I love how they keep building to them over the seasons. 

~Batman v. Superman: Nope, I probably won't see this movie in the theater. I've heard so many bad things about the movie. Being a huge DC fan, I can't sit through a 2-plus hour movie with the wrong direction of the DC universe. And, I hate hearing about Batman killing people in the movie. That is a total disregard for the character of Batman. Batman killed people in the 89 and Returns movies and that really bothered me. DC is really screwing up the way they're making these movies. Zack Snyder shouldn't be the person they rely on for their universe. I am thrilled to see where they take Wonder Woman though.

~Arrow: Damn it, they killed off a pretty famous character. Spoilers: Black Canary was killed by the main bad guy this year. An arrow in the chest. It was pretty brutal. Other than Wonder Woman and Power Girl, Black Canary is one of my favorite superhero characters. Katie Cassidy played BC really well and she will be missed, plus it helps that she is very attractive to boot. Don't worry, Earth-2's version of Black Canary will show up on Flash in an upcoming episode. DC TV is just kicking so much ass.
~Castle cast shakeup (out for Stana Katic): I guess one of the main stars on the show is being asked to step down due to production costs. Here's the thing; shows get more expensive the longer they're on the air. Everyone gets raises the longer the show is on the air. The show has been on the aire for eight seasons and that's a long time. I didn't even know that. Here's where the problem arises...Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) is part of the main premise and plot of the show. That's like pulling the wormhole out of the premise of DS9. The show won't last another season after that.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Social Autopsy: Wrong Move (The Zoe factor)

Social Autopsy: Wrong Move
Hell is about to freeze over because I am about to defend Zoe Quinn...a lot. 
 I can't believe I am going to say this, but I completely agree with Zoe Quinn on this issue.
There is this new anti-bullying website that needs crowd-funding. Check out their crowd-funding site which is now suspended.
I am not sure if I want to get all into the bad ideas of this site and I am very certain I am in that grouping of harassing profiles because of this blog. I do want to get to Zoe Quinn though. 
 A sound and measured response.

Zoe spoke her mind about this project and ironically SA has attacked her. Does that mean Social Autopsy has to put themselves in the database? How does a website report on itself? 

Here's the thing, Social Autopsy, Zoe is allowed to have her own opinion counter to yours. That's what makes us individuals. It bothers me that SA sort revealed that Zoe was a bit shaken by the notion of their website and keeps spamming the hashtag Gamergate. Is SA trying to make a connect to her being a member of GG? Why?
Is it because she came out against your site? And, then SA decides to throw out racial slurs as if to make a connection between Zoe and them. Really?
When the face of online harassment, like it or not, disagrees with your site, you know you're doing it wrong. Instead of having a discussion with Zoe about it, she keeps spamming GG with Zoe's name. Why?
I'll support Zoe 100 times over than a web that is willing to put up kids names under their website. Sorry, but Zoe has point. While I might not agree with most of what Quinn stands for or believes, I do have a new amount of respect for her for taking this stand.

Southern Style (bumper sticker)

Southern Style (bumper sticker)
I was just at a local Kroger store. As I came out of the store, I came across a sticker on the back of a white pickup truck and it caught my attention.
Yep. I saw this on the back of someone's truck. Granted I am in Kentucky, but we aren't really a southern state. We have both North and South civil war statues. It also takes redneck balls to drive around with a decal with a woman bending over with a “Southern Style” label.
What is southern style anyway?
It could be offensive to many people, but something tells me he doesn't care.  Is there a male version of this thing?  

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

For the Love of Spock trailer

For the Love of Spock trailer
From Trek, ((The film premieres this Saturday April 16 at the Tribeca Film Festival with a second showing on Monday, April 18, which will be followed by a discussion panel with Nimoy, Zachary Quinto, producer David Zappone and critic Scott Mantz ))
This film was crowd-funded by fans and directed and produced by Adam Nimoy. Adam was Leonard's son and followed in his father's footsteps and became a director. He's directed everything from TNG to B5. This is the type of crowd-funding I like to see.(I loved the crowd-funded Death of Superman doc)
The only thing I have a problem with is that Shatner is involved. Shatner didn't even bother going to Leonard's funeral and make a big deal out of it. Shatner has always felt threatened by Leonard's fame up to the point that Shatner demanded a director gig on Star Trek because Leonard got one. 


