Friday, May 29, 2015

Random Things

Random Things
~Well, I'm waiting on the company to approve me for the rideshare program. I had to get my car approved and get my car pictured and uploaded to the service. Now, I have wait for the background check to go through. Anyway, I'll keep you all updated. 
 ~Screech stabs someone follow up: If you remember, Screech stabbed someone a while back in some kind of bar fight or something like that, I feel bad for the guy that got stabbed by Screech. He's the one guy that got bested by the biggest dork on the planet. How do you live that down? Screech claims he didn't intend on stabbing the guy. I guess he was just randomly thrusting his knife everywhere and accidentally stabbed the poor sap. Given how straved he is for fame, he's going to eat this shit up.
~Recall Post: The Slap Chop Remix
You're going to love my nuts. By the way, this remix actually became a real ad. I love this remix and puts a smile on my face. This puts a smile on my face.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Amy Schumer - Milk Milk Lemonade

Amy Schumer - Milk Milk Lemonade
Damn it, I love Amy Schumer. She caught my attention when she told a certain story about an encounter with an ugly guy. Lately, YouTube has sent me suggestions for her clips for her TV show. I like her potty humor. It's dirty, but not child-like in that Adam Sandler way.
I got a kick out of this video because it is a parody of all those “booty” music videos. While I LOVE the backside of a woman, because I am a black guy, it does sort of make the fudge too. We tend to forget that. I remember reminding some of that fact when they were admiring a booty.  

Now, this song is stuck in my head.
BTW, I think she's parodying Beez in the Trap for the most part.
My other favorite skit.  

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Uptown Funk Mark Ronson Ft. Bruno Mars

Uptown Funk Mark Ronson Ft. Bruno Mars
When I mention this is a throwback to the funk songs of the 80s, all the young people look at me with confusion. I keep forgetting funk/pop sort of missed them because they grew up in the 90s. Make no mistake this song is a tribute to Prince and Morris Day and the Time. It has that flashy horn section and that bright sound. I like how the young folks think this Bruno Mars sound is “new”. 
 Now, the music video is more of a tribute to Michael Jackson. It has the look of those mid 80s videos that MJ used to make. The outfits are clearly 80s right. I love the guy in the suit with no shirt. I remember that being a thing.
The music video is just plain cool with its 80's vibe.
The song is fun. It's catchy and makes me nod my head. I hear a lot of modern music and I get upset on how bland and stupid it sounds. Every time I turn on the hip-hop station, I get mad and turn it off in frustration. Hearing Uptown Funk is such a breath of fresh of air.
If I had one complaint, I wish the song had a 15 minute version like those disco songs from the 70s. Maybe, there is one.
-Check out all the 80s cars.
-Watch the older lady in the hair salon: She is actually getting into the song.
-Who knew getting your shoes shined would look cool?
-The Club scene is clearly a tribute to Morris Day and the Time
Anyway, before Prince takes it down, here's Morris Day and the Time's “The Bird”
Jungle Love

Sonic Boom, the Sonic 06 of 2014-15?

Sonic Boom, the Sonic 06 of 2014-15?
I had no idea the game was this bad. Maybe Chris Chan was right about this game. Anyway, I've never seen the reviews this bad for a Sonic game since Sonic 06. By putting this game on the Wii U, the game is even worst than Sonic 06 in some ways from what I read. 
I just started watching the Game Grumps take on the Sonic Boom game.  It reminds me of the old Sonic 06 videos.  
The best part is Sega knew the game was shit and refused to give out review copies to gaming sites. It's like when a movie studio doesn't screen a movie for critics. Sorry, but gamers are a little bit more clever than you think they are. Not all the time (all the COD clones), but Sonic is now considered a joke. I think the Generations game was probably the last good game.
Sega, you didn't even bother getting rid of the game-breaking glitches and decided to put out an unfinished game. Sega paid the price for this shitty game too. It was one of the lowest selling games from a Sonic game ever. And, this pretty much closed the door on Sega making games for consoles in general and they moving to mobile games instead. Too many shitty games will mess up a company.
I was a Sega fanboy, but even I see that this company doesn't even try anymore.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Brett Domino Trio: 'Chemical Plant Zone'

