Friday, May 04, 2018

Cobra Kai: That Karate Kid sequel

Cobra Kai: That Karate Kid sequel
I love the Karate Kid Series. I actually remember watching the first two movies in the theater. I remember hearing the cheers in the theater when Daniel did the crane kick. For an outsider kid growing up, this was my movie. Then, I heard about this series. I wasn't too interested
Okay, YouTube, I will probably buy a subscription to YT Red now just to watch the show. YouTube released the first two episodes for free and I am loving it. I love it so much that I am going to buy a sub for it for a time to watch the rest of the episodes. This is set 34 years after the first movie, but the first three movies get shout-outs here and there. Heck, the incident in Part II with Krease and the car window are mentioned and play a big role in one character.
-Ralph Macchio is freaking great as Daniel: It is good to see him play the character again. Macchio looks amazing and better than he did in Karate Kid III. I like the direction they took with him. He is married and has kids. He is very successful and more of a dude-bro today.
William Zabka : Looking good. His character seems to be the focus of the show, which I am for. I love that his character is stuck in the 80s. He drives around in an old 80s car and listens to 80s music. You actually feel bad for him. Plus, he doesn't get today's SJW and nerd culture.
-Elisabeth Shue: Will we see Miss Shue in an upcoming season? Please. I had the biggest crush on Miss Shue over the years.
-Spoiler Alert: Martin Kove does return for this new show, but YT kept it secret it seems. It makes sense Kove's character created the Cobra Kai. I can't wait to see what happens when the franchise's biggest bully shows up. Kove is still working and in his 70s.
-Will we see “The Next Karate Kid” Hilary Swank make an appearance? What about the shit stain Jaden Smith? I'd love to see Swank given she has made some really bad movies of late. Heck, she is the female Nic Cage.  

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