Sunday, April 20, 2014

Darwyn Cooke's Batman Beyond

 Darwyn Cooke's Batman Beyond
This just goes to show you that DC animated shows are still better than the DC live action series. They seem to really understand the power of DC's universe. I love that they got Kevin Conroy and Will Friedle back to reprise their roles. This sweet short is a tribute to the 75th anniversary of Batman.
I also love they brought back the HARDAC androids as the bad guys. I'd always hoped they would bring them back for Justice League.

There are Tim Burton, Dark Knight Returns, Brave and the Bold robot Batmen in the bunch. Plus, the original version of Batman from the first comic book.   (Yeah, there is an Adam West version too, but I didn't want to mention it."

Friday, April 18, 2014

Spare some change?

Drug users and drunks: I've been to the same gas station in one week and been asked for handouts by disheveled older men. If you really want to piss me off, ask for money by creeping up on me. One guy got really pissed when I refused to give him money. Why? You're the one asking a complete stranger for some cash. There are times when I truly hate human contact and I get a little miffed when someone comes up to me to talk especially when its about asking for change to feed your habit.
The second time happened when I drove up in my car to the pump. There was an older man with a cane moving pretty fast up toward the pump. I knew he was going to ask for change because he seemed a bit drunk. Pissed, I sat in my car waiting for the old man to pass, so I didn't have to interact. He started to move slower as if to wait for me to get out of my car.
I sat there...waiting for him to pass. He refused and stopped walking. So, he started yelling at me! “A-a...can I have some change?”
He took the time to yell at me with my window rolled up. Getting more pissed, I just drove off and went to another gas station.
I know I shouldn't get worked up about this sort of thing, but there are times when I want to reduce my interaction with humanity as a whole.  Boom, there are people that will go out of their way to ask you for change.  It also pisses me off that they think I am mark that will be willing to give cash to them.  
I've had that family member with substance abuse problems asking me for handouts too, and I know directly where that change is going. So, that gets me worked up too.
I am not a bleeding heart liberal, but I think people do need a helping hand.  I just don't want my money going toward someone's habit, which is the reason I hate panhandling.  

Kid takes on girl bully and wins

Kid takes on mean bully girl...
I hate bullies and this video is just sweet justice. I've always stated that people need to defend themselves even when they know they're going to take a L. You make it hard for the bully to keep coming back to the point it is too much work kicking your ass. And, plus it builds character to know that you're taking up for yourself.  
What kind of parenting is taking place in the girl's home? Something tells me not much.
Some people have attacked the bus driver for not stopping the fight. Given bus drivers are always attacked in these situations, she did the right thing by calling the cops.
Why didn't the brother intervene when his sister was attacking the fat kid? He got all tough when the fat kid turned the tables and but her in a choke hold. You should have stopped your sister from attacking red shirt guy. How much you want to bet the parents of the girl and brother will blame the bus driver instead of their own kids?
I love the attitude the fat kid has after he settles her down. “You okay?”
Side note: Why is this being taken down from YouTube, but other far worst videos are still up? 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

US Airways: That Maybe the Worst Twitter post ever...

US Airways: That Maybe the Worst Twitter post ever...
Well, they don't call it a landing strip for nothing (NSFW!). So, a woman kept sending complaint tweets to US Airwways, and she got this tweet back in response. It is of a woman sticking a toy plane in her v-jay-jay. Is this part of the service that US Airways provides for its first class flyers?
So, the company is claiming the twitter picture was merely a mistake. From Washington Post, ((“No, absolutely not,” Miller told The Post via telephone from Fort Worth, Tex., where the company is based. “It was an honest mistake.” ))
Do we really think this was a mistake? It was clearly someone that snapped and wanted to get back at a customer that they thought was bitching too much. So, they tweeted out that strange picture. I have to give US Airways credit for trying to convince everyone that it was a mistake.
By the way, I've been trying to find a censored enough picture to post on this blog, but even the censored ones are a bit much. 
I will never look at toy planes the same again.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Ultimate long

The Ultimate Warrior
I was surprised to hear that Warrior died because I thought he was in good health given he stayed in shape. However, I've had a love/hate relationship with The Warrior. On one hand, he was a hateful conservative that hated gay people. On the other hand, his nonsense speeches and comic books were a comedic goldmine. He was considered a strange joke on the Internet and myself included gleefully made fun of him on this very blog for years.
 Before all that, I grew up watching Hulk Hogan in the WWF. Then, the Ultimate Warrior came along and attempted to take some of that thunder away from Hulk. He was bigger than Hulk, but he wasn't a good wrestler. So, he sort of faded from WWF. Heck, I watched the WWE special on the guy via Netflix.
While I didn't agree with him, I give him a sendoff. Thanks for all the entertainment in and out of the ring. 

