Sunday, May 20, 2018

Taking a break from blogging...everything else

Taking a break from blogging...everything else
Things are not going well for me in real life and it is starting to take its toll on me mentally and physically. I am starting to sleep 20 plus hours all day and week and not smiling at anything. I am constantly bombarded by bad news and things are only getting worse for me by the day.
Everything I find enjoyable in life is not fun anymore. I no longer even bother to go to the movies watch TV and I do the other things I enjoy. After a horrible week and a worse Saturday, I think I need to step away from everything for a while including this blog. After a spending a couple of days sitting in bed, I am going to have to seek some mental help and perhaps get on some meds for this depression.
This is bad because outside of blogging, learning, and watching, everything else is unbearable. And, it is sad that it has now affected the few things I enjoy. I have been writing this blog for ten plus years and I hate to walk away from it, but I have to.
I might be back in two weeks or two months. Anyway, thanks for reading my blog. And, I will see you on the other side.  (This sucks because I had some good follow up blogs in the pipeline and a review.)


Friday, May 18, 2018

Childish Gambino : This is America

Childish Gambino : This is America
I have to say I really like this music video. It is interesting to see the way people are taking the video. I've seen liberals and conservatives have completely different takes on the song. Clearly, the video is critical of both sides of the political beliefs. It talks about the outside violence against the black community and the violence with the black on black crime.
This was what hip-hop/rap music was supposed to be. It sort of lost its way in the late 2000s with trap music and the aim at dance-pop music. Rap music is supposed to be critical of the outside influences just as much as the ones inside. We have lost that aspect thanks to BLM.
While I am not a fan of this style of rap music, which is trap, I have to say CG does a great job with it . He mixes this new style with the tribal music. It is very catchy indeed. However, it does convey some interesting lyrics throughout the song. This is something missing from new school rap and hip-hop music.
-Everyone one has one: I love that everyone has their own opinions on the song. Pro-black people are just saying it is a commentary on police violence while conservatives say it is a comment on black on black violence. they're both correct. It is commentary on all the negative aspects of the black experience. You just as likely to get shot by a black guy as a racist cop.
-I believe those are Civil War pant: This adds to the commentary of the song and video.
-Yes, that is a Jim Crow stance he takes when he shoots the guy: This is a load meaning for sure.
-The music video is mean: I like the sheer meanness and strange behavior of CG. I would have looked forward to his version of the Deadpool that was dropped by FOX.

Maddox Lost

Like the Bold Guy case, Maddox lost the lawsuit against his former co-workers. Back in my early days of blogging, I looked up to Maddox. Heck, I had similar rants and views. He was a blogger with a personality. Somewhere along the way, Maddox lost his way. He became self-conscious and became the very thing he mocked all those years ago.
Instead of taking an internet hissy fit to private messages, Maddox decided to sue his former co-workers from a podcast for 380 million dollars. Yes, the old Maddox would have made fun of this shit.
From the Dick Wiki, ((The Lolsuit (also known as The Biggest Lawsuit In The Universe) is a personal injury lawsuit that has quickly become a repository of all the hot goss surrounding the cancellation of The Biggest Problem In The Universe. Unable to stand being mocked on the internet, Maddox took the entirely rational step of suing DickAsteriosMadcucks, Patreon, a patreon customer service rep, and anyone else even remotely involved in the drama for 19 counts of $20,000,000, a total of $380,000,000 total asked for. ))
Carla from Twitter said it best with this Tweet, ((Let it be known that #MaddoxLost today. It was crazy to watch the descent of a satirist I once respected into the pathetic, litigious husk he is today. Congrats to @imwithdick and good luck to @asterios, hopefully Maddox ran out of money so he'll stop harassing you. ))
This is part of that whole thing about people becoming islands unto themselves via Twitter and other social media and not realizing the actions they are taking isn't right. 
Now, Maddox gets to see the hashtag Maddox Lost for the next few months. What is funny is that Mundane Matt has gotten a bit of blowback over this too.  So, yeah the lawsuit sort of blew up in his face after the backlash.  

