Saturday, June 22, 2019

Our Man Kent: Reborn or Remake?

Our Man Kent: Reborn or Remake?

As I have stated before, I have been curious about our favorite INCEL Kent. Because of Kiwi Farms and other sites, I've been watching him over the years. He is a source of entertainment. However, he is unstable at times and has been committed a few times. I understand that given I suffer from severe depression, but Kent seems to go into sagas. Currently, he is in his Real Deal saga. In this saga, he has embraced the MGTOW lifestyle and abandoned his INCEL beliefs. He's working out and changed his clothing. He looks more like a WWE dude than a Mars Blackmon look-a-like.
However, he is starting to creep back into his INCEL habits. His recent video has him talking about women flirting with him and so on. His best choice right now is to stay away from women until he can learn how to talk to and interact with them without creeping them out. As far as the girl that heard about him, she more than likely has seen his old videos where he yelled at the camera. She knows about your old vids, bro. Anyway, I make a cameo appearance in the comment section. I like Kent, but I think he is backsliding to his INCEL ways.

Remember, he was like this...

Friday, June 21, 2019

Anita Sarkeesian Update

Anita Sarkeesian 

At this point, it might time for her to move onto other things like Zoe Quinn as abandoned VGs.  In the prime of her GG days, she received tons of money and attention.  It has come out that she is losing a bunch of money and doesn’t pay her staff allegedly.  Other than Mundane Matt, no one is really talking about her.  With Wu running for Congress again and Zoe Quinn leaving VG development with an unfinished game, a lot of Anita doesn’t have the allies she had back in the day.   
As I stated before, the reason her earlier videos became so popular was because of producer Jonathan McIntosh.  While I hate Fem Frequency, I have to give Mclntosh credit for giving her a voice and format.  It was never reported the manner in which she left FF, but he did leave the project years ago and the show went downhill from that point.   
The best part is Mclntosh is doing way better than Feminist Frequency of recent years.  His new project receives about 2K in cash and he gets views in the millions.  Yes, his videos actually get way more views than Fem Freq.  I love when someone that was fired from a project turns up becoming more successful.  Her channel barely receives 2K on views.  It is time for her to hang it up.   
Do I think she is finished?  Nope.  Gaming sites like Polygon with “light the beacons” and keep her name in the news positively.  After a couple of years, I was wonder why her name was popping up in my newsfeeds again given her channel is limping along.  She’ll probably shut down the channel and get paid to be an advisor to companies, but her life as a pure content creator is over.  And, Mclntosh is doing it better.  Trust me, you are not going to see her work a real job anytime soon.  Her white knights will help her out.   
One thing this does prove is “If you ignore it, it will grow stale and go away.”  You generally have to have the talent and change with the times to stay relevant.   

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Open to guest bloggers:

Okay, I’ve been considering doing this for a long time.  Given I am going to start to apply for freelance work in writing, I wanted to give back to my loyal readers.  I’ve been blogging for over ten years and now I want to open this blog to free submissions for a “Guest Blogger”.  If you have thought about movie or TV review, submit it to me.  Do you have some personal thoughts about life? Submit it.   At this point, we need more bloggers and fewer tweeters out there.  Give it a try at writing.  I honestly don't believe I will receive any submissions, but I will open it up for you all.  
Here are a few rules.  
1  Whatever name you want to go by (I will link to your blog or Twitter account) 
2 No really racist stuff:  That means not repeatedly using the n-word for no reason but to be an f’ head.   
3  No spam submissions:  This means using the blog in a manner to sell products under the guise of a blog post.  No linking to the product.  This is for people that want promotion for another blog or someone desiring to try their hand at blogging.   
Due to my main e-mail being overrun with spam, I’ve made an e-mail just for submissions for a guest blogger.  You can either submit it as a word file or cut and paste it in the e-mail.  Here is the e-mail.   
Don’t be scared give it a doesn’t hurt...much.   

