Sunday, April 19, 2015

Paul Blart 2: just farted...on the critics

Paul Blart 2: just farted...on the critics
That was not funny. Well done, trailer.
I hated the first movie, but why wait so many years to cash in on it? Paul Blart 1 was a hit back in the day. It just seems strange to wait so long. BTW, I liked Observe and Report way better. Anyway, Paul Blart 2 is so bad that it has gotten a Rotten Tomatoes score of zero. Yes, you read that right. No one liked it. Even the hack reviewers hated this cursed movie.
By the way, wasn't Zookeeper kind of Paul Blart-ish?
Kevin James , you really need to stop making these shitty movies. Maybe you can bounce back from this and Grown Ups 2.
Since the low rating (or no rating), did his “friend” have his lazy hands in the production? Adam Sandler is listed as one of the producers, so there you go.

KJ, Eddie Murphy is proud of you.  
Folks, it took 30 million to make this piece of shit.  I am not making this up.  

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Britt McHenry (McA-Hole)

Britt McHenry (McA-Hole)
On one hand, it is refreshing to see someone let it rip and be an a-hole. However, Britt “McDonald's” McHenry was a total dick in this viral video.
1 I hated the valley girl (bitchy) accent: I shutter every time I hear a girl use that voice. Especially when they want to be dismissive.
2 Using your education as defense against someone doing their job is elitist bullshit. I have to keep myself in check when I deal with really stupid people. But, here is wasn't warranted. BTW, working and owning a towing company is extremely good money.
3 Towing woman even warns Britt: Britt even looks into the camera.
4 “Hey, I'm on TV”: So, what?
Here's the thing, she is a bitchy person, but I don't think she should have been suspended for this incident. We've all had those horrible days and she didn't tear up the place or pull out a gun. She just behaved like an a-hole. She should keep her job.
I'm not sure what pisses me off more the valley girl stand-off-ish accent or the thug/ratchet/loud chick.

Now, if you want to talk about this over dinner or something, call me.  And, you're paying because you're on TV.  

Friday, April 17, 2015

Random Star Wars things

Random Star Wars things
Star Wars Episode 1 early Draft?
I've been looking everywhere for an early draft to Star Wars EP1's script. I heard a podcast discussing the early version of the script that had a Jar Jar Binks that wasn't stupid or silly and an older Skywalker. I've seen some blogs talking about it though.
I also heard there were outlines written earlier that had a more serious story and background to the Jedis that Lucas wrote and one producer read. Most of that was dropped for the current movies.
The podcast above also talks about rumors of Natalie Portman being very mean to Keira knightley on the set of EP1 to the point of making Kira cry. I can't confirm this at all, but Portman has tried to distanced herself from the series and she blames the series for almost ruining her career. I can't find anything on the Kira/Portman thing though. I've noticed a lot of the prequel actors have nothing good to say about the movies it seems. Were things that bad? 

Was that a jab at Portman?  
They also stated that Portman's rudeness was the reason her character was basically not important to EP3 other than being with child.
They only touch on the other issue: People forget that Lucas pretty much lashed out against the fans a few months before Disney bought the franchise. I remember him saying there were going to be anymore SW films due to the response from the fans. Lucas is so far removed that he doesn't under why there is so much criticism of his prequels. Some of it is sound criticism, and some of it is entitled fan bullshit. I lean toward Lucas not being able to tell a proper story. 

Read on,
From Hollywood Reporter, via The New York Times (("Why would I make any more, when everybody yells at you all the time and says what a terrible person you are?" ))
Well, lucky for us, you won't have to. 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Teaser 2 thoughts

Star Wars: The Force Awakens
-Chewie and Han Solo: Yes, Han is looking rather ragged, but it fits with what has happened with the character. 
  -Chewie's right hand: In leaked production concept drawings, Chewbacca's right hand is now cybernetic. We really don't know if JJ went with this concept for the character or not. I think it would add a bit of flavor for Chewie to lose a hand and have it replaced.
-Luke's VO is new: Yep, it sort of gives away a spoiler that JJ tried to keep secret for a while.
-New Music: Again, we get new music from John Williams in the trailer. Certain cues are taken from Empire, but changed and recomposed.
-Who is touching R2D2?
-We get the burnt remains of Vader's helmet. Very cool.
-More shots of X-Wings flying across the water. I love it.
-The new bad guy uses his/her lightsaber: Okay, I am down.
-The new Stormtroopers uniforms look more like Clone Troopers designs from the prequels. That's a nice touch.
-I think the trailer also reveals that there are two sets of bad guys this time around.

 How many Empire Credits does something like this go for on their version of Ebay?

Keep it hidden, keep it safe.

