Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Some great The Rock Moments

Some great The Rock Moments

MC has been talking about wrestling of late, and got me to thinking about the second time in my life I started to get back into watching the wrestling. It was around the time when The Rock was becoming a good guy and Stone Cold Steve Austin was at the height of his career.

Wrestling sort of fell out of favor with me a few years after that. But, there was something about The Rock. He seemed to always give 100% in his pre-ring interviews.

Here are a few I found funny

The Rock flirts with Lilian Garcia

Comment: I freaking love this clip. He flirts with her until she gives in. The People's Strudel is just brilliant. I need to use this line on a woman some time.

Rock and HHH

Comment: The Rock makes fun of HHH's facial gestures.

The Rock & The Hurricane: I don't have a clue who this Hurricane, but this is funny moment. “Hey, it's Nothing. He knows you.”

Hulk Hogan and The Rock and Kane: I really like this moment.

The Rock's “This is your life.” Part one and two: This was the highest rated moments for RAW.

Kurt Angle and The Rock

These two are great together.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventures (Cartoon) Part 1 of 2

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventures Cartoon show

Holy Crap, I’ve completely forgotten about this show. Somehow, I’ve blocked this crappy show from my mind. But, now I remember this piece of crap after watching this mess on Youtube. Every plot in the first season involved them going back in time and solving problems.

Here’s the kicker, the actual actors from the movie portrayed most of the voices. Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter reprise their roles in the first season.

However, the show lasted only two seasons. The first season was created by Hanna-Barbera, and the character models and animation was okay. DiC Entertainment took over for the second season, and I don’t have to remind anyone about how bad DiC is as a company.

It seems every movie or show had a cartoon counterpart.

Extra stuff,

Black Knight 1/2/3.

You can watch full episodes of the show from here.

Further reading. Here and here.

But if you think that was bad, just wait for another post because it gets worst than the Bill and Ted cartoon.

Bogus, dude.

Billy Mays dead at 50 years old

Billy Mays dead at 50 years old

((Television pitchman Billy Mays likely died of a heart attack in his sleep, but further tests are needed to be sure of the cause of death, a medical examiner said Monday. Hillsborough County Medical Examiner Vernard Adams said Mays suffered from hypertensive heart disease, and the wall of the left ventricle of Mays' heart and the wall of one of his arteries were enlarged.))

This was a total shock. I started to notice an increase in Google searches involving Billy Mays. The Blue-Shirted guy is gone. Sure he yelled a lot, but he kept your attention.

I only have some of his OxiClean products, the stuff that is sold in the store. Surprisingly, the Oxi stuff works really good. Speaking of OxiClean, the company has a statement up about his death.

((“We are shocked and saddened by the untimely passing of Billy Mays, who served as OxiClean spokesperson for more than a decade and who deserves much of the credit for making OxiClean a household name.

Billy was the best of the pitchman genre that he pioneered. His enthusiasm for life was infectious and he will be sorely missed by the Arm & Hammer family and all who knew him. We extend our deepest sympathies to his family.”

Bruce Fleming, Chief Marketing Officer, Church & Dwight Co., ))

Now, who is going to take up his cause? His son or the Scientology-fighting Vince Offer?

Best Sport Mashup Remix Ever (We in here talking about practice)

Best Sport Mashup Remix Ever (We in here talking about practice)

Somehow, Iverson is amazing in this remix. The Auto-tune is great.

“We talking about Practice”

This is the same guy that did the Rap Chop video and the McCain remix. (djsteveporter)

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (Transformers II)

Revenge is a deeply flawed, but an entertaining movie. Sure it has more action, but the plot is a little confusing, in a Michael Bay way. Revenge is fun and in some ways better than the first movie and in some ways worst.

The movie is set two years after the events of the first movie. The Autobots are working with the world governments to bring down the Decepticons throughout Earth. Sam Witwicky goes to college and starts to lose his mind. Things get blown up and robots fight.

You don’t go into a Transformers movie for the plot. You go in for the big f’ing robots that fight each other and turn into cars and jets. That’s part of the problem with the movie. There is certainly 50% more badass moments in this film, but there are some moments that are so bad that even Michael Bay should have put a stop to it. I shook my head more than a few times in disgust.

