Monday, April 11, 2016


 I wanted to see an actual train wreck, but we only get teased with one. It didn't happened, but I love a good train wreck movie. Joking aside, this has do with a crazy woman with loose morals when it comes to men. I found this Judd Apatow movie to be more like his earlier movies like the 40 Year Old Virgin. It is an edgy movie with a similar message to Knocked up. Trainwreck is a far better movie than Judd's This is 40.
This movie is Amy Schumer's humor all throughout. It is a nice mixture of her humor and Apatow brand of storytelling. She is very good as the leading character/actress/ She is very likable as the woman that has no strings attracted approach. Her character sleeps with a bunch of guys and doesn't want attachments. She is also a professional writer for a Gawker Media-like magazine.
I have to wonder if this character is a call out to Katherine Heigl character from Knocked Up. She was a professional news person that Kathrine felt didn't have enough fun like the male characters. Amy's character is clearly a female version of Seth Rogan's character, but has the professional career of Katherine Heigl's character. While it would be interesting to see Katherine play this character, I think Amy is better suited and talented for the role. Plus, the character's name is Amy to boot. Amy is meant for this character despite her trying to rewrite her history with her brand of humor.
Basically, the movie has the same message as Knocked Up. There comes a time when you have o put aside your crazy, fun-loving nature and take things bit more seriously.
There are other side stories that are compelling, but rather serious and real. Amy and her sister have a tension-filled relationship with their father played masterfully by Colin Quinn. I found this story line to be serious and real despite some of the jokes and riffs between Amy and Quinn. I really like seeing this story and it does come to a head toward the end of the second act. Colin Quinn is also really-really great.
The weaker aspects of the movie do stand out and it is part of a bigger problem with Apatow movies. It is a long movie and sometimes some of the side stories do bog down the movie a bit. Judd has this problem in ALL of the movies he directs. Look at Funny People.
The movie also has a lot of sports references and cameos that I have no idea why these things could be considered funny. One intervention scene has a few sports people in it and three of them aren't actors. It feels long and unfunny. The sports stuff weakens the movie.
The John Cena scenes are kind of funny because he has latent homosexual desires. Plus, he's a bit of a gym meathead that pretends she is a guy. If you like seeing Cena's bare ass and his hard-on, then this movie is for you. Cena isn't bad and he's much better than most of the sport guys.
Unlike Girls, another Judd Atdw production, the main lead is likable. Amy has a lot of flaws, but you tend to like her. The movie is outrageous and heartfelt. The weakest portion have to do with the story being a bit too long for a comedy. Amy and Colin are great.
Grade: C+

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