Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sonic City Escape: I don't remember that...

Sonic City Escape: I don't remember that...
I was watching a Let's Play of Sonic Generations, great game, and this City Escape stage came up on the video. City Escape is a grinding/speed stage from Sonic Adventure 2. For Generations, they really changed the last part of the stage...a lot.
Here's the original stage.
You will notice the GUN truck just chases Sonic and crushing cars.
Now, they changed the truck for Generations. (3D version)
The freaking truck now really goes after you and really tries to kill you. It even has saw blades that extend and attack you! Plus, the truck now has booster rockets and its own form of sonic boom. WTF? Did someone give the truck some Red Bull? Damn. I love that the developers changed it and sort of shock old school gamers.  They thought  it was the same stage.
Nice move, Sega.  You can make a good Sonic game after all. 
Here's the “classic” version (2D)
They even remixed the theme song again for the 2D version. By the way, the damn evil truck is back and tries to kill you here too!
This truck REALLY wants to kill you.

I love the reaction the YT'er had upon seeing the difference in the truck's behavior.   

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

IKEA Singapore, that was really cool.

By the way, that would mean this kid watched the Shinning.  To be fair, I probably watched it too at his age.  It freaked me out.  I didn’t get all the smaller things with the sound and visual aspects of the movie until I was older. 
Score one for IKEA.  This was clever. 

 By the way, I can't watch the Shinning without hearing those Shone whispers now. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Bicycling in Louisville: A view through photos and commentary (A) Part 3

Shawnee Park: Way in the West End. I always liked riding through this park, because it has an old fashion feel to it. It is a very big park. Most people overlook that. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Tainted Love

Tainted Love
Yep, this is the original version. Here's another song written in the 60s and preformed by a black singer. Gloria Jones did this version, and she's really good. Even the “thump-thump, getaway” is similar to the Soft Cell version.
I really like both versions. Soft Cell's version is slower than the Jones' version. Again, we get those strange 80s sound effects, however they work in this song.
By the way, Bioshock Infinite did a version. I love this version too. I think Fink, from the game, heard Jones' version.
And, let's not forget the Coneheads version.  

I Got Mind Set on You (60s version) James Ray

I Got Mind Set on You (60s version)
Sound familiar? It should. Everyone remembers the George Harrison version. However, the song was written in 1962 by Rudy Clark. And James Ray performed the song for the record. I believe most, including me, weren't aware that the Harrison version is a cover of this song. I dig some digging and came across this older version.  (Nope, there wasn't tear in space and time and an older composer heard the 80s song and rewrote it for his own time period.  Yes, that was a Bioshock Infinite reference.)
Also, people remember the strange and creepy music video that played over and over again on MTV right?
Look, I am not a fan of Harrison's version. I actually do a wimpy version of the song when someone mentions this version. However, the creepy room coming to life makes you remember. You can tell this was composed in the 80s because of the reverb drum beats and the synthetic sound effects.
By the way, are those things ghosts? What about the animals? And, the clay-animation lips on the dead animals' heads are pretty bad. And, it really stands out.
I hate to sound like a hipster, but the original is better. However, both versions are clearly products of their times.

Just testing image hosting site.

My hero?

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Bicycling in Louisville: A view through photos and commentary (A) Part 2

These trees have been a fixture on the riverfront for years. Here's a strange fact. Stripes was partly filmed here. Louisville stands in for New York. The scene where Bill Murray takes that old lady around town was partly filmed directly where I am standing. You can see these barrels with the same plants in the movie.
Check the 58 second mark in the video below. This area hasn't changed that much since that movie. They took out the railroad tracks to the left side of the clip and that's pretty much it.

Bicycling in Louisville: A view through photos and commentary (A) Part 1

Bicycling in Louisville: A view through photos and commentary (A) Part 1
I only like doing two things in my life, biking and writing.  I thought to myself, “Why not combine the two loves like Reese’s Buttercups?  Share some of your travels through the city via camera and your blog.”
I hate cameras and hate most of the selfie culture today, but I caved in and got a 40-dollar camera to show some of my travels.  Plus, I see some crazy shit out there and wished I had a camera to show it off. 
Here is part one of three of my travel from Downtown to West and South Louisville. 
Also remember I was too lazy to set the date and time correctly,  These photos did in fact happen yesterday. 
 I took this “wonderful” photo as I started to prepare for my trip.  I usually park my car at the Waterfront Park.  I probably spend more time there than any other place.  You’re probably going to spot me there than any other place.  Check out the new bike I got earlier this year and the new bike rack.
By the way, those apartments in the back are fairly new and they're building more.  There is a dock too.  I will probably show that area off on another ride. 

Coming Soon: Photos of my bike trip

I just got a digital camera and took pictures of one of my long bike rides.  Photos coming soon with commentary.  
Please note the date.  I got the camera yesterday and didn't bother putting the right date on the photos.  Damn it.  This is my first picture after buying the camera.  I am right outside the Meijer store. 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

After beating up a 50 year old man, they attempt to throw him off the train.

After beating up a 50 year old man, they attempt to throw him off the train.
I look at our black youth and shake my head. We're doomed. We sit there wonder why the black can't seem to get ahead. This video is a prime example of that. Then we also have those videos of angry mobs of black teens going around and beating up random people. (This happened in Louisville recently)
What has happened to the black community?  
I hope these asshole are arrested.
1 You have black teenagers trying to gang up on an older man: Then they attempt to murder him by throwing him off a moving train.
2 Groups of other black youths doing nothing, but watching it. How about trying to stop the fight in order to save your friends from going to jail?
3 You have black girls egging on the fight between these people while shouting “World Star”. If you want to know if something is ratchet, just listen for the world star approval shout.

We are doomed if this what our community has to offer.   
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