Friday, December 09, 2016

Yoda Tonberries: FFXV

Yoda Tonberries: FFXV
If you have played Final Fantasy games, you are aware of the dick-ish Tonberry monsters. They are slow moving creatures in hoods that have a lot of HP. Plus, they carry around a butchers knife and a lantern. Creepy. While Malboro monsters are worst, these are my second worst monsters to encounter. 

From the FF wiki, ((In battle, Tonberries advance towards the player party and when close use their signature Chef's Knife attack, which either does massive damage or instantly kills a party member. If attacked, they Counter with Karma or Everyone's Grudge, doing damage to the attacker based on how many enemies they have slain. Compounding their offensive strength is their high HP. ))
They also had the ability “Everyone's Grudge”, which usually spelled trouble for your group.
Well, now FFXV has updated the Tonberries to Jedi status. They're faster and carry lightsabers/knifes. And, one player makes fun of the cooking knife.
A mod for FFT added them to that game. And, they are horrible in that game too.

Spider-Man Homecoming Trailer

Spider-Man Homecoming
Damn, Marvel, you got it right again. The smartest thing Sony did was keep the rights, but let Marvel take the leading role creatively. (I also think Sony now shares the merchandising rights with Marvel.) We got to see a sneak peak into the new Spider-Man character in Civil War and I loved it. Here he gets his first movie set in the Marvel universe (will there be shout-outs to Luke Cage and DD?). The trailer seems to carry over the troll-ish behavior of the Amazing Spider-Man and the humor of the first two Spider-Man movies. Will there be a mixture of Ultimate Spider-Man in there too? 
Good stuff, Marvel.  DC, get your act together.  
Yeah, the trailer made me smile.
-Space Age technology from the robbers: Hmm, I am guessing this will play a bigger role in the plot of the movie. These aren't your normal thieves, except with their Avengers masks, which is very amusing.
-Nerd Awkwardness: This seems so real to me. Yes, I was that awkward nerd/geek that would stare at the girl of my dreams...from a distance in high school. That clip seems like a teen comedy doesn't it?
-Tony Stark being a father-figure and a dick: Pure, Robert Downey Jr. I love it. He's the connection to the overall Marvel universe. Plus, Jon Favreau is Happy again. I am really looking forward to this relationship. Plus, we get Iron-Man in a suit with Spider-Man. Great team-up awaits us.
-Michael Keaton as the Bad guy: We're getting dark Keaton. He seems to be channeling a blue collar type villain. I like that Batman is now a bad guy. Remember, Keaton was very much a comedic actor early in his career. 

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Steven Seagal is World of Warships

Steven Seagal is World of Warships
And, like a wet fart, another legend begins...
I was watching a West World video and someone had a World of Warship banner on a website. My attention went the banner. Is that Steven Seagal? I quickly went to the YouTube search and discovered the golden ticket that is World of Warships and shit-maker Steven Seagal. I like following Seagal's career or lack of one because he was/is a proto-Nic Cage in a way mixed with a bit of Shaq. He has done so many shitty things, yet still manages to work.
I guess between his trips to Russia and making his own energy drinks, Seagal decided to attach himself to one of those “free to play” games. I am guessing he needed some money to get more cheese burgers.
Plus, they added his bored voice to the came as a Captain (?). He is phoning it in, but that's is part of the charm of current Seagal. He doesn't give a shit and just hangs out with his friend Putin on the weekends.
It actually makes sense to have him attached the game. He was in the Under Siege movie which was based on a decommissioning Warship/Battleship.
And, do you want a good laugh? Check out the “story” covering Seagal's involvement in the damn game. It is rather amusing to read.
So, when you're out for justice, marked for death, and under siege, go out and play World of Warships...I suppose. I feel worst for wear for even writing that.
When Steven calls you, he's ordering pizza.

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Westworld Finale thoughts

Westworld Finale thoughts

Wow, they really pulled out the best pay offs for the last episode. There are a few dangling threads here and there that many people have already talk about. How are they going to open the second season with the way it ended?
There will be spoilers. 