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Didn't we learn this when Zoe Quinn went after video with a false copyright claim? We keep falling back to this over and over again. Now, it is more like a 5-year trying to get back at people that make fun of him or her.
I am not going to post a picture of her here because I don't want to see her try to pull that shit here...even though I make zero money from this shitty blog.  
From Dexerto, ((Shortly after the news spread of Alinity copyright strike witch hunt broke, numerous channels, a lot smaller than PewDiePie's, received claims on their own videos - many of which simply reporting on the situation. ))
I can't believe I am defending Pew Die Pie.  Alinity got "butthurt" and went after his YouTube videos.  And, it gets worse, she went after everyone that even bothered to discuss the issue, putting ads on their vids and making money off of them. These were people discussing the news and the drama between PDP. Instead of refuting the name calling you just want to make money on people. I don't like she went after the smaller YT people and skimmed money from them. That's just low.
There is also a different culture from Twitch to YouTube.  Twitch is more restrictive than YT FB and Twitter.  I guess she thinks she can throw out copyright claims for any mention of her.   
If someone calls me an n-word, I am not going to strike down his channel and claim the money.  I am going to rip him a new a-hole.  We've kind lost the art of flaming and roasting.  I am not sure if I can blame Twitter for the weak skin younger people have today.  Everyone is into blocking and banning instead of confronting the assholes and trolls.   
Other than looking attractive, does she even have any lasting quality content on her Twitch stream?  I tried sitting through her streams, but they are unwatchable.  I'd rather watch Spoony or DSP at their worse.   

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Shasta McNasty (Remember this thing?)

Shasta McNasty (Remember this thing?)
Yes, this was actually a show. This was one of those early sitcom shows shat out of UPN's early seasons. Other than Voyager and Smackdown, most of these shows were failures. I was doing to digging on this show and came across this episode. The episode had two dead guest stars. Verne Troyer just recently passed away and Gary Coleman died a few years back.
Troyer was a recurring guest star on this dumpster fire and it was a huge catch because he was extremely popular at the time between 98-2005.  It seems UPN shoved a lot of guest stars into each episode.  
It is politically incorrect and downright shitty. I hated this show back in the day, but it has gotten worst. The funniest part is this is clearly a 90s show that shifted toward the 2000s. I am not an SJW or a (JWS), but this is beyond bad and not funny.  The is a bit creepy too.  

Saturday, May 12, 2018

BBQ Oakland Woman: She goes beast mode on people BBQ-ing

I love this video. The sheer concern the BBQ Woman has for this stupid infraction just amusing me. I shouldn't fat shame, but from the looks of her, she's been around quite a few BBQ in her time.  Maybe she is the Thanos of BBQ's.  
From Huff Post, ((white woman called the police on a black family at Lake Merritt in Oakland, California, last month while they were setting up for a day at the park.
Their crime, according to the unidentified woman, was grilling in one of the park’s designated barbecue zones using a charcoal grill, instead of a “non-charcoal” grill.)))
In the end, no one was arrested and no one was fined. It was literally a waste of time for everyone.
It doesn't help matters that the white woman looks like Kathy Bates from Miser. The worst part is she pretends to have a breakdown in front of the cops and works up some tears for fears. She is good. Miss BBQ literally waited almost two hours to get these black people in trouble. Somehow, she became the Charcoal Queen of Oakland. Why does anyone care, lady? You are wasting your time. It doesn't matter and it is not even enforced by the city.

While I hate that BLM has gotten involved, this BBQ Woman wouldn't have had a problem if it were a bunch of white people. She saw this family of black people having fun and she wanted to rain down on their parade.  

Wednesday, May 09, 2018

The Murder Incident (Part 2) (A Ray of Doubt)

