Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Drive while black

There have been some videos recently of black people, like myself being pulled over.  And, I see they the way they're handling things. 
First off, the same police rules don't apply to us. We are considered the enemy regardless of the action we take. Cops are always going to be a little bit more trigger happy than say a white person. They're looking for a reason to arrest us. Don't give them one.
Don't argue with them: We'll always lose no matter what. Remember, you're the enemy in their eyes and want nothing more than to arrest you. 
Yes, it shouldn't have to be this way, but this is reality.  
It's tragic to see Sam DuBose get shot and killed like that. But, WE have to be the ones to control the situation. We have to be aware that at any moment that cop is going to arrest or shoot you. He probably going to jail anyway, but he had to power to keep the situation calm by just complying with the officer. If you were wrongly arrested, sue them. Don't argue with the officer, because you will never win. They don't like us. We have to be the ones in control of our lives.
I remember the process LeVar Burton says he does each time he gets pulled over. We need to follow this every time.

Whoopi and Cosby

I am all for free speech, but Whoopi just needs to stop speaking for a while. It seems like she is hell bent on speaking her mind despite the facts. Bill Cosby has pretty much admitted her drugged and raped women. And, you don't settle unless there is some proof there.
In way, Cosby is bringing down Whoopi as well. Why, Whoopi, why?
Whoopi, there is proof now and you are allowed to change your stance.
I want that wise bartender from TNG, but she isn't really like that now.  

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Taylor Swift vs. Nicki Minaj

Taylor Swift vs. Nicki Minaj
I think Swift is boring and bland, but I thought her Set It Off video was fun. Somehow, Swift has gotten into some dumb feud with Nicki. Nicki decided to add her two cents to the thing.
However, I am starting to really dislike Nicki a whole lot. She seems so bitter for a woman that's been so successful and seems to snap at everyone. She got upset over nominations for the MTV Music Video Awards. MTVAwards, really? She aimed her strange anger over Talyor Swift. Like any other bitter person Nicki took to Twitter.
((If your video celebrates women with slim bodies, you will be nominated for vid of the year.))
First off, why are you upset over this shit? You've made millions off that shitty Anaconda song. Second, you CAN'T attack any woman for being skinny considering you USED to be that tiny, skinny woman early in your career. At some point you got a huge ass-implant and plastic surgery. With that hue fake ass, you made a video about women with huge asses. You can't take the high road as being a shapely woman.
I mean you can't say nothing when you were that very thing you're attacking and spent thousands to change said thing.
Like all twitter battles, it didn't amount to anything. Being the better woman, I can't believe I am saying this, Taylor squashed the feud and apologized. In the long run, I can see why feminists get upset over petty shit like this.
Sadly this just gives traction to MTV instead and we all lose. 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Dealing with depression

Dealing with depression
 Saturday, I got into such a bad mood and deep depression that I couldn't move or eat for a while. And, the sad thing is it stayed with me all day and night. I've never felt this way before and it shocked me how dark I got.
People close to me and co-workers are telling me to get counseling and I hear them. They're right, because I am at an all time low. Everything seems to be going to shit. I've had three family members die within the past six months. One hit me pretty hard and the other just ruined this year. Then, I am stuck in a job I am completely unhappy with to the point just being there makes me cringe.
However, there is another darker element that tells me things won't get better. Given the past event, I just not hopeful things will turn around for me. I feel a constant frown and just sadness.
Anyway, back to blogging.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Annie (2014)

First off, I was never a fan of the original Annie, but I wanted to see what an ethnically diverse version of Annie had to offer.  I know that Will Smith wanted a female lead character that people of color could look up to, but this movie fails at everything that I don't think young blacks will be interested.  So in that regard, the movie fails with getting that message across.  
It's the same damn movie with some names changed and the songs "updated" with some modern "flavor".  
I know this movie was spearheaded by Will Smith and I know that he wanted Willow Smith in the lead role.  Willow turning down the role was probably the smartest thing she's done since cutting off her hair.  
The movie has a white redheaded girl named Annie that behaves and looks just like the original.  Her classmates hate her and Annie B takes the stage and shows some attitude, basically saying, "This is not your father's Annie".  Then the movie proceeds to follow all the sappy tropes the original fell into.  
Jamie Foxx looks bored and sometimes embarrassed.  I know that they cast him because he can sing and act, but he doesn't really seem to be into the production.  Hey, he's better here than in Stealth right?  
I do like that the Stacks character is a media powerful guy that comes from new money.  I think having him be a bit of a Trump/Gates/Jobs was one of the smarter updates.   
With poorly redone musical cues and a bad script, somehow this remake comes across as being sappy and corny with a bad script.  The movie wants to play tribute to the original while as touching on the Pitch Prefect and Glee crowds as well.  It fails both crowds and just comes across as another poorly conceived remake that no one wanted.  And, in this time I don't think Annie works as movie given our jaded view of the world.
Grade: D

Oh Deer...

Oh Deer...
Please tell me this woman is putting one over on us. Trust me, I wish deer were smarter than to run out into traffic, but they're not.
On the other hand, I hope there are people this stupid out there.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

That Go commercial...

That Go commercial...
I truly hate that ad. I hate that ad so much. And, I truly truly hate that damn CGI face on the overweight woman (weight challenged). It keeps showing up at the gym I go to and I cringe every damn time I am there.
Are they humping the air with that stupid dance? WTF?
Why, Go Daddy, why would you make such an annoying ad for your product? 

  Damn it. Stop it. She has a damn Bilbo haunted face.


