Sunday, March 19, 2017

Netflix Switching to Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down

Netflix Switching to Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down
A lot of people are saying that it is because of the Amy Schumer controversy. I actually think ditching the star rating helps everyone out. I disagree with people making the connection to the Schumer thing.
Netflix has decided to ditch its star-rating. I think the timing happens to fall into place by accident.
From Variety, ((., that the company had tested the new thumbs up and down ratings with hundred of thousands of members in 2016. “We are addicted to the methodology of A/B testing,” Yellin said. The result was that thumbs got 200% more ratings than the traditional star-rating feature. ))
It gives you a clear cut look at something by weighing the ups and downs to movies and series in the same manner as YouTube. I think the Thump Up/Down system works really well.
Let's just say this, I work with a company that has star ratings. Users don't know that giving a “worker” a four star rating means failure in the company's eyes. They think a four star review is positive. It isn't. Plus, users also get ratings and some of them are uncharacteristically low...for no reason. I think the company would work out better if they switched to a thumps up and down system.
It works for YouTube, when the poster doesn't turn off the votes.
I'll have to get into the Amy Schumer thing in another post...maybe.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Maybe, it is because I am single and it is a Saturday night...

Maybe, it is because I am single and it is a Saturday night...
Damn, that's all I can say.

Stuck in an elevator with a crazy man...brilliant

Stuck in an elevator with a crazy man...brilliant
I love the crazy guy. You have to love that he scares the security guard away. And, he starts to sing songs from the 90s. If I am stuck in an elevator with someone, I want it to be this crazy fart-knocker.
The best part is that he threatens to calm down the woman on the phone! Has calming down someone ever been a threat of violence before? I love it. I can't stand people like this guy in normal conditions, but can you imagine being around him in an elevator? And, the guy is a Fedora wearing dude, so that makes it worst,

Friday, March 17, 2017

Sausage Party

Sausage Party

Think of this movie as a twisted version of Toy Story and Wreck it Raph. When I say twisted, it is really twisted. Sausage Party is a funny movie that has a lot of interesting things to say under all its racy movie. Despite some flaws, it's rude and crude, but there is a lot to like about it. I found myself truly enjoying the movie on a different level. I went into the movie thinking I would see just a raunchy movie, but came out with a movie with a deeper meaning. Well done, Seth Rogen Evan Goldberg and Jonah Hill.
The voice cast is outstanding. Pretty much most of the Rogen/Judd Apatow crew shows up as various food characters. ( Michael Cera James Franco Jonah Hill Danny McBride Craig Robinson Paul Rudd )
In this world, food products are actually alive, but the human world doesn't isn't aware of that fact. These products live in a supermarket where they hope to go to “Heaven” after they're chosen by the gods (humans). One Sausage (Seth Rogen) discovers that their world isn't what they were led to believe.
Does the movie promote stereotypes? Yes, the movie plays with a lot of racial stereotypes, but it handles them extremely well. You see the movie is in a world where all the types of food products take on the cultural and racial stereotypes of that area they're made in...sometimes (Teresa del Taco,). In other examples, they food products take on the characteristics of the brand mascot such as Chief Firewater.
For a movie that has dick and poop jokes, it also handles the Middle Eastern issues masterfully written between a Lavash and a Bagel. These two are stand-ins for Arab and Jewish people and the overall subplot with them parodying the Middle East political relations. They're relationship takes a different turn in the last few minutes of the movie I'd say.
The religious undertones are there and it clearly has a an atheist slant to it. I am not sure the Rogen stoner fans are going to catch all the religious things in the movie. And, I like how the movie doesn't shove it down our throats. It wraps it in a silly movie about talking food that want to f' each others brains out. I love how their world comes crashing down when the truth about their gods comes to light.
Part of the food product's religious beliefs is the entire store sings a song about their gods. However, the song has changed over the years because each product added their own beliefs into the song...just like in real religions. (By the way, this song was written by a Disney composer!)
There are three major issues with the movie...
1 The animation is that great: However, this isn't Dreamworks or Pixar. It is worth noting that the animation designs are that great and I've seen better animated characters on both PS4 and XBOX One. It does hurt the movie a bit, but they had to keep the cost down given it is an R-Rated movie.
2 Do we need Seth Rogen throwing in weed jokes in every movie? I am not a weed smoker, so weed humor. Bath Salts play a huge role in the movie, so why include weed stuff too?
3 The pacing is a bit off: Toward the middle act, it does fall appart. It gets back on track in the third act.
Sausage Party is crude and crazy, but there are some funny and clever things going on behind the gore and sex. This is a smart yet twisted love letter to Pixar from Seth Rogen and company. For the most part, this movie is entertaining and fun with a smart script. This is not for kids. I can't believe I like this twisted little movie.

Grade: B+

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

HWNDU joke

HWNDU joke

Okay, HeatStreet, that made me laugh. They decided to poke some fun at 4Chan with some photos of places Shia can put his stupid camera. And, they're right I don't spend much time in the condom and bady sections. (and the female sections for that matter)
Plus, I didn't go to my prom either. Shia might consider these locations to stream his protest.

