Thursday, February 14, 2019

Please Bring Clippy Back: #BringClippyBack

I talked about good old Clippy a few weeks back. As I spent countless hours writing shitty novels and stories,  I would see Clippy resting at the bottom of my Word program. He would look back at me and turn into shapes or get bored and sleep.  People hated the little bugger, but I enjoyed his company.  MS removed him years later and even made a series of videos mocking him.
While searching for more info, I came across this cool music video.
So, I clicked on it and it is a rather amusing video about Clippy being pushed out of the Internet world.  You can see other things from that era as well. And, yeah, I had those pipe screensavers. Twitter and other newer things have pushed him out.  He sees the memes and porn floating around.  He then hacks the entire Internet and takes over everything.  He even launches the nukes and destroys the world.   
Let's bring Clippy back before he destroys the world.   
Side Note:  I talked to an MS employee a few months back.  I should have brought this up.  

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Child sticks sparkler into manhole: Explosions!

Child sticks sparkler into manhole:  Explosions! 

Rule number one:  Never stick something down a dark and wet hole without knowing what is in there.  Number Two:  Did you ever watch It?  Having a young child with any fireworks isn’t a good idea.  All joking aside, the kid turned out okay.  Damn.  I am guessing either Pennywise or Teenage Mutant Turtles are pissed you blew up their home, damn kid.  
"WTF, dude?"

Monday, February 11, 2019

Update: On Just Destiny on Keemstar

Update: On Just Destiny on Keem
Well, this was just lovely. I give Kem credit for holding JD's feet to the fire. And, I believe YouTube needs to crack down on people making false copyright claims as well. JD freely admits that he misused the copyright system, but refuses to release the claim. The kicker is the claim gets released in 30 days anyway.
If you feel it is bullying, then flag it down, but don't use the copyright. The fact he doesn't understand this notion amazes me. Even Zoe Quinn backed off when she misused the copyright system.  If Lt. Cobra just uploaded the entire thing, then JD has a case, but not this mess.  

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Big YouTuber takes down smaller one and threatens legal action...

Big YouTuber takes down smaller one and threatens legal action...
On a 15-year-old...Just Destiny, stop this nonsense. Your feelings were hurt and you decided to pull a MundaneMatt/Zoe Quinn and strike down a video using a copyright claim. The kicker is you ARE a video commentator yourself thus using copyright material as fair use. Is your ego so bruised that you can't see the hycristicsy?
To be fair, here is an interview with JD. He comes across as an entitled 20-something.
For shits and giggles, here is an upload of the video he took down.
Sorry, JD, but this falls under fair use just like your shit. Come on, JD. You were triggered by a freaking teenager still in high school. It doesn't matter. They're a teen. Who cares?

You need to stop this and take back the false claim and apologize.


Old Dude Shoots Trucks' Tires: Grumpy old man being grumpy and old.

Old Dude Shoots Trucks' Tires: Grumpy old man being grumpy and old.
I love this video so much. It sums up Florida in a nutshell. The pissed off dude just calming shots out the tires of an AT&T truck and proceeds to shoot the engine of another truck. The employee just calmly reports the incident with little to no stress in his voice. This is pure Florida. The mundane is crazy.
So, why did this happen?
From ((They said, ‘We’ll move in a few minutes. We’re just working on the poles. We’re supposed to be here,'” Zogby said. “He went back into his house, came out a few moments later with a gun and started firing at both AT&T trucks that were on the scene.” ))
The old dude didn't want the trucks in front of his house. Instead of waiting for them to leave, he decides to make it worse for himself by disabling the trucks. Doesn't that make any sense? You're hurting your cause.
This dude wasn't a retired thug or crime boss, he was a retired firefighter. He does have an excuse...He admitted he went bananas. That's your defense?
Florida man, Florida...
This shit is bananas.

Saturday, February 09, 2019

Did we find our 37 Jurno meme connection?

Did we find our 37 Jurno meme connection?

Do we have a match?
She seems to be an activist Jurno. While I am left-leaning, I read through her Twitter and seems to be into strong woke causes and activist activities. It must be unnerving to go through life and have a cause to fight for every five minutes. Damn, Twitter has made us unpleasant people to be around all the time.  Do have to wake up in a punch Nazi mood every minute today?  
Anyway, there is another woman that looks like the meme picture too. It is a blending of the two people?  

