Saturday, January 21, 2017

Those Coke MagiCans

Those Coke MagiCans
From Wiki, ((In this promotion, some Coca-Cola cans had cash prizes or gift certificates inside instead of Coca-Cola. The prizes were spring-loaded to pop out once the can was opened, lifting the prize into the opening. The prize would either be money, from $1 to $500, or coupons redeemable for trips or merchandise. The total giveaway of cash and prize coupons was $4 million. ))
Yeah, you might open a random Coke can and just a prize would literally pop out of your can. I remember thinking it was a cool idea at the time. Now thinking about it, not so much. I guess that's what Coke Rewards replaced it. So, the prize cans were filled with “ammonium sulfate ”, which the spring-set prized cans were filled with instead of Coke. This was where the promotion ran into a snag.
I remember reading about Coke scrapping the promotion very early in because some dumb-asses drink the “bad water”. Plus, the spring would stop working in some cases. I guess not so magical. 
And, yes being connected to the New Kids on The Block was a big deal back in the day. (They're singing the song.)

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

"Hidden" Fences and Hidden Figures: Hidden Outrage

Hidden Fences and Hidden Figures:  Hidden Outrage
Well, that's unfortunate. I was looking up showtimes for a family member for Hidden figures and I accidently looked up times for Hidden Fences, which is another movie with a black cast.
From Moviefone, ((That was the case during Sunday night's Golden Globe Awards when both Jenna Bush Hager and Michael Keaton accidentally called "Hidden Figures" -- a film about black female mathematicians who worked at NASA during the Space Race years -- "Hidden Fences," confusing the flick with another nominated film with a predominantly African-American cast, "Fences." Bush Hager made her gaffe while interviewing Pharrell before show began,  ))
Heck, I get The Intern mixed up with The Internship. It is easy to screw them up. Heck, they both have the HF as initials. It seems the Twitter-verse wants to make this a racial thing. Come on, now. Why are you offended? It was a funny mistake.

John Oliver ad (new)

John Oliver ad
I saw this ad while watching another video, and it had me laughing. Seeing John Oliver interact with other HBO shows is funny. I love seeing Curb Your Enthusiasm bit and Larry David sort of explaining where he's been. I actually thought the show ended five years ago. I guess not. This ad also cross-promotes the other HBO shows.

I love seeing Kumail Nanjiani giving Oliver the business.  
Oliver as a lot of material to work with this upcoming year...oh, boy.  

Monday, January 16, 2017

Chris Chan's Brother, bro

Did you know that Internet's crazy person Chris Chan has an older half brother. His name is Cole Smithey and he is a rather famous movie critic in New York. He has his own website and title. Trigger Warning: Visiting the site will make you more pompous and self righteous. He also has a few YT channels.
Cole is the Spock to Chris Chan's Sybok. (Yes, a STV reference)

After watching some of his reviews, I have come to the conclusion that he and I would not get along. He seems to view movies through a SJW lens whereas I view movies in the world they are in instead. It is okay to have social and interesting messages and deeper meanings as long as they fit into the context of the movie and a preaching story. And, he seems to be more on the hipster side of entertainment than I am from what I can tell from his Twitter page. Yeah, I don't hang with the crowd that likes old funny hats from the 30-40s, skinny jeans, beards, shitty underground music and PBR. Whatever floats your boat.
He is known for giving bad reviews for popular movies probably due to his hipster-ism. He's more of a left-leaning Armond White with shades of virtue signaling to be fair. Due to his pretentiousness, he is considered a lolcow too, but not on the same level as Chris Chan.
However, I give him respect for making a name for himself and not making a complete fool of himself like his younger brother Chris Chan. Like Cole, I am estranged to certain family members in my life that are nearing death's doorstep. So, I understand why he has distanced himself from his mother and brother. (They weren't invited to his marriage engagement, ouch.)
What I am shocked about is how “well put together” he is compared to his younger brother because they both had the same crazy mother. Plus, Cole had the added trauma of his mother nearly shooting him in his head (I'm not making that up). I think the fragile state that Chris is in today can be linked back to his upbringing from his mother and father and Cole took it the opposite direction and built something positive out of it. Cole got out of that family situation and never looked back.
When their mother dies, which might be soon, Cole might have to make a decision on what to do with Chris. Chris is in such a bad mental state that he might have to be put in an institute. (Though Chris could end up in federal prison if he continues to threaten President Trump's life.)

Checking it out: My Singing Monsters

Checking it out: My Singing Monsters
I saw the ad on YT and got interested in the concept . Since I come from a musical background and love music based games, this peaked my interest. It is basically part music based gaming with some Pokemon elements thrown in for good measure. You combine your monsters together for a concert. Plus, there seems to be updates that add musical elements to your concert. I think it is a neat concept and gets kids into music. And, that's a good thing.
I think the songs are very catchy.

