Friday, August 17, 2018

FFXI Memories: Chocobo Theme

FFXI Memories: Chocobo Theme 

I know that the game had DLC and updates that added more Chocobo music.  However, this one the first introduction to the famous theme for the theme that has been in many of the FF games.  I remember going on the quest to get permission to ride a Chocobo (license).  It was a safe haven for you to travel through the land without monsters tracking you. 

If I am not mistaken, the track was not in the original release of the game but was added with the first expansion.  The track is interesting because it adds instruments as the song goes along.  It is a nice touch.   

And, it is certainly better than the FFX2 Chcocobo theme.  

Or this mess...

No Chris Pine or Chris Hemsworth

No Chris Pine or Chris Hemsworth  (The loss of the Chris's)

Yes, the copyright problems with the studio is troubling.  CBS owns the TV rights whereas Paramount owns the movie rights.  This is one of the reasons why JJ Abrams left the series and went to the Star Wars universe.  Pine was a good Kirk, but he can be recast, but it might cause some problems with continuity.   

Yes, Star Trek Beyond did cause some major problems for the studio, because it didn’t do that well.  This Midnight’s Edge video is pretty revealing about the behind the scenes issues with the ST Beyond.  I remember a director getting fired and another director coming in.  I loved Beyond, but mainstream moviegoers didn’t like it.   

CBS and Paramount really need to be merged back together so there aren’t any clashing merchandise ideas.   I would like one shared universe, but I am okay with there being two main universes.  Heck, if DC Comics and Marvel can do it, why not Trek?  

Thursday, August 16, 2018

There are monsters in the gelatin!

There are monsters in the gelatin!
I hate Reindeer games, but I always laugh at this scene. I was watching the Good Bad or Bad Bad guys talk about this famous scene. I love this scenes because it makes no sense. Why not call them roaches? It is the worst piece of dialogue I've heard since the toad joke in X-Men. Yes, it is funny to see Issac Hayes in a tiny role with the world's dumbest dialogue ever created.
I guess they didn't have the rights to use the term “Jello” instead of gelatin.
I am tempted to yell out “There are monsters in the gelatin!”
Who the man with the roach in hand?  Shaft...Damn right. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

FFXI: Airship music (Bringing back those FFXI memories)

FFXI:  Airship music (Bringing back those FFXI memories) 

Listening to this laidback track just puts me back to a different time when I spent hours upon hours playing FFXI on my PS2.  I remember riding my first airship to Kazham.  It was a great moment and the music made it better.  Basically, you went to another land that wasn’t really connected to the mainland and you had to take an airship to it.   

What made FFXI standout from the rest of the Online RPGs was the music.  It was really good and invoked feeling and culture.  The Airship theme invoked wonder because that was what you felt.  

I’ve been watching a lot of FFXI videos lately and having a desire to get back to this super old game.  It had a charm to it.  Plus, the game has gotten better with the robo-team members like the FFXII model of gameplay.  FFXII was influenced by FFXI, but then FFXI used the auto-battle AI members in later updates.  No longer do you have to wait for parties to pick you up.   

 Anyway, here is a sweet remix of the track. 

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Mundane Matt: Hypocrite to the fullest

Mundane Matt: Hypocrite to the fullest
It is kind of fitting that Mundane Matt is accused of false flagging a bunch of YouTube videos that were critical of him. He took down a bunch of videos and lied about it. And, he was caught. This was the whole reason he received a boost because of the Zoe Quinn false copyright strike. This action makes him no different than DSP or Wings of Redemption. I was a fan of his despite not agreeing with him all the time, but he's pretty much done in my eyes.
From his Twitter, ((I've allowed myself to do things I shouldn't do. I've allowed people gotten under my skin that I shouldn't have. I am sorry for my actions. And I am currently seeking help. I am a fool. I owe an apology to @Andywarski, @elpesobueno @Tonkasaw and @FailureHatesYou ))
I think Matt lost his way when he left his real job, moved away, and became a full-time YouTuber. Doing YT full time isn't that stable and it doesn't help with a newborn child on the way. You can't stand on the Anti-SJW crowd if you go around false flagging videos about yourself.
He wanted to be a full time YouTuber and now he's ruined it.

I can't believe Zoe Quinn is now the better person than Mundane Matt.  