Brett Domino Trio: 'Chemical Plant Zone'
Why do I get the feeling that most of these young ravers have no idea where this song comes from. Keep in mind I had to explain to a young person there WAS a Transformers movie before the Michael Bay films.
“What are we dancing to?”
“He said something about a Sonic song. Maybe, it's some new dubstep DJ.”
BTW, the Sonic Generations classic version is “not” the original. It's been updated a bit.
Anyway, the early Sonic games were written by composers into R&B, Pop and Rock. That was one of the reasons I liked Sonic's music over Mario's stuff. Chemical Plant Zone is clearly based on rock and it has a good baseline.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Mr. Shyamalan (Airbender) just doesn't get it

Mr. Shyamalan (Airbender) just doesn't get it
MNS:  "I wrote the script while on the toilet.  In one sitting.  Even my shit scripts are genius."
I came across another amusing remark from our favorite director. It seems, in his mind, The Last Airbender was a hit. And, he made it for the fans. I wish that was true.
From IGN, (('Well, I'm going to make a movie about a kids show that my 10-year-old is watching and not make it for her. I make it for my guy friends.' ))
Actually, most guys (bros?) hated the movie because it wasn't even close to being the show. A lot of grown ups watched the show and complained the humor from the show wasn't translated to the big screen. MNS doesn't know how to do humor.
Is he just fooling himself into believing he's a masterful storyteller or just bullshitting us all? It is not only amusing how delusional he is, but sad.
I mean look at his credit card commercial. Even the ad shows how full of himself he is. Make sure you get an actress “gushing” over his body of work.
I remember him still talking about doing a sequel after everyone shitted on the movie. And, even the creators of the show pretend the movie never happened. It reminds me of the little known fact the Airplane movie producers refuse to watch Airplane II ever.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Random Things

Random Things  
~Feeling a little better, but had a bad day at work.  I felt shitty and even more moody than usual.  I applied for a new job that I hope I can get sooner than later.  I don't want to say the name of the company, but it is a rideshare company.  I am not sure I can mention it by name yet.  I am waiting on the background check.  Since I have a new car, why not make some money on it.  I would love to work this weekend, but that might not happen.  I love the prospect of not having a boss and signing in on my own time.  I also had to buy my first Smartphone.  I'm digging it.   
 ~Softening the relationship between the US and Cuba?:  I certainly hope so.  Things are going to shit with ISIS and Russian doing some strange things.  It's been a long time since these two countries have even talk.  People don't give Obama credit for all the things he's accomplished.  The right refuses to give him credit for taking care of terrorist threats and the left says he's not left enough and not providing more social programs. I don't agree with everything he's done, but he isn't Bush that for sure. 
  ~Suicide Squad movie photo: I am actually more pleased with their look than the Superman v Batman trailer. I am actually looking forward to Suicide Squad over Batman/Superman. I like seeing a bunch of villains and anti-heroes being forced to team up due to the government. It feels like DC is getting something right. I would have still wanted the DC movies to link up with the DC TV Shows. Marvel showed that you can have a shared universe for TV/movies. DC still doesn't get it. Could you imagine CW's Arrow and Flash showing up in the movies. How about Supergirl? 
  ~Carjacker tries to jack someone and gets the tables turned on him: I'm a supporter of gun owners, responsible ones, because you have people out here that are very dangerous. And, they will just get into your car and try to harm you. Hashim Fannin didn't shoot first and ask questions later. He just defended himself and got the cops to show up. He also laid the gun down when the cops rolled up. Smart move because a stupid cop will look at a black man holding a white guy at gunpoint and think of something sinister. Take note, George Zimmerman. I hate when these crack heads think they can roll in someone and jack them of their cash and stuff.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Wil Wheaton Interview on Mission Log

Wil Wheaton Interview on Mission Log
 Check out the interview with Mission Log over at Trek