Russian Doll

Russian Doll

With an uninteresting name, if fitting, Russian Doll is a funny/dark reality/time-traveling series on Netflix. It is a twisted Groundhog Day and Happy Death Day with a bit of Quantum Leap. You can also throw in Final Destination in there with the reset idea.  With some issues with the last episode, the series overall is pretty entertaining.
Blending sci-fi with comedy and dark drama, this is not a show you could get away with on a normal network. It would take a Netflix or HBO to get away with this sort of blending genre.
Netflix released the Bandersnatch episode which has a lot of similarities to Russian Doll. She is a videogame coder just like the main character in Bandersnatch. The videogame analogy is also similar to the Bandersnatch episode. I find this intriguing due to both shows hitting on the same vibes. Both shows also use the strange "time-resetting" premise as a way to look into the darker sides of the human condition.
Natasha Lyonne is very good in this series and she is basically the lead in the series. She is cynical and reckless, yet very likable too. She's flawed but has some redeemable aspects to her. Lyonne is simply born to play this character. If I had one issue with her is that this is just a slightly more upscale version of her character from Orange is the New Black.
Charlie Barnett is the other lead, so to speak, you just aren't supposed to know it yet. I am not going to reveal the twist with his character, but it is a nice giant twist going into the mid-season.
-Groundhog Day Remix: There are clear allusions to Groundhog Day and they're too numerous to point out in this review. One of the biggest ones is the homeless man that keeps showing up early in the series and she tries to save his life.
-Making fun of Hipster and New York culture: The party she resetting to has a bunch of these trendy yet disconnected of artistic people that aren't really her friends.
-Who is controlling the resets and deaths?: The show really implies that there is something bigger controlling the deaths. Is it death like Final Destination or God-like in Quantum Leap?
While I wanted more sci-fi elements with this series, I am fine with the show focusing in on the characters and their history with others and childhood. I even like the dark almost Silent Hill style the series takes on in the last portion of the series. However, it is the weakest part.
Russian Doll is a nice breath of fresh with its mixture of a sci-fi idea and its real-world setting. The two leads are good and work well together given their different outlooks in life. The show ends on a hopeful yet different premise from the beginning. I give this show a guarded recommend because some of the more personal and relationship storylines might turn people off.
Grade: B
Black is the new black..or black is the new orange.  

silver streak bathroom scene

Silver Streak was one of my favorite movies growing up. One, it had trains in it. Two, it had Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder. They worked well together. Recently, I rewatched this movie and this scene came up.  I love this scene.  
You know they couldn't do this blackface scene today. The number of hashtags and protests would be crazy. Part of the joke is that they're actually making fun of the white guy and sheer absurdity of the situation.
Watch the extras as Gene comes out of the restroom. They have some varying reactions. One guy cracks a smile.  I've never noticed that.  Pryor's reaction to seeing Gene's jive-strutting is priceless.  
Interesting fact about the black-face scene. From IMDB, ((When the scene where Grover (Richard Pryor) puts the shoe polish on George's (Gene Wilder's) face to make him appear to be black was first filmed, a white man walked in and believed George was black. Richard Pryor was uncomfortable with the scene, and felt it would be funnier if a black man walked in and is not fooled at all. Pryor asked Arthur Hiller for a re-shoot, but Hiller refused. Pryor walked off the set and refused to return to filming until the scene was changed. Hiller relented and Pryor's idea was used for the final cut. ))
I have to agree with Pryor on this one. It works better and fits into the reality of the movie more than a white guy thinking Gene's character was black. I also like that a black man tells him “You have to be in a lot of trouble in you look like that.” I wasn't aware that the scene was changed. I guess we'll never see the alt-take with the white dude.  

Thursday, February 07, 2019

Oliver Cheetham's Saturday Night and Michael Gray's The Weekend

I was listening to Oliver Cheetham's Saturday Night and noticed a certain part at the end the song that sounded familiar to another newer track. I had forgotten about this song, but it is very cool. Cheatham released this song in 1983, but it sounds like a track from the 70s. In 83, pop music was clearly shifted away from this boogie disco era into something new.
The “I can't wait” hook is reused in Michael Gray's The Weekend song. Gray used this hook as his entire chorus part. It is a nice connection given both songs are about wanting to party on the weekend/Saturday.  Cheetham also has credit for The Weekend.  
From the Wiki Page, ((The song adapts the line, "I can't wait for Saturday to begin," from "Get Down Saturday Night" by Oliver Cheatham, who is co-credited as a writer.  ))
There is also a chord progression re-used from Daft Punk with a similar beat and base listen below.

Mercedes Carerra arrested

Mercedes Carerra arrested 
During GG, she was one of the most outspoken voices from the pro-GG side.  She was also known for being a pornstar with an engineering degree.   She hung up her engineering job for the “jizz biz”.    Some serious allegations.  The police arrested her and her shit bag hubby without bail.   
From Vlad TV, ((Adult actress Mercedes Carerra, real name Melinda Smith, 35, and her boyfriend Jason Whitney, 43, were arrested and charged with eight counts each of sexually abusing a child under the age of 10. They were also charged with one count of possession while armed with a handgun.  ))
When it comes to this sort of thing, they should get the full sentence.
You better believe the story will be more about her ties to GG instead of being a predator and having victims.  The narrative should be how this incident will hurt all sex workers. It certainly seems these two will be going away for a long time hopefully. For every Folding Ideas JewWario or Devin Faraci, you have to also call out your side as well. If someone f's up, you have to call them out regardless if they have the same views as you do.
Crappy mugshot?  Check.
No matter how much you try to bury your terrible issues, including harming people, they will surface to destroy you. Just look at Jared from Subway.
Side Note: Once again, Twitter has come back to haunt someone later. When are people going to learn that Twitter is NOT your friend?  

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