Friday, May 13, 2011

Dude pushes suicidal guy off a bridge

What do you do when a suicidal guy causes a problem on a bridge? You throw him off it of course. This guy actually climbs the bridge and throws the suicidal guy right into the safety balloon. The guy with the ninja skills is a 66 year old ex-soldier named Lai Jiansheng. Of course, the police arrested Lai. It looks like some people are pissed Lai got arrested.
I kind of like this Lai guy. Here's best part of the story, from Beer ((After Lai Jiansheng pushed him off the bridge, Chen Fuchao fell 8 meters and landed on a partially inflated air cushion surviving the fall. He’s recovering in the hospital and claims that debt worries were the reason behind his suicide tendencies. While still on the Haizhu bridge, Lai Jiansheng waved at other by passers (that’s when photo above was captured – copyright AP) and climbed down. He was taken to police custody and said that he was fed up with Chen Fuchao’s selfish activity. ))
If you look at the footage, it looks like the suicide jumper didn't want to really jump.  

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