Friday, April 15, 2016

Social Autopsy: Wrong Move (The Zoe factor)

Social Autopsy: Wrong Move
Hell is about to freeze over because I am about to defend Zoe Quinn...a lot. 
 I can't believe I am going to say this, but I completely agree with Zoe Quinn on this issue.
There is this new anti-bullying website that needs crowd-funding. Check out their crowd-funding site which is now suspended.
I am not sure if I want to get all into the bad ideas of this site and I am very certain I am in that grouping of harassing profiles because of this blog. I do want to get to Zoe Quinn though. 
 A sound and measured response.

Zoe spoke her mind about this project and ironically SA has attacked her. Does that mean Social Autopsy has to put themselves in the database? How does a website report on itself? 

Here's the thing, Social Autopsy, Zoe is allowed to have her own opinion counter to yours. That's what makes us individuals. It bothers me that SA sort revealed that Zoe was a bit shaken by the notion of their website and keeps spamming the hashtag Gamergate. Is SA trying to make a connect to her being a member of GG? Why?
Is it because she came out against your site? And, then SA decides to throw out racial slurs as if to make a connection between Zoe and them. Really?
When the face of online harassment, like it or not, disagrees with your site, you know you're doing it wrong. Instead of having a discussion with Zoe about it, she keeps spamming GG with Zoe's name. Why?
I'll support Zoe 100 times over than a web that is willing to put up kids names under their website. Sorry, but Zoe has point. While I might not agree with most of what Quinn stands for or believes, I do have a new amount of respect for her for taking this stand.

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