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Part 2 of 2)

The other thing that really works in this movie is the interaction between the characters and the character development. Captain America works for Shield, but he doesn't always like the way they do things. He especially disagrees with Nick Fury. This Cap is not as gun-ho as the Ultimate Universe version. Chris Evans is outstanding as Captain America and seems much stronger in the role. And, he plays well off the other actors.
Anthony Mackie as Falcon turns out to be a good friend of Cap. They start out as playful rivals and become allies. Scarlett Johansson is another actor that receives an extended role. Johansson is not only sexy, but she kicks a lot butt. I hope we will see more of Mackie and Scarlett in the upcoming films.
Fury has an extended role in this movie far more than most of the other Marvel movie to this point. I dare say that he is the linchpin in the story. He sparks the adventure that Cap and Black Widow go on. And, he's played even better here by Sam Jackson. He and Robert Redford have nice scene together, but Redford almost steals the show as the head of Shield. I won't give away more than that.
The story is well-written despite a few leaps of faith. The acting is very good. It feels less like a superhero movie and more like a action spy movie. TWS plays tribute to the first movie without stepping on its toes or retreading. I've been really liking the Phase II of the Marvel Universe a lot and this one fits in the other movies in this phase. Good job.
Grade: A-
~Doctor Strange Mention: Yeah, I caught that. They are gearing up to a Doctor Strange movie.
~Agent Sitwell: You may remember that Sitwell has shown up in a few episodes of Agents of Shield and a few other Marvel movies. Nice touch of continuity there.
~Community actor appearance: I laughed when I saw Abed in a scene late in the movie

Fury:  "What's in your wallet? For real, I need a buck and 25 cents for a pop from the machine."

Monday, April 14, 2014

Game of Thrones: Well that was quick.

Game of Thrones: Well that was quick.
Killing off King Joffrey in episode two of Season 4 was kind of shocking. I already knew he was going to die during his wedding, but I thought the show was going to prolong it for at least the middle of the season. Nope, they actually did it. He ended up dying and getting what he deserved.
They call this the Purple Wedding, and I love that remark because that's what happens to Joffrey's face when he starts to choke. In the words of the Joker in Batman 89, “I'm glad you're dead.” Couldn’t have happened to a worst guy.
Up until the end, he was horrible little bitch-kid wasn't he?
Anyway, I am going to have to re-watch the last act of the episode in order to see if they actually reveal who the killer was in the background.
-The little people play: Yes, Joffrey did this just to insult Tyrion.
-Cup Bearer: I really felt bad for Tyrion when he kept pouring and handing the cup to the King.
-Don't get married in the Game of Thrones universe. Never get married, because everyone dies.
-Brienne is in love...again.

-Kudos to Jack Gleeson for playing one of the most hated villains of our time.   He will be typecast as Joffrey. 
-Well, Tyrion will get the blame for the poison 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Part 1 of 2)

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Part 1 of 2)
TWS is a well directed action movies and it is a nice follow up to the first movie. The movie flows at a nice pace. It is more like an action/spy movie than really a superhero movie. And, that's fine because we have Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 for all the superhero stuff. This movie is more about action and car chases. There are a few problems with the overall plot, which I won't spoil because it involves a plot twist. It is minor in the grand scheme of things. The Winter Soldier is a fine tuned machine and a nice action movie with some charming character moments.  
This sequel is directed by the new team of Anthony Russo and Joe Russo. Going in, I thought the movie would feel like a lite-reboot in the same manner as GI Joe II. However, they actually take great pains to reference the first movie directed by Joe Johnston . This movie does have a more modern film feel, but at least there are callbacks to the style of the first movie. Many of the references are in the form of flashbacks.
The movie also has a strong sense of the larger Marvel world that this story takes place. We get many mentions of Tony Stark and his family (also there is a strong implication about his father's fate that would changes Tony Stark if only he knew). There is a bigger world going on here with tons upon tons of hints and foreshadowing that DC only wished they could pull off. I know people are saying this movie stands on its own, but I don't think it does, and that's not a bad thing. You get a better understanding if you watch the other Marvel movies.
My other problem is the camera gets a little too shaky in the action scenes and you want to see some of the fighting involved. There are a lot of smooth moves from various characters in the close quarters fighting scenes, and some of them are almost ruined by the jerky camera and editing. However, that's not always the case for most of the movie.
As I stated before, the action scenes are very good and build upon themselves. The tanker/ship mission at the beginning feels like a cooler version of Metal Gear Solid 2, and I am sure that was their influence in this section of the movie. I should also mention that there is a sweet one on one fight between Captain America and and a MMA fighter. Another cool scene involves Nick Fury fighting off some bad guys in his modified up automobile. Another set-piece is the fight on the highway. Very cool. Take note, Michael Bay!
The movie is impressive to see on the big screen. Most of the CGI and practical effects are very well-crafted with little to no flaws. Again, I just wished the camera would stand still sometimes so we can witness the craftsmanship of the scenes firsthand. The mixture between the effects is outstanding.
I think the movie mixes the better aspects of both the Ultimate and Normal Marvel comic book versions of Captain America into a nice Movie Version.  