Have noticed that nerds and geeks use RIPD instead of RIP when talking about people dying. Even I have to watch using it when I talk about the recently departed folks. I love that people use this term despite the fact it comes from a shitty movie called R.I.P.D. We Hate Movies uses this term to honor people that pass away instead of RIP. And, I started using it too. I then heard another podcast use it.
The term is based on a comic book and the movie stars Ryan Reynolds. (Reynolds has tried for years getting a comic book franchise going.)  I remember watching this movie and shaking my head on how bad it was.  And, it seems to be a direct ripoff of MIB. 
I guess this is that shitty movie's only lasting legacy. Even Jeff Bridges has distanced himself from the movie.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Metal Gear Solid Ford ad

Metal Gear Solid Ford ad
I guess this is very much real. I saw these ads over at Game Zone and I watched them with a huge smile on my face. They brought back David Hayter (the true Snake voice actor) and Paul Eiding as the Colonel. (Paul was also the voice of Perceptor on the old Transformers series. Yes, the same voice actor.)
Now, this is how you do crossover appeal with ads and a popular franchise.
This made my day. Thank you, Ford.
Oh, here's a DBZ Ford ad. Piccolo's voice seems a bit off.


 I wanted to see an actual train wreck, but we only get teased with one. It didn't happened, but I love a good train wreck movie. Joking aside, this has do with a crazy woman with loose morals when it comes to men. I found this Judd Apatow movie to be more like his earlier movies like the 40 Year Old Virgin. It is an edgy movie with a similar message to Knocked up. Trainwreck is a far better movie than Judd's This is 40.
This movie is Amy Schumer's humor all throughout. It is a nice mixture of her humor and Apatow brand of storytelling. She is very good as the leading character/actress/ She is very likable as the woman that has no strings attracted approach. Her character sleeps with a bunch of guys and doesn't want attachments. She is also a professional writer for a Gawker Media-like magazine.
I have to wonder if this character is a call out to Katherine Heigl character from Knocked Up. She was a professional news person that Kathrine felt didn't have enough fun like the male characters. Amy's character is clearly a female version of Seth Rogan's character, but has the professional career of Katherine Heigl's character. While it would be interesting to see Katherine play this character, I think Amy is better suited and talented for the role. Plus, the character's name is Amy to boot. Amy is meant for this character despite her trying to rewrite her history with her brand of humor.
Basically, the movie has the same message as Knocked Up. There comes a time when you have o put aside your crazy, fun-loving nature and take things bit more seriously.
There are other side stories that are compelling, but rather serious and real. Amy and her sister have a tension-filled relationship with their father played masterfully by Colin Quinn. I found this story line to be serious and real despite some of the jokes and riffs between Amy and Quinn. I really like seeing this story and it does come to a head toward the end of the second act. Colin Quinn is also really-really great.
The weaker aspects of the movie do stand out and it is part of a bigger problem with Apatow movies. It is a long movie and sometimes some of the side stories do bog down the movie a bit. Judd has this problem in ALL of the movies he directs. Look at Funny People.
The movie also has a lot of sports references and cameos that I have no idea why these things could be considered funny. One intervention scene has a few sports people in it and three of them aren't actors. It feels long and unfunny. The sports stuff weakens the movie.
The John Cena scenes are kind of funny because he has latent homosexual desires. Plus, he's a bit of a gym meathead that pretends she is a guy. If you like seeing Cena's bare ass and his hard-on, then this movie is for you. Cena isn't bad and he's much better than most of the sport guys.
Unlike Girls, another Judd Atdw production, the main lead is likable. Amy has a lot of flaws, but you tend to like her. The movie is outrageous and heartfelt. The weakest portion have to do with the story being a bit too long for a comedy. Amy and Colin are great.
Grade: C+

Thursday, April 07, 2016

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story traler

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
Wow, what a great trailer. We get to see all of our toys from the 80s back again in this movie. Old school ships and storm troopers, check.  It looks really cool. 
-Set mere days before Episode IV?: It looks that way. I think that's pretty cool. That means the Empire is about to sweep away the Senate and become even more powerful.
-Death Star nearly complete. We saw it being made in the prequels and now we see its completion.
-AT-AT make an appearance. I love these things and it is good to see them again.
-Mon Mothma returns for the first time: This actress was hired to play the role in Revenge of the Sith, but was deleted from the final cut. Disney brought her back for this movie. This is certainly a first. Disney has gone out of its way to not have connection between the prequels and their new movies. This is certainly a change. BTW, she looks just like the actress from Return of the Jedi.
-No John Williams: This time around Alexandre Desplat will score a Star Wars movie. I am looking forward to hearing his take on the SW music.
The only problem I have with the move is the title. Why not call it Star Wars: Rogue One?

