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Father’s Day: A tale of violence and anger (Part 2 of 3)

Father’s Day: A tale of violence and anger
Side Note: After writing up the first post, I recently saw a picture of my entire family.  All four of us were sitting in a professional studio taking a family picture.  There we were, sitting together all smiles.  I looked so young and skinny.  My brother was tiny.  Yet, we looked like one big happy family. 
Maybe we played it up for the camera, or maybe we truly believed everything was going to all right with our family of four. 
We were wrong…
The Incident
As I wrote before, my father progressively got more and more violent and angry.  So, much so, that I realized he changed.  He was no longer really my father, but someone I deeply feared.  Not to really be too writer(ry) but he become a monster of sorts. 
If I didn’t do something correctly, I’d get the belt. 
I believe this happened around my first year of middle school. I could be wrong. 
One school night, my mother I believe was out at the store.  It was late, and I believe my brother and I stayed up a little too late…way beyond our bedtime.  
I remember my father yelling at us to go to bed.  He was REALLY pissed at this point.
Why was he filled with so much rage tonight?  Why was it so important for us to go bed? 
My brother and I had different rooms.  In my doorway, there stood my father belt in hand.  We got into an argument as I lay in bed. 
“I said go to sleep!” father yelled out.  After stating this, he swung his belt downward, striking me in my bear legs. 
The pain was instant and greater than beating I’ve ever had before.  As the tears ran down my cheeks, I looked up at him.  He was out of control.  I was looking at someone that wasn’t my father anymore.  He hated me and he wanted to do me harm. 
“Stop it!” I yelled back, holding my legs. 
“I said, go to sleep!” he spat back to me.  He followed this up with a harder strike from his belt. 
The strike was one of the worst things I’ve ever felt. 
It was at this moment that a hundred thoughts went through my mind.  The hate was really strong in mind.  I actually remember all the times he called me a “dummy” or threats of physical violence.  I remember every time he didn’t want to be bothered with me.  I also remember the recent beatings.  This all came to me as the pain ran through my body. 
I had to make decision at this moment.  Was I going to let this monster continue to strike me and perhaps turn on my younger brother?  Or Was I going to stand up to him? 
The pain was even worst.  Damn, the pain. 
This had to end one way or another. 
“Stop it!  Stop it!” I yelled. 
He struck me again.  And that was the final straw.  I leaped from my bed and on to him like a cat.  I started to punch him with my 12-year-old fists.  I really can’t remember where I punched him, but there were numerous. 
Sadly, this was a powerful and fully-grown man.  I wasn’t even a teen yet. 
My fruitless punches stopped. Because I felt a hard force come down on me.  I felt pain and a blackout.  He hit me a few times.  The blows were so hard that the strength just pushed me down to the floor.  These punched were far more powerful than the belt strikes. 
I am not sure what was worst, the physical pain or the mental pain of being beaten down.  I lay there on the floor crying. 
“James, are you okay?  I’m sorry.  Get up,” my father said.  His voice had softened at this point.  There was concern in his voice.  He had finally realized the severity of what he did. 
He touched my arm. 
I quickly shrugged his gesture of “goodwill” off.  “Get away from me.  Just get away,” I managed to say through the pain and tears. 
He quickly left my room, and I managed to crawl back into the bed.  I encased myself with my covers as if they were force shields.  The tears still flowed. 
I heard his footsteps throughout the house.  They were hurried footsteps.  A few minutes later, I heard twin latches to a suitcase open for a few moments and close.  I heard his voice. 
“I’m going away for a while.”
With that statement, I heard him run down the stairs and through the front door.  He started up his car, and I heard the sound of his car driving off. 
Even with the sharp pain to my head, there was a sense of relief.  The monster was gone. 
In the distance, I heard something.   Sniffling in the other room.  My brother was crying because he heard everything.  EVERYTHING.  I wanted to get out to the covers and console him, but I was too afraid to leave my bed.  
So, we lay there crying. 
With all the horrible things that happened that night, this was a major turning point in all of our lives.  In some ways, our lives turn out for the better. 
  I’ll get into what happened next time, but this has been really intense for me to write this.

The Muppet Show: The Star Wars episode

The Muppet Show: The Star Wars episode
Holy, crap I actually remember watching this way back in the day. I remember every kid talking about the Star Wars characters appearing. I checked the wiki for some interesting stuff. The Holiday Special was only other thing that we got to see actual live SW characters before ESB.
-The sheep counting joke was kind of funny.
-It does feel a little strange to see R2 and 3PO interacting with Kermit the Frog.
-I actually remember the running gag with the sheep too.
-So wait, Mark Hamill plays Luke and Mark Hamil(?). Will the universe fold in on itself?
-Luke is wearing his Empire Strikes Back uniform. That's pretty sweet, but I am sure confusing to younger me, because ESB wasn't released yet, and he didn't wear this in A New Hope.
-I am sure Harrison Ford wanted NOTHING to do with this episode after The Holiday Special. He was even grumpy back then.
-Hamill actually shows off his voice talents by mimicking characters almost spot on. Hamill is known as a very good VO actor over the years, so it is fun to see it here.
-The Fish Song bit: This is very impressive.
-Pigs in Space: Well, you knew the SW people would crossover with this skit. Pigs in Space was a skit that parodied Star Trek, so this is sort of a ST/SW crossover.
-Chewbacca minus his sash: Did he lose it in a bet? It just seems really strange seeing him without it.
-Chewbacca and R2 dancing: I hope to never see that again. JJ, please make sure this doesn't happen.
-C3PO dancing: I am guessing this is a different costume from the one he wore in A New Hope, because he actually moves extremely well. I remember watching the Behind the Scenes of A New Hope and witnessing Anthony Daniels falling down a lot or not being able to move that well.

