Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Didn't we learn this when Zoe Quinn went after video with a false copyright claim? We keep falling back to this over and over again. Now, it is more like a 5-year trying to get back at people that make fun of him or her.
I am not going to post a picture of her here because I don't want to see her try to pull that shit here...even though I make zero money from this shitty blog.  
From Dexerto, ((Shortly after the news spread of Alinity copyright strike witch hunt broke, numerous channels, a lot smaller than PewDiePie's, received claims on their own videos - many of which simply reporting on the situation. ))
I can't believe I am defending Pew Die Pie.  Alinity got "butthurt" and went after his YouTube videos.  And, it gets worse, she went after everyone that even bothered to discuss the issue, putting ads on their vids and making money off of them. These were people discussing the news and the drama between PDP. Instead of refuting the name calling you just want to make money on people. I don't like she went after the smaller YT people and skimmed money from them. That's just low.
There is also a different culture from Twitch to YouTube.  Twitch is more restrictive than YT FB and Twitter.  I guess she thinks she can throw out copyright claims for any mention of her.   
If someone calls me an n-word, I am not going to strike down his channel and claim the money.  I am going to rip him a new a-hole.  We've kind lost the art of flaming and roasting.  I am not sure if I can blame Twitter for the weak skin younger people have today.  Everyone is into blocking and banning instead of confronting the assholes and trolls.   
Other than looking attractive, does she even have any lasting quality content on her Twitch stream?  I tried sitting through her streams, but they are unwatchable.  I'd rather watch Spoony or DSP at their worse.   

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