Friday, April 01, 2016

Supergirl/Flash Crossover Thoughts

Supergirl/Flash Crossover

I freaking love this episode. It shows when DC can really do things right when you put the right people in front and behind the camera. It is a bright and happy episode with a lot of fun. And I love that Team Supergirl gets to interact with Flash. It was fun to see how happy go lucky the two heroes are and that they love being super heroes. If Supergirl doesn't get canceled, we will see her crossover again with either the Flash or Green Arrow next season.
The two heroes are bright characters that seem to act more like brother and sister than anything else. I love that Barry gives Kara some sound advice about being a super hero. Yes, it gets a little corny in the last act of the show when the city rises up to protect Supergirl, but that happened in the old Spider-man and Superman movies as well. I can forgive that.
I love that the TV show crossover got a better response than the Batman V. Superman one did. It shows that DC's home market is better run and written than its movie division.
-The Flash sort just rushes in: I love the first time we Flash in the Supergirl universe is when he just rushes in to save Kara/Supergirl after she is thrown through a window. He is a super hero so that is what he does. She tells him she can save herself as her boobs are on fire. I am not making that up.
-CW joke: Yes, there is an almost fourth wall breaking point done by Cat Grant . Clearly this is CBS taking a jab at their sister channel the CW. And, it is fourth wall-tapping. Cat Grant has always been my favorite character on the show.
-The DC multi-verse: Now, we know there are three connecting universes that The Flash has been on. And, there is a Central City on Earth 3. We also know there is an universe out there for the old Flash TV show from the 90s.
-Banshee and Livewire make a good villain team up
-The race between Supergirl and Flash: Yeah, it really wasn't a race, but it was Supergirl helping Flash get back to his universe. There is sadness on Supergirl's face when she see Flash disappear. It is she just lost a good friend or brother. It was a nice acting moment from Melissa Benoist

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