Sunday, May 15, 2011

Donald Duck Applecore episode

Donald Duck Applecore episode
Man, this episode makes me want to eat some apples now.
Wow, I actually had this cartoon on videotape and watched it all the time with my brother.  It is certainly in the same style as Loony Tune episodes, except the animation seems a bit better in these Disney shorts.
While this episode is in the same style as the Loony Tunes ones, it doesn’t have the same meanness as those shows, but there is a bit of it there.  Donald tries to kill them using gas.  Talk about chemical warfare.  
I’ve grown to really enjoy the interaction between Chip and Dale.  But, Donald Duck has always been my favorite character from Disney (with his uncle Scrooge).  Donald pulls all the cartoon gags  
This short was directed by Jack Hannah and, he directed a lot of cartoon shorts in his day.  While most of his stuff came from Disney, he did work on the Woody Woodpecker Show.  You can see a bit of that in this short too. 
This is a fun little episode.
-Speaking of chemical warfare, Donald certainly has some assortment of chemicals.  Insect Powder, acid, essence of TNT (what?), TNT (in bottle form), lye and Atom Dust (what?).  He also has a bottle with the infamous Skull and Crossbones on the front. 
-Where does one get Essence of TNT?
-The Apple-core joke is from an old child's prank. From Yahoo answers: ((Now, from here some versions of the game are longer than others; employing more or fewer "apple core" rhymes (we used a short version). But, long story short, the apple core is thrown at whoever was named as the "friend." And the kid who started it by saying "apple core" (and threw the apple core), finishes the game by saying, "not no more." ))
-That's a pretty strong helicopter Donald has. Maybe the military needs to look into this.
-Atomic Pills?: Did they really sell those things back in 1952? Maybe Donald Duck was really in the military before Ducktales.
-Needle in a haystack: Yes, they went for that joke and I still laugh at all needles in haystack jokes.
-Chinese joke:  Well, that’s a bit racist.  I do remember many cartoons using the “digging your way to China” bit, but this one takes it a bit further.  

 Way to poison your trees, Donald. That's like throwing the baby out with the kitchen sink...wait that's not right. It's throwing the baby out with the clock...wait.
Probably my favorite joke in the cartoon.


kabadi_walla said...

Donald Duck and Chip and Dale were the best comic combination ever. I remember this cartoon as i have watched this episode myriad number of times...It reminds me of the good old happy days of childhood. Sob..

Semaj said...

I've started watching a few old school loony toons and other cartoons recently remembering the good old days of cartoons

Robbie Ogle said...

totally know what you mean! I had this episode on VHS also! I liked this one so much that I made a sweet little dub to this video with the song welcome to my hood, you should check it out, it is a crackup!

Semaj said...

That was a pretty good mashup.

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