Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Random Stuff

Random Stuff
~Energy regaining: I've lost a lot of energy from being sick for a week and not eating that much during that time. I'm slowly started to regain it day by day. Riding the bicycle is not easy, but I am able to do it now.

~How about getting fined for cheering during your son's Graduation?: Some parents in South Carolina had that very thing happen to them. They cheered when their child went on stage. By the way, the ticket is $265. Come on, I'm glad we're fining taxpayers that usually follow the law. Again, it is easier to ticket good people instead of finding and preventing real crime.

~Gordy the other talking pig movie: The Nostalgia Critic did a review on this strange movie. The movie came out in the same year as Babe. However, Babe was a hit, and this talking pig movie was ignored. The kicker is Gordy came out first.
I hope dad is using Priceline...
~$#*! My Dad Says turns to shit: Finally, CBS does something right and cancels that lame Shatner sitcom. Part of me hated the fact that a Twitter site spawned a damn TV show, let alone they had to use Mr. Shatner himself to mix. Now, all is right with the universe.

~Did I mention they finally got rid of “V” as well? It seems most of these 80s remakes are not sitting well with the reality show audiences. However, V lasted longer than the old school TV show that aired on NBC way back in the day. That show lasted only a season and had a ton more behind the scene problems than the recent show.

Rapping in Alphabetical Order

Rapping in Alphabetical Order
Damn, De-Strom did it countless times during the song.  This man has some major skills.  

Monday, May 30, 2011

Will Smith has a big trailer...

Will Smith has a big trailer...
I remember all the talk about Will Smith's huge trailer he uses on the set of MIB 3.
From The Scoop (Today), ((The trailer, nicknamed "The Heat," as the New York Postreports, "includes a lounge, a movie room with a 100-inch screen, marble floors throughout, offices for his assistants and writing staff, a large bedroom and all-granite bathroom. It measures about 53 feet long, has 22 wheels and weighs in at around 30 tons." ))
Yeah, but the kicker is his actual apartment is only a mile away. How about getting him a shuttle to and from that apartment he's renting instead of bringing a big freaking truck near the set. The other problem I have with the trailer is why does an actor need countless assistants? Why does he need a writing staff? Is he a writer on the movie?
One has to wonder if the old humble Will Smith from the Fresh Prince day would laugh at the Will Smith of today.  

Sunday, May 29, 2011

WOW: Creepy Children (Demonic?)

WOW: Creepy Children (Demonic?)
As I was reading Cracked.com, they had a post about creepy things throws into videogames. They mentioned “The Children of Goldshire”.
The children will gather in a house and take certain positions in the room and stand there...The lighthearted music shifts to a dark tone and sometimes you will hear things. Some people hear banshee screams, while others will hear a voice say, “You will die.”
I guess the developers wanted to mess with players by adding this little gem.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Short Circuit: a look back

Short Circuit: a look back
I re-watched this 1986 comedy recently and had some thoughts about the movie as of today.  I remember watching this movie numerous times as a child. 
~ Number 5 is alive. 
~It is interesting that this movie is about robots being built for military purposes such as fighting in the combat field.  We now have robots that do just that.  Here, the robots seem a bit clunkier than the ones we use now. 
~ Ally Sheedy is not that good in movie.  Her acting is terrible and I didn’t notice it when I was younger.  She is certainly pleasing to look at.  She is very cute, but her acting is brutal here to point of being…robotic. 
~ “Where see shit?”: Best line ever. 
~ Steve Guttenberg pretty much plays the same character he played in the Police Academy movies, except he’s more of a nerd.  He’s good here, just not original.
~The ending credit scenes are made up of deleted scenes.  One has Johnny 5 messing around with pasta.  Another scene has the Nova robots flying remote airplanes.   Another scene had him encountering one of those real toy robots.  There was an entire scene cut out with Johnny 5 messing around in a junkyard. 
~ G.W. Bailey: (Skroeder:) With Bailey in the movie playing the bad guy asshole captain, he pretty much reprises his role from Police Academy.  He even interacts with Guttenberg in the same manner as he does in the PA movies.  He screams and uses a whistle just like Harris.
~All the robot/puppet stuff still holds up today. 
~Ben Jabituya:  Man, having a white guy play a brown guy is bit racist.  It’s called brownface.  I think the same jokes would have worked with a real Indian.  Fisher Stevens is fine in the role, but looking back in hindsight it seems a bit off-putting.  
~ “Nice software”
~I can see the similarities between Wall-E and Number 5.  