-The Disney Castle shows up at the end. This is very amusing because Disney now owns both the Muppets AND Star Wars.  

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Ted Cruz booed off stage...

Ted Cruz booed off stage...
Well, that was awkward. I kind of like that he came in there thinking he had their side. You can't lump everything into one thing, Ted. I am not a religious person, so I am not sure what is going on, but damn that's a tough crowd. Anyway, here's the full “speech”.

The only thing missing was rotten fruit being thrown.  

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Father’s Day: A tale of violence and anger (Part 1 of 3)

Father’s Day: A tale of violence and anger (Part 1 of 3)
Because I am reading some troubling things in the news about Ray Rice and people actually siding with him and covering up the fact he nearly killed his now wife is troubling.  When someone almost tries to kill you, you DON'T go around marry him or her. Keep in mind he beat her down and her head hit the metal railing. If she hit it a little bit harder, she'd be dead or worst.
You don’t reward this behavior by having them in your lives.  We aren’t talking about the fact the victim married this monster and people are okay with it.  We are talking about this in the black community and it is troubling. 
Before we get into that.  I felt I needed to share a very personal story that happened to me. 
From the start…
Let’s go back to the beginning.  I was a troubled child growing up.  I had difficulty learning and speaking.  I was a stutter and I had to take speech sessions while in school.  I also had learning disabilities growing up.  However, I was also a black kid that grew up in the suburbs of East Louisville, which meant my parent made enough money for me to live in the suburbs.  These sorts of things made me an outsider.  So, I spent many days watching TV and playing games. 
I got over many of my learning difficulties, but was still an outsider that couldn’t relate to people.  So, I turned inward.  My parents worried about me and tried to force outside school activities on me such as Karate (a few sessions until they gave up) Softball (Never hit the ball and HATED playing) and Football (never got to play and HATED it.  I probably have a lower opinion of this game and the players than anything else).  It quickly became apparent that I was not a sports guy, so they moved to into music and the middle school band.  That actually worked.
The one person that was a part of this notion forcing me to be a “tough” guy was my father.  My father, when I was growing up, was never a happy man.   Like my mother, he came from college parents and siblings that had college degrees.  All his brothers and sisters had very good jobs.  On the other hand, my father graduated from college, but only ended up being a security guard at various places.  I remember he worked at a store and a prison in Oldham County.  When he would come home from his prison job, he wouldn’t really talk to us.  He’s sit in front of TV and drink an 40 oz. 
I just remembered he was always angry. 
When I would ask him for help or try to help him fix something, I’d get a “Just go away” or “Get out.  You’re not helping.” 
Fuck you.
And, now I realize it wasn’t just anger, but disappointment.  Our mother was the breadwinner when it came to making money.  She was a teacher.  He was merely a security guard that did nothing with his degree.  Keep in mind, he was a baby boomer and still held on notions that the father should make the most money.  Deep down, I believe he didn’t want to be a father either, and clearly the marriage really wasn’t a loving one when I reached middle school. 
This anger manifested itself in bad ways. 
I was a victim of child abuse (IE violence)…serve child abuse.
My father used to beat us for the most minor of infractions. If you stayed out too late, you got beat with a belt or a stick.  We didn’t make our beds, beating.  We got a call from the teacher, beating. 
The fear my brother or I would have when we heard that belt buckle was beyond describing. But, you see, this was and is an acceptable way of disciplining your children in the black community, in their eyes. If a kid acts up, you beat the living shit out of them.  It is plain and simple as that.  It is passed down from each generation. 
Keep in mind he was an imposing and powerful guy.  He had so much anger and hatred for being a father too. He was not a good person.  Sometimes, I felt he enjoyed striking us down with his belt.  Even the mere threat of beating us down seemed to give him joy.  Maybe this was the only way he felt power. 
How can someone be so mean and cruel still call himself a father? 
Let's just say this went on for a while. However, my father started getting progressively and progressively more violent. He would lose his temper quickly and even almost raise his hand to my mother. At one point, I remember my mother having to push him back in the house, while we waited in the car, because he wanted to grab us and beat the living shit out of us for something we did. That was the moment when I knew something bad was going to happen soon.
That’s the thing with violence.  It doesn’t die down, it gets worst until someone gets hurt or dies. 
A major act of violence pretty much changed our lives forever.  And, I will go into great detail in the next post. 
End of Part 1 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

