Saturday, June 25, 2016

The NEW Ghostbuster Theme (sigh)

The NEW Ghostbuster Theme (sigh)
I actually likes all four versions of the GB theme from the movies up to the cartoon. Ray Parker Jr's theme song is corny, but really fun and catchy. This Fallout Boy version is not very good. I came to this conclusion after listening to it after three listens. It feels like something out of the mid-2000s more than anything else. 
Was this an out of touch exec at Sony's decision to green light this shitty song?
Ghostbuster is a funny movie with some catchy tunes. Heck, I loved the Bobby Brown theme "On Our Own".
It feels like Sony is trying to troll us with is remake. While I liked all the trailers, I can see why the fans aren't buying this movie. I will see it even if the reviews are bad. However, this remake song feels bland just like the current trend of pop music today. It doesn't bold well for the movie.
Here are a few videos from the GB themes. Enjoy...

I mean really?

Because I am an asshole, I sometimes don't like having interactions with human beings. Today, I had to visit the IRS for some paperwork. I realized I probably didn't have enough pocket change to fill the meter for a long time, so I went to one of the local car washes in the West End. As I pulled up, a homeless man/crackhead saw my car. He looked over at me and waited...waited for me to get out of my car. He was going to bother me and ask me for money. I know the look and the way beggers behave.
I got pissed because I knew he was going to bother me in my current bad mood. So, I sat there in my car and didn't move the car up or out. I just sat there with the engine running, hoping this guy would get bored and get the hint that I wasn't going to interact with him.
Nope. He just stood there waiting for me to pull up and get out of the car. It was a good minute and a half before I did anything. The guy had the balls to think I was going to be his big ticket.
So, I just pulled away from the car wash and just didn't bother because I didn't want to interact with him.
I do want to know what he thought of me simply giving up and leaving? 
If I had more time, I should have sat there as long as possible just to piss him off.  

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Ted 2

Ted 2

Not as biting or sharp as the first movie, but I still enjoyed it more than most did. It has some funny pop cultural moments that make me smile and some of the jokes are funny. However, the movie feels a little bit off.
I liked the move and I was never bored with it, but it felt more like A Millions Ways to Die in the West than the first Ted. Seth MacFarlane's direction is a bit mundane for my taste, but his performance as Ted is still funny. I found myself wanting to fast-forwarding through all the scenes between Ted and Jessica Barth's character.
Dspite the movie not taking in as much domestically as the first movie, the movie did turn out to be a hit because of the international box office take. However, most critics hated the movie.
- Gay rights: The movie is a stand in for gay marriage, but it's overall message is not that preachy. For the most part, these scenes work and are the driving force for all the characters. Given that Seth is a huge fan of Star Trek, the story also feels like that famous episode of TNG called Measurement of a Man. There is even a callback to that episode in the court scene, which I won't give away and only Trek fans will know about it. These scenes have more energy than the scenes between Ted and his wife.
-Star Trek Connections: Speaking of Trek, this movie is FULL of Star Trek actors and references. At one point the freaking USS Enterprise D takes out a character. Michael Dorn shows up and literally dons the Worf head makeup for a joke (Dorn is looking on the skinny side.) Nana Visitor also shows up looking almost ageless and looking really good for her age. Plus, Patrick Stewart's voice makes an appearance again kind of like his X-Men roles.
-The Tick callback: The actor (Patrick Warburton ) that played The Tick on the live action show appears here in a modified version of his old outfit.
-William Shatner/Stephen Collins cameo: I guess there was a Shatner/Collins cameo filmed but promptly deleted and not talked about when the child rape thing came out about Collins. No one really talks about it. But, it was filmed. I guess it had something to do with Star Trek The Motion Picture.
-A talking bear?: I do like that no one really cares that there is a talking bear and pay him no big deal. This is carried over from the first movie, and it is a nice touch.
-Morgan Freeman: Yes, he is in the movie and he is great. He brings a seriousness and he grounds the movie into the real world. He plays a big time civil rights lawyer. He has about three scenes and they're all great.
-Justin Bieber: Rumor has it that Justin was watching this movie and walked out of the theater once the major joke about him occurred. I love that story.
-Amanda Seyfried does look like Gollum: But she s a Gollum I want to have sex with though. That's one of the running jokes in the movie.
-Hasbro is the villain?: Well, kind of. They sidestep it by having the CEO act alone in his evil deeds. And, they then blame it on the other big toy company. This entire subplot-turned driving force never really paid off for me. It is forced and needed some re-writing.
Overall, I can see why the movie doesn't hold up as much as the first movie. The jokes do feel a little stale compared to the first movie. It does have some good moment that make it a better story than many of the comedies in the same time period. While it doesn't hold up to the first movie's crazy nature and un-PC feel, it still comes across as fun movie.
Grade: C+

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Re-post of Sonic and Michael Jackson

