Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Twitch Streamer attacks his wife on stream

Twitch Streamer attacks his wife on stream 
From Newsweek, ((The 26-year-old from Oran Park, southwest of Sydney, Australia, gained worldwide infamy over the weekend when a clip of his stream gained viral traction. The clip in question, posted by Twitter user RevvOCE, was viewed millions of times before being taken down by Twitter. (RevvOCE said his account was also banned for 12 hours.) MrDeadMoth’s Twitch and Twitter accounts were both quickly suspended after the clip circulated online.)) 
Talk about being out of touch.  Granted the wife was throwing things at him, but that doesn’t give him the right to beat the living shit out of her.  And, it makes it worse that he did this horrible thing in front of his children.  This is such a damaging mark for kids believe me.  It is difficult to watch.   
Let me put this bluntly, Mr. Dead Moth, you are a piece of shit and should be put in prison for your action. This is coming from an abuse survivor.  After he slaps his wife, he tries to get back to his game.  this sums up the problems with young people today.   
Like I wrote before, they arrested him and he has made a statement.  He claims his wife will reveal what happened and will clear his name.  I believe he will go free and his wife will lie for him.  Thus, restarting the cycle over and over again.  If you are in an abusive relationship, you can't stay in something this toxic.  It will cause major damage to your children and put you in great harm.  Coming from an abuse survivor myself, step away from this asshole.  

Monday, December 10, 2018

YouTube Rewind 2018: Sigh.

YouTube, who are these people and why should I care?  I felt some of the earlier Rewind videos were pretty amusing and on point.  The whole thing seemed a bit rote to me.  And, the FN dances were cringe-worthy too.  There was care in the early YT Rewind videos whereas the last three have gone out of their way to be “woke” and safe.   
K-Pop?  Really?  And, what about the drag thing?  What was the point of that?  Then the Ninja thing just baffled me to say to least.  Let’s stop talking down to people and make it a fun video that celebrates YT despite all the setbacks.   
And, what is with all the blue hair?  Really?   
Yeah, where are the mention of the huge boxing matches or the Shane Dawson things?  How about a reference to Cobra Kai?  
Maybe I am getting too old to recognize these new tubers.  

Sunday, December 09, 2018

Shrek (reboot) V?

Shrek (reboot) V? 
From Variety((Universal Pictures has tasked Meledandri with finding some fresh story lines to reintroduce the lovable ogre and the sword-wielding feline to new generations of moviegoers. )) 
I wasn’t the biggest fan of the third movie, but I thought the fourth movie filled out the franchise nicely.  I think it was the proper ending to the franchise.  However, the Dreamworks Studio wants to reboot the franchise and start from a different angle.   
I’d be okay with it if they reuse the thrown out original story about Shrek when still Chris Farley played the role.  There was a whole other aspect of the character that the producers cut out of the movie when they switched to Mike Myers.   
I am just not sure we need another Shrek movie overall because its time has come and gone.  And, can they get away with edgy jokes in the era of hashtags and protest culture?  
Wash your...face.
Please, no Smashmouth.  

Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Jeff Stacy Chatlogs (NSFW)

Jeff Stacy Chatlogs (NSFW) 

If you remember, Jeff Stacy was one of those creepy dudes that the police and Dateline caught in those early stings with To Catch a Predator.  I also remember that he recently got married to an actual woman...of age. WTF?  After listening to the chatlogs with the fake girl, I really hate this dude even more.  And, he is really a disgusting goblin both outside and inside.  He is creepy ass-hat.  How did any woman find this guy a marrying type?   

I've heard some disturbing things in my time, but this even creeps me out.  I'm sure he's living in a cave feasting on passersby and small rodents given his appearance.  

Burn in heck, Jeff. 

The Neck Guy

He looks like a Dick Tracy villain to me.  While he has become a meme, he isn’t a great guy.  He’s a drug dealer (Allegedly) and I have heard him speak.  Oh, boy.  Talk about the education system failing him.  Anyway, his neck is massive and I am sure he stores things in his neck.  He has embraced his meme status...when he isn’t serving time.  