This is a story about a woman and a motorcycle

This is a story about a woman and a motorcycle
From the Huffington Post, ((A Florida woman is being fingered for lewd and lascivious behavior after allegedly masturbating on a motorcycle in her garage, while the door was open. ))
Really smooth move there, Huff Post. I am usually the one making the charming puns, but you “slid right” in and “beat” me to it. Damn it. Yes, this happened in Florida...again. It is like the mixture of heat, George Zimmerman, the drug trade, turtles and old folks really brings the collective crazy out of people.
I would be shocked by this story if it weren't for Rule 34.
Basically, this Katherine lady was found masturbating inside her garage on top of her motorcycle. In front of the neighborhood...with the door open.
From the Smoking Gun, ((Another Pine Cone Trail resident, Nicholas McRay, told cops that he also saw the woman masturbating while sitting backwards on the motorcycle. McRay, 45, said that “there was kids around and he yelled at the Defendant to shut the door.” The woman, McRay added, “got up and shut the garage door.” ))
It is not know if she finished her “waxing”. Anyway, I've heard of men doing this sort of thing, but not women usually.

Random Stuff

Random Stuff
~Stop asking for change and dollars, random people: I was at a stoplight in my car. I had my right window rolled down because I didn't want to use the air. A random, kind of scruffy looking, dude on the sidewalk decided to ask for money for his bus ride only because he saw that my window was down. Come on, dude, just leave me alone. That really bugs me. I hate when people make a b-line toward you when they want to ask for change. I want to wear a t-shirt that says, “Honestly, I am broke. So, I have no money. Stop asking!” For me, I get asked for two things 1 a lighter and 2 change. Do I look like I am a smoker or a rich guy?
~Haley Joel Osment: My you have changed. Huff Post posted a picture of HJO looking a little...different. Can he pull off that Sora voice in the Kingdom Hearts III? I am not sure. Anyway, this picture was taken from a movie called Yoga Hosers .
~The New Batmobile: I actually like the design. It is a cross between the 80s one and the 2000 one. I really like it a lot. I just feel a little weary about the way DC is handling their universe. And, just showing a new car still doesn't make me feel better about the movie. And, I am still not sure ONE director should be involved with the entire franchise.
~Michael Rapaport vs. Spike Lee: I am not really a fan of either one, but damn Rapaport did rip into him and rightfully so. However, I have to disagree with the kickstarter jab. You don't have to put your own money into a project, but you have to right to. The reason I say this is because there has been a public funded kickstarter against patent trols via podcast and the guy behind it very rich (he also put his own money into it too). Lee called him stupid and Rapaport called him a shit stain. What's even funnier is that they both worked on a movie together. Bamboozled. This is has been going on for a while.   

Probably the most revealing thing I've ever written...Delete or Publish

Probably the most revealing thing I've ever written...
I currently have a half written blog sitting on my PC and I am wondering if I should publish it or not. It is probably the most I've ever revealed about myself ever on this blog.
However, the other side of me feels I need to publish it given the current trending story about a certain ball play makes this story important and hopefully save some lives.
However, I keep going back to if I should even begin writing about this point in my life. (it will be in three parts over a few weeks, but still...) It is the most personal post I've EVER written.  Doe is even matter?  
I've revealed it to only a select few and actually be damaging to a few.  So, I'm on the fence.  
I'm sitting here looking at the half post. Should I finish it and publish it? Hmm

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Bonus Video Ooh Mama

Okay, I like Tim and Eric, but I couldn't get finish their movie. I probably only laughed at the Will Ferrell bits in that movie. It takes a lot to get into T&E.  
Here's another video 

Celery Man

Lemongrab Vent Harassment

Lemongrab Vent Harassment
This character might be the best troll character ever made.  I vaguely knew about this character via Reddit, but I had no idea he was this funny.  Some of my high school friends used to come up with annoying characters like this when we would brainstorm stuff. 
I did I read through Lemongrab via the Adventure Time wiki and I really love this character. By the way, this character EATS other versions of itself. WTF?
By the way, I love the people that know exactly who it is in the last vent.

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Ratchet vs. white dude

Ratchet vs. white dude
This has officially made me laugh.  No one wins in this video, but damn it was funny. 
I saw something like this happen just yesterday.  I was near the U of L campus and witnessed a black dude (perhaps a black hipster) supposedly cut off a black woman inside a store.  The store is very cramped and small, so you have to turn sideways to when walk pass someone.  The woman had a couple children.
She shouted, “You could have said excuse me!”
He came back with, “I did.”
“No you didn’t.  You better show me some respect!”  She was literally shouting from across the store at this uninterested guy.  She kept shouting. 
Who cares if a total stranger does or doesn’t show you respect?  I just think it is a waste of energy to get upset with some guy because he cut you off.  If he took poop and rubbed it in your face, then get angry.  But, this is just some strangely dressed black dude with questionable taste giving you a hard time. 
Do we have to encounter people THAT fit the stereotype?  
 Can't we solve some incidents without shouting and being ratchet?
I'm not talking about the Transformer. 

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