Captain America not only has super strength, but knockout farts.  When he clears a room, he clears a room. 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Well that was strange...

Yesterday, I was riding my new bicycle through an area near Downtown Louisville.
As I crossed an intersection, I rode a little bit more and I heard a horrible thud and scrapping sounds. There was a scream from a woman and a “oh shit”. I knew something horrible had happened. Someone just got hit by a car or something. I've heard the sound before.
I turned my head to see a shoe fall to the street and a shitty pink bicycle come rest. To the right of the intersection, a black teen laid in the street. So, this older teen had just been struck by a car...actually a big ass SUV. He had a female companion who also had a bike too standing on the sidewalk. She did nothing to really help her struck partner. The SUV hit him so hard that it knocked him out of his shoe and as well as off the bike.
To everyone's surprise, the teen got up. He actually leaped up as if being struck by a SUV was a minor discomfort for him. He grabbed his now messed up bicycle and shoe and headed over to the sidewalk to his female friend. They stood there for a minute.
I shook my head. I busted a U-Turn and headed for the guy driving the SUV, who was now calling the cops. I spoke to him.
He ran the red light and I hit him,” the older SUV driver stated to me. He was clearly shaken. “He refused to give me his name. And, he says he's okay. I need to call this in for insurance purposes. Look at the damage.”
There was some deep scratches on the hood where the bike impacted.
The teen and his female friend started to walk away as if nothing happened! The teen wanted NOTHING to do with the accident, which indicted he didn't want to talk to the cops. I guessed he was either high or had some warrants. The teen couldn't be bothered to stay around. How does one react in such a manner after getting hit by a damn SUV?
The teen and his friend made it about half a block before the cop showed up. We showed where the teen was located and the cop rolled over there to stop the teen. I left after that, but not before the driver of the SUV thanked me for staying with him until the cop showed up. I guess he just needed someone to talk to.
I am not sure what happened to the teen after that. That's just nuts.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Community GI Joe Episode (GI Jeff)

Community GI Joe Episode
The name of the episode is GI Jeff and I loved every minute. The people that made this episode pretty much loved the old show. I also got a kick out of them twisted the show into a strange mind trip that Jeff is going through via his childhood.  It is a good nostalgia episode that's for sure.  
My only gripe about the episode is that they didn't use the stock-music that they used on both GI Joe and Transformers.
-The Theme Song: Yeah, they got that right. They recorded a new song that pretty much sums up GI Joe.
-They even gave the episode an in-continuity Title Card, which is different than the one from the Community show. “Government Issue Jeff”
-Some of the main cast members from the show reprise their roles for the episode. Michael Bell came back as Duke.  It looks like Bill Ratner was playing Flint, but he isn't listed on IMDB.
-I love they talk about the fact Cobra attacks a tourist attraction site for no reason.
-Why is General Hawk siting in the crowd during the Court Martial? Shouldn't he be in the front of the room with the other commanders?
-Also, there is a wooden dummy and two Gun-Ho's in the crowd!: Is the wooden dummy a reference to Tekken?  
-Lip-sync mistakes.  The old show was full of them.  
-Destro gets killed.  Brilliant
-Three Kids:  Yeah, there are people that keep reminding you that they spawned kids.  
-I always hated Lifeline.  I think someone in the writer's room hated him too...
-No Transformers joke or Cobra Commander/Starscream joke?
-If you look closely, they even added the disfigurement of Cobra Commander's face when he starts to “fall apart” . He has multiple eyes. That's a nice touch, given that they revealed this in the 80s movie and not on the show.
 Yes, that's Dan Harmon as Sleep Apnea .  

