Friday, April 29, 2016

Marvel/Fox crossover? hmmm

Marvel/Fox crossover?
I seriously doubt it . There is still a lot of bad blood between the studios. And, it hasn't gotten better since Disney took over Marvel. The two studio run their properties completely differently. Disney did patched things up with Sony, but there are to many factors to take in with the X-men franchise. Sometimes the mutant stuff doesn't really fit with the superhero world in Marvel's main comic book universe.
Inhumans is Marvel's Studios' mutant characters without calling them mutants. We saw much of this in the Agents of Shield show. And, I know Marvel wants everything to fit in with their universe, but the X-Men might not work in its current state.  Now maybe the Ultimate versions of the team might fit in if we make mutants a fairly new thing. 
We'll see if they bring in FF into the Marvel universe. This might happen, but the X-Men will just stay pure Fox.

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