Thursday, March 26, 2015

No Blacks in a Restaurant.

No Blacks in a Restaurant.
Fortune Cookie says, "Get out."
There was a Chinese restaurant that had a “No Blacks” policy...Kenya. Huh? Keep in mind that the entire country only has 1% non-African population. By restricting your customer base, you're really screwing up your business.
The only way “blacks” were allowed into the restaurant was to be accompanied by Chinese, European or Indian folks. You heard that Kenya. The place was shutdown and the owner arrested.
From, ((The paper quoted restaurant manager Esther Zhao, saying that the “no Africans” policy was based on security concerns. “We don’t admit Africans that we don’t know because you never know who is Al-Shabaab and who isn’t,” she said in reference to the militant group that’s been active in Kenya and neighboring Somalia. ))
Now, the Chinese owners are saying it is because of the extremists and they are not sure who is a member. I don't buy that.
While I don't agree that the own should have been arrested, but there should be laws in place for this sort of thing to NOT happen given the history of countries in Africa. From, ((Officials have today charged co-owner Zhao Yang with not having a licence, which is widely seen as a way of punishing him for the no Africans rule. ))
How does something like this happen given it IS an African country?

BTW, they named the Chinese Restaurant simply Chinese Restaurant. That's remarkable.  

F' My Little Pony, these ponies are heroes.

F' My Little Pony, these ponies are heroes.
I would probably poop my pants if I saw a boar charging toward me. I really hate these things because they always seem angry/mean. Have you ever seen a happy boar? Anyway, I do believe the ponies did come to the rescue because horses/ponies are very close to humans/owners. They probably heard the woman's yelp and came over to chase the boar away.
I can just hear the ponies saying, “Get the f' out of here, pig.”

Side Note: I've been doing some research on boars. I've read you should keep your dogs away from them.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

#ChangeTheCover: My thoughts

This controversy has rippled through comic book fans through the Internet. I personally don't think this is the Gamergate of comic books because it is just a variant cover. Let's get into it.
The reason why this cover is so important is because it calls back to an important story in the Batman history, The Killing Joke. In that twisted story, the Joker gets loose and shoots Barbra Gordon in the spine and kidnaps Commissioner Gordon. He tortures Gordon and Gordon can longer walk. People attack that story for attacking women, esp Barbra. However, the Barbra thing is a tool to show that Batman still won't kill the Joker even though he's gone too far.
Bad things should happen to our heroes/characters as long as it is appropriate for the context of the story and makes logical sense. Showing our heroes rise from their issues, such as Batgirl (in the original continuity) becoming a super hacker despite her disability made her an amazing character to look up to. She became Oracle, a hacker that helped out ALL of the DC heroes including Superman. She became a powerful character after her horrible ordeal.
When the DC universe rebooted, for a fourth time, she ended up becoming Batgirl again. However, everything that happened in the Killing Joke was still part of the New 52 (IE DC reboot) history. In this new universe, Barbra healed from her ordeal and was able to walk again. She went back to being Batgirl. (It gets a little messy with reboots and history and stuff.
While I like the old Barbra Gordon arc because it gave a good role model for people with disabilities, I can see why the new rebooted (sort of) Batgirl is a good role model for women and girls. But, we can't take away the fact that the Killing Joke did happen to this version of Barbra too. And, it shows that horrible things CAN happen to people and people can heal mentally and physically. (Note: She was still Oracle in the new universe too.)
She is a victim survivor that turns herself around and becomes a hero again. She is a strong female character because of what she's been through.
As the cover shows, she has to get over her fear of what the Joker did to her in the Killing Joke. If she defeats the Joker, it makes her a stronger character. This is where I have a problem with the SWJs getting all up in arms over the cover. There is history behind this cover and there is even more history behind the Joker just fucking with people.
Side Note: The Joker once poised Lois Lane and claimed the cure was in his blood. He told Superman he'd have to kill him to get the cure. Batman actually had to talk Superman down and let Lane die instead just so Superman wouldn't throw away his principles. Come to find out, the Joker was lying and the poison harmless disappeared from Lois' system. That's what the Joker does.
Since it is just a variant cover, it really doesn't matter. I'd be up in arms if DC had changed the storyline due to pressure. So, this is really just more or less hot air to me. I just believe every super hero man or woman needs a nemesis that is one of the worst of the worst. The Joker is that character. And, I just want the people that protested the variant cover to know there is a long history behind that cover.
Characters are supposed to rise and fall and then rise again despite their gender, race or religion. That's what makes them compelling.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Purge: Anarchy