Vacation (2015)

Vacation (2015)
Think of this movie as a remake/sequel. The movie is a modern hybrid of being a sequel and remake. It is actually a sequel of sorts with the son Rusty Griswold (Ed Helms), yet recast again, all grown up. He decides to take his family to the same place his father took him years ago...Wally World. We get some of the same jokes with some new twists here and there.
Directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein aren't the worst people to be in charge of this movie. In reality, this isn't a terrible movie. And, I found myself actually laughing at some of the bits. For our PC era of movie, the movie doesn't shy away from really dirty jokes. I was in shock when they threw a lot of dicks jokes at us, but not in the lazy manner as Sandler does today. Not all the jokes work, but some of them do.
The movie also nearly breaks the 4th wall with the characters discussing the need to make a remake/sequel in a very meta conversation. Heck, there is a rather amusing updated take on the girl that Rusty sees driving a fast car and imagines making love to just like Chevy's character had in the first movie, but she is promptly killed off in a dark humorously manner. That's setting up a repeat of an old joke, but completely changing it.
While the movie doesn't have the mean aspects to it like say the Grandmother dying or that dog is tortured and killed thankfully from the first movie. I hated those things in the first movie and felt like shock humor more than anything else. There is a bit of animal cruelty in this movie as well. I won't give it away, but I found it funnier than killing a dog as they did in the original movie. That's an improvement.
I also enjoyed the strange new car the family uses in this movie. There are some funny moments with the GPS and the buttons key change. I didn't think the car jokes would work, but they do. I got more laughs out those jokes. What does the racist button do on the car anyway?
I love that the younger brother is a total asshole and actively tried to kill his wimpy older brother. Those joke work for the most part and have a nice payoff at the end of the movie. Actually, the Griswold brothers are pretty funny and have a nice arc.
Christina Applegate, on the other hand, is almost wasted with the exception of one scene where she goes back to her old college. Applegate has been in comedy for years now, so use her.
Chevy Chase reprises his role from all those Vacation movies, but he is a total drag on the story in this one. He clearly doesn't want to be here filming scenes. Now that the Community money has dried up, he is doing it for the pay check. It is really distracting given that everyone else seems to be trying. Plus, it seems there was more with Chevy, but it ended up on the cutting room floor. That's for the better.
Speaking of Community, one of the weaker portions of the movie uses the Kiss From the Rose song in the same manner as it was used in Community. the recurring joke simple comes across as really stale. They should have used another song for its recurring joke.
There are some missteps with certain jokes and not all of them work, but overall the movie is actually funny. It is a sort of reboot/remake/sequel, but it knows it is and that's part of the fun. Despite the mean dead jokes, I still like the the original better. Yet, this update movie is certainly better than the spin-off Vacation movies that were direct to DVD or the last Vacation movie that came out in the early 2000s. While not a prefect movie, it isn't boring or unfunny. I laughed out loud more than a few times.
Grade: B-

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Ghostbuster blues

I was scrolling through my YouTube feed and a video came up discussing a Cracked story defending the new Ghostbusters movie trailer. It was by the writer J.F. Sargent and I felt compelled to write some counter points to his his points. Overall, he is defending the new GB movie while throwing the older movie(s) under the bus. And, it just rubs me the wrong way. I am not sure how old Sargent is, but feels like the argument a young person that isn't a fan of the material and it is a bit troubling considering he's defending the remake, which wouldn't be around without the old material.