When the movie works, there are some amazing action scenes, but when it falters, everyone can notice it. All the Megan Fox scenes are painful and you will wish they’d end. She certainly looks great, but she can’t act.

Some of the other weaker points were the comedy scenes. There are characters in here that might give Jar-Jar a run for his money. (But, I loved Jetfire!)

The CGI is breathtaking. They’ve reached new heights with the special effects in this movie. One scene that really stands out is a fight between Prime and a group of Decpticons in a forest. Tree and robots are thrown around and you can feel the weight of the characters. You’ll be going for the FX.

Steve Jablonsky’s score is certainly more structured than the first film and some of his main themes from the first movie do carry over. Steve also adds some new themes as well. As far as sound effects go, this is one loud movie. It is probably Bay’s loudest movie to date.

(The Skids and Mudflap thing: I’ll get to that in another post.)

Shia LaBeouf has a bit more to do in this movie. Shia does a good job playing a kid that’s starting to lose his mind. One of my favorite scenes involves him in a classroom. Actually, most of his college scenes are well acted. Josh Duhamel is fine as Lennox; they probably should have cast him as Duke in the upcoming GI Joe movie.

Tyrese Gibson is fair in this movie, certainly an improvement over the first movie. He has one great moment involving his throwing arm and a smoke bomb. John Turturro is actually much better in this film. His character is a blogger now. But, did we need to see his ass?

Anyway, the movie is a bit long and the final battle is drawn out. The movie isn’t for anyone expecting a thoughtful movie. Like sports fans, it is loud and dumb. If you want to see ‘stuff blow up real good’, this movie is for you. With some stupid comedic moments and a few weak plot points, this second movie doesn’t have the charm that the first movie had. But, it is still fun on a basic level. It is certainly closer to the original show from the 80s, and that’s a good thing.

Grade: B-

Saturday, June 27, 2009

It is time for Perez Hilton to go away...

It is time for Perez Hilton to go away...(Read it here for the latest crap storm.)

Is this the year of Perez Hilton? No matter how much we want to forget him, he keeps popping up a like bad case of the bacon burps (those nasty burps you get when you eat bacon). Sometimes it is hard to keep up with all the spoiled antics.

-He found himself involved in that Carrie Prejean scandal, which he helped start.

-He somehow got his ass kicked by the wimpiest hip-hop group ever created called the Black Eyed Peas. Why don't you pick a feud with someone meaner like 50 Cent?

-GLAAD forced him to apologize. He, a gay man, had to apologize for a gay slur he made to guy that is apparently not gay, but this person had someone beat up Perez because he used the slur. Does any of this make sense?

-Somehow, twitter king John Mayer got involved in the feud. They tweet each other in a battle of tweets. (Now, I'm really getting confused)

-He's suing the manger for emotional distress. Wow, this is the type of lawsuit bloggers are supposed to make fun of.

-He later disses Michael Jackson calling it publicity stunt. And, everyone attacks him for it.

You can watch his rather silly response to the attack. He talks being a big boy and then proceeds to cry about it! Grow a pair, Perez. Then again this is a guy that wants to be an unofficial family member of Paris Hilton.

Somehow, instead of reporting news and rumors, which is what bloggers are supposed to be, he's becoming the news. He makes these foolish statements like he's a seven year old. He makes a complete ass of himself on national TV.

It is time for Perez take a long look in the mirror and find out why he acts this way. All this stuff has proven that he's mentally unstable. I'm sure if we looked in his past we'd see why. Look, I know MJ had a shady life, but to attack him in a uncaring post was just plain mean.

It looks like Mr. Hilton is seeing his twitter numbers go down as well.

Then there is the lawsuit. So you got your ass kicked, big deal. Get over it and move on.

Unfortunately, I don't think he'll disappear. He likes this stuff.

Make sure to read the Gawker post.

Dressed to depress.

Friday, June 26, 2009

The Last Airbender Teaser Trailer (Teaser)

The Last Airbender Teaser Trailer (Teaser)

You know what? I actually like this trailer. I really like the last few seconds. That doesn’t mean the movie won’t be crap though.

