Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Skee-Lo “I wish”

Skee-Lo “I wish”
I remember really digging this song back in the day. I always wanted to know why we didn't hear more from Skee-Lo. Yet, this song was a huge hit for him. Plus, this song has been used in a lot of ads. He has made some major coin from this song.
I kind of like the Will Smith vibe he has with his lyrics because he tells stories with each verses. This song is a reverse brag-based rap song, which makes it a nice standout from the rest. Growing up, I was that odd man out sort of guy that didn't have the luck with the ladies or had a nice car. I wasn't very athletic or a smooth talker. I simply got ignored or made fun of by the ladies. So, this song was my anthem.

-Forest Gump reference: Okay, I like what he is doing here with him being the Forest Gump character on the bench.
-The music is a good mix with some nice record scratches thrown in for good measure.
-Throw the Basketball Away: I love when he throws the basketball away after he's mad. That always makes me laugh.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

He Will Not Divide Us Returns

He Will Not Divide us Returns
Like a bad case of farts, He Will Not Divide Us is back up.
From nydailynews.com ((A week after the movie star's latest performance-art exhibit — a wall reading "He Will Not Divide Us" in reference to Trump — was shut down in New York, LaBeouf re-opened the display in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on Saturday. ))
Shia's stupid little protest live-stream service is back online. If you took a wrong turn in Albuquerque, make sure to show up on the live stream. I still think it will be only a matter of time before someone is shot or stabbed at this event. When pro-anti supporters connect, there is usually violence. I hate Trump as much as the next guy, but I think this protest is a bit useless. There are other ways to combat Trump, but yammering on in a stream isn't one of them.
And, you have to read the statement from Shia's camp on the original location's reasoning for shutting down the stream.
From EW, ((Their evident lack of commitment to the project is damning,” a joint statement from the trio posted to LaBeouf’s website reads. “From the outset, the museum failed to address our concerns about the misleading framing of our piece as a political rally, rather than as a participatory performance artwork resisting the normalisation of division.” ))
What does any of that mean?
From EW via Shia's site, ((On numerous occasions, we voiced serious concerns to the museum about hate speech occurring at the site of our project, and requested that the museum act responsibly in moderating this and providing the public a means of reporting such incidents. Our requests were not even acknowledged, let alone acted upon.” ))
So, the Museum should fit the bill for security? And, having watchdogs monitoring the stream seem to be counter to what the “art piece” represents. I think the museum should have never agreed to the project in the first place. Being a black man, I hate “hate speech” and hate racism. I've seen it first hand. However, we shouldn't throw everything we disagree with under the guise of “hate speech”. It shuts down counter-arguments.  We have to let them speak even if we don't agree with it. 
Does this mean Shia La-Poop will show up and protect his art project from trolls? Maybe, he will get his Transformers buddies guard the camera. He is the son of Indiana Jones after all. 
I do believe this one will be shut down too in either weeks or months. Given that Trump is our president, I could be wrong and this stream will be up for four years.

Kid n Play cartoon

Kid n Play cartoon
Do you remember in the 80s and 90s when everybody had a cartoon show. Everyone from Hulk Hogan , Chuck Norris to Rambo had a damn cartoon show. (Mr. T even had a cartoon show.) And, they were all shitty.
This was no different.
I find this strange because their rap songs and videos were PG, but their movies were very R-rated. This came out after the movie. They must of quickly rush this out because the movie came out earlier in 1990 whereas the show came out in September. You can tell because the animation is really bad. I also like that they didn't even bother getting Kid and Play to voice their cartoon characters just like Hulk Hogan. However, the wiki does list Martin Lawrence playing a role on the show. He was in the movies playing a slightly different character.
I do like the stupid live wrap-around segments though. I think this was one of a promotional tool for their music than a cartoon show. Thankfully, this only lasted a season. 

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Where's Chris Chan? AKA Where's Waldo?

Where's Chris Chan? AKA Where's Waldo?

Thanks to Kiwi Farms for posting this gem. This was an LGBTQ event. Instead of staying at home and begging for money, he actually left the house.
Chris Chan now considers himself a part of this community despite the truly horrible things he said about the gay community, especially gay men. He had a story line his comics that had his characters curing the “gay gene”. I am not making this up. Yet, the community still accepts him with open arms. I still remember his views on black people...oh, boy.
Once you find him, please note all the strange expressions of the people around him. Chris doesn't bathe on a regular basis, so he smells really bad. Take note of their expressions and feel bad for the people around him.

I've always been fascinated by Chris because I could have turned out similar to him give a terrible series of events.   