Re-post of Sonic and Michael Jackson
I am re-posting this for a friend/co-worker. I mentioned the Sonic 3 stuff and MJ. Game Trailers (RIPD) did this in depth video on the controversy behind the Michael Jackson composing. Sega has ALWAYS claimed that MJ's music was removed from the final product of Sonic 3. GT actually got in contact with someones involved in the Sega company that flat out says that a lot of tracks by MJ were kept in the game. Also, Sega didn't have any of the stages that used MJ's music from Sonic 3 in their Generations game...hmm.
Sega won't even comment on this, which seems odd because they would work with MJ again for Space Channel 5 (parts 1 and 2). Though, I heard MJ jumped ship for Sony's original PlayStation for their launch. Given his falling out with Sony, he would later come back to Sega for the Dreamcast era.
Later, one of MJ producers/musicians released a song called Hard Times by The Jetzons. Brad Buxer, the producer, worked on Sonic 3 with MJ and helped write some of the songs. Buxer was a member of The Jetzons. MJ was influenced by the bass-line in the song for his later stuff like Smooth Criminal.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Random Things

Random Things

~Surgery Time: It looks like my heart is rather weak, so I am going in to have a defibrillator installed into my body. I am not even 40 years old yet and I have to deal with heart problems for the rest of my life. I kept healthy and didn't touch drugs or drink and this still happened. And, the best part is I didn't even have blockage in body that normally happens with people with my condition. At this point, I am a little tired of all the bad news I am getting about my health. Plus, they had to increase my medication, so I am feeling more and more slowed down. I don't even do the ride-share thing as much due to depression and feeling tired. I am certainly at a low point mentally, after the surgery I am going to seek some help. I hope things turn around after the surgery. Look, I am lucky to be alive because I nearly died, and someone had a father die from the same condition I had around the same time.

~Bill O'Reilly takes a moderate stance on gun control: It is a shame that it took an extremist idiot to get him to change his stance. I am for people owning guns and people defending themselves. People who are going to cause you harm aren't going to care about legal gun laws. However, we don't need high powered guns to defend ourselves. It is a bit overboard. I generally take a moderate stance of this thing. I think O'Reilly will promptly forget about this.
~Gator grabs kid and kills him: Guess which state this happened in? Despite the horrible thing that happened at the nightclub. A lot of f'ed up stuff happens in Florida. A gator literally came out of the water and grab this kid and took him away. That is truly messed up. Alligators are some of the meanest creatures on the planet. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Can you hear me now...on Sprint? (Paul Switched)

Can you hear me now...on Sprint? (Paul Switched)
The pitchman for Verizon is now doing ads for Sprint. And, he even mentions that he USED to work for Verizon. This is a huge middle finger to Verizon. He literally was the face of Verizon for years until they dropped him. I think he was a bit bitter about that. I love this sort of throwing the gauntlet down type of advertising. 

From Fast, (("We reached out to Paul, and talked to him about the progress we've made with our network," says Tovar. "He's obviously been around the industry for a long time, so we asked him to try our service to see what he thought. He was impressed, so we asked how he'd feel about being more than a customer and doing a campaign with us." ))
So, how does Verizon feel about the brand switch from their guy. From the Chicago Tribune, ((Verizon vice president Jeffrey Nelson said the largest wireless carrier had little to say about the pitchman's new advertising gig other than "Paul's a great guy." ))
Then, Verizon came back with a major roast toward Sprint, ouch.
From ((Well, yeah, Verizon heard it loud and clear, and it offered up a mighty burn for Sprint with its response. “They’re using our 2002 pitchman because they’re finally catching up to our 2002 network,” ))
I liked Sprint dancing chick, but my heart still belongs to the AT&T chick. 

Can we bring back that Stoner from Dell ads for IBM or something? I mean he's still around and stuff.

Chris Jericho's first appearance on WWF (Raw is Jericho)

Chris Jericho's first appearance on WWF (Raw is Jericho)
What a great introduction for Jericho. Having him interrupt The Rock was the best debut I've seen on WWF. I knew Jericho was on WCW and watched him a few times, but he never got that push over there due to the older talent stealing the spotlight from the younger talent.
WWF kept having a vague build up to his introduction by having the jumbo-tron glitch with a take on the Y2K bug. And, they called him the Y2J as he was a living glitch himself. And, it all went down on this night.
It is interesting that he talks badly about WWF in the Attitude Era, but Jericho's argument is clearly more in tune with the current WWE PG era. I loved the Attitude Era because of spots like this. It is brilliant way of introducing a new heel,and sticking it to WCW. I loved selfish of the talent during this era and that no one was really a good guy really.
Jericho really fit into the WWF Attitude Era fairly well I felt. And, this was a great start. I also enjoyed hearing The Rock dress down Jericho in his counter response. 
Note: It seems some people in the crowd knew Jericho was coming from WCW to WWF. I also like that Jericho pretends to hear the crowd cheering for him instead of The Rock.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Captain America: Civil War (Part 3 of 3)

