Sunday, May 13, 2018

Shasta McNasty (Remember this thing?)

Shasta McNasty (Remember this thing?)
Yes, this was actually a show. This was one of those early sitcom shows shat out of UPN's early seasons. Other than Voyager and Smackdown, most of these shows were failures. I was doing to digging on this show and came across this episode. The episode had two dead guest stars. Verne Troyer just recently passed away and Gary Coleman died a few years back.
Troyer was a recurring guest star on this dumpster fire and it was a huge catch because he was extremely popular at the time between 98-2005.  It seems UPN shoved a lot of guest stars into each episode.  
It is politically incorrect and downright shitty. I hated this show back in the day, but it has gotten worst. The funniest part is this is clearly a 90s show that shifted toward the 2000s. I am not an SJW or a (JWS), but this is beyond bad and not funny.  The is a bit creepy too.  

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