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Toni Braxton” You're Makin' Me High

Toni Braxton” You're Makin' Me High
I remember watching this video back in the day. It is a very fun and funny video. I always like seeing these women rate all the men that come up the elevator and playing around. This song came out way back in 1996 when I was still a teenager fresh out of high school. Damn, the 90s songs are now considered oldies.
Wiki says that this song was meant for Brandy, but they moved it over to Toni instead. That's probably why it sounds like it meant for a younger singer. You can almost hear Brandy singing it.
By the way, some of things that Toni sings about is a bit dirty.  
-Toni Braxton in a skin-tight white suit: I am down. BTW, she's never looked hotter than she does in this video. Damn, girl.
-90s Computer E-mail: Yes, her laptop has some early text messages on it.
-Tisha Campbell: Yes, that's the lovely Tisha from Martin and House Party in the music video. I love her reactions to the men. She's really having a good time. I also like that she leaves with one of the men in the elevator!
-Vivica A. Fox Yep, the other one is Fox. What happened to VAF? She was in everything for a good minute. Again, another attractive black woman.
-Old Pimp: I love the fat pimp that shows up and making it rain.
-Pizza Delivery Guy: I also like that a random Pizza guy shows up.
-Best part: The nerdy white guy! I hope he got laid.
-Cotton Candy Room?: Does Toni own a bathroom covered in cotton candy? How much does this cost? Does she have to worry about ants?

-Zoot Suits: Yes, this was the era when Zoot Suits made a come back.  
Toni, call me...maybe?   

Monday, April 07, 2014

Going to see Captain America 2

Going to see Captain America 2 today...wish me luck.
Here's hoping that the storm doesn't effect the theater or my driving to get there.  

David Letterman Retiring

David Letterman Retiring
I was more of a Letterman kind of guy growing up mainly because he was more into doing skits and bringing in strange/fake guests. He felt more like SNL than Carson did. Carson was a showman and host, and Letterman was an entertainer/comedian. I also liked that he wasn't a company man either. He would make fun of the higher ups. I stayed up late sometimes to watch Letterman after Carson.
I thought he got screwed out of The Tonight Show when Leno took over. And, he found a home CBS. Ratings weren't as good as CBS wanted, but they made money off of the show.
I can see why Letterman wants to leave. From LA Times, ((While Letterman dominated the late-night ratings 20 years ago, his show is more of an also-ran these days. "Late Show" is edged out by Kimmel among young adults — and Fallon has a more than 2-to-1 lead there.))
I also think Kimmel and Fallon come from the Letterman school of hosting. Have bits and have an edge. It is interesting that they're beating him in the ratings. Part of that has to do with the Internet presence they have in promotion.
So long, Letterman and happy retirement.

Now, what is Paul Shaffer going to do with his time?  Blues Brothers 3000?   

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Ensign Hoshi is in a commercial

Ensign Hoshi is in a commercial

I was watching a news video and this video came up. I watched it and noticed the actress looked familiar. Then it dawned on me. It was Linda Park from Star Trek Enterprise! I was like, “Holy crap, that's Hoshi Sato.” Linda is into theater of late, but it is good to see her on these ads too. I also like that she hasn't distanced herself from the Trek fandom as she seems to hang out with some of her former cast-mates.
I always found Linda Park more attractive than the blown up lips and big boobed Vulcan female lead. I liked Jolene Blalock especially in the last two seasons, but I just felt the tight catsuits didn't fit well with the Vulcan way. I always felt like it was the Network saying, “This is what guys find attractive!” And, wouldn't kick Blalock out of bed either...I am just saying.  You don't need to put a woman in a tight suit to make her sexy.  

This guy stole a Mac Book (the blog)

I was watching a video of a woman nicking a Mac Book on You Tube and remembered there was a blog out there that had postings on a guy that stole a Mac Book. The theft robbed him and stole his computer. The kicker is that he had all kind of tracking information on the Mac Book and could see what the theft was viewing on his computer. (And, photos of the guy) 
So, why is this blog called Plumpergeddon? Because, the theft has a thing for “plumper porn”. Look it up yourself, but the name says it all. I won't Google that shit again.  
I spent some time reading the blog last year. To my surprise, the theft is still using the Mac Book without wiping it clean. Plumper Fan even knows that he's being tracked and posted about!
Of course, the cops won't even bother to get involved even though that the blogger has “binders” full of evidence. 
 I feel for the blogger because I've had something stolen from me last year that I'd love to have back. 

