Thursday, December 05, 2019

Did Farmers Insurance screw up?

I was watching TV and the clown Farmers Insurance ad came on.  At the end of the commercial, the clowns break the fourth wall and look at the screen.  They talk about skipping the ad.  The clowns point out the people watching the ad and point toward the viewers.  Was that version made for YouTube, but aired on TV.  When I go to the Farmer’s YT page, they have a completely different clown ad from the one played on TV.  I am certain the fourth wall version is out there, but I can’t find it on YouTube.  Am I making this up?  Farmers Insurance, people tell me I saw that one version of your clown commercial.   
It looks like there were different versions of the commercial filmed.   

Tim Miller and that Terminator movie

It looks like people are a bit more honest when a movie flops and fingers are pointed at each other.  It is like Hollywood keeps repeating itself over and over again.  You can’t attempt to reboot/remake a franchise this worn out.  Remember Men in Black International and Charlie’s Angels are prime examples of this happening this year.  Director Miller says he won’t work with Cameron ever again after his battles on the set of T6.   
Would Miller admit this if the movie was a hit?   
The movie was doomed from the get-go.  You can’t have another reboot of the Terminator universe after having two-three reboots already.  You can throw James Cameron under the bus, but the movie would never end up as a hit.  I also love that they were so confident that the movie was going to be a hit that there were two more movies planned.  Keep in mind that I really can’t side with Cameron either because he’s been out of touch for a long time.  He is kind of like Lucas in that regard.   

Monday, December 02, 2019

Star Trek DS9 HD remake intro

I wanted to give these folks a shoutout because they did such good work.  I’ve probably watched both seasons 1-3 and 4-7 intros of this show over 300 times.  I’ve never seen it look this good.  BTW, this is based on the revamped 4th season intro with Worf.   
My only two complaints are the comet doesn’t have the detail the original version has.  And, the pass- thru the tail of the comet doesn’t have the sprinkle sound effects.  Other than those complaints, this recreation is amazing to look at.  
-The USS Defiant:  It has never looked better.  I love the light up and swing around the docking arm.     
Look into the windows:  You can actually see into the windows of the station.  You can peer into the windows and see objects.  That is a nice touch. 
-Wormhole:  The wormhole is more layered now.  
Anyway, here is an HD version of VOY’s intro too.   

Sunday, December 01, 2019

Not the arrest he intended...

Not the arrest he intended...
Look, when it comes to DUI stops, let the police do their jobs. I've seen too many accidents involving drunk drivers. For some reason, this woman decided to get involved and get arrested. She disrupted the DUI stop so bad that the drunk driver was able to disappear and not get arrested. He got off Scot-free. So, you helped a criminal get away from the scene and perhaps he will repeat his offense.
 Before: First Mugshot
After: Second Mugshot (When you can make an album of different mugshots, there is a problem.)
Here's where it gets even funnier. The SAME woman that interfered in a DWI investigation ended up getting arrested for DWI a few months later!
You can't make this up. Oh, and you know how much I like crazy women. Hit me up.

Friday, November 29, 2019

Zima Ztuff: Remember Thiz? (Zomething Different)

I worked at a grocery store at the time when Zima was released onto the scene. I do remember people like on radio stations making fun of it. Basically, Zima was the afterbirth of a clear soda and wine cooler. It was seen as being the new drink for younger people and hit hip like energy drinks.  Even I have made some Zima jokes before.
 Back in the day, Zima was often considered the “pussy” drink. In a world where men have purses and people want the 90s retro vibe back, Zima should be brought back permanently.    Wimpy people liked Zima, PBR is for hipsters and Mike's Hard Lemonade is for predators.
You don't bring a case of Zimas to a football-watching party.
In the early ads, they used a guy in an oversized suit, thank you late The 90s, and a trendy hat. He was known as the Zima Guy. He would always switch his “S”s with “Z”s. His name is Roger Kable. Today, the Zima Guy would have a beard and wear-horn-rimmed glasses. He would look down you pretentiously as he sipped (zipped) on his chilled Zima. Anyway, I looked up Kable, and he is more of a comedic impersonator than anything else. He even did a few slight impressions in the Zima ads. He is best known for his Robin Williams impression, which he is filming something about the said comedian.

There has been talking about the Zima drink over the years given there all kinds of new drinks appearing ever so often. Zima did end with it dying in the 2000s, I guess because it was so 90s.
So, it is still being sold in Japan. How odd. Miller has released limited special editions from time to time. Since the millennials want to copy use Gen X'ers, I say they should re-release Zima. Call it Zima Returnz.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Anita Sarkeesian Vs The Mandalorian

