Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Jaden Smith: Blue Ocean

Jaden Smith:  Blue Ocean
Jaden, we need to talk.  First, you aren’t your father.  Second, you aren’t Outkast.  It feels like Jaden is trying to channel Outkast with their third album here.  The artists singing in the long version are very good, but Jaden’s shitty rapping and singing stand out like a turn in an ice cream sandwich. 
Somehow, his talented parents still want to convince the world that Jaden has something to add to it.  He doesn’t.  He simply doesn’t have the charm of his father or the acting chops of his mother.  (She’s great in Gotham)  This recording career is just another sad attempt at forcing us to like him. 
Then again, paying for those Scientology courses aren’t cheap right, Jaden? 
I can see where there is a good song to be forced out of this track, but it is not within Jaden’s skill level to do that.  If you can’t take the time to hone your skills, go back to being rich, dressing like super heroes and taking Scientology courses. 
Will Smith, stop trying to push your children onto us.  

That incident that happened at the Dallas Airport

That incident that happened at the Dallas Airport
I usually have no faith in humanity and think we're all doomed. However, sometimes people do surprise me, and they do the right thing. This is one of those cases. This redneck attempts to bully this feminine guy, calling every gay slur in the book. And, then he starts beating the shit out of the guy for no other reason that the redneck hates gay people.
The fact so many people take this redneck down makes me feel a little better about this planet...a little. Plus, this happened in Texas, and it goes to show you not everyone hates gay people. I love the fact all these people take the redneck down. You can't reason with real bullies, because they only know violence. You sometimes have to shove back with equal power to prove a point. 
-You're a big man taking off your hoodie: Even behaving in this way can get you arrested.
-The guy in the hat tries to talk him down, but the redneck just wants to beat this guy up. He has to be drunk.
-The police need to be commended for not overreacting, but this could have gotten worst.
-Redneck Dude, how about wearing an undershirt? I am a big guy and I never leave home without an undershirt. Just in case you get jacked up, you won't show your belly flab.
-Did you catch the racial remark too?  

Yee Kombat

Yee Kombat

That is all. I have no idea why I love this meme so much, but I do.   

Monday, October 27, 2014

That's not what she said...

Dumb and old joke, but...
Let's take a closer look...
 Yep, I was doing my travels through the local bike trails in Louisville, and I came across this golden oldie.
You read that right. Someone wrote in a “That's what she said” joke onto the Slippery When Wet sign, Someone took the time to write the joke out in permanent marker. The thing is this person will never know the reactions people will have to his "upgrade" and he has to rely on good faith that someone like me would find it amusing.  And I do.  
Now, I get to share it with you...enjoy? 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

That Bing Car...

I was at a Chinese Restaurant before going on my bicycle ride. 
 I was waiting on my shrimp fried rice to arrive when I looked out the front window and noticed a strange car with cameras mounted on a pole pondering from the roof. I was first like, “Oh, crap. Is that the Google Maps Car?”
Upon closers inspection, it was the Bing Maps Car. You know, the lower level search engine. When you can't find it on Google or Yahoo, use Bing. I quickly pulled out my camera and flashed a few shots of the car. 

 After snapping a few shots, I realized that the Bing Car probably has photos of me snapping photos of it. It's kind of meta don't you think? I have to do some digging and find out if they have now have photos of me. 

Fire that #$%^

Fire that #$%^
This might be my favorite McDonald's freakout video. They poured a Minute Maid drink on the counter guy's head and threw all the orders onto the floor. And, then destroyed two computers.
I also like the overweight guy at the end getting pissed because the women destroyed his meal and the computers to place another order. Don't piss off a fat dude, ladies.
Only to be outdone...

Duck Dynasty Videogame...

Duck Dynasty Videogame...
This is actually a videogame! They actually made a videogame out of this shit. I've never seen a single episode of this shit, but I've read and seen so much about these poop heads. Whenever I go to Walmart, I encounter their merchandise.
Like a bad case of warts, they're infected videogames.
Everything I ever wanted to learn about duck hunting I learned from Duck Hunt. By the way, Jean-Luc?

Can we say shovel-ware?  

Another Great Lexi Belle story...

Another Great Lexi Belle story...
One of my popular posts has to be the Lexi Belle post I wrote about her totally out of line remark about victims' families and what she would do for them in favor. Well, there another Lexi Belle story that just gives me the total creeps now.
Yes, he realized mid-spank it was his foster cousin...ouch.
Well, it is not like pornstars grown on trees and are picked when they're ripe.  Or grown from the ground like pumpkins.  Hmm...They have to come from somewhere. 
I have no idea how I would act in this situation. Even if it was a friend that turned into the Next Peter North. I seriously doubt any of my friends from high school would turn up to be porn actors. Some are nerds and others are in strange religions, really.
I have to give the writer credit for being open and having a relationship with her now, instead of “slut shaming” her.
I'm going to be honest here, I've seen a many of Lexi Belle's scenes over the years, because she is certainly one of two of my types. Heck, I remember when her stage name was Nollie. But, I might give second thoughts about doing the deed to her now...might.
BTW, I've turned up a lot of photos of her sitting in front of plates of foods in restaurants...Clothed.  
Right on the money.  More like: If you more than 30 Pornstars, you are forever alone.  (Nods my head sadly)

Friday, October 24, 2014

News guy got mad when Anderson Cooper refused to take a picture with him...during a shooting!

News guy got mad when Anderson Cooper refused to take a picture with him...during a shooting!
Here's another reason to hate this Selfie culture. Uh, someone just got shot and you want to take a picture with Anderson? This guy is on my prick list.
From Huff Candana, ((Anderson Cooper shut down a Sun News contributor who asked to have a picture taken with the news anchor while reporting from a fatal shooting in Ottawa. ))
The best part is he then took the video onto Twitter and YT with a rant as if Anderson was in the wrong. Oh, and then he goes on stating why he wanted the photo and blamed Anderson.
From Huffington Post, (("I can't believe CNN would employ you when you SWEAR to your fans," he tweeted. "I simply asked for a photo. YOU are exploiting this tragedy by flying to Ottawa from NYC. I just got out of a 12 hr lockdown." ))
I am sorry but you can't switch the heat to Anderson when you were the one demanding a photo and getting all butt-hurt about it. Yes, you got out of a 12 hour lockdown. That means you shouldn't be in any mood to take any selfies. What is wrong with you, mate?
Gene did apologize. From his Twitter Page, ((I unreservedly apologize for my actions yesterday. It was completely inappropriate, disrespectful, and distasteful. ))
And, now he's out of a job. I think he shouldn't have gotten fired though. He should be titled a prick and a douche or get a suspension, but not the ax.
Damn, Twitter has a track record with getting people fired. 
When you're in the press and you become the news, you're doing it wrong. 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Cha-Ching: Seth Green and that Rally's Commercial

Cha-Ching: Seth Green and that Rally's Commercial
Yep, this is Seth (Joker) Green.
Dax Shepard was on the Nerdist Podcast talking about Seth Green. Interestingly enough, the ad has the name Snapps, which I guess changed to Rally's by the time I watched it. I remember everyone made the Cha-Ching sound effect at school and at home. This was a very popular regional ad.
They even did a follow up ad with Green.

Gotta love his big 90s hair.  This reminds me of the Dude Dell guy.
This news piece put a smile on my face. 
Yes, the news guy is really lame.  
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