Saturday, May 28, 2011

Short Circuit: a look back

Short Circuit: a look back
I re-watched this 1986 comedy recently and had some thoughts about the movie as of today.  I remember watching this movie numerous times as a child. 
~ Number 5 is alive. 
~It is interesting that this movie is about robots being built for military purposes such as fighting in the combat field.  We now have robots that do just that.  Here, the robots seem a bit clunkier than the ones we use now. 
~ Ally Sheedy is not that good in movie.  Her acting is terrible and I didn’t notice it when I was younger.  She is certainly pleasing to look at.  She is very cute, but her acting is brutal here to point of being…robotic. 
~ “Where see shit?”: Best line ever. 
~ Steve Guttenberg pretty much plays the same character he played in the Police Academy movies, except he’s more of a nerd.  He’s good here, just not original.
~The ending credit scenes are made up of deleted scenes.  One has Johnny 5 messing around with pasta.  Another scene has the Nova robots flying remote airplanes.   Another scene had him encountering one of those real toy robots.  There was an entire scene cut out with Johnny 5 messing around in a junkyard. 
~ G.W. Bailey: (Skroeder:) With Bailey in the movie playing the bad guy asshole captain, he pretty much reprises his role from Police Academy.  He even interacts with Guttenberg in the same manner as he does in the PA movies.  He screams and uses a whistle just like Harris.
~All the robot/puppet stuff still holds up today. 
~Ben Jabituya:  Man, having a white guy play a brown guy is bit racist.  It’s called brownface.  I think the same jokes would have worked with a real Indian.  Fisher Stevens is fine in the role, but looking back in hindsight it seems a bit off-putting.  
~ “Nice software”
~I can see the similarities between Wall-E and Number 5.  


Sarah said...

I LOVE Johnny Five. But I liked the sequel more than the first one.
The scene where he gets adopted into the street gang for helping them remove car stereos is a classic.

"Los Locos kick your butt! Los Locos kick your face! Los Locos kick you in-to out-ter spaaaaaaaaace!"

Semaj said...

I'm more into the first film than the second one now, but as a kid i loved the second movie. I hated that Johnny 5 took away his cool laser in that one.

I loved the street gang too.

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