Anita Sarkeesian Vs The Mandalorian
It is probably better to just ignore her. However, the bounty hunter is good at taking down horned monsters and Anita is good at taking down non-profit organizations. It is a pretty good match up.
After completely disappearing from the world for a couple of months, Anita decided to engulf herself in gasoline by injecting herself into the Star Wars discussion. Look, I am all for people having opinions, but be expected to defend those “hot takes” when you put them out in the open.  I do love when you can use facts to prove her wrong.  There was a female character in the first episode.  
Just to show you her influence has waned over the years, only a few news sites have white-knighted for her. Here the thing, Anita. This isn't 2013/14 anymore. There are actual feminists that are willing to defend and engage their opponents. They don't go and hide under harassment. This new trend of attacking things and trying to bait the trolls is beneath even you, Anita. Fix your channel first.
Just like Mundane Matt, she keeps trying to infuse herself into ongoing culture wars. Instead of starting battles on Twitter, how about attempting to give your YT channel a Phoenix Down. You've pretty much let a popular channel go down the drain and you're losing money.
In her heyday, Anita was getting nearly 3 million views on her channel. Now she barely gets 1-2K per video.

Bagel Boss is in bad shape

I haven't been talking about the short man with big problems at all. He got on my nerves because he kept trying to milk his 15 minutes by staging other incidents. He was basically the short version of an INCEL. He was a shitty person that got a break and kept being a shitty person kind of like the Epic Beard Guy.  I am tired of hearing about him and just want the dude to go away.  I didn't want this though
Well, he had a stroke and ended up in the hospital. He can't move the left side of his body. When you live a high strung life and poor health decisions like he did, it will come back to haunt you. My father drank too much beer and ended up with a major stroke around my age. Anyway, I wanted to give you an update.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Gentlemen, behold, the Cybertruck...

I guess I’ve been on this planet too long because history is starting to repeat itself.  The stainless-steel look of the new truck reminds me of the DeLorean.  The Cybertruck looks like the DeLorean’s older brother.   The design is a little stupid looking, but the early hybrids looked like shit too.  The problem is it looks like the future cars we wanted 20 years ago when we were kids in the 80s.    While I don’t like the shape, I do like the stuff under the hood.  It has nearly a 500-mile battery life and that is extremely cool.   
However, Telsa had a Microsoft moment with Musk failing at a demo.  He claimed the windows were unbreakable, but he proved himself wrong 

Friday, November 22, 2019

The Problem with Chris Chan

I recently left a comment on a very heartfelt video from a mother that was discussing some of the issues with raising an autistic child. Toward the end of the video, she shared her thoughts on Chris Chan. I wanted to expand on this subject because I wanted to give a different side to her views on Chris Chan.  Many people want to just side with Chris due to the trolling but he has done some bad things. 
Growing up, I had a lot of developmental issues. While I took regular classes, I had to go see specialists during school too. I took Speech and other learning enhancement classes. While I was never as bad as Chris Chan, I had some issues. Learning-wise, I got better with age. But, I was never going to have a normal social life. Socially, I was going to be an outsider because I was different.
I used fictional worlds to deal with the pain of being a lonely outsider. The problem with Chris is that he takes the fictional world too seriously. Because his mother and father refused to put him into classes that would help him, he suffered and never learned to develop. In turn, this created a monster.
Like I stated in the comment section. Chris Chan has been trolled and harassed beyond anybody should. However, Chris has done some horrible things to people despite the trolls and harassment.
-Chris refuses to get a job: Even a simple fast-food job is beneath him now. Instead, he begs for money on the Internet. Instead of forcing him into the workplace, his father gave up and encouraged him to get SSI checks. He has had 1 ½ jobs.
-He burned down his own house: He accomplished this feat by trying to brew coffee in the bathroom using a worn-down wire to plug into the coffee machine. Then, he blamed his mother for wanting the coffee for causing the fire instead.
-He peppered sprayed an employee at GameStop: This got him in a lot of trouble. After spraying a guy doing his job, he abandoned his old mother in the mall without a ride home because he was “on the run”. He later returned home only to be arrested. Oh, he did all this because he was “protesting” the new Sonic design for Sonic Boom.
-He hit a store manager with his car (nearly twice): After being racist toward the black children at the Game Place, the manager gave Chris a lifetime ban. On numerous occasions, Chris attempted to bypass the ban. After getting kicked out again, Chris hit the manager with his car and attempted to flee. He was arrested for this too.
-He's groped, kissed and touched both men and women without their permission: Chris doesn't seem to understand personal space. This would later get him banned from a convention.
-He drew a sexually charged picture of his only good friend and later turned on her. Thus, this destroyed his only real relationship. He later blamed the trolls.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Aaron Carter being a poo-poo head

Aaron Carter, you need to stop.
We all know how this is going to end...

In context, Aaron Carter is really starting to become unraveled. He appears to have lost a lot of weight and not making much sense lately from what reports are saying. So, this incident happened at a Wal-Mart and accused this strange woman of snapping his documents. Aaron, no one care about your documents. I can guarantee she doesn't know who you are Since he is lashing out at normies, he is heading toward the Amy Winehouse end if you know what I mean.
Here's a video of him having a welfare check by the police. He is sounding really frantic and this is getting real.
Someone needs to pull his IG account and force him into a mental hospital.
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