Better luck "neck" time.  Sorry, I had to make the joke.

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

VOY: You Can Feel the Tenison

You can feel the tension between these two even in these segments.  I always found it interesting that Kate and Jeri were forced to be put into promotional materials and events during Voy’s run and they completely hated each other.   When the show shifted from being about the entire crew to Janeway and 7 of 9, they had to be the faces and voices of the shows and they both hated each other.   

Looking at these clips, I forgot how young Kate Mulgrew looked back in the 90s.  I now remember her from the Orange is the New Black.  I’ve always found the behind the scenes stories of Voyager to be far more interesting than the actual show.   

There were battles between producers and battles with network executives.  Heck, the casting even had issues too.  The powers that be tried their best to keep all the tensions on the set away from the public.  I found this interesting given that there is talk about tension on the ST: Discovery writing room.  

Monday, December 03, 2018

J-Lo and her allegedly not singing on her tracks (Sometimes)

It appears some of J-Lo's tracks are basically songs with demo singers pretty much sing much of the track.  A lot of these songs came out during J-Lo heyday of making movies.  I like J-Lo's music for its sheer poppy sounds and I think her songs are catchier the Taylor Swift’s music.  It appears other female vocalist filled out her most popular tracks.  Allegedly...
This is a practice that happens a lot.  Anyway, check out the video above.  

Sunday, December 02, 2018

She-Ra (Part 2 of 3)

 She-Ra (Part 2 of 3) 

 Side Note:  Since my review starting to expand, even more, I decided to break my review into three parts instead.  I find it amusing that I have so much to say about a remake show aimed at little girls.  

One of the show’s strongest strengths is the character interaction/development.  On its own, the characters are pretty interesting and different from each other.  And, that is what makes these current animated series better than the earlier series.  Character can grow and change.  While I believe that Noelle Stevenson wants to soak and bask in the waters of vulture signaling, she accidentally fell into the creating good characters.  First and foremost, your characters and story should be king or queen.  

 -Adora / She-Ra: She has the same character arc as the original She-Ra.  I’ve always found her change from being a bad to a good guy to be far more of a dramatic approach than He-Man.  She used to be on the side of evil and understands how the enemy works.   
-Swift Wind:  I HATE this damn horse.  It is like that annoying dude at a coffee shop that talks loudly and believes he’s a funny guy.  Do we need this voice actor?  Boy, this is bad.   

-Scorpia:  Yeah, she is just as stupid as the version from the 80s.  I know some people hate her, but I like her sheer stupidity and child-like mindset.  Also, I like the fact she is on the side of evil and is pretty much an evil person...just stupid.  I know some people hated her, but she is true to the old character.  She just has a Tasha Yar haircut.   

-Glimmer:  I sort of like her.  The show plays her a bit younger than the 80s version.  In the original, she is a bit more of a horndog, she has a huge female crush on He-Man.  She starts out mistrusting Adora but becomes Adora/She-Ra's most trusted friend.  

-CatraShe is another rich character whom is tied to She-Ra.  Unlike the one cardboard version from the 80s show, Catra is a compelling character with an interesting background.  I like the intense rivalry/friendship between Adora.  
-Bow:  He starts out as an annoying dandy dude, but turns into something a little bit better.  While the show sets up the Glimmer relationship, it doesn't want to touch that issue.  Bow is a bit too soy-boy, but slowly becomes a badass.   

-Sea Hawk :  He is a cross between Han Solo and Launchpad McQuack.  He also has a thing for setting fire to his own boats and crash them into things.  I really like this character despite the silly nature.   

-EntraptaOkay, she is one of the best characters on the show and she probably the most anime-type of the series.  She is strange and scatterbrain.  I like that she has more of a connection to robots and tech than humans and creatures.  She turns out to be something completely different by the end of the series.  And, I like that.  

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