So Long, Jeff Conaway

I remember him from his Babylon 5 days playing fan favorite Zack Allen. I always liked the way he played that character on that show. His character had a past with drug abuse and the B5 crew gave him a second chance to set his life right on the right track.
In real life, it was only much later did I realize how intense of a drug user Conaway really was. Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew really showed how mean and downright damaged he turned out to be after being dependent on the drugs. It seems after trying to get help through normal methods, he got talked into seeking treatment through Scientology, and that didn't help either. I personally think he was wasting his time with the damn space church.
Anyway, he will be missed.   

Friday, May 27, 2011


Thor isn’t the best Marvel movie of the bunch, but it knows exactly what it is and enjoys playing in this bright playground of Gods.  Director Kenneth Branagh is having a good time with the fantasy aspects as well as the Shakespeare stuff involving the royal family of Asgard.  Thor is a bright and sometimes witty movie that also furthers the overall Marvel Movie storyline.  When Thor gets it right, the movie is very entertaining.
 The Gods (or Aliens) from Asgard have been the gatekeepers of the universe to protect all the worlds from an invasion from the Frost Giants of Jotunheim.  The powerful Odin keeps the Frost Giants at bay with his mighty power.  However, Odin is losing power as he grows older.  The arrogant Thor, one of Odin’s sons, is about to take his father’s place as ruler of the kingdom, when an attack happens within the depths of the Kingdom.  After a series of events, Thor finds himself banished from the Kingdom and marooned on Earth.  Thor must figure out how to get back to his homeland and save Earth in the process. 
To put it simply, Chris Hemsworth is Thor.  He has the swagger of a god and a warrior in the very first scene he’s in.  Hemsworth actually makes Thor an arrogant, but a charming character early on.  Sure Thor is looking for a fight and goes about things in the wrong manner, but he actually has reasons for going into battle with a tiny team of comrades.  Hemsworth is even better as he marches around the Earth realm demanding more beer and ordering people around.   He bellows every word out and laughs loudly. 
I also like the appearance of Thor in this Marvel Movie Universe compared to the main comic universe version.  Actually, this movie Thor looks like a cross between the Ultimate Universe Thor and the main version.  He’s big and tall, but not that lumbering as some artists draw him.  He’s believable.
While the chemistry between Natalie Portman and Hemsworth seems forced and stilted, I had no problem with believing in Portman’s performance as a scientist.  Portman has proven over and over again that she is a good actress even when the roles aren’t completely fleshed out.  I hope she shows up for another movie. 
Tom Hiddleston is brilliant as the main bad guy.  While I am still not certain exactly what were his full motives in the movie, I liked the villain of Loki. 
Most of the fun of the movie happens with the magical planets outside the Earth realm.  All of the Asgards scenes are bright and lively. I really dug what they did with those scenes.  Plus, most of the action scenes within the other realms are just amazing.
The biggest problems with the movie are the script issues. The script needed a bit of punch up when it came to the Earth stuff.  The transitions between the worlds weren’t even enough.  While I liked seeing Thor interact with our world, but there needed to be more.
All the interconnecting with the rest of the Marvel Movie Universe is fine and better suited here than in Iron Man 2, and I could have more of it.
Thor is certainly far from being prefect, but it is certainly a fun movie that truly brings the God of Thunder to life.  The Shakespeare performances are top notch and bring the otherwise weaker script to a higher level.  This is one of the better films of summer.
Bring on the Avengers.
Grade: B

Agent Coulson returns in an extended role this time.  I always enjoyed seeing his character in the Marvel movies.  He ties the movies together with Sam Jackson.  