-Scarlet Witch: Yeah, she has gone through a lot between Avengers II and this movie. She lost her brother and killed a bunch of people trying to protect her friends. I like that they keep hinting that she is unpredictable with her powers.
-Black Widow: For all the bitching that went on about this character in Avengers II, no one should call her weak in this movie. While she isn't in it that much, she has an important moment at the end of the second act. It makes sense.
-The Vision played by Paul Bettany : Okay, I like seeing the sweater version of the Vision. He has more to do here despite the fact he's not the center of the story . There are some funny moments with him that Paul Bettany handling it rather well. His relationship with SW is handled extremely well too and built upon the last Avengers movie. I love that Bettany still plays him as a guy that is merely a few months old and still doesn't have a handle on his feelings on SW.
The Russo Brothers kept the movie/story going with only a few slow points. However, some of those slower points do in fact stand out. unlike Avengers 2, these slower moments aren't as painful as the farm scenes in Avengers 2.
Due to the larger superhero roster, some of the more modern day spy stuff people loved in the second Cap movie isn't really in this movie as much. This is more of a superhero movie with certain spy elements carried over and a more personal story weaved into the third act.
The special effects are really good for this movie. I loved seeing Spider-Man and team Iron-Man take on Giant-Man. The CGI is pretty much seamless with the practical stunts and effects. However, most Marvel movies look good when it comes to special effects.
Henry Jackman has come back to score the film. It is a completely different style of music from his 24-ish genre type score from Winter Soldier. I like the direction he took here with the symphonic tone. This new score sounds akin to the scores from traditional superhero movies and even has a classical tone to some of themes. Winter Soldier's sore has grown on me, but this score is better and much cleaner.
One of my biggest gripes with the movie are the shaky camera shots. They were a problem in action movies in the early 2000s and I hate seeing that technique creeping into current movies. I really didn't notice it in their second Marvel outing, but it is noticeable in Civil War. I hate it because it takes away from stunt work and special effects. Leave this shit for the video games.
despite its minor problems, the movie handles both sides of the argument fairly well. However, I am more on the side of Cap than Stark. As I've gotten older, I have moved from left to the center with a view of government being too big and overreaching. It makes since to see why Cap would be against the UN tying the Avengers' hands. Too much red tape would slow them down and might cost them lives. Stark has a point and too, He sees firsthand why there needs to be oversight. It doesn't make him a trust villain.
Overall, this is a pure Marvel movie fun with some serious overtones that don't bog down the fun stuff. The writers and directors know how to balance out the script. The acting is top notch and the movie plot runs along at a brisk pace with only a few filler bits here and there. The Russo brothers outdid themselves and further build upon the strong and rich MCU. I can't wait to see them work on the a proper Avengers movie. You've impressed me here. It is time to step up your game, DC.
Grade: A-

Thursday, June 09, 2016

Neil Breen: The best actor/director/writer...ever

Neil Breen: The best actor/director/writer...ever
After watching YMS' review of his film, I feel bad that I missed out of the sheer badness of his “movies”.
Neil Breen, not to be confused with the helmet wearing aliens from DS9, is a guy with a little bit of money deciding he wanted to make “movies”. He is like a cross between Chuck Norris and Shaq (90s era) , but worst. Then, you throw in a dash of William Shatner for extra flavor. And, yes, the man has his own IMDB and wiki pages. If Tommy Wiseau had a younger brother, this guy would be it.
I have never laughed this hard before. 
Plus, it seems his movies all have a dislike toward laptops. As a laptop user, I am offended, sir. #Laptop Lives Matter, son.
And, his twitter page is NOTHING but him spamming his upcoming new movie Pass Thru. Everything is about his new movie on his damn twitter page. Damn, I love this guy. And, like a bad case of dragon-scale here is the new trailer for his latest masterpiece Pass Thru.
From what I can gather, Breen causes a reverse Rapture by taking away all the bad people. And, this movie has a Occupy Wall Street feel to it...which is about five years too late. Way to go, Breen.

Perhaps, this is what the Breen in DS9 looked like under that suit...

Starbucks employee gets caught cloning a credit card

Starbucks employee gets caught cloning a credit card
Yep, this whole video is amazing. We get to see the SB worker admit to cloning this woman's card. I love the way the woman in the car handles the SB girl. I can't that believe this young lady is really remorseful. Since she had a cloning machine, she clearly did this before numerous times. When she saw the phone filming her, she caved however. The SB girl claims she is good person, yet she took this woman's card and cloned it.
This happened way back in January of this year. By the way, I can't find much on the thieving employee that cloned the card. I know that Starbucks fired her, but there is nothing else on her. Did she get arrested? Nothing has come out about her.
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