While he and I differ on many things, I've always respected him when it came to his thoughts on Star Trek. He's Always been open about his strange time there. When I was 15-16 I didn't know what I wanted too. So, could you imagine the shit that was going through his head at that age? He was on the new Trek show and everyone hated his character. Wesley was a terrible character, but not as annoying as Neelix.
-Rick Berman and Wil really didn't get along: I know Berman ruffled a lot of feathers along the way, but he did save the show from Gene's problems. However, Berman's ego was almost as bad. I wasn't aware there was a major falling out between the two during the third season, and Wil was already planning on leaving the show.
-The show was finding its stride during the third season that was around the time Wil really started to feel uneasy.
-The cast was and still is really close: Unlike the TOS series, no one hated each other and the cast was really-really close. The show was known for having a tight-knit cast. Wil was torn up about leaving the show.
-Wil gave a major shout-out to DS9 and its storytelling. Wil sort of was a TNG guy (forever) and had a sort of lukewarm feeling toward the spinoffs. But, it is good to see that view change.
-Wil was in total shock that Stewart gave him a nice comment during the run of the series in a letter to the producer.

Burger King: Have it our way (Evil) Part one

Burger King: Have it our way (Evil)
I swear Burger King used to have good burgers, but their food has really gone downhill lately
This story caught my attention. I just came across a story about a Burger King employee dumping hot cooking oil down a water drain. Remember, these drain do not go to waste treatment centers, but actual lakes, streams and rivers. It was a Burger King manager that told him to it.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I got a review...from a Tumblr person...on a Jersey Shore blog…

 The amount of hair products and STD medication has to be huge with this group.
I was digging around Google, putting my blog's address into the search to see if anyone mentioned me or linked to something. I came across this “wonderful” Tumblr blog discussing my review of Jersey Shore way back in 2010! Yep, almost five years ago. Basically, this Tumblr reviewed my review and tore me a new bunghole.
For shits, let's go through their review of my review of Jersey Shore.
((Proving the big name sources unreliable it was time to see if young blog writers could bring forward any dependable information. On the random google search an article or blog by Semaj came up about Jersey Shore. ))
First off, I am not a young blog writer. I had been writing for about 7-8 years before this post was even conceived. And, anyone reading my shitty blog knows I bring NO “dependable information” nor do I care to anything on the Internet. I am just a blogger. Journalist look down on bloggers and bloggers look down on Tumblr users. Tumblr people look down on Tweeters and Tweeters look down on Facebook users. And, everyone hates MySpace. That is the order of things.
((Blogs are mostly meant for people to state their opinions. ))
Or, state opinions on opinions. Why do I feel there is a “but” coming up?
((The article is really biased and the author greatly portrays his point of view about the show. The author makes the article so slanted that it turns into a hate piece against the show. ))
Thank you for calling it an article. It makes it seem legit. Biased? It's a review, you green-blooded Vulcan. It's supposed to be a hate piece because it is my opinion on the show. I hate the show, so therefore the piece is negative. Oh, it gets better. Read on...
((Moreover, a small amount of grammatical and spelling errors and his addition of vulgar words cause the reader to not appeal to the language as well as to take his side. ))
I take pride in my grammatical errors. It's like stepping in horse poop. Be proud of the smell you're tracking in. Take pride in your mistakes I say. And, the vulgar words? Where the fuck do you see me writing shitty words? I don't want people to take my side on things I want people to form their own opinions. And, you are talking about Jersey Shore, a show that has a bunch of annoyingly good looking people banging other stupid good looking people.
((If the author kept his personal opinions to himself, and it is hard not to in a blog, then the article would have a well-rounded tone to it and would leave the audience with a contradictory point of view. ))
You know he/she/personal pronoun does have a point, but the cover of “blogger” still applies with my review. The show is so full of people I hate in real life that there is no way to remove it from my review. However, there does need to be a balance though, but not with something like Jersey Shore. The show doesn't deserve it.
((By bringing his own perspective most of the information in the article cannot be backed up by a legitimate source, thus the accuracy of the information and whether most people feel like this is true for support. ))
You make it sound like an Wiki entry more than a shitty review about a shitty TV show.
Anyway, I laughed out loud when I read this “review” of my review. I really can't take it that seriously because it is a Tumblr blog, and it is about a shitty reality show that's not on the air anymore. I'm guessing this was written at the height of the show's popularity, because now no one cares about the JS crew anymore.
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