I wrote a blog post about the story, but here's some of the information on the murder case.  There isn't much left over from those stories about the murder case. Truth be told, Ray was an unstable man.  He seemed to be totally transfixed on starting things with his co-workers.
I honestly think Ray had an agenda.  He brought a gun to work every day.  He was looking for someone to pick a fight with and it was this guy.  I knew a few things about becoming unhinged, but to cause violent seems to be totally out of bound.  The fact he brought a gun to work, inside his car, is troubling to me. He was looking for trouble at the end of a gun, It was scary to know that he had this gun ready for something.
I find it strange but a pattern that the bullied become the bullies. From the old stories, Ray and this guy (LJ) had a major confrontation over a radio in a break room.  I think Ray purposely turned the radio up in order to get a reaction from someone.  He was fishing for a battle. From what I can tell, LJ turned down the radio and Ray got into it with LJ.  LJ brushed it off and went about his business.  It wasn't worth losing his job over an unstable a-hole looking for a fight. Ray had a problem with the confrontation and kept the anger close to him.
Ray wasn't going to let it go.
After the radio incident, LJ and his friends went to the local McDonald’s, which is near my home.  With the gun in his car, Ray followed LJ and his friends to McDonald’s.  In the parking lot, he confronted LJ and threatened him.  LJ just wanted to hang out with his co-workers after a hard day at work and he had to deal with the incident at hand.
Ray and LJ got into a physical fight.  LJ defended himself from this bully and beat up Ray.   Despite acting like an asshole and being a bully, Ray is a skinny guy an LJ was much bigger than him.  Feeling embarrassed, Ray went to his car, retrieved his gun and returned to LJ's location.  Without warning, he shot LJ in the chest killing him.  Ray retreated back to his car and left.   
Hours later, he turned himself into the police.  What was going through his head? He escalated the situation and couldn't handle the defeat. There were mugshots of him with a busted face, revealing that LJ beat him up pretty good.
So, I found out that the shooting happened literally 4-5 miles away from where I lived.  

Monday, May 07, 2018

Well, this didn't go well...

Well, this was a train wreck. It is hard to watch him stumble and mumble through Cuphead almost in the same manner as DSP. After two months of not doing a stream, Spoony came back for a stream and had a bit of a meltdown with the people in his chat over objectification of women and porn discussion. What makes this subject a poor thing to bring up is that Spoony's close friend JewWario was outed as a sexual predator and groomed young female fans for his conquests. Yet, he refuses to talk about the subject, yet he stands on this soapbox without addressing the elephant in the room.
Didn't people come to your stream for Cuphead?  
You can't mention the P5 stuff if you won't even mention the JewWario thing. This is sad. Naturally, the stream has comments and ratings disabled. What is interesting is that the video is unlisted on his YouTube channel. Side Note: He is back on twitter and talking about Trump again without making good content. And, the content we get is him ranting about P5. Stop tweeting about Trump and make some good videos, man.

At this point, his GF needs to make him seek some help.  

Friday, May 04, 2018

Cobra Kai: That Karate Kid sequel

Cobra Kai: That Karate Kid sequel
I love the Karate Kid Series. I actually remember watching the first two movies in the theater. I remember hearing the cheers in the theater when Daniel did the crane kick. For an outsider kid growing up, this was my movie. Then, I heard about this series. I wasn't too interested
Okay, YouTube, I will probably buy a subscription to YT Red now just to watch the show. YouTube released the first two episodes for free and I am loving it. I love it so much that I am going to buy a sub for it for a time to watch the rest of the episodes. This is set 34 years after the first movie, but the first three movies get shout-outs here and there. Heck, the incident in Part II with Krease and the car window are mentioned and play a big role in one character.
-Ralph Macchio is freaking great as Daniel: It is good to see him play the character again. Macchio looks amazing and better than he did in Karate Kid III. I like the direction they took with him. He is married and has kids. He is very successful and more of a dude-bro today.
William Zabka : Looking good. His character seems to be the focus of the show, which I am for. I love that his character is stuck in the 80s. He drives around in an old 80s car and listens to 80s music. You actually feel bad for him. Plus, he doesn't get today's SJW and nerd culture.
-Elisabeth Shue: Will we see Miss Shue in an upcoming season? Please. I had the biggest crush on Miss Shue over the years.
-Spoiler Alert: Martin Kove does return for this new show, but YT kept it secret it seems. It makes sense Kove's character created the Cobra Kai. I can't wait to see what happens when the franchise's biggest bully shows up. Kove is still working and in his 70s.
-Will we see “The Next Karate Kid” Hilary Swank make an appearance? What about the shit stain Jaden Smith? I'd love to see Swank given she has made some really bad movies of late. Heck, she is the female Nic Cage.  

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