Can M. Night Shyamalan even get enough butts into the seats after all the crap he’s been coming out with recently? The last movie was pure floating crap. Killer plant gas?

I would think he’d keep his damn name off the movie logo in order to give this movie a chance to make it. Is M. Night Shyamalan’s ego so big that he has to have it plastered over the logo? He’s no Spielberg or Lucas, and neither of them really have their names on the logos of their movie much.

Didn't know she was kind of one.

Hey, she believes in Xenu.

Cracked.com has a great article on Five Newest Scientology Celebrity Recruits.

Some of them I knew about, but some are real shockers. Here a few worth noting.

Will Smith: I knew he was slowly becoming one. He started to make silly comments about marriage counseling. He also built a school based on L. Ron Hubbard’s teaching. We probably should have seen this one coming because he’s been fighting aliens for years now. (MIB and ID4) I’m starting to lose respect for the Fresh Prince. Hey, I even forgave him for Wild,Wild West.

Janeane Garofalo: This one is a total shock to me. I always saw Garofalo as being an atheist. She started to promote a flux science center called New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Project. I'm surprised she would get herself caught up in this mess. I've never been a fan of her, but this is really disappointing. (Video)

Sarah and Todd Palin: It seems they're connected to a certain famous Xenu lawyer, and they don't want anyone to know about it. This is pretty damming. If this got out to Christians around the country, she can kiss her run for president goodbye.

Side Note: Make sure to check out the new Scientology ads that are floating around the net and the TV. I think the Army recruiting people need to sue them for copying their style.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson is dead at age 50 (RIP MJ)

Michael Jackson is dead at age 50 (RIP MJ)

From MTV.com,

((Michael Jackson died Thursday afternoon (June 25) at the age of 50 after suffering cardiac arrest, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Reports say the legendary pop singer suffered cardiac arrest at his home in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Holmby Hills and was not breathing and had no pulse when paramedics arrived after a 911 call around 12:26 p.m. PT. They administered CPR in the ambulance but were unable to revive him. At the hospital, staff attempted to resuscitate Jackson, but he was unresponsive. ))

I only heard about his death only a hour ago. I was riding my bicycle back to my car and a guy that just parked in the parking lot his car told me.

“Did you know Michael Jackson died?” he asked.

I at first thought it was just one of those rumors. “Really? I didn't think that would happened.” It started to sink in.

As I strapped my bike on my car, I thought about that time when I would play his Thriller record over and over again on my player downstairs. When I was still an happy little child, I remember getting hyped up when my local skating ring would pump up the MJ tunes. To say that MJ played a huge impact in my life is an understatement. I probably would have gotten into playing music if it wasn’t for him.

For many in my generation, he was the guy everybody listened to, and marveled at his amazing music videos. He took a dip in fame in recent years, but every MJ fan wanted to see him get back to his “Thriller” roots. That won't happen now.

He was deeply flawed man, but there is no denying that he turned R&B, Hip-Hop, and Pop into something bigger. He brought real music to Pop Music. Will there be anyone like him? Sadly, no.

I'll have more thoughts on him later.

He will be missed.

BTW, my MJ/Sonic 3 link is getting a lot of hits.

Listen to this remix Sonic 3/Stranger in Moscow

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Random Stuff

Random Stuff

~The Friend Zone: A place where you are guaranteed to never get laid. This is mainly because you're locked onto one woman that merely views you as a friend, so you don't look around for other women. She may even let you see her in her underwear, but that's all you're getting. Yes, I've been to the friend zone many times, and tried to shift it to the F'ing buddies system, they never worked.

~Watched another episode of True Blood: They're really moving rather fast with the story in the second season. I've learned one thing about vampires. You don't mess with them because they will rip you to shreds. Pretty everyone in that 'prison' is dead, being ripped apart. We also find out why newly formed vampires can't go back to their families.

~Tim Burton shows off pictures of his Alice in Wonderland: I'm sure the movie will look amazing, but I am also certain the story is going to be dumb and underwritten. Most of Burton's stuff is underwritten. I also don't understand why he feels the need to keep putting his girlfriend, Helena Bonham Carter, in all his movies. Can't she get her own gigs?