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Star Trek V The Final Frontier (extra music)

Here are a few tracks from the Star Trek V The Final Frontier score that weren't on the released album
Raid on Paradise
The thing about this track is you can clearly hear Jerry Goldsmith's early influences into his very cool Mulan score. A lot of the action cues are very similar.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

i-Loo: Text and surf the web while you crap…

i-Loo:  Text and surf the web while you crap…
From the Wiki page ((The iLoo was designed to be a Wi-Fi Internet-enabled portable toilet that would allow users to surf the internet while using the loo.[2] Internally, the facility would have a broadband connection via wireless 802.11b, a wireless waterproof keyboard, a swivel plasma screen running Windows XP Professional, a 6-channel surround-sound system beneath the sink, toilet paper embossed with popular urls, and a suction toilet.[2][3] Externally, the facility would feature an MSN logo and have a "hotmail station" with an additional plasma screen and keyboard for waiting consumers.[3] A security guard was to be stationed near the unit to ensure that it was being properly used and to prevent the unit from being stolen.[3] The iLoo was to debut "at a majority of the summer season festivals".[2] The iLoo was to be deployed only in Britain.[4] ))
I found this little “invention” on Reddit and got a kick out of it. 
Come to find out, it was a real product, if you want to call it that, Microsoft actually designed and built it in the UK.   The best part about this stupid invention was hearing the MS big wigs talk about the product, as if it really was important to the future of the Internet.
How can someone make this statement with a straight face?
A marketing manager from MSN, ((The internet's so much a part of everyday life now that surfing on the loo was the next natural step. People used to reach for a book or mag when they were on the loo but now they’ll be logging on! It’s exciting to think that the smallest room can now be the gateway to the massive virtual world. ))
I know thing came out in 2003, but I think networks on cell phones were powerful enough to do most of the things that MS wanted to do with the i-Loo. I just think I'd focus on the work of getting out of the bathroom as quickly as possible more so than surfing the WWW.  If I need to check something, I’ll use my phone.  Multitasking in the bathroom could make things a little more messier than you would want. 
Oh, the story just keeps getting better too.
From The Age.com ((MSN said it is talking with toilet paper manufacturers about producing paper embossed with popular website addresses. ))
So, that meant that people would eventually wipe their asses with your web addresses. I guess I'm glad my blog wasn't born in 2003. I'm not sure I'd be happy with knowing that fact.
So, what about people destroying the i-Loo?
((The MSN iLoo will make its first appearance at the Glastonbury music festival this European summer. MSN said it will have round-the-clock security to prevent vandalism and theft.  ))
Would you want to be the security guard in charge of the i-Loo?
Besides, putting expensive technology next to a portable toilet just doesn’t seem like a good idea. 
MS discovered the joke the Internet bestowed on the I-Loo, and claimed the whole thing was a hoax.  They then retracted that claim and admitted that they had constructed and invented the item. 
I’m guessing someone else will probably try to make another attempt at it. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

This has to be the best misdirection I’ve seen in a long tim

This has to be the best misdirection I’ve seen in a long time.  Just check out the trailer…
I totally thought it was going to be another one of those goofy rom-comedies that plague the BO, but there is a twist in the end.  I am hoping the movie turns out pretty good.  I grew up watching The Muppet Show and watching the first Muppet Movie over and over again. 
By the way, I love the “Green With Envy” title for the fake movie. 
This one was clever by Disney, and I’ll give them credit for pulling it off.  They even had a fake poster thrown in for good measure. 

Monday, May 23, 2011

Lady Gaga: Judas

Lady Gaga: Judas

First off, Judas is a very bad song even by Gaga’s standards, but the music video might just be okay.  To be far, Gaga can say the song is certainly original and not really copied or influenced by any other pop songs.  Being original doesn’t make it good.  I couldn’t even bother listening to the liyrics because they were delivered poorly.
The first minute of the (Not) Sons of Anarchy driving is actually done fairly nicely.  I love the color contrast of the muted bike colors and the bright purple color of Gaga’s shirt.  Nicely done.
Again, the religious visuals aren’t here for being profound or artistic, but to pushing buttons with the religious right.  So, we get a biker Jesus with gold crowns shacking up with Gaga.  Didn’t Madonna already do this with “Like a Prayer”?  Okay, I said I wasn’t going to make a comparison to Madonna in this review, but I can’t help it.
The music is grading to the point that it makes me wish for a remix of the song to see in the singing track would work better that way.  I mean the music is bad really bad.  Gaga sounds like the songs I used to make up while playing with my rubble duckie in the bathtub at age 2-4. 
-Some of the settings are actually pretty interesting, but I can’t get through the horrible music for another look.  Even the outfits are slightly cooler here. 
-I also like the splashing water bit too with Gaga.
-Gaga likes crying in the last few moments of her music videos.  Was it that painful for her to make the song? 
Grade: F
I would have given a higher grade if the song wasn’t as bad as it was.  

