Monday, June 10, 2024

Star Trek TOS Theme: The lyrics...Part 1 of 2

Did you know that the theme song for Star Trek TOS has lyrics?  I wrote about this years ago, but I wanted to bring up this interesting story again.  After telling a younger coworker about the story, I thought about redoing the tale behind the TOS theme song controversy.  Due to how interesting the story is, I will be breaking this up.  

I need to talk about the sheer shitty behavior of Gene Roddenberry.  Gene was an idealistic man who did believe in humanity, but Gene wasn’t that idealistic person in real life.  He screwed over a lot of people in his lifetime.  He was more like his creation, the Ferengi than he would admit.  Gene, while loyal to his friends, wasn’t a good person.  Back in the day, some people protected the image of Gene Roddenberry and didn’t bring up the darker sides of the man.  

Alexander Courage, a pipe-chomping film and movie composer, wrote the theme for Trek.  The song was inspired by the song Beyond the Blue Horizon by Richard Whiting, no not the abbot from the 1400s.  When you listen to it, you can tell that through the fast-moving backing music.  I can hear it now.  

I should add that Gene wanted Jerry Goldsmith to compose the theme for Star Trek, but he was unavailable.  Goldsmith suggested Courage.  

There are different versions of the TOS theme song depending on the season and episode.  Sometimes, there are vocals, without lyrics, that show up in the theme.  Some early episodes don’t have it.  They recorded the theme for the remastered version years later.  

During the first pilot, Courage wrote the theme and provided the “shoosh” sound for the Enterprise zipping by the screen.  Yep, that sound is of the composer just making up a sound for a warping starship.  Anyway, Gene, who was mad he wasn’t getting as much money for creating Trek, got wind of Courage getting royalties for writing the theme.  Like the Ferengi, he came up with a devious plan to screw over Courage and make some money.  

Gene could smell the money in music rights…

Wednesday, June 05, 2024

Previously On X-Men: What the hell was that?

The poor animation and bad lip-syncing are the best.  I am not sure why Iceman is running around in his underwear.  Someone give homeboy some pants.  Why are they burying mannequins under a pillar of ice?  What happens when it melts?  Why is Iceman running like he has poop in his pants?  

BTW, nothing moves the Blob!

Saturday, June 01, 2024

Doc Brown cameo in A Million Ways To Die In The West (HD)

I love these tiny cameos from other movies.  Given that marketing for this movie gave away the cameo in TV ads and trailers, the joke doesn’t come across as a shocking surprise.  What is even cooler, which someone noticed, Mr. Fusion is sitting on the side by the air vents of the DeLorean car.  It is the 2015 model. If you want to get even nerdier, the setting of this movie happened a few years before 1885. So, an older Doc ran into some trouble and got stuck a few years before his 1985 self got stuck there in 1885. Or, this is just a funny cameo.

The BTTF theme playing at the end is a nice touch.  

BTW, IMDB is reporting that the DeLorean in this scene is Seth MacFarlane’s custom-built car.  He just brought it in for the movie.  If I were a millionaire, I’d get one and Kitt and the A-Team van. 

Lady Rackets two years ago.

I swear the Al-G Rhythm for YouTube is unkind, trolling, and funny.  I was doing a completely different search and an old video from Internet clown Nick Rekieta came up from two years ago.  It is a video of a healthier version of his loving wife giving a healthy Nick a gift.  Despite being awkward, you can tell his wife loves him.  Flash forward to their pale and skinny appearances now.  

Time is unkind to people.  

By the way, look for my snarky comment. 

Monday, May 27, 2024

Nick Rekieta has f'ed up

Who has fallen harder, Daniel Larson or Nick Rekieta?

When I noticed the changes in Nick, the skinny weight and pale skin, I knew he was on something.  You don’t make these drastic changes unless you’re on some serious shit.  

After the Weeb Wars, I sort of stopped watching and moved on to other YT lawyers.  I noticed that he changed his views from being a centrist to a racist MAGA supporter. As he got more into booze, he started to get into the swinger communities.  He even took on a younger, hotter version of his wife in the form of a live-in girlfriend.  

Just because you idolize Trump now, doesn’t mean you can act like him.  You can not go around banging pornstars and still have a wife and kids…like Trump.  

Now, none of this matters because you put your children in danger.  Having cocaine and guns lying around in a dirty house is unforgivable.  This is all happening as he is drugged up having sex with a woman who is not his wife.  

It is fine to ruin your own life, but not to destroy your children’s lives as well.  Stupid, just stupid.  

Can he be forgiven for this horrible thing? 

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

DIDDY got beats? F', you Puff Daddy

P Diidy is a monster.  I used to like some of his music, but I liked some of the artists he was associated with more.  Then, the show Making Da Band came out and showed how much of an asshole he was.  Diddy pissed and ripped off a lot of people.  And, there is still talk that he had a connection in 2Pac’s murder.  

He beat this woman down like she was a man.  He kicked and threw things at her like a pimp would.  If I saw this in the hallway, Diddy wouldn’t be able to walk.  

People forget that Diddy beat up Nas’ manager Steve Stoute because Diddy had problems with a music video.  Hate Me Now used depictions of Jesus that Combs originally agreed to, but got upset when MTV showed the Jesus version.  He busted into Stoute’s office, with some help, and beat up the dude.  

Now, this guy makes an apology and throws around the word of God.  Sorry, Puffy, it is too late.

I think the Feds got him too, and it is only a matter of time before that federal hammer is coming down.    

Monday, May 20, 2024

Peter Coffin. WTF?