Why come no one ever seems to get any sunlight in his damn films? Everyone looks like a walking corpse.

~Scientology and abuse: Nothing pleases me more than to hear more people coming out about David Miscavige's abuse of his staff. People have been saying this for years about the church. This time they can't sue the entire world. Are we finally seeing the end of this Space Church? Probably not, but they are truly weakened now. BTW, doesn't beating on someone mean you're a SP?

I’m glad more people are standing up to their bullying ways. The only negative is that they’re going to fight harder and play dirtier.

(You can read more here)

~Why in the hell would any woman want to ruin their face like this? Those tattooed stars will be on her face when her skin starts to sag. Enjoy looking at the Milky Way when ever you wake up in the morning. How is she going to get a damn job with those stars on her face?
Perhaps, she became a super villain called stars and developed a power that caused stars to fly out of her hands, I can see this being okay.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rap Chop Even More remixes (and a strange Billy Mays video) (And what is Love)

Rap Chop Even More remixes (and a strange Billy Mays video)

I'm really enjoying people morphing this song into strange remixes

C-Storm remix

Comment: This one reminds me of Mega Man for some reason. It sounds like something out of a NES game.

One Hand Remix

It's easy, one hand and Chop, Chop, Chop. Should have been longer.

Billy Mays and Lazytown remix: I think might be truly be inappropriate, but what the hell...

Make sure to watch this guy playing the Haddaway 'What is love?' on the piano: It is pretty good. I didn't think you could take a dance-heavy song into a piano song. I guess I was wrong.

Scrubs: Saved by the Bell

Scrubs: They're doing what with the show?

As I was reading through Forces of Geek, I came across a post about a format change in the show Scrubs. So, they're going to shift the show away from the hospital to the classroom. Medical school will be the focus.

My first thought was Parker Lewis Can't Lose, and then followed by Fame.

From TV Guide,

(("It's going to be a different show," creator Bill Lawrence told EW's Ausiello. "It'll still be life-and-death stakes, but if the show is just Scrubs again in the hospital with a different person's voiceover, it would be a disaster, and people would be mad." ))

I can see his point, but why not simply make it a spinoff instead? Will fans still follow the show after the format change? I do like that they're keeping Dr. Cox, because he's the best thing about that show.

Neda Agha-Soltan: My thoughts on the digital movement

Neda Agha-Soltan (how Web 2.0 moves fast)

I try to keep everything upbeat on this blog and try to keep things witty, but I felt it was necessary to comment on this story.

I watched the video of the young Iranian woman that was shot and killed. It was one of the most shocking videos ever, because we watched her die. I’m usually a jaded guy and there aren’t many things that move me. But this clip did. I was got angry and I wanted Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to step down.

(Here's that video. Keep in mind there is a lot of blood.)

Neda has become the face of the new movement in Iran.

Despite there being a ban on News coverage of the protesting, her name has been released and spread across the Internet. And, on the Internet everything moves at lightening speed. Her name and image started to show up on Facebook and Youtube.

I remember watching the video and wondering what was her name. Then, I thought, we’ll get some information on her, I’m sure in the coming days.

And now she had a full wiki page. I'm certain it is being updated fairly quickly. It seems Wiki is usually on top of current events. Wiki gets a lot of flack for things, but it certainly is current.

In this new age of cameras and social networking, it is hard for any government or organization to keep a lid on anything anymore. Never before have bloggers, Twitter, Youtube and others been more important to getting the word out for this incident. I’ve never been a fan of Twitter, but even I have to give them credit for their part in the digital portion of the movement.

For every Perez or Chris Crocker video, we do get something important like this. We’re going to see more of this, as everything shifts toward the Internet media. It’s time that the old school news companies start taking notice of this new wave of information, and stop disregarding bloggers and Vloggers.

Side Note: Make sure to read this good post about everything going on the story unfolding in Iran.

Monday, June 22, 2009


What do Wolverine, Fox, and Scientology have in common?

I’m not sure but the story coming out about that infamous Roger Friedman that found himself fired from his job working at Fox for reviewing a leaked copy of the Wolverine movie. Now, Roger is blaming Xenu and his Space Church for his so called wrongful firing.