WWF Aggression CD

WWF Aggression CD

I remember getting this CD back in the day when WWE/WWF was at its height of popularity throughout all of the various media. Given the hype of WWF at the time, it only seemed right to release an hip-hop album.
Here are a few tracks worth noting.
DX: Run-DMC (Kings)
I actually think this one should have been used for all of the remaining D-Generation X intros. I like how they pretty much kept the same feel as the old DX song, but made it more hip-hop-ish. I also think Run-DMC fit into the DX attitude.

The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn

The Adventures of Tintin
Now, I remember watching the cartoon show that came on TV here in the states. I was impressed with the seriousness the story lines took in each episode. HBO broadcast the episodes on their channel. Now, this new movie/trailer looks to capture that feel and style for the movie.
My only problem with the new teaser is there isn't much to see. We don't even get to see anyone's lips move. And, that might be problem with some GCI models. Though these might be early character models.
Steven Spielberg has been trying to make this movie since 1983. It seems both Sony and Paramount both co-produced the film. It seems producer Peter Jackson had a lot of pull in the development of the film from what I can tell. Jackson and Spielberg to share decision-making power for this film. This seems to be a different relationship from the one that Spielberg had with George Lucas in the last Indiana Jones film.
So, yeah, I am looking forward to the movie, which is coming out in December.
-There are some nice particle effects in the opening with the flashlight.
-I love seeing the ship run over the desert with water rushing in behind it.
Here's the kicker, the international trailer is a bit better with a few a few extra shots. Take a look.

Bullets spin on Ice?

Bullets spin on Ice?
It certainly looks that way. I think it is kind of cool in a Loony Toons sort of way.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Macho-Man Randy Savage RIP

Macho-Man Randy Savage
From LA Times Blog, ((Macho Man Randy Savage died Friday morning in Florida after reportedly suffering a heart attack at the wheel, crossing the median and crashing his Jeep Wrangler into a tree. The former pro wrestling star was 58.))
Man, I loved this guy when I was younger.  I used watch the pre-post interviews with him.  He was a very energetic and crazy guy when it came to interviews.  Plus, his introductions to the rings were always fun.  He was right up there with Hulk Hogan as one of the famous “good guys” from the WWF era, before the WWF Attitude Era.
I remember his side partner Miss Elisabeth. She ended up dying from a drug overdose in 2003. She actually married Randy in 84 and divorced him 92. Plus, everyone remembers his great appearances as the Slim-Jim ads and his appearance in the first Spiderman movie. (Aka Bone Saw McGraw)


Well, I am sort of back. I’m recovering.  I am starting to really feel better.  Yet, I’ve learned a few things. 
-It takes me an entire week to grow a 5-0-clock shadow.  While I was out, it took me like an entire week to get that much fuzz on my face. 
-You lose a lot of weight when you are sick.  Since I didn’t eat, I probably lost about 10 pounds and some muscle mass too. 
As you already know, a lot has happened in pop culture in a week and it needs to be commented on. (Arnold, cough, cough)  

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sick very sick

I am very sick, once I get over this thing I'll update again.  But I will keep deleting spam

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wonder Woman TV show dead...for now

Wonder Woman TV show dead...for now
NBC had this to say about the canceled show. From EW, ((We did what was best for the schedule,” Greenblatt continued. “It does give one pause. You’re almost damned if you and damned if you don’t. It’s tricky.” ))
That's just spin. More or less something happened behind the scenes after the show was shown to test audiences. For me, David E. Kelly was not the man for the job. While I liked the new version of the costume, the concept they were going for as a series just didn't seem right to me. Now, an animated TV show could work...if they based it on the old school WW, and not the strange reboot that is currently in the comic books.
Dealine.com dug a little deeper into the reason NBC didn't pick up the series. Hopefully, WB can get the actual WW movie back on track instead of this.  