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Black Mirror: Striking Vipers

Black Mirror:  Striking Vipers

While I am not the biggest fan of some of the Black Mirror episodes, but this season has been very enjoyable for me.  Striking Vipers is an interesting take on modern social norms via the video game world.  It is something that we would have never dealt with in the 70s or 80s.  It is the online gaming world where we can mask ourselves into genders.   
Striking Vipers is a fun and strange episode with some good acting all around.  As an episode, it is an amazingly good-looking episode with some cool VG worlds.  It brings up gender roles and sexual preference in an interesting way and it doesn’t feel like is preaching to the watchers.  Plus, it feels believable that games will get to the point portrayed in the episode.   
-Tekken and Street Fighter:  The game Striking Vipers is clearly a cross between Tekken and Street Fighter.  It honestly looks like a true video game.  Even the live action stuff looks like a game.   
-The Falcon vs. Black Mantra (and Mantis):  Yes, the DC and Marvel universes merge.  Anthony Mackie and  Yahya Abdul-Mateen are the main actors.  Pom Klementieff is playing a Chung-Li look-a-like. She plays the Chung-Li type of character.   Again, the casting is remarkable.   
-Open relationships are okay:  The resolution to the story has a comprise between two characters and that this might be the way for certain people to save their marriages.   
Striking Vipers is an interesting episode visually and story-wise.  Covering things in a technology-based manner is very fun to watch.  In many ways, this episode involving the Star Trek clone.  This episode doesn’t try to be too preachy and tells a damn story.   Not too shabby given I geneally hate watching relationship-based stories.  
Grade: B+ 

Monday, June 17, 2019

Whatever happened to the Bold Guy

WTF?  I guess that's one way to get a lady's attention.

A few years ago, people remembered Bold Guy as the douche bag that used parkour and pickup artist concepts into one video series.  He’s basically a byproduct of the early 2000s.  What happened to him?  Did he get claimed by Thanos’ snap?   
H3H3 made roasted him in a video and he sued them.  H3 won the lawsuit.  After losing the lawsuit, Bold Guy simply disappeared.  There hasn’t been one peep from this dude.   Before the lawsuit, he has a popular YT channel.  He sacrificed his channel and his money for feeling insulted over a bunch of YTers roasting him.  Like Maddox, he lost his case.  Unlike Maddox, he just stopped making videos.  His YouTube channel is merely a ghost town just like my Myspace page.   
This reminded me of the Digital Homicide attack against Jim Sterling.  I hoped he’d lose and he did.  He didn’t realize that even bad press such as people roasting him.  Instead of trying to them, embrace the roasting or the memes.  Like my blog, your stuff isn’t that great that a court needs to decide things.   When did he realize he went too far with his legal matters? 
Side Note:  I always felt the pickup artist stuff borders on MeToo-ing.  There’s flirting and there is harassing.   

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Zombie Unicorn, have a seat.
Yep, this actually happened at E3. This thing seems to be over the booth babes at the Bang Energy Drink booth. Sorry, Miss Unicorn, but you can't take this stand when you body paint on stream.  You can check out her complaints on Twitter.  
People tend to forget that she was a part of that stupid Bully Hunter craze a year or two ago. Once everyone memed the BH, she threw the company under the bus. It seems like Miss Unicorn wants to be the next Zoe Quinn or Anita but just can't seem to get there. Unlike Quinn and Anita, she has some more un-woke things in her past. So, it comes across a bit fake when she tries to light the beacons of SJW.
As far as booth babes go, I've changed my position on them. While I think the mixing of lonely/smelly nerd types with really hot booth babes isn't a great idea, I've come to accept them now. I've worked around women that use bodies to make money. It takes a lot to keep your body in shape and these women work hard for their jobs as models and booth babes.
If anything, talk to some of these booth babes, Zombie Unicorn.
Interestingly enough, Angry Joe chimed in and set her straight.  From AJ's twitter((Zombi, I hope you can take a bit of friendly criticism: This was a bad take. Those girls are clearly dancers, performing, not booth babes. If you have issue w/ revealing shorts on dancers that's fine, but it's hard to take serious when this is the next pic on ur own Twitter feed.))
The best part is Joe posted this photo from her feed just moments earlier from her Tweet and video postings.  And she has tons of booty shorts pics on her feed.  Look I am not complaining because she has that Sara Jay body, but you can't virtue signal when you're wearing the same thing.  

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