Taken from the link above,

((Friedman is convinced that was a cover story. Last August, Friedman went to Memphis for the funeral of his friend and R&B legend Isaac Hayes, who was a Scientologist. Preston was also in town for the funeral. Friedman, who now writes for The Hollywood Reporter, tells us that when Preston saw him at the Peabody Hotel, Mrs. John Travolta loudly blasted him for his columns criticizing Scientology. ))

While I’d like to blame the Church of Tom for everything, I can’t see the connection here. The South Park thing really did happen, but this is bit of a stretch because Friedman did review a leaked copy of the movie. And, this would piss off some higher ups.

But, knowing how hard the Church goes after people that talk badly about it, this could have happened. But the leaked movie can get him fired.

Another thing in the post got my attention.

((Murdoch is reported to have bristled a few years back when Scientologists tried to recruit his son Lachlan. But Garbus said, “I’ve seen how Scientology intimidates even the most powerful media. That seems to be what happened here.”))

Since Murdoch is such a bull-headed guy, I do find it odd that his FOX News or other media companies haven't gone after the Space Church as fiercely as some of their Left Wing enemies. Is Murdoch scared of Tom Cruise?

Side Note: Is France going to ban the Church?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Top Six Most Annoying TV Characters

JJ Started dating Anne Coulter and that's a step up for Anne.

Top Six Most Annoying TV Characters

Listen, we all have our list of characters that just annoyed us every time they show up on the screen. Well, I decided to make my top six TV characters that pretty much piss me off every time they show up a show. Like a bad case of ache, they just won’t go away.

6. Sam McKinney from Diff'rent Strokes: So, what happens when your ratings start to droop? You bring in a poor carbon copy of Gary Coleman and you make him white, and a terrible actor. It is sad when Coleman can out-act Danny Cooksey (Sam). I remember just hating this kid every time he talked or did something ‘cute’. The show jumped the shark. He was also the punk in T2.
5. Alpha 5 from "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers": He’s like the wussy version of that Robot from Lost in Space. I wasn’t aware that they had a program that made robots sound like annoying wimps. Alpha 5 was like a member of lower management. His voice was bad and his acting, even under the costume, was crap. I wanted the Green Ranger to beat the crap out him.
4. Steve Urkel from Family Matters: As Jaleel White’s character grew in popularity, the show that was once about a black middle class family started to quickly become the Steve Urkel show. His antics were sci-fi in nature and more far-fetched than the way the creators originally conceived it. His character became so popular that Steve showed up in three other shows! Yeah, he even showed up in Full House for two episodes! The character became so annoying that even Jaleel White got tired of playing him. He was the new JJ of the 90s.
3. The entire cast of Saved By the Bell: This whole cast of characters were just annoying. I could simply attack Samuel "Screech" Powers but they’re all terrible.
2. J. J. Evans from Good Times: Like Steve Urkel this character ended up taking over the show from far more sensible characters. The tension on the set started to get so bad that the Parents left the show because it became the JJ show. Jimmy Walker played the character more and more like a clown as the series went on. This supported the bad image of black men by making him foolish. I truly hate this character.

1. Neelix from Star Trek Voyager: Before Jar-Jar, there was another annoying alien that pissed off fans. Neelix never really grew as a character, a problem with all VOY characters, and he actually became a useless character by the third season. I blame Neelix for Jar-Jar and every other character like him. No character development here at all.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

New Kids on the Block: Australian concert tour blocked

New Kids on the Block blame the world economy for their cancellation. (More linking)

((The U.S. pop act New Kids on the Block said on its Web site it is scrapping its planned Australian concert tour due to the economy.))

Why does this sound like spinning to me? Blame the recession for poor ticket sells. We know that it is because they suck. Did people really desire a reunion in the first place? I don’t think 14 years would make their music sound any better.

The world doesn't need this reunion anyway.

Somehow, they were changed from cartoons to old has-beens.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts

~Nostalgia Critic takes on Sidekicks: Whoa, I remember this Chuck Norris movie. Why is this kick dreaming about Chuck Norris all the time? This movie is bad. Joe Piscopo plays the villain? Piscopo and Norris in the same movie? Offsetting the Piscopo and Norris characters is Winnie Cooper, and she’s playing the same character. So when you mix The Wonder Years with The Karate Kid, you get this movie.