Mac Tonight: That Creepy Moon Face Guy hoovering over the planet...

Mac Tonight: That Creepy Moon Face Guy hoovering over the planet...
While listening to the DVD Podblast mp3, one of the guys mentioned the Mac Tonight guy. I had completely forgotten about this odd character. And, now I realize that Bristol Palin looks like that Mac Tonight guy with that fake chin.
Anyway, Doug Jones (the fish guy from Hellboy) played Mac Tonight in most of the ads.
If you're lucky, your McDonald's might still have some Mac Tonight signs up. Heck, there are still stores that have the full creepy statue of Mac Tonight.
Why did McDonald's think selling food through an evil talking moon was a good idea. Then again, they have a damn creepy-ass clown selling food as their mascot. When I think of fries, I think of a floating moon with sunglasses at night.
Mac Tonight made a comeback as a CGI model in some of the Asian countries.

Donald Duck Applecore episode

Donald Duck Applecore episode
Man, this episode makes me want to eat some apples now.
Wow, I actually had this cartoon on videotape and watched it all the time with my brother.  It is certainly in the same style as Loony Tune episodes, except the animation seems a bit better in these Disney shorts.
While this episode is in the same style as the Loony Tunes ones, it doesn’t have the same meanness as those shows, but there is a bit of it there.  Donald tries to kill them using gas.  Talk about chemical warfare.  
I’ve grown to really enjoy the interaction between Chip and Dale.  But, Donald Duck has always been my favorite character from Disney (with his uncle Scrooge).  Donald pulls all the cartoon gags  
This short was directed by Jack Hannah and, he directed a lot of cartoon shorts in his day.  While most of his stuff came from Disney, he did work on the Woody Woodpecker Show.  You can see a bit of that in this short too. 
This is a fun little episode.
-Speaking of chemical warfare, Donald certainly has some assortment of chemicals.  Insect Powder, acid, essence of TNT (what?), TNT (in bottle form), lye and Atom Dust (what?).  He also has a bottle with the infamous Skull and Crossbones on the front. 
-Where does one get Essence of TNT?
-The Apple-core joke is from an old child's prank. From Yahoo answers: ((Now, from here some versions of the game are longer than others; employing more or fewer "apple core" rhymes (we used a short version). But, long story short, the apple core is thrown at whoever was named as the "friend." And the kid who started it by saying "apple core" (and threw the apple core), finishes the game by saying, "not no more." ))
-That's a pretty strong helicopter Donald has. Maybe the military needs to look into this.
-Atomic Pills?: Did they really sell those things back in 1952? Maybe Donald Duck was really in the military before Ducktales.
-Needle in a haystack: Yes, they went for that joke and I still laugh at all needles in haystack jokes.
-Chinese joke:  Well, that’s a bit racist.  I do remember many cartoons using the “digging your way to China” bit, but this one takes it a bit further.  

 Way to poison your trees, Donald. That's like throwing the baby out with the kitchen sink...wait that's not right. It's throwing the baby out with the clock...wait.
Probably my favorite joke in the cartoon.

Daddy Slaughter Done Goofed

He looks like a broken down Luigi hooked on too many mushrooms and fire plants...40 years later. 
Daddy Slaughter Done Goofed
If you remember, Jessi Slaughter (not related to Sargent Slaughter) made a few crappy videos that drew the attention of the Internet and ended up making a rather funny video with her very translucent trashy father, who looks like a drugged out Luigi.
Well, the man who personally threatened to destroy the Internet with his bare hands decided to punch his daughter around. If you look at the information, Jessi's father allegedly slapped/punched her in the mouth, and she ran out of the house to a woman outside.
Oh, it gets dumber too. Mr. Slaughter claimed that his daughter was merely faking it with “theatrical blood”. Riiiiiight.
Well, the “cyberpolice” arrested him and I guessed “back-traced” him.
You can clearly see why she acts like a complete a-hole because her parents are a-holes too.  When you treat your children like shit, you’re not going to like the way they turn up in the end. 
So, yeah he done goofed.  