Furious 7 (Part 2 of 2)

  Furious 7 (Part 2 of 2)
I guess the big elephant in the room is the death of Paul Walker. It sort of loomed over the production after his death. There were many questions into how the producers and writers were going to finish the movie. And, it actually delayed the movie for about a year. It was supposed to come out in 2014, but they had to delay it for re-shoots. Given that Walker was a key character in the series, some things had to be reshuffled and re-shot. You can tell too.
Walker clearly had a much bigger part in this movie, but he takes a back seat somewhat in this new version. Vin Diesel takes up most of the missing role that Walker was supposed to play, but Vin is probably the weaker part of this production though. While Walker wasn't a good actor, he was pretty good at the one-liners. With Groot, I mean Vin, they come across pretty lame and blunt. I rolled my eyes every time he said something he thought was clever. Stop, Vin.
Even as you watch the movie, Walker's death does effect the way you view movie. I read how he was a nice guy and pretty much the entire cast loved being around. And, it has always showed on screen. He seemed to really enjoy his time on these movies. So, there is a sense of sadness to all his scenes, knowing he won't be making movies anymore.
Now, the studio actually handled his death really well. Spoiler: They didn't kill him off, which would have been in poor taste. And, they had a way out with the revenge story early on, but they didn't kill him off. They used really good CGI to replace his brothers' faces with Walker's face. And, I believe there was some added VO work there too. Instead, we get a story about Walker willing to retire for his new family instead. This subplot really only comes into play in the final moments of the third act. And, it works brilliantly.
Even I got a little misty-eyed at the final moments and I hate married and family shit in stories, and I really hate when they introduce babies and toddlers to a franchise. However, it works here. It was also a nice visual cue to see Walker drive away in a white car going a different path than Vin's car. Nice one, people.
So, where does this leave the FF franchise? Well, the movie does wrap up things pretty well. But, there are two things left open for another sequel if they want to go forward. One of open threads is pretty big.
Overall, I enjoyed the movie for being a silly action/spy/heist movie. Throw in a bunch of hot women with close up shots of their lower bits, you got the dude/bro crowd. The movie isn't as entertaining as the last two movies, but I'm sure we would have gotten a better movie if certain things didn't happen. Walker's death was unfortunate and they did the best they could with a fitting tribute. Dwayne Johnson was underused. All his scenes were freaking great and shows he is a better actor than Vin could ever be. I wish we would have seen more him. You'll like the movie for its over the top stunts and the nice tribute to one of their fallen actors. This is one of those rare occasions where the series has gotten better over time than the first few movies.
Grade: B

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Reserve cop shoots man by mistake

Reserve cop shoots man by mistake
Is it standard procedure to yell, “F' your breath” after a suspect gets shot?
Yes, the guy that got shot and killed was a piece of shit, but did he deserve to be shot on the ground like this? Nope, he didn't turn a weapon on the police or attack them. He just ran from them.
As I stated before, this guy was trying to sell illegal weapons to an undercover and he is huge part of the problem with violent crimes in the black community. There are too many illegal guns in crime ridden areas and is a HUGE problem. He should have been put away in prison for the rest of his life.
However, why is the local PD is using reserve cops in serious cases like this? Also, why was this 73 year old man given a gun and police powers? It's like give a child a badge and a gun and letting pretend to be a cop like the big boys. Bates, the guy that shot Harris, was a police officer for one year back in the 60s. I have a problem with this notion of giving non-cops Police power for money.
From, ((A wealthy insurance company executive and “pay to play cop” who has donated thousands of dollars in equipment to the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office has been charged with felony manslaughter after accidentally shooting a suspect with his gun instead of his Taser while volunteering as a reserve deputy. ))
I have a problem with this shit. You pay enough money you get to fulfill your dreams of being a cop without all the training regular cops receive. Do we let 73 year old people still be cops in the regular PD? I'm guessing not. So, what happens when I give ten bucks to the PD? Do I get to eat a doughnut with them?

Monday, April 13, 2015

Should I even touch this subject (trek story)...

Hmm, another Trek producer died a week or so before Nimoy and Bennett. I didn't mention him because there are some really disturbing storied involving him and a certain cast member from TNG. The producer had something to do with getting that cast member fired from the show. Now, there are conflicting reports about what happened, but when he left, that cast member came back.  And, the fans were happy. 
Since, it hasn't been fully revealed what happened, I am not sure I should even write about it.
Interestingly enough, I was researching the controversy before this person even died.
I'll give you a hint.  

Skate-Man Intense Rescue (The Return and Rebuttal)

Skate-Man Intense Rescue (The Return and Rebuttal)
Yes, there are some indie devs that get butthurt over criticism and pull this shit all the time with reviewers. They throw a copyright strike in order to avoid criticism of their little games. It happens in the movie realm too. Remember the director of The Room pull this shit back in the day with That Guy in the Glasses?
When you put shit out there, it will be cheered and jeered. It's your job to either counter it in your voice, make your product better, or ignore it. Wow, it's that easy.
Look, I did and do a lot of writing in the creative field. I HAVE to take criticism of my work. It hurts, but it is just part of the creative game.
Anyway, Jim Sterling rules in the last few minutes of the video above. He rips into the devs at the end and it is just lovely. I tip my fedora to you, Jim.  If I had one...
And, Digpex Games, you are now just a joke.  However, people will probably buy your games just for the lulz and trolling.  