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Bugged GF Sleeping Mechanics

DSP, that is amazing. I've been on the Internet for a long time and this even shocked me. because he was hungry, he woke up his sick girlfriend to make his dinner. Really? How shitty can you be? If I had a girlfriend, I would not demand she make a dinner for me regardless of her health. I can make my own food, damn it. If she is sick, how about letting her sleep in? Order takeout? What kills me is the entitlement in his voice. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

He WILL Divide us...I guess.

He WILL Divide us...I guess.
Well, that was rather quick.
From the Moving Image website, ((The Museum of the Moving Image has closed HEWILLNOTDIVIDE.US, a participatory Internet streaming performance by LaBeouf, Rönkkö & Turner. The installation created a serious and ongoing public safety hazard for the Museum, its visitors, staff, local residents, and businesses. ))

The Museum has abandoned us” is posted on the live stream.
This was supposed to be a 4-year protest of Trump via a live stream. It only lasted mere weeks. Given the high state of hatred between the supporters and detractors of Trump, it was only a matter of time before someone got stabbed or shot due to the intense beliefs on both sides. We can't even stand on the same street without something bad happening.  I have lived through the Clinton and Bush Jr years and it has NEVER been this much division between the two groups.  
Just think of how much this live stream would have divided us. I think the Museum of the Moving Image did the right thing by removing the camera. There is too much risk involved.
While I felt the protest stream thing was stupid, I loved the fact it was a living-breathing meme with trolls everywhere. I loved the reactions from a very serious Shia LaBeouf as people trolled him. I am going to miss it despite the misguided nature of the protest.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

D'Angelo - Untitled (How Does It Feel) (remember him?)

D'Angelo - Untitled (How Does It Feel) (remember him?)
I remember watching this music and even I thought, “Wow, he has a good looking body.” Then, the beta-male in me wanted to say, “Put on a bloody shirt. We know you look good.” I know a lot of women (and some men) really loved watching this video. Will they or won't show his pee-pee. And, if you want a highly detailed description of the music video, go to the wiki page for a pretty amusing account of the camera lusting over his body. (Am I still straight?)
It also helps that he is a very talented singer. And, the song has an old slow jam feel from the 80s to it. I loved his Brown Sugar song and You're my Lady. I mean his music was laid back slow jams that we really needed during that time. 

Take a listen to these tracks.

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Tom Cruise Portal Jumper?

Tom Cruise Portal Jumper?

I guess those Scientology courses are working for him because Tom can jump through different dimensions. I love the Star Wars and Furious ones. I also like that the Avengers don't bother rescuing him. 
 “Oh, it is Tom. Xenu will catch him.”  

Hide My Ass

Hide My Ass

I was watching YouTube ads and this ad came up and I didn't skip it. It may have to do with the fact people get naked within a couple of seconds into the ad. I love the fast-talking spokesman and the strange humor of the ad. Plus, you can't go wrong with the name Hide My Ass HMA.  
This style reminds the Straight Talk ads.  
Side Note:  Even their logo is amusing. It is a donkey in disguise.  Basically, it is a hidden ass.  Very clever.  

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

The True Devil in Miss Jones

Woman preforms sexual act outside the courtroom
Damn, Tommy is right. It seems very cringe-y that her parents know about the incident. However, are they aware of her Twitter page? Holy crap. I am certain she will be into professional porn soon enough. I am almost certain of it. (remember that library chick?)

She kind of reminds me of a smaller Pinky (the pornstar and not the cartoon character). Of all the places to do something crazy, why pick a courthouse? That's like setting a fire in front of a firehouse. You're going to get caught. She then streamed it on social media just to get herself in trouble. Why do people keep doing this? 
I've been blogging for a long time and I remember when women would get nude photos leaked onto the Internet against their will.  And, they were embarrassed by it.  NOW, women actively post sex videos on the Internet on purpose and promote it on their Twitter and FB pages.  
She is a piece work though, because she WANTS money for an interview with her. Yeah, it is not worth it. So don't give her money, press.

And, don't get it twisted she has said some shitty things in the past via her Facebook page. And, I am not talking about her sexual acts on her twitter page but some racist stuff about mixed people.  I would say "go f' yourself", but she actually does that in her Twitter videos.  I am not making this up...with machines. 
While I am not going to link to the actual video, you can find it on PornHub or other porn sites under her name.
Yes, this happened in Florida. Are you shocked? 
The kicker of the story now is that the police are on the “hunt” for the two people that did the sexual acts outside the courtroom.
From the New York Post, ((Police are on the hunt for Brittney Jones, 26, and Jeremiah Isiah Robinson, 35, the man she performed the sex act on at the Duval County Courthouse on Jan. 31, Action News in Jacksonville reported. ))
Side Note, the guy surrendered to the court, but she is still on the lose.

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