Saturday, January 14, 2017


Damn, and I thought Fox News had hot female anchors, but this channel seems to have an overload of attractive anchors. Anyway, Amber Sherlock got a bit mad with Julie Snook for wearing white. Yes, they're all wearing white, but it was an accident. I like the way Snook handled the meltdown. You can tell these two ladies don't like each other. 
We all needed something this amusing now. 


Woman makes a T-Mobile Store a T-Mobile Drive-Thru

Woman makes a T-Mobile Store a T-Mobile Drive-Thru
Side Note: Notice the employee that dipped outside through the newly created hole in the store.
Damn, she was pissed off. Now, I am hearing conflicting reports as to why she decided to make the store an open-air location, but I heard it was over a cracked phone. (Link to the original video...just in case)
Here's the kicker. After driving to the store, she wasn't done with her epic rampage.
From From, ((Shinobia Montoria Wright is accused of driving her SUV into the store, smashing glass displays with a squeegee and then attacking a store employee. ))
So, what compelled her to drive her SUV through a T-Mobile store?
From ((A Wellington woman who told police she was having a “bad day” allegedly went on a rampage Thursday at a T-Mobile store in Palm Springs, according to an arrest report. ))
I can't believe this falls under “a bad day”. This is a “I want to ruin my life with some bad judgments” day. I mean who does this? It is a freaking phone. I always knew Apple fans were crazy. I'm joking, Apple fans. I love (loved) QuickTime.
Oh, and THIS happened in Florida. That's all I am saying.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Klymaxx - Meeting In The Ladies Room

Klymaxx - Meeting In The Ladies Room
This song is so 1984 with all its robotic beats and sound effects.  There is a certain charm with these type of dance songs.  This was when you still had to have a voice to make a hit. 
I remember really digging this song when I was a child. I didn't understand what the song was really about. Either the song is about a girl defending herself against another girl stealing her man or a girl planning on stealing another woman's man. The song can't decide.
Before TLC, there was Klymaxx. They were a 80s all female funk band that had a bunch of sexual driven songs. I always found this song to be their best one, but they have a few others I dig too. I am surprised Glee didn't do a cover of this track. 

-Why is there a shirtless guy strapped up to a machine? Are they draining his life force? Do women kidnap shirtless guys and bring them into the ladies room?
-The 80s Fanny Pack: This was a popular thing back in the 80s. This was before you were considered a douche bag and before we got man-purses.
-Objectification of men: I am all down with that, and the 80s were when we saw women in music videos do the same thing that men did in their videos...making women sex items. 
-A young Vivica A. Fox is supposed to be in the video: I can't find her.
There is a 8 minute version of this song, which I like better than the 4-5 minute version.
-The Men All Pause: This song makes a cameo in the track. This was another hit for Klymaxx.
-“I'll be your Freakazoid”: This song also makes appears. This was another hit for a group called Midnight Star.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Wendy's is a bit roast-y

Wendy's is a bit roast-y 

I generally hate Twitter, but I love when a company does something interesting with a Twitter account. At some point, Wendy's got hip. And, I love when they shit-talk the other fast food companies in their tweets. (Side note: Someone is trying to create a controversy with Wendy's account with the frog meme.)
I like Wendy's more than anything else, but I haven't been there in a long time. I don't eat burgers anymore, but I dig their chicken products. 
I've noticed that Wendy's always had that Sonic the Hedgehog attitude when it came to advertising.  
Remember, this is the same company that created these videos.

Monday, January 09, 2017

Chicago Kidnapping

This is just crazy
This kidnapping is troubling. You can watch the 30 minute Facebook her thanks to Brittany Herring posting the crime on her own FB page. Now, I am starting to sound like a broken record and repeating myself. There are some serious issues that need to addressed in the black community especially in our young ones. (second video)
The Trump thing is merely a smoke screen for something completely more important. What is important is that they kidnapped a guy with mental problems and decided to torture him. Given the state of Chicago and our black community, this is just an outgrowth of what is happening currently in our cities.
Since we live in the Twitter/Facebook era, even the criminals have to live stream their criminal acts. I've seen numerous videos of people doing illegal acts and live streaming it for the world to see it. It is just odd. Could they not foresee their own arrest? Brittany's name is right there in the Facebook stream just for the cops to track her down. I also find it strange that they were pleased with the fact the video was going to go viral. It is also interesting that we see all of the social media background from these four criminals.
This Brittany person was arrested back in October for stealing stuff, so she wasn't a saint.

As much as I disagree with Black Lives Matter and hate them so much, you can't blame this incident on that movement. These are clearly just ignorant thugs that wanted to go out and torture a guy for the heck of it and not for some politically motive. Do these people look like the types that would be involved in the political discord?
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