The Purge: Anarchy
 Purge 2 is what passes for a profound-smart movie, but doesn't quite make it in that department. It doesn't even come close. When a movie tries so hard and messes up its own message, plot and concept, it just makes it worst. It does get points for digging deeper into the world of the first movie tried to creature. It works when it uses that concept. However, the movie completely loses interest in its own concept and switches gears at least three times to something completely different. So, there are two gaping problems in the movie that make the movie look amateurish.
The story comprises different groups left out during Purge night when everyone is allowed to cause acts of violence against anyone else. It's a green card for killing each year. All the “good guy” groups get together and fight through way through Purge night, or at least that what the original concept was before the movie changes its mind.
Let's talk about the good points...
First off, Frank Grillo is very good as the anti-hero/hero. I really liked his character. He's basically channeling Snake from the Escape from New York movie. He's prepared for battle during the Purge. He has the right weapons and equipment. And, his character works for that reason.
Second, the concept of the Purge, while extremely flawed, does work for the first act of the movie on a basic zombie level. You have a group of people trying to survive the night from mobs of killers just like a zombie movie or and an end of the world movie. It's too bad the writer/director loses interest in the fight or flight movie by the end of the second and beginning of third act.
Why not keep making the story from the first act?
While the notion or idea of the Purge is an interesting one, Star Trek did an episode with this concept back in the 60s, the manner the movie and the writer make people act out to be is completely wrong. People seem to turn into blood thirsty murders once the Purge clocks in. It seems ALL rich people are instantly killers once the Purge starts and some of your fellow co-workers are creepy assholes that want to do horrible things to you. Would a lot of people partake in the Purge like this movie tries
This is a huge problem with the movie. Every “bad” character loves the Purge and feels like it cleanses them in almost a religious fashion. They come across as cartoon characters. And, it sort of cheapens the overall concept of this violent movie.
Generally, people are good until they need something or their life is on the line. People aren't going to start killing and hunting down people to fulfill their blood lust, not in a massive manner like the world of the Purge tries to convey. It is a little bit too far for me to deal with. And, it gets more silly when the rich people start to get involved.
Heck, I get upset when I have to honk at someone.
It is at this point the movie takes a left turn and shifts to a different movie. The zombie like movie turns into a darn first person shooter. The rich people gather up people from the Purge and hunt them down. This is a different movie entirely and it doesn't mesh with the rest of the movie. It felt like the writer/director wanted to shoehorn a message into the movie involving these rich people hunting down normal people. However, why abandon your other concept/message involving the government hunting down people and using the Purge as a cleaning tool?
Then, it gets even sillier when one character changes on a dime and wants to “purge”. Despite all the problems this character has, I can't see her change into a purge-person. It almost made me want to turn off the movie.
Then, the movie changes again into a moral story about revenge, which seemed to be part of the first act's storyline. Why introduce the rich people story then?
The Purge 2 has a few things going for it, like showing us what happens outside, but it loses interest in its own concept in order to shoehorn in another message/story that should have waited for sequel instead. The Purge movies want to be profound, but they feel like someone trying too hard to be profound. This is is frustrating with it shifts in storyline. Stick with your interesting concept. The way people behave in the movie isn't believable even in the world of the movie.
Grade: C-

Monday, March 23, 2015

Monica Lewinsky TED Talk

Monica Lewinsky TED Talk
She comes across rather smart and charming. I was never a huge fan of her because she represented the problem of taking focus away from other news stories. I hated that the far right used her as a political tool and she sort of kept quiet. I can only imagine my full name becoming a verb.
Monica starts to break down halfway through the speech. And, you can tell its real. She actually believes in what she is saying. I can see her point, but she seems to take a turn too much to cyborg-bullying. She sort of went into hiding in England if I remember correctly.
I really don't have a problem with her now. But, you can't mix slut-shaming with a guy that was secretly recorded having without his permission. One is a woman taking a nude selfie or web video for public consumption and the is a being embarrassed beyond comprehension.
Can you really stop this type of click-baiting given how powerful sites like Gawker Media is now and others like Fox News? Nope, probably not.

Anyway, she looks good.  

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Brain Tyler's Iron Man 3 theme

Brain Tyler's Iron Man 3 theme
One of the weaker aspects of the Marvel movies are that theit hero themes aren't as strong as the DC movies themes. That's always been a problem for these movies. It seems odd because there are some good composers in that stable of movies. However, Brian Tyler has a very strong theme for Iron Man 3. It uses metal clanking on metal to give it that industrial sound and the theme is very powerful.
I also like the end titles version of the theme (Can You Dig It)
It is clearly in the same style as the 60s themes. And, I love how its edited with the 80's style end titles in the movie. Very cool.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Skate Man/Jim Sterling Saga: It keeps getting better and better...