Thursday, August 09, 2018

IGN Update: You’re Fired

IGN Update:  You’re Fired 
IGN did the right thing and didn’t protect their own. They fired Filip. I will defend people when they mess up and I hope they don’t get fired. I know what it feels like to be shoved aside and it isn't fun. However, this is a bridge too far.  I think people like Jim Sterling and other reviewers do feel there is a disregard for YouTube reviewers and people will steal from them because they view YT'ers as being them.
I did some digging and found some videos of him when he got hired on the IGN team.  While he seems a bit young, he seems energized and thrilled about being on the team in these clips. (Below)  I am a guy that wants to get into the writing field and would work my ass off.  Time and time again I see these young writers that screw up and don’t put much care into their work.  This guy is one of those examples.   
I’m of two minds of this incident.  I feel bad for him because he truly got to do the thing I thrive to do.  And, he has ruined his career.  I am also mad at him because it would have just been easier to just write the review in your own voice. Your voice is the reason people will keep coming back.
Side Note:  Filip, you might want to either delete or cover up your Twitter page.  He hasn't touched his Twitter page and it is the last thing he mentions is the Dead Cell review.
Before it gets deleted...
From his Twitter feed, ((Finishing up my Dead Cells review this weekend. It’s the first IGN video review I’ve edited myself, and I can’t wait to share it with you all. If you still haven’t seen Dead Cells in action, check out the first 21 minutes on Nintendo Switch! Video:  ))

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

IGN: You done goofed

IGN:  You done goofed 

I have to agree with Jim Sterling on this.  It is really stupid to even try this shit in this time and day.  I also think it was just lazy and didn’t want to write a full review themselves.  I get the feeling that gaming press writers really hate their jobs and hate the fanbase and come across as lazy.   

Will we see someone get fired for this?  Probably not.  The gaming press usually protects its own...mostly.  Not everyone is like this though.  To be fair, the other gaming sites are reporting on this instead of ignoring it.   

Will they throw the writer under the bus?   

Side note:  IGN, I will gladly work for you as a freelancer.  

Saturday, August 04, 2018

Just a reminder: There are good people out there...

At work, I received a card today. It was from a woman that was leaving the workplace for greener fields and going to get her masters. It was a nice card with an uplifting message. Despite being a jaded old dude, I was moved by the gesture and the message on the card. Given that I am usually in a bad mood while there, I was surprised by her taking the time to buy me a card. For the last two years, I have gone out of my way not to be a part of the group and I generally have a bad attitude. I am on my way out of the job, but I need to leave on my own terms. So, I am more withdrawn than I was two years ago. Every blue moon, I will make people laugh or make a comment about something. I did that a few weeks back and talked to her. I opened up a little bit.
After reading the card, I went up to her.
You didn't have to do this for me. Of all people, I don't deserve this,” I replied.
Well, you were nice to me. And, you went out of your way to talk to me,” she said.
That was the thing that hit me. I really don't take into account my interactions have on people. I usually in my own head at work and only care about leaving. So, that moved me, because she got to hear some of my rants and jokes, which made her laugh.
Anyway, I wished her luck in her future.
She is that person who is always positive and friendly, so I know she will be successful. I am always jealous of these people because I am always consumed by doubt and self-hate to ever be successful at anything. I look at these people that are successful and wish I could get out of my own way and make a change in my life.
I guess I do have an impact on some people's lives.  She didn't have to do it, but it was a nice gesture.  
Anway, back to being evil.  (evil laugh)

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

DS9: Allamaraine (Star Trek Hopscotch)

DS9: Allamaraine (Star Trek Hopscotch)
I always laughed at this scene in the episode Move Alone Home. The fans on crew consider this episode as one of the worst and silliest episodes on DS9.  "Allamaraine" became their inside joke when something went wrong on the show production wise.  The best and stupidest moment is the Allamaraine scene. AKA the alien hopscotch.
I love that Kira gets shocked because she is impulsive. I also like that Bashir gets shocked right before he has a smug look on his face.
You can clearly see Avery Brooks almost break character and he rolls his eyes. In Trek legend, this was one of Brook's worst moments. He hated doing the scene and you can tell. He didn't sign up for this shit.
Check out his response to the scene years later.
The added bonus is watching Nana Visitor looked pissed about doing it while Dax seems to be into it.  Nana and Brooks looked pissed after and I love it.  
BTW, O'Brien missed out on this moment. I believe he was filming a movie during this episode. Also, here is more information on the alien hopscotch. Yes, the intern came up with the hopscotch thing that Brooks hated.
Added bonus: The little girl gets the gestures messed up in a few moments. Her hand gestures are off. The nitpicker's guide noted this mistake.

"Allamaraine! Third shap" 

Monday, July 30, 2018

Super Hover Hands: Behold

Super Hover Hands:  Behold

Well, at least he isn't doing that stupid soyboy selfie/grin thing. This picture was taken when people didn't make complete asses of themselves and just had the hover hands.
For research, I was looking up adult star Jade Marcela and then her sister (Nyomi Marcela) popped in my mind and I did a Google search for her and this hover hand pic popped up. I am not the person that likes being touched or touching people, but I think it is okay to touch her shoulder or her side for a picture. (if she gives you permission.)
Look, I actually had an attractive woman offer to hug and kiss me, and I declined. She was a bit upset about it, but I don't like hugging or kissing people even attractive strangers. However, I've been known to make fun of hover hands.
I love the Oakley sunglasses hanging on his shirt and the DudeBro friend looking confused.
Early on, I had a huge crush on Nyomi. I am not sure what she is up to nowadays, but damn she looks cute.

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