Clerks: The Animated Series: flashback

Clerks: The Animated Series
Wow, this show really holds up well after all these years.  I remember watching this show years ago on TV back in the day.  The flashback episode is one of the better ones.  The flashback happened in the second episode!  The point of the episode is to make fun of all the stupid flashback episodes from sitcoms and dramas. 
-They actually brought in Richard Dreyfuss’s brother to do the Stand By Me bit.  He sounds just like his brother. 
-I like that Silent Bob tries to have a flashback, but ends up flashing back to the same scene from the first episode.  And the flashback doesn’t even have the Silent Bob in it.
-I also liked the Star Wars reference.  

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Star Trek Motion Picture: Blaster Beam revisited

Star Trek Motion Picture: Blaster Beam revisited
This is the film version with the Blaster Beam in it.  One thing I’ve noticed is the Blaster Beam has a different sound from CD to movie.  I’m guessing the instrument can’t play the notes exactly the same, which is the reason this track sounds different from CD to Film.  Some of the Blaster Beam notes from toward end of the track are different too.
Here are few other tracks…

Fast Five (5 Fast 5 Furious) (Part 1 of 2)

 Fast Five (5 Fast 5 Furious) (Part 1 of 2)
Sure it’s dumb and loud, but Fast Five is actually a fun movie.  It is certainly light years ahead of the dreary 4th film where Vin spent the whole time being emo.  You could drive a hundred cars through the plotholes, but that’s not what the movie is about.  Fast Five is just plain dumb fun and a clear departure from the humdrum of the last film.  Director Justin Lin did a good job with this one.  So, yeah I enjoyed 5 Fast 5 Furious probably the most out of the series. 
Fast Five begins literally where the last film left off.  The crew decides to break Dominic Toretto out of prison bus.  It is a fast opening, but it shows you that the movie is going to be quicker than the last movie.  The Toretto crew find themselves involved in a battle with a drug lord in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.  Like the last movie, it gets personal.  However, this time they have the US government hot on their tails in the form of The Rock. 
First off, this movie moves away from the underground street racing and into more of the crime/heist stories.  I personally think this is a good idea to change the direction in order to keep the franchise fresh.  The overall story for F5 isn’t that compelling in any fashion.  It is basically a part revenge flick and part heist story.  It is the set pieces that make the movie enjoyable to sit through
The movie has two straightens, the long action scenes and The Rock. 
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is freaking great as the lead agent for the U.S. Diplomatic Security Service.  (Yes, that is a real agency.)  The Rock plays Special Agent Luke Hobbs and he rules every scene he’s in.  The Rock does a lot of sweating, running, and punching.  While Johnson plays him a bit straight-laced than his other roles, there are certainly enough “The Rock” moments throughout his performance.  I laughed at every glance or remark he made in his scenes.  Having The Rock join the cast was a good idea.  I also believe The Rock bulked up for this role, because he hasn’t been this big in a long time. 
Vin Diesel is a block wood throughout the movie and sometimes has some emotional moments on a few occasions.  I like his performance here more so than the last movie where he felt sorry for himself.  Diesel handles himself well in the action and fight scenes.  And, that’s all you can ask of him.
Paul Walker isn’t that bad in this movie.  Sure, he’s playing the same bland hero guy he’s played in the rest of the movies.  Walker is a little better than Diesel in the acting department, but not by much. 
It is the band of outlaws surrounding Walker and Diesel that really shine in the movie.  Tyrese Gibson and Sung Kang are the ones that really shine in the movie.  (However, shouldn’t Han have now reached Tokyo by now?)  You can clearly tell that Gibson is having a lot of fun reprising his role. 
Oh, did I mention that Joaquim de Almeida plays the main bad guy and that he is playing a drug lord?  He’s been playing this type of character for years now. (24 and Clear and Present Danger)  Surprisingly, he’s the main villain but isn’t in the movie that much really.  
So, how do all the action scenes hold up to the rest of the series?
End of part 1
 Vin finally realizes that playing Duck Duck Goose with The Rock is a bit too much. 
 Vin:  “ Weren't you in that shitty movie Tooth Fairy?” 