Skate Man/Jim Sterling Saga: It keeps getting better and better...
At this point, I am sure this IS the Tommy Wiseau of gaming. Jim's fans uncovered the wonderful website from Digpex Games. I couldn't find anything on it. But like a bad case of warts, the site turned up and it is...retro(?). The games look like pre-PS1 3D games. I would post some pictures, but I don't want Digpex to come after me claiming I am a bully. 
Make sure and go there and marvel at the games coming up. 
From Kotaku via the dev's reply, (("I know he got the law on his side and little followers," said the developer. "some of the greenlight developers too have contact me that saying that does how he do use the law and He will get the the video back running. but that does not mean He will continue to enjoy the HARD WORK of the Indie Game Developers videos forever. " ))
Yeah, he knows that he doesn't have a leg to stand on. Since it was a “trailer/demo” it falls under promotional material. My problem is why isn't there a penalty against people who do false copyright claims? YouTube really needs to clean this portion up. And, shouldn't YT also reinstate the video now that the dev has come clean about the false strike?
YT really needs to revamp this, because it is getting out of hand.

Man, I needed a good laugh and this story keeps getting better and better.  

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Update on that Sterling thing...saw the video.

Update on that Sterling thing...saw the video.
Well, I just witnessed Stake Man Intense Rescue, the one that Jim Sterling got a copyright strike for.
You can check out the video mirror here. It might be one of the funnest thing I've seen in a long time. This game might very well be VG version of The Room.
Shirtless guys with wings.
Dogs on skateboards
All of the voice acting is done through a computer voice speech.
5-10 frames per second....
WTF? I needed a good laugh and this video did it.

Jim Sterling receives a false DMCA (Skate Man)

Jim Sterling receives a false DMCA (Skate Man)
Yeah, this is total bullshit. This pisses me off when a copyright holder decides they don't like what you have to say. Sterling is a reviewer so he has every right to rant or rave about any product that gets put out there for public consumption. If a VG review site wrote a re review for a game, the dev/publisher doesn't have a right take down that review. Yet, we keep hearing about VG devs hand out copyright strikes to people that rag on their games.
If you want to really piss off most gamers, this is the way to do. Digpex Games, you are in a world of shit. And, I hope no one buys your game Skate Man.
I might not agree with everything that Sterling has to say, but this is completely wrong and an abuse of copyright claims. They're shielding criticism under the guise of copyright. The fact the dev is threatening him with court appearances I want to see this company fail completely now.
Now, I want to see his video on the game.

Bad Words

Bad Words
Okay, I like being rude and stand off-ish, and this movie's main “hero” is that kind of person. Jason Bateman that hero for me. Yes, his character is doing what he doing for personal reasons and ruining it for other kids, but I like that about his character. Bad Words isn't the best (bad person) comedy in this “bad” genre. It isn't a bad movie either. It gets a little lost in the third act as it starts to lose focus a bit. However, I love that we have a movie based on an anti-hero.
Guy Trilby (Bateman) is a slacker that decides to go across the US and enter into children spelling bees and win the prizes. He has a real reason for doing this, but it isn't revealed in the first act. It is only hinted at throughout the first two acts.
While the voice-over is a little cliched, it does have a meaning in the third act. It has a funny moment at the end. I feel these independent films rely on VO narration a bit too much, but it actually has a meaning here. I do like that Bateman's character doesn't tell us or the people around him why he's doing what he's doing.
I can actually understand why the parents are pissed off this grown adult is in a children spelling bee. That's part of the fun of the movie.
Guy does some horrible things to cheat his way to the top, usually involving manipulation of the kids beside him. One scene involves Guy using ketchup on a girl, that's all I am going to say. While these scenes are very mean, it shows that the character isn't a hero and he's entered the spelling bee for personal reasons.
He's a nerd version of a bully and I love his character for it. However, he is an intelligent guy and he does know his stuff.
He also has a rather funny relationship with a female Internet journalist. Kathryn Hahn is great in that stuffy nerdy hipster way. I laughed every time they interacted, and I love a certain thing they do together.
The biggest relationship that comprises most of the movie is this little kid played by Rohan Chand. Chand's character is also in the spelling bee too. He's cute and native and we're supposed to feel that way too. Guy starts to fall for him too and they begin a friendship.
Somewhere in the third act, I think they ditch this relationship and the movie does seem to lose focus. I can't put my finger on it. It gets kind of silly.
Bateman has directed TV shows before, but this is his first feature movie. He does a workman's job, but nothing stands out, which is probably his roots in TV directing. The story works up until the third act and loses steam.
Bad Words didn't make enough money to break even. Overall, the movie is pretty funny despite some messy third act hijinks. It is still funny for a smaller movie. And, it is refreshing to see an anti-hero as the main lead and Bateman fits that bill.
Grade: C+

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