#4. "This Movie Is Pandering!": Yes, I am getting sick of hearing this too. However, I think it is part of a bigger problem. It looks like no one knew the direction the movie was heading and it became a train wreck. Like Fantastic Four, people are going to be talking about it faults or positives when it is released more than anything else. If the movie is a mess as most are indicating it will be, then all the feminist/racist junk will fall to the background as people will talk about the problems with humor and plot elements. I couldn't care more about the all female cast...just make it better than GB2. That's all I want out of it. It looks like they might fail that aspect of the story.
#3. "The Original Ghostbusters Is An Untouchable Classic With A Rich Mythology": Actually, for many people, it is. People still rewatch the first movie for its humor and charm. And, younger people fell in love with toys and merchdise. Oh, and let's not forget the 7 season running The Real Ghostbuster cartoon show. With great writing and scary concepts, the show has its on history and fanbase. The mythology of that show interweaves the two movies almost seamlessly into its own history. Then, they had a damn sequel to the cartoon show as well called the Extreme Ghostbusters. While not untouchable, I'd call that a rich franchise.
Oh, and you pissed me off with this comment. From Cracked, ((This is the same complaint people make about every comic book mythology, which reboots itself every, oh, three months or so, and every video game, even though video game stories are generally afterthoughts at best. ))
Video game stories are afterthoughts? People were up in arms when the last act of Mass Effect 3's story felt rushed and unfinished, plus coming out of nowhere. People were so passionate about the story line and characters to a video game that EA had to release an extended ending to ME3. Oh, and try getting through Xenogears or FFT without doing some research on the story. Like TV shows, video games thrive on telling rich and sometime confusing and deep stories. Sorry, I disagree.
#2. "Any Criticism Means That The Movie Will Flop!": Actually in some cases it can. I'd say it is 50/50. The prime example of critic bashing has hurt a movie is the Fantastic Four one. The word of mouth was so bad that even director distanced himself from the movie. Every critic and fan said the movie was unfinished and uneven and people stayed away. Yet, we also have movies that are critic proof too like say the Batman v Superman movie. Despite his cheekiness, I actually agree with Mr. Sargent on the fact we should be discussing and picking apart pop culture.
#1. "A Saliva-Streaked Explosion Of Incoherent Goober Malarkey!": Yeah, whatever. People are always going to be angry when their favorite franchises are being remade or rebooted. People hated the SW prequels. And, the current trend of remaking classics, in some people's minds, has had underwhelming results. Will anyone remember the remakes to Total Recall, Point Break or Robocop? Probably not. Studios seem to not understand what made the originals so loved. At this point, remakes haven't worked on classic movie from the 80s.
From Cracked, ((There hasn't been a new Ghostbusters movie in 27 years. How is anyone still so passionate about it as a franchise? ))
Because it is a classic in so many people's eyes. The whole point of classics is they do stand the test of time. People STILL love the Star Trek episodes after this long time despite the flaws. As I mentioned before, people take franchises under their wings. And, I guess you didn't do any research because there was a follow up videogame that most fans considered the third movie. Just because there is some distance between them and the release of the movie doesn't diminish how they feel about a franchise.
I love GB franchise, but I am willing to give this remake a try despite all the bad behind the scenes rumors about the movie.

Monday, April 04, 2016

Best License Plate ever

Best License Plate ever
As I write this, this just happened. I am writing this in my car and will upload it to the cloud so I can post it. 
I was taking a guy home on Westport Road and saw a white SUV on the road. I noticed the license plate. It was a Star Trek reference . It caught my eye
It said KHAAN. 
And, I realized the plate said Khan with an extra “A” meaning we were supposed to read it as Kirk yelled it in Star Trek II. Yes, this guy or girl had the plate that referenced a ST villain and the fact the hero yelled his name!
I told the guy about the vanity plate and he laughed. After the ride, he said, “I have to put this on my Facebook page.”
We both laughed for about five minutes as we passed the SUV reading the plate.
I said, “I wish I could have gotten a picture of it.”
It was probably the best vanity plate I have ever seen and the most clever.
Damn, this made my day.

Friday, April 01, 2016

Supergirl/Flash Crossover Thoughts

Supergirl/Flash Crossover

I freaking love this episode. It shows when DC can really do things right when you put the right people in front and behind the camera. It is a bright and happy episode with a lot of fun. And I love that Team Supergirl gets to interact with Flash. It was fun to see how happy go lucky the two heroes are and that they love being super heroes. If Supergirl doesn't get canceled, we will see her crossover again with either the Flash or Green Arrow next season.
The two heroes are bright characters that seem to act more like brother and sister than anything else. I love that Barry gives Kara some sound advice about being a super hero. Yes, it gets a little corny in the last act of the show when the city rises up to protect Supergirl, but that happened in the old Spider-man and Superman movies as well. I can forgive that.
I love that the TV show crossover got a better response than the Batman V. Superman one did. It shows that DC's home market is better run and written than its movie division.
-The Flash sort just rushes in: I love the first time we Flash in the Supergirl universe is when he just rushes in to save Kara/Supergirl after she is thrown through a window. He is a super hero so that is what he does. She tells him she can save herself as her boobs are on fire. I am not making that up.
-CW joke: Yes, there is an almost fourth wall breaking point done by Cat Grant . Clearly this is CBS taking a jab at their sister channel the CW. And, it is fourth wall-tapping. Cat Grant has always been my favorite character on the show.
-The DC multi-verse: Now, we know there are three connecting universes that The Flash has been on. And, there is a Central City on Earth 3. We also know there is an universe out there for the old Flash TV show from the 90s.
-Banshee and Livewire make a good villain team up
-The race between Supergirl and Flash: Yeah, it really wasn't a race, but it was Supergirl helping Flash get back to his universe. There is sadness on Supergirl's face when she see Flash disappear. It is she just lost a good friend or brother. It was a nice acting moment from Melissa Benoist

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