Friday, April 04, 2014

Random Things

Random Things
~Sorry about that: I still have some problems with my computer due some strange popup issues. So, I've been working on that instead of working on the blog. It is getting a bit annoying because there is no appearance of the virus on any detection system and I am only seeing a few posts about it. BTW, it doesn't effect anything Google related.
~GI Joe on Community: I am still waiting for to see the GI Joe episode on Community via On Demand. They haven't posted it on NBC via cable yet. I can't wait because I am a huge GI Joe nut and started watching some of the second season online. I love Community and it is good to see the show doing well creatively. Is it enough to keep it on air? I don't know. I am aware that Hasbro worked with Community to make the episode, so that means some licensed material with show up in the show.

~Mozilla has lost its CEO: First off, how did he not think he could get away with it? Donating 1K to an anti-gay law seems a bit much. While he has the right to spend his money way he wants, people also have to the right to complain about it too. Given that he is the leading person for a company, his views could actually hurt the company because people won't support it. That's where the problem dwells.  

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Shannon Tweed has a video game? What?

Shannon Tweed has a video game? What?
This came up in my YT feed, and I had to click on it. I have no idea how this “shooter” game is connected to late-night skin-a-max actress Shannon Tweed. It is clearly a game for people that are bored sitting someone and want to micro-manage something.
Shannon was known for taking her clothes off in almost every shitty movie she was in back in the late 80s and 90s. (Yes, before porn on the Internet, you had to seek out the skin-flicks on late night, and Tweed and  Julie Strain starred in a lot of them. )
Now what does this have to do with a video game? I am not sure, but it just seems odd. The people that would buy a “clicker” VG aren't the same people that would even know who Shannon Tweed is from the get go. By the way, this “game” has been out for a while.
“Finally, someone has come up with a Shannon Tweed video game!”
Also, it seems like Shannon is disinterested in even voicing the main character. Why connect this game to Shannon Tweed?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Well, it certainly looks likes a Michael Bay film even though he didn't direct it. I didn't think it was as bad than I thought it would be.
-The trailer implies that Turtles were created on purpose. It seems a little strange, but I am okay with this strange.

-The design of the Turtles seem a bit extreme and too big for my taste. They have Transformers-lumpy design, which I don't like.

-Megan Fox as April O'Neil: Yep, she seems bad, but she at least looks attractive. However, the actual pornstar April O'Neil actually looks the part. I do like the yellow jacket though. It is a nice throwback to the cartoon show.

-The clothing for the turtles seems more of a samurai design than ninja.

-Just a mask: Yeah, I never understood the reason behind the mask either even in the original show. And, it is played as a joke/lampshade. I know the reason. The design for the animated turtles were the same so they used colors to tell the different, but in universe it doesn't make sense. As the other shows went on, they designed the Turtles to look different from each other.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Waterfront Park flash mob attack

Waterfront Park flash mob attack
From, ((This past weekend on Saturday night, March 22, there were nearly 17 instances of assault, robbery, and vandalism that began at Waterfront Park. These instances sent at least six people to the hospital, and families left the Waterfront in fear for their safety and their lives. ))
It is getting to the point that these flash mobs are getting out of hand. And, the problem I keep seeing is that these violent crowds are mostly comprised of young black people. I pr actually live at the park, so you usually don't see this type of behavior. This is becoming a huge problem in the black community and has to be discuss instead of throwing it under the rug and calling it racist. We have to talk about the lack of parenting going on in this incident. I remember being a teen and never considered the attacking random people.
Basically, 200 “thugs” went around the Waterfront Park attacking people, stealing bikes, and jumping on cars. The worst part of the incident was this. From Courier, ((Just after 7 p.m., while still daylight, a band of teenagers attacked a 13-year-old girl because they wanted her sneakers, police said. A 40-year-old man came to her defense and was pummeled by the mob. ))
What kind of people beat up a 13 year girl and then proceed to attack a 40 year old man? People, we have to be better than this. We need to turn these people in and shun them. However, we still have this no snitching policy when it comes to these things.
Supposedly, these teens went to social media to organize the mob. Who thinks this is entertainment on a Saturday night? We need to start talking about this behavior and the attacks that happened.
I went to the Waterfront Park today to ride my new bike and the police presence was increased. I saw squad cars and cops on bikes. So, I feel a better about that. The problem is now anyone fitting that description will now get sideways looks. Plus, two of the “thugs” were arrested.
And part of me wants some of these punks to try something with me. However, I don't want to think that way.

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