~So Jon and Kate Gosselin have an very important announcement to make soon: What? Are they baking cookies. Something tells me it's going to be about their divorce. Somehow, they extend their reality show around it I bet. Ah, the reality show curse is in full effect.

~Digital Underground on The Arsenio Hall Shoe. I really like this group. It's time for this group to make a comeback. I guess Tupac Shakur made his appearance between the first album and their ep release. Sadly, it looks like the group disbanded last year.

~Bruno gets some re-shoots: Cinemablend.com is saying the studio and director are caving in to some people within the gay community that say the movie has crossed the line. From what I gathered, the movie more or less makes more fun of straight people and the way they feel around gay people. But I could be wrong. I'm not sure what to think about this because, I'm not that interested in seeing this movie, and I can't bring myself to see Borat.

~The RIAA wants $80,000 per song?: In a case that's been going on since 2007, they've re-upped the sum to 1.92 million. When you take a mother to court, you're not winning over any fans. First off, RIAA, start making better albums. Stop shoving this robotic Britney Spears crap down our ears. And telling us this manufactured crap is music. When you actually put care into your product, some people will be willing to pay for it.

~Twilight Fans prove again they're crazy and this time by trying to kill one of the actors. Doesn't sound like a smart fellow when he attempts to flee fans by running across a busy street filled with cabs. I don't remember Harry Potter fans driving their actors to do harm to themselves. I guess that's one way to get a taxi.

Neve Campbell will not do Scream 4

Neve Campbell will not do Scream 4

I've changed my mind about another Scream movie, and I'd love to see the producers take the film into making fun of the Rebooting storyline, by claiming that this is a new trilogy that the killer is starting up.

From Peter Sciretta at Slash Film,

((Don’t expect series star Neve Campbell to return as Sidney Prescott in Scream 4. Series screenwriter Kevin Williamson, who is developing the script for the first part of a new trilogy, has revealed on twitter that Campbell has turned down an offer to return in the next installment.))

I am a little shocked by this news because I thought she stated earlier that she was up for a new Scream movie. Campbell career hasn’t really taken off after the Scream franchise. There was a period between 2001 and 2007 that looked like her career was completely dead.

Hey, I guess it is her choice to make.

If the script is clever enough, I think she should reconsider. Like I said, if the new series attempts to have the kill force a so called ‘reboot’ of the murders, I think the movie will be entertaining.

Side note: I had the biggest crush on Campbell between the Scream movies and Wild Things.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Artie Lange on Joe Buck Show

Artie Lange on Joe Buck Show

I don’t know what the heck is The Joe Buck Show, but I’m a little perplexed. I’m not sure what all the controversy is about. The show is on HBO. This is the same network that has Real Sex and comedy specials. Why would you even have Artie Lange on a Sports show anyway. It's not like he's the most athletic guy.

Part of me knows the Joe Buck show was a mess, but Mr. Lange didn’t help matters. He just seemed to throw out random remarks and wouldn’t show up. This is the Artie I’m not a fan of. I like the more honest Artie that talks about his life and stories about screwing up his life.

Sadly, this is just another chapter under seeing him fall off the deep end.

Here is the incident reviewed with Howard Stern.

Parts 1, 2, and 3

Here are some clips on Chris Russo and Artie seems to argue with him. Despite the shouting, I have side with Russo. (here they are)

HBO is ripping away all videos related to the outburst everywhere.

Side Note: Adam Carolla did a podcast with Artie.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Funny People: George Simmons' Career

Notice anything similar to RocketMan ? Man, that was a bad movie and even Harland Williams bashes it

Funny People (movies within the movie)

At first, I wasn't too warm to Apatow's Funny People, then Slash Film released some of the spoof videos focused on the character of George Simmons (Adam Sandler). It looks like Judd is making fun of all those 'Family Friendly' movies that clogged up the theaters. While some of the spoof movies are making fun of Sandler's career, it is very clear that some of them are jabs at Eddie Murphy.

