Friday, May 06, 2011

Superman III stuff

Superman drinks because he just read the script for Superman IV.
Superman III Deleted scene
Kid Get’s stuck in a tree

I know Richard Lester wanted recall the scene in Superman 1 with the cat being stuck in the tree, but here it is so uneven and poorly directed that it doesn’t hold a candle to that first movie scene. 
It was a poor decision to cross Pryor with the Superman franchise. The results of this combo actually stopped Eddie Murphy from starring in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.
Here is a Vintage Making of feature for Superman III. You can clearly tell Christopher Reeve isn't too happy about the whole Reeve and Richard Pryor thing. Richard Lester was all wrong for part of the director. His direction is fast and cheap.
I still like the whole Evil/Good Superman subplot. Superman actually lets a guy die and becomes a complete jerk. I still enjoy watching the fight scene between Superman/Clark in the junkyard.

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