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Furious 7 (7 Fast 7 Furious) Part 1 of 2

Furious 7 (7 Fast 7 Furious) Part 1 of 2
While certainly not the most polished film in the long-running franchise, Furious 7 is a very fun action film that puts Bay's recent movies to shame. Bay could only wish to be like director James Wan. The movie has also has a few somber moments and we all know why too. They had to be in here due to the death of one of the main stars. Again, F7 is a nice movie with some funny moments from most of the cast. The action is very good. I actually enjoyed this movies a lot, but not as much as the last two movies in the series.
The stunts are way over the top, but is a fun way. Like the last two movies, this one feels like a heist/action story with a bit of spy drama added into it a s well. I don't think the franchise would have survived using the first movie's model of storytelling.
Basically, you have two main plots. Jason Statham's character is seeking revenge against the Furious crew, hunting them down. So, you get a bit of a revenge story going on as a subplot. However, a hidden government group recruits
Another storyline comprises of a warlord of sorts trying to get their hands on a super-spy-seeking program. Djimon Hounsou is a main bad guy of this portion of the story. More or less, he's the bad guy in this movie. He is pretty much playing the same character as the one he played in the Guardians of the Galaxy.
The majority of the best action scenes come from first two acts of the movie. There is an impressive chase/rescue scene involving cars being parachuted out of a plane and then the action unfolds on a road on a mountaintop. This was a nice mixture of CGI and real stunt work. I love this entire sequence from start to finish.
Jason Statham is the random factor in two of the acts of this movie. And, we get to see him kick a lot of ass and drive cars really fast. that's pretty much what Statham does in his movies. Statham is one of the better things about this movie. He's a one-man army that goes around kicking the shit out of people and things. I felt he should have been the main bad guy, but he comes across as the secondary one for 2/3 of the movie. (Plus, that intro to his character was a nice reveal too.)
Djimon Hounsou on the other hand isn't that compelling as the villain. He's okay, but it is just Djimon Hounsou as he is in all his movie. He felt more like a Marvel Comics Movie villain.
-Dwayne Johnson is barely in the movie, and that's one of the shortcomings. Johnson is a great character and he had such a amazing fight with JS. I know he was busy with other movies, but I could have used more of The Rock.
-Jason Statham has a great introduction: There is a great opening in a hospital.
-Lucas Black is barely in it: I wanted to see him as one of the crew, but it is more or less just a cameo and a scene that progresses the plot. Then he just disappears. I think Black could be a good replacement for Walker in future movies. Also, he looks completely different and much older.
-Kurt Russell is freaking great as the government man: Russell is so fun to watch as the man in charge. I love his interactions with Vin and his crew. Kurt has this constant smirk on his face the entire showing that he really into this movie. I view Kurt as the old school action guy. He makes this movie so much better.
-Michelle Rodriguez is a better actor today: She has more to do than the earlier movies. She's made some improvements in her acting and she's not just a tomboy in a tank-top.
-Nathalie Emmanuel is hot: She's from Game of Thrones. She's the hot mix girl on the show. She fits in the Fast Crew well. She gets better as the story goes on.
-Ass shots: We get a LOT close up shots women's asses in the movie. Granted that is the Fast franchise signature, but this movie goes hyper with butt shots. I'm not complaining, because I am a straight guy. I just want to warn you if you get offended by that sort of thing. I remember seeing one woman shaking her head in the theater when there is one prolonged shot up a woman's short skirt during the Race Wars scene. I chuckled.
-Vin Diesel is pretty bad in this movie: He talks even slower than before and has some of the most cheesy lines ever. And, drink every time he says “Family”. I think he hasn't gotten over his Groot role. Diesel clearly has a much bigger part in the movie than he was supposed to due to Paul Walker's death. I don't hate his character, but I was never a fan of it either. It takes Russell's character to pep him up. 
 They both read the wiki page on Chris Chan.  

About that Spider-Man movie/Marvel thing (Spider-Man in High school)

About that Spider-Man movie/Marvel thing (Spider-Man in High school)
From, ((The new reboot of "Spider-Man" is set to focus on Peter Parker as a high school superhero and not on his successor in the comics Miles Morales, or anyone else who has donned the Spider-Man mask over the years. ))
Having Marvel and Sony work together is a smart move.  We also know that Marvel and FOX don’t really get along with Fantastic Four and X-Men franchises.  It is good to see something positive to come out of the Sony leak. 
And. I am happy that it is Peter Park instead of the Ultimate version, because that covers a lot of groundwork if you bring in Miles Morales to play Spider-man.  Plus, Sony/Marvel is going with another reboot of Spider-Man.  That’s the only problem with this whole deal.  Why not keep going with what you had and just course correct?  We already had a reboot. And, this first reboot has its problems, but still had some good stuff in there too.
However, it looks like Marvel really wanted the reboot and the re-casting too. Marvel really didn't want Andrew Garfield anymore. I liked Garfield, but I can see Marvel wanting to take more creative control. I just wish it was a light-reboot and not a second one.

So, this new Spider-Man will show up in Marvel movies and his own series produced by Sony. I like the connections between the two studios, and it is a smart move to keep it all in the same universe. Will we see Marvel's Kingpin and Ben Urich from the new Daredevil TV series.  
 I feel bad for Garfield because he was into the character and Sony sort of ruined it for him with all the cuts to the Spider-Man movies.  

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