Remember, this was the guy who allegedly faked his own girlfriend to get back at a blogger.  I hate this guy.  When the winds of politics change, Peter Coffin will shift with it.

Peter Coffin is an interesting idiot.  He’s been on the internet just as long as I have.  Coffin shuffles in and out of different groups over the years.  He’s been a reality star wannabe to an Internet comedian.  Neither of those were successful.  When GamerGate came out, he morphed into an SJW comedian and cozied up to the Queen of GG Zoe Quinn.  Later, after his divorce from his mail-ordered bride, he went full communist and pissed off the woke left.  

Today, he’s shifted his beliefs to being GG-neutral.  Given the many faces of Coffin, I don’t buy this shift. Just like how Brianna Wu has shifted to center-left.  She was willing to piggyback on Zoe and Anita when GG was hot, but now she is too right to be an ally.  

I like that he's attacked the game journos today and mocks MovieBob. When even Peter Coffin can throw shade on you, you are a loser.

I don’t buy it, Peter.  You’re still beta as fuck. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Herschel "Boris" Weingrod in 720p

I don’t like some of the predator catchers in this video, but they caught someone just as bad.  One of the guys is the one who was on a drug-fueled binge and attacked a random woman.  Evil can only defeat evil.  

I can’t understand why these people want to chat with young girls.  Another Hollywood guy is allegedly caught trying to creep on a teenage girl, a decoy.  Some dude-bros show up, and he shrinks to a little old man.  

Did I mention that he’s 76?  

This entitled Rich Prick was a writer of some of my favorite movies growing up.  I just never noticed his name.  He wrote Twins, Brewster’s Millions, Trading Places, and Space Jam.  Now, he is also known for showing up in new media…some predator catchers.  

From a certain point of view, there are people actively trying to cover up his incident.  Something tells me he is having someone attempt to scrub the interest of his misdeeds.  You have to go back and check out the comments in his older videos thanks to the allegations.  This video has some of the best comments post sting.  Here is a ten-year-old proposal video from him, and the new comments are wonderful. 

Monday, May 13, 2024

Streamer Runs Someone Over While Live

The best part about the video is she is looking at the road, meaning her brain is in a drug haze… allegedly.  She hit the teenage girl so hard that she went over the hood of her shit-car.  And, I mean shit car because her dog takes shits and pees inside the car.  

As I watched this insane video, I realized the woman looked familiar.  It was the same stupid woman who pepper-sprayed her friend in the face on a livestream a few years back.  She was the melted Barbie doll that got arrested for the incident.  The stupid woman is named Vegan Patriot.  

From what I can tell, Vegan Patriot has fallen on hard times.  Seemly, she lives in her car with her meth-head boyfriend and hangs out with drugged-out friends, doing live streams.  She has crashed or near-crashed her car numerous times due to her being high as f’.  She looks worse now than she did a few years ago.  

Heck, there are clips of her smoking meth…allegedly.  

Heather Larson has compiled many of her clips.   

Thursday, May 09, 2024

you could stop at five or six stores

Over the years, this meme video has appeared in my feed…randomly.  

I love these random videos of these strange videos.  What is up with the 180 spins and pauses they all do after their lines?  Is this an acting technique?  BTW, this isn’t from a casting video.  It is from an acting class.  I am not making this up.  I have so many questions…

Why does this look like a video from the early 90s?  

Why is there a rejected Golden Girl in the mix? 

Why is there a woman named Beanie D'andrade?  And, I am attracted to her BBW body.  

Is this a testing ground for androids?  

If I were to pay for this shit, I’d want my money back.  I honestly don’t get it, and I can’t believe this isn’t a joke.  A lot of these actors have disappeared, and I can’t seem to find anything on them.  What happened to them?  Did Thanos snap them away?  

Tuesday, May 07, 2024

Fart Knocker ruins everything

I hate these guys that want to bother you, constantly and want to shove political shit in your face.  These protesters want to bring down an entire crowd and want to remind you how terrible the world is.  This hipster prick is annoying and keeps trying to cause problems.  Dude, go back to your shitty coffee shop and stop bothering people. 

Sunday, May 05, 2024

Daniel Larson arrested by the FBI

Well, Daniel Larson has F’ed himself this time.  The FBI has arrested him due to terroristic threats toward the government.  He has made so many threats to buildings that certain ones had to be cleared and tested.  Since this guy left all these videos on the Internet, the FBI can use this against him in federal court.  

Daniel’s real problem is little girls.  He has a PDF file issue.  If they find the videos of him checking out young girls without their permission, he’s looking at even more charges.  Keep in mind that the Feds don’t play when it comes to charging people.  If they get a hung jury, they will keep coming after you.  Think of Peter Bright.  

You get what you deserve, Daniel. 

Monday, April 29, 2024

Adam Sessler poops the bed

I was just looking up G4 shit, which is interesting because no one is talking about the G4 reboot.  Well, Adam Sessler got himself into trouble…again. I don’t care about all this political stuff, but it is amusing to see someone who should chime in get snapped back.  Remember, folks, he was an ally of anti-GG.  People have to remember that.  Right?  

Here is the best part, Adam is a millionaire.  None of this social media stuff means anything to him.  Sit back in your expensive apartment and sniff up your millions.  He got to do the one in his life he did enjoy, playing and discussing video games, and he fucked that up.  Here is this goblin creature sitting in front of his Twitter account making bad takes.  

The first step is to delete Twitter.  Now, touch some grass and get into a support program for your issues.  This is a successful man, who has a wife and lived his dream.  Why is he so unhappy?  

Was it Donald Trump or GamerGate that broke him?  

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