Saturday, May 12, 2018

BBQ Oakland Woman: She goes beast mode on people BBQ-ing

I love this video. The sheer concern the BBQ Woman has for this stupid infraction just amusing me. I shouldn't fat shame, but from the looks of her, she's been around quite a few BBQ in her time.  Maybe she is the Thanos of BBQ's.  
From Huff Post, ((white woman called the police on a black family at Lake Merritt in Oakland, California, last month while they were setting up for a day at the park.
Their crime, according to the unidentified woman, was grilling in one of the park’s designated barbecue zones using a charcoal grill, instead of a “non-charcoal” grill.)))
In the end, no one was arrested and no one was fined. It was literally a waste of time for everyone.
It doesn't help matters that the white woman looks like Kathy Bates from Miser. The worst part is she pretends to have a breakdown in front of the cops and works up some tears for fears. She is good. Miss BBQ literally waited almost two hours to get these black people in trouble. Somehow, she became the Charcoal Queen of Oakland. Why does anyone care, lady? You are wasting your time. It doesn't matter and it is not even enforced by the city.

While I hate that BLM has gotten involved, this BBQ Woman wouldn't have had a problem if it were a bunch of white people. She saw this family of black people having fun and she wanted to rain down on their parade.  

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