Side Note: There are rumors that Shia is standing guard near the empty flagpole armed with a baseball bat.   

Monday, March 13, 2017

There is something familiar about Rough Night.

There is something familiar about Rough Night.
Check out the restricted trailer.
It is clearly a knock off of Very Bad Things. However, Very Bad Thing is a knock off of a movie called Stag. So Rough Night is a clone of a clone.  Someone decided to remake a remake.  I am too lazy to check to see if they're even calling this a remake.  
From Stag's IMDB page, ((Victor Mallick returned to his home and found out that all of his friends have arranged a surprise bachelor/stag party for him. Two strippers were hired to cheer up the party. However, when some of the men accidentally killed one of the strippers, they are left to face the consequences of their action. ))
Very Bad things IMDB, ((A group of friends head to Las Vegas for a bachelor party.. only things go wrong and a woman is killed. Soon, the bodies are piling up and the friends find themselves turning against one another as the coverup builds. ))
From Rough Night, ((A male stripper ends up dead at a Miami beach house during a bachelorette party weekend. ))
It is the same damn movie over and over again.

Doug Benson and Anne Heche fallout

Doug Benson and Anne Heche fallout
I finally heard the train wreck that was the podcast that had Sandra Oh, Anne Heche and director Onur Tukel. They were there to promote their indie movie Catfight. I actually think the movie looks sort of good given that it was made by a hipster Santa-looking asshole Onur.
I knew the podcast was in trouble when Anne opened her mouth and nonsense came out within the first few seconds she was on stage. Onur Tukel got kicked off a DLM podcast years earlier, which I wrote about, and this was merely a part II for Tukel. But, Anne Heche is a whole other issue completely. She is a mess.
After putting up with her for 10 minutes, Doug gave Anne 20 dollars and told her to get off the stage. What makes it cringe-worthy is that she kept trying to stay after her director was kicked off the show. She left and Sandra Oh was left on stage slightly confused. I respect Sandra Oh a whole a lot more now, because she came across as a class act. I can only imagine what she had to put up with sharing the screen with Heche.
Now, I think Onur wanted to get kicked off the show to gain free press, but I don't think Anne and Miss Oh weren't part of it. And, you can tell that Doug is really upset with Anne and her white knight Onur in this photo.
Look at Sandra Oh's expression in the background.  That explains everything.  

After listening to Anne, I can understand the shit Ellen had to go through dating her for a couple of years.  

Sunday, March 12, 2017

He will not divide us III: Captured the Flag (Shia, just stop)

He will not divide us III: Captured the Flag
Damn, this is right out of a damn CSI episode or a Sherlock episode. While I don't support what 4Chan did, I have to marvel at their ingenuity.

After being removed from Albuquerque, the stream went to another location. What made it strange was it was just a live stream of a dumb flag and nothing else. Instead of having hipsters chant “HWNDU” into a camera, they just threw a flagpole down into a random unknown place and planned on streaming the flag for 4 years. This seems like their version of “turning off the comments” for a live stream, thus getting rid of the whole point of their “art project”. After the second failed attempt, why just take your losses and stop while your ahead? Nope, Shia will not be divided from his HWNDU protest.
Shia kept the location secret, but 4Chan used the star charts and airplane scheduled to chart where the flag was located. The Chan even used someone honking their horn in locations nearby so they could zero in on the location. And, some Anons found the flag and stole it! Then they put up a meme shirt and a Trump hat on the pole.
Check out the photos.  They had to sneak onto a huge patch of land in order to get the flag and run off with it.  Tha's no small feat.  

Saturday, March 11, 2017

DSP and Girlfriend have a bugged relationship

DSP and Girlfriend have a bugged relationship
And, I thought the fake ring stream incident was cringe-worthy. This is even worst. You're watching a couple that aren't getting along. While she nags him, he just keeps on streaming his stupid videogame instead of turning off the stream and talking to her. She is clearly upset with him, but he doesn't want to confront her off stream. This is truly a sad relationship.
Watch DSP's expression toward the end of he stream. He is not happy and neither is she. Instead of fixing the one real relationship he has left, he'd rather stream his videogame. She's dropped numerous signs in her social media she is unhappy and even wears a fake ring to work, but he just ignores her. This is so sad to watch.   
Plus, with Nintendo claiming all the money on his Zelda videos, the man is truly having a terrible time.  

Not So Fur Fun: Digital Homicide all over again?

Fur Fun: Digital Homicide all over again?
Here we go again. Another indie develop is trying to shut down criticism by using YouTube's copyright system. This time is is very interesting because the person striking down smaller channels is a YouTuber himself.
And, given some of the things the developer is being accused of (allegedly) such as taking music from a Rare game, you would think he'd want to keep a low profile. Yet, these false claims will bring even more attention to some of the shady things going on behind the scenes of “Fur Fun”. I'm not going to get into too much, so just do some reading.
BTW, I love that the owner (Dalas  ) of the game put his own voice into the game and proceeds to say some of the dumbest things as the narrator as if he's trolling us all.

Either Disney or Naughty Dog might have say something about one of the characters.  Take a look. Maybe he's a related to  Daxter or Timon.

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