Make sure to click on the link above to watch some of the movies.

It is just crazy that the fake movies that are mentioned here are pretty damn close to real movies or concepts I'm sure are being thrown around today.

George Simmons, the fictional character, has his own viral web site. Looking at it, it is funny seeing them taking jabs at Sandler's career.

Check out his albums and the track listings. There is a bit of Dane Cook thrown in for good measure too with the album art, but some it is clearly making fun of Sandler's albums too.

This is probably one of the better viral marketing campaigns I've seen.

The clip below could have very well been an Adam Sandler movie!

Sayonara Davey

((Sayonara Davey! (2007) Davey refuses to grow up. He takes a job at his alma mater just so he can party, but when a paperwork mix up sends him to Japan as a foreign exchange student, his host family spoils all his fun. Mr. Ashito is determined to turn Davey around but is surprised when Davey teaches them a few lessons himself. ))

Sadly, this could actually be green-lit in real life. You better believe it would be a huge hit too.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Top Ten Movie Scores (5-4)

I figured I do two more in my Top Ten Movie Scores. (5-4)

5. Close Encounters of the Third Kind: John Williams does it again with a wonderful score. It is filled with creepy music and bright themes toward the end. I still love the Tuba and clarinet duet, but some of the best music is at the end. I mean it is simply amazing and John Williams no longer writes music like this today.

Here’s a sample

Here’s the Wild Signals score portion (Movie version has a bit of the Jaws theme in it, this one doesn’t.)

Ending portion


4. Star Wars Episode V The Empire Strikes Back: Another classic by John Williams. For the second movie, Williams added some all-new scores to his established universe of themes. He added the impressive Imperial Theme and the Yoda theme. Both will make appearances throughout the rest of the series. This is probably one of his best action scores to date.

The Battle of Hoth

Rebel Fleet/End Title

The Heidi Montag/Al Roker feud: On Earth, we all scream.

The Heidi Montag/Al Roker feud?

Who the heck are Montag and Pratt again?

Can someone really have a feud with the lovable bear named Roker? Somehow, the major D-bag Spencer Pratt and the empty Montag have done the impossible; Make Roker a villain worthy of the Joker or Luthor.

Make sure to watch the interview here. I found it pretty amusing myself. I really liked how Roker called Spencer out on his BS and then sort of makes fun of one of the Baldwins. I'm sure Roker was a little angry that he was even forced to interview these 15-minuters.

E! online has their rather humorous response.

(("People keep on referring to this weatherman like I'm supposed to know who he is," Spencer told Usmagazine.com. "So, a shout-out to Weatherman, who I guess got to even hang out with us this morning. I actually thought we were hanging out with one of those people they get off the street, like one of those fan-type things."

"This weather guy was definitely out of line, and he should stick to predicting cloudy days," Heidi continued. "Maybe someone rained on his little parade."))

This sounds like talking points to me. Feels like someone is feeding them talking points. “Keep mentioning that he's a weatherman to belittle him.” I'm sure they're squeezing this for all they can just to keep in the news.

Picking a fight with Roker is just stupid.

Then it gets better. Heidi claims that Roker hates women. WTF?

(("Please do not be rude to women in the future," she said. "Please do not be rude to me. Please watch your tone, especially if you have a mother or a wife or a daughter. I don't think that they would appreciate you talking to them like that." ))

But, it's okay for your hubby to act like an ass to people too? And, don't even try to make a villain out of Roker. Just admit you got owned by Al Roker on national TV, and disappear.

Getting beat down by Roker is like getting your ass kicked by the damn Care Bears.

Because of this interview, I have a whole new respect for Al Roker. I never thought I could say that.

Roker response to their attack.

Spencer and Heidi have a moment with TMZ over the incident. I can't believe these two.

BTW, Heidi, how's that singing career going? Check out her shitty music (one more drink). It sounds like Heidi's auto tune was auto tuned. It's crap.

But, there was another Higher video too. When Britney Spears out sings you, it is time to hang it up.

Side Note: Everything about this couple seems manufactured. They keep mentioning their 'couple' name 'Speidi'. They mentioned that would rather be back on The Hills on another reality show! Once the media moves on, this relationship won't last.

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