Wednesday, July 22, 2015



I didn't think I would like this movie at all, but I actually enjoyed it a lot.  Years ago, I questioned the very notion of a Ant-Man movie.  However, the concept of a guy that can talk to ants and shrink actually works.  While I am more into DC's The Atom, I don't believe DC could do it better. Plus, the FX and humor make this movie fun.
This is the second Ant-Man in the universe. Michael Douglas plays the first one. The second one is played by Paul Rudd.  Douglas' version had a lot of adventures back in the 80s and even worked with Tony Stark's father.  Douglas passes along the suit in order to stop a bad guy from reproducing the technology
The strongest thing to say about this movie is it knows it is silly and fully embraces it.  The movie is pretty damn funny and makes fun of the concept of Ant-Man. Everyone seems to have a smirk on their faces as they do this movie.
I wasn't fully on board with Rudd's casting, but the man has changed my mind.   Since he's the second Ant-Man, it makes more sense.  
-Strong Female character:  For all those people that put Joss through the ringer, this movie has a very strong female lead.  If had one gripe, it would be that she doesn't have as much screen time as I thought she would.  I'm sure there are a lot of scenes cut out for pacing reasons.   Evangeline Lilly is just wonderful in the part. We also get a bit of foreshadowing too with her character.
-Spider-Man Reference?:  Did we just catch out first Spider-Man callout ?  There is a remark about a guy that can crawl up walls.  Very clever, Marvel.  
-The Avenger Appearance: One member does show up and it is one of my favorite scenes in the movie. It is a nice tie-in to Avengers II.
-The Ants: Even the ants have character. We get to see Ant-Man work and train with ants.
-His relationship with his young daughter and her family:  It is refreshing to see a functioning extended family unit in the movie.  The stepfather isn't really that much of an asshole in the end.  
I was wrong about Ant-Man.  It does work as a Marvel movie.  While it isn't as charming as Guardians of the Galaxy, the third act is so cool that it make you almost forget the shaky first act.  Rudd and Michael Douglas have great chemistry together and it makes the movie fun. When you boil it down, this movie is fun and funny.
Grade: B

Monday, July 20, 2015


 Fury is one of those WWII movies that totally kicks ass. It is bloody, creepy and just an all around good action flick. There are some surprisingly epic battles and each one is interesting in their own right. The movie is full of battles and bloody scenes, and it has some serious subject matters.
David Ayer is the director and his work is outstanding here. The action scenes aren't shaky and the edits are clean cut. Even his non-action scenes aren't boring. When Bitt and another soldier encounters two women in an apartment, there is so much tension that it kept me at the edge of my seat.
Fury turns into an all out epic battle in the third act. And, it is a glorious battle.
-Brad Pitt is an bad ass in this movie. Sure he's in another WWII movie just like Inglourious Basterds , but I like him more in this movie. But, they are similar roles. Sometimes you don't know where he is going with his character. His character has a dark side, but does seem to care about his men under his command. Pitt is just an all around great actor.
-Tank Battles: I love the tank to tank battles in this movie. The way each team member has to work together to move and fire a tank is very interesting to watch.
-Shia LaBeouf : Okay, he's pretty good in the movie and barely recognizable. I guess he just needs a good director. Reportedly, Shia didn't shower for most of the filming of the movie. He almost got in a fight with a fellow actor while filming too. And, it seems he kept in character in most of the movie.
-Don't be a SS officer: In real life and in the movie, American soldiers hated SS officers and showed them no mercy. The movie does a good job showing how much the soldiers loathed SS guys.
Now, this is a tank movie I can get behind. I enjoyed the movie a lot and I think you'll like it too. Because it is a WWII movie, you know it won't have an uplifting ending. However, give the movie a chance.
Grade: B+

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Best Defense (!984)

Best Defense (!984)
Damn, this is a really bad movie. I vaguely remember seeing it on VHS way back in the day. I only remembered the Eddie Murphy scenes and I thought the movie was just an Eddie Murphy. I just re-watched the movie and it doesn't hold up at all. 
The movie is segmented into two strange stories that almost have NOTHING to do with each other. The movie tells these two stories in such a haphazard manner that it is jarring to see this movie all the way through. None of the Eddie Murphy parts have an impact on the Moore parts or vice versa.
In the beginning, the movie was one thing and then the studio completely changed the nature of the movie by adding all the Eddie Murphy scenes. The studio knew the Moore version of the film was a steaming (streaming) pile of poop, so they drastically changed the movie in post-production. The problem is they didn't even try to make the added scenes/story make any sense to the nature of the main/original story.
From AV (year of flops), ((Better yet, why not throw a couple million dollars at Eddie Murphy for a few days work as a wisecracking tank commander? That way the stakes would be nothing less than the life or death of America's brightest and most popular comic actor. ))
Murphy and Moore never interact with each. You would think the studio would at least try to put together these two funny men, which were at the top of their games in the 80s.
-Dudley Moore Story: You can clearly tell this was the main story. It is kind of a spy movie where plans gets thrown into Moore's hands and “comedy” ensues. And, his storyline is expremely bad and not funny.
-Iraq's invasion of Kuwait : All of the Murphy scenes are set in Kuwait. Later in the movie, the Iraq army invades Kuwait. This happened way before the REAL invasion happened in the first Gulf War. I think it is interesting that this movie predicted that invasion six years before the real one. There's nothing else that amusing though.
-Sexism to the extreme: I am not Anita, but the sexism from Moore's character and his friends is really bad even for 80s standards. He blatantly wants to cheat on his wife with his female boss and even touches his boss ass in public and she's okay with it. I'm all for 80s boob humor, but the sex stuff here just feels uneasy.
-Kate Capshaw : Man, she is bad in this movie too. However, she does hum the Indiana Jones theme in one scene as a callback to her role in the Temple of Doom. Both movies came out in 84.
The movie is a complete mess and doesn't hold up at all. Not even the Murphy stuff is that funny.
Grade: D-
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