Friday, December 02, 2016

Wonder Woman vs. Stevie Wonder: ERB

Wonder Woman vs. Stevie Wonder
Once again the ERB guys made another good video. Both artists are extremely good in their rapping. And, whoever plays WW is really good and holds her own.
-Stealing from Ray Charles: Ouch. I remember people asking which one of them was better? Ray Charles or Stevie Wonder?
-Amazon Prime: That is a nice twist on words.
-Broke the mold: Yep, in many continuities, Wonder Woman is born from clay. Yes, you read that right.
-Batman Mention: Yep, in many universes Batman and WW have had a relationship. At one point, Bruce was dating WW and Catwoman at the same time.
-DC being a whole step down: Ouch, that is a jab at DC with Marvel movies being better.
-WW TV show mention: This might be a jab at both WW the old show and the WW un-aired pilot.

Thursday, December 01, 2016

Chris Chan and the Angry Medallion

Chris Chan and the Angry Medallion
I love watching train wrecks like Chris Chan mistreat his fans. I found out about a story where Chris Chan was selling his Sonichu Medallions. One customer (Mr. Smith) was mad at Chris and disputed his payment on PayPal.
He and Chris Chan had it out through messages. Chris sort of relented and sent him a Sonichu Medallion, but with a huge difference from the rest. He sent Mr. Smith a medallion with an angry-faced Sonichu with orange eyes...just to be a dick.
Here's what an good Sonichu looks like.

Most of the medallions have a happier expression. He sent this one out JUST to get back at Mr. Smith.  I love that Chris took the time to make a completely different one just to get back at Mr. Smith. 
From the Chris Chan Wiki, ((I did not send you the wrong medallion, I PURPOSELY molded, Drew and colored it to BE ANGRY at YOU, for your constant stubborn attitude and Bullying. And you certainly are bucking up to be worthy of my own anger as well. Accurate Item; MADE CUSTOM JUST FOR YOU, [omitted]! Hmmpf! ))
I am a man-child myself and even I have to say this is beyond childish. It should also be noted that Chris Chan also doxed Mr. Smith too.
To settle the issue, Smith requested a drawing. This is what he got back with a normal Sonichu. 

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Part 1 of 3)

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Part 1 of 3)

Despite some good aspects, this movie is truly a mess. This is clearly DC playing catch-up to Marvel's movie universe and it shows how desperate DC is to make a combined universe. It reveals that DC hasn't learned a damn thing about universe building with this movie. Even with some stuff edited out, Snyder's second DC movie is overstuffed with confusing and goofy nonsense. With all that's going on, nothing feels fully realized. The movie is somewhat saved in the third act with an impressive final battle with Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman vs Doomsday. However, you have to sit through two dreary earlier acts. For everything the movie gets right, it takes three steps back.
Where is the heart from the Man of Steel movie?
Due to the battle in Metropolis, from the last movie, Bruce Wayne witnesses some of his friends lose their lives. He sees Superman as an uncaring God that doesn't look out for the normal people. Batman decides he must take out Superman at all cost. Confounding this conflict, Lex Luthor is playing a major role in this battle of the heroes.
Trust me, I really simplified the plot in the paragraph above. You have Congress meeting and trade deals and shipping rights to sit through and even a piss joke that doesn't work.
I will say that the openning battle from Man of Steel from the ground level is impressive. And, they
Unlike Man of Steel, WB let the reigns off of Zack Snyder, and we get to see what a pure Snyder-DC movie would look like. While there isn't as much slow-motion-porn, the other weaker and annoying staples of Snyder's other works are present. Like Burton, Snyder is far more interested in style than proper character development and organic plot progression. The main story theme that played a central role in the first movie and grounded it is nowhere to be found in this movie. I am not even sure there is a central theme buried in all this conflicting and confusing story..
For every cool shot faithfully brought out from the various DC comics,you will have two or three questions about characters' motivations. That is a major issue. Snyder needs another director that is suited with telling stories to help with his visual style. This Micheal Bay trend of cool cuts and slow-motion over a good plot really needs to stop.
Yes, we get to see Superman and Batman duke it out, but the movie doesn't really deserve it. The script is so weak that it doesn't give us a proper reason for having Batman want to kill Superman. Batman, if he had problems with Superman, would probably discuss it with Superman first. It is like DC and Snyder wanted to force feed us the conflict from the The Dark Knight Returns without even bothering to convey a proper reason for these two to fight each other.
Captain America Civil War earned it because it built it up over time. We saw the differences the way Cap and Iron-Man viewed the world, so it worked. Here, the conflict happens over a span of ONE movie. Instead of having them fight, why not have to work together in an uneasy alliance? DC Comics was always the publisher that put writers first and the artwork second. Marvel Comics was more of an artist publisher first with style and look being important. It seems Marvel and DC have reversed that with their movie franchises.
There is clearly a bit of tug of war with WB shoehorning into their larger DC movie universe and Zack wanting to show Batman and Superman hating each other. Unlike Marvel, DC wants to force these iconic characters together in the form of ONE movie. So, we get these weak introductions to other DC characters that really don't make a difference to the already super-crammed story.
There is a shinning light in this movie. It is in the form of the lovely Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Fun with comments...again