The Rock:  “I guess you've forgotten The Pacifier ?”
Jump: Might as well jump…

Friday, May 13, 2011

Who wants to be a Millionaire Blooper: The planets

Who wants to be a Millionaire Blooper
Well, you knew that was going to happen...
Yes, it is an old joke, but damn it is still funny. Kind of like the who is on first joke.  

Dude pushes suicidal guy off a bridge

What do you do when a suicidal guy causes a problem on a bridge? You throw him off it of course. This guy actually climbs the bridge and throws the suicidal guy right into the safety balloon. The guy with the ninja skills is a 66 year old ex-soldier named Lai Jiansheng. Of course, the police arrested Lai. It looks like some people are pissed Lai got arrested.
I kind of like this Lai guy. Here's best part of the story, from Beer Steak.com ((After Lai Jiansheng pushed him off the bridge, Chen Fuchao fell 8 meters and landed on a partially inflated air cushion surviving the fall. He’s recovering in the hospital and claims that debt worries were the reason behind his suicide tendencies. While still on the Haizhu bridge, Lai Jiansheng waved at other by passers (that’s when photo above was captured – copyright AP) and climbed down. He was taken to police custody and said that he was fed up with Chen Fuchao’s selfish activity. ))
If you look at the footage, it looks like the suicide jumper didn't want to really jump.  

Bristol Palin has a Jay Leno Chin now. Why?

Bristol Palin has a Jay Leno Chin now. Why?
I personally didn't think there was anything wrong with her rounder face. While I don't like Bristol as a person, I am personally into the rounder faces on women. That's just me though. She would have grown out of the rounder face anyway.
Should she have gotten the work done? She's trying to get a stupid reality show going. But, given the money she has, I'm sure she could have taken some time off and gone on some intense workouts to slim herself down a bit other than getting surgery. She's still young, and she's already had work done.
So much for keeping real and connecting with everyday people.
I've never understood how people with normal looks feel the need to mess with their bodies with plastic surgery.
I'm sorry, but that chin looks creepy now.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Spam, knock it off

I mentioned the spam yesterday, and low and behold they leave four comment Spams in a day on various older post.  Basically, all those post are being generated by one location in Oak Brook, Illinois via an hpp index.  And, each one is connected to Viagra. 
The kicker is that the spammers actually read the post and reply to them.  It is frustrating that I have to still deal with this crap today with the password code on the post.  I have to say these guys are certainly more devoted than the ones I was getting back in 2005, but it is a shame I have to keep getting
Looking at the picture of the spammer.  It looks like they use Ecomdevel LLC as the ISP.  I’m tempted to e-mail this company and tell them about this spamming.  Maybe they are the ones behind the spamming?  

Mr. Men: 76th Birthday of the creator Roger Hargreaves (1935-1988 ) thanks, Google

I opened my browser and clicked on the Google page.  I say one of the drawings from the Mr. Men universe, and it brought back some fond memories from my childhood.  When you clicked “refresh” on your browser, you would get a different Google doodle in the shape of the Mr. Men and Little Miss series of characters. 
Before gameboys and X-Box Live, little children had to crack open children books to read. It was one of the series of books my mother used to buy for me. I don't even remember how many I had, but I had a lot of them. I remember sitting in my bedroom reading them over and over again.
The best thing about each book, which were centered on one character, was that other characters from the series would make appearances in the other books. It showed that all the different books, with different stories, shared the same universe.
After Mr. Hargreaves’ widow sold the rights, there some newer books published in March 2006.  Also in 2006, there was a new cartoon show based on the characters.  I remember flipping through and watching them.   
I'm sure Mr. Tickle would be arrested today for sexual harassment today, but back then he was just a happy guy with long arms that enjoyed tickling random people. (You know that probably didn't sound right back in the 80 either.)
Anyway, thanks, Google for bringing back the memories.  

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