Fun with comments...again
Ladies, does this turn you on? 

I love getting comments from very new comments for old post I did years ago. Here's another one.
If you know me in real life, you know that I hate people wearing tank-tops/wife-beaters. I wrote a post three years about sleeveless shirts and I guess I have offended a bunch of people because I keep getting angry comments about it...three years later. Three years in Internet years is like 5-7 years.
From my post, (( Anonymous said...
Fine. We will all take them off and go topless. Would you prefer that? How about you mind your own business instead?
Wednesday, November 23, 2016 8:56:00 PM))
What the F'? My little three year old post got you so pissed off that you took the time to FIND my post, read it, get through the spam filter and then type up an angry comment...about a blogger hating on tank-tops. Really?
Then,you give me the suggestion to “mind my own business”. On my own blog? How does that work? Let also go to the extreme and threaten to go topless. Yeah, go ahead and try that.
Did someone piss in this guy's cornflakes and he was on a tear and targeted my posts? Of all the terrible things I wrote about on this blog, THIS was the thing that pissed someone off? 
Anyway, I got a huge laugh out of this comment and it made my day.  

Louisville Juice Bowl shooting

Louisville Juice Bowl shooting
On a serious note...
During Thanksgiving, Louisville made the national news, but for negative reasons. While watching The Force Awaken with friends, one of my friends told me about the shooting.
I hate to say things that are cliche in nature, but "This is why we can't have good things." There is always going to be some thug that ruins it for the rest of community. This happens a lot in the black community.
This happened in the West End of Louisville. A lot of people view that part of town as having a lot of crime, yet my part of town is considered the richer section of town. We had a major shooting in the East End too, so we can't blame it on just merely happening in the West End.
It is shameful to ruin a positive thing in the black community and shows there is a negative side of the black community I am a little angry that Black Lives Matters won't touch the main issue in the black community. That's black on black crime. This shooting proves that we have elements in the community don't give a shit about other black people.
Remember, it is Black Lives Matter. Yes, police corruption is an issue, but what is destroying is this thug element. We refuse to even discuss the black on black crime issue at all. If you're black like me and mention it, you're considered a sellout or outcast.
This shooting needs to be discussed and talk about reducing crimes. We need to change certain elements of our culture in order to become a better community.
I've always said that we need more black nerds and less thugs. Having swagger shouldn't be as important as having a proper education.
I just have an assumption that this latest crime (in a growing crime year) will be forgotten about and we will lose focus on the real issues. With the incident that happened at the waterfront and the Mall incident, it shows there are some serious problems in our black community especially in the young parts. We're all in trouble unless we discuss it and find solutions.
Okay , off my soap box.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Chris Chan, please stop begging for money...

Chris Chan, please stop begging for money...
I've been following this train wreck for a year or so. I can't get enough of this guy, but it is getting annoying that he keeps posting videos begging for money. At this point, his mother is being sued by two banks/credit card companies. And, Chris is not doing a thing about it. It should be noted the he/she spends most of his government check on Lego sets and video games. Then, he goes online to beg for money. 
How about selling some of those 1K priced Lego sets?  
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