Thursday, August 31, 2006

V for Vendetta review

V for Vendetta

There were a lot of signs indicating that this movie was on the road to disaster. One, the creator (Alan Moore) of the graphic novel of which this movie is base on disowned the film in a very public manner. Two, the movie was delayed a few months due to post-production problems. If this was any other movie, this would have doomed the movie creatively, but to my surprise, the movie works.

Set in a gloomy future, this movie tells the story of an England going back to its empire roots. America is in shambles. The government is oppressive and powerful. The moviemakers are able to skillfully convey a ‘Hitler’ type government that uses fear to keep people in check. Everything feels believable in this world. (Being gay or a Muslim will get you arrested in this world.)

The character of V is just enjoyable to watch, he’s brutal and twisted, yet caring as well. I enjoyed his speech to the public as he takes over a government owned TV station. Hugo Weaving’s voice does most of the acting for him since he’s masked the entire time. Natalie Portman should also get some credit for her performance. It proves that she a talented actress and was hampered by George Lucas’s poor direction and dialogue in the SW movies.

While there are a few problems with the movie, it shouldn’t keep you away from watching it.

Grade: B+Half Zorro and half Batman

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Thanks, Agony Booth

I would like to thank the folks over at the very funny web site I wrote a review based on their funny review of Steven Seagal’s energy drink. I got a shout out from one of the creators of the Agonybooth in their message boards and I’ve seen a lot of traffic from that posting, so thanks again to The Agony Booth and to Steven Seagal for making such a bad drink.

Odds and ends

Deep Space 5

Someone edited an alt opening for Babylon 5 with DS9 music. I always found the title cards with pictures of the actors to be somewhat corny. I like this one better. (Watch closely for a Lord of the Rings joke. Many people have pointed out the similar plot points to the fantasy novels.)


Old BSG CGI test footage

Comment: Back when Bryan Singer was attached to the Battlestar project, Foundation Imaging did a test demo for the developing show. FI was best known for their work in DS9, B5, and Voy. They went under at the end of 2002. It’s interesting to see the footage, considering the original plan was to have this show connected to Battlestar Galactica of the 70s and ignore Galactica 1980. I’m not bashing Ron Moore, because he’s a good writer, hell a great writer. I’d say he’s succeeded for more than JMS (B5) in creating a non-trek show. However, it would have been interesting to see what Bryan Singer would have done with the franchise.

The Curse of Monkey Island: A Pirate I was Mean't to Be

Monkey Island - A Pirate I was Mean't to Be

Here’s that famous Pirate song. The first half of this clip shows the first hint of Insult Sword Fighting, and then it switches to the Song mini-game. You have to choose different responses to get your crew to work. The developers wanted to incorporate more song mini-games into the videogame, but there wasn’t time. The lines in the song are very funny, so just listen carefully.

Also listen for Alan Young’s voice in that clip. He was the voice of Uncle Scrooge McDuck from Ducktales (actually, he still reprises the role of Scrooge in many of the Disney videos and shows.)
There’s also a funny Fan-Made parody of this clip here:

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Show me your lightsaber (that didnt sound right)

Yeah, I’m a Star Wars Nerd, so a friend showed me these lightsaber fights created by fans. Here are some of the best

Nerds fighting

Comment: This one is actually pretty. While they aren’t the most physical people, they make up with good sound production and FX work.

Grade: B


Crouching Jedi

This is very good; the music fits in the somber tone of the entire short film. The fighting is extremely well made and stylistic. The editing is spot on and Lucas should take notes on this as he’s making his SW TV show.

Grade A-


Little Jedi

Hey, they train Jedi at a young age…

I do like that he attacks his father/mother at the end.

Grade C-


Two Emo-ish Jedi

This one isn’t bad, not as long or physical as the first two, but I do like the use of Star Wars music.

Grade C

Blog this!

That’s my Baby’s daddy

Head over to this blog for a great post on the Maury Show’s famous you’re not the father segments. Looking at the videos, I’ve learned some things.

1 These women should never have unprotected sex ever again.

2 These children are going to have a confusing childhood. I’ve spent most of my childhood without a father and it wasn’t easy.

3 Perhaps, these children shouldn’t meet their fathers, they don’t seem man enough to take care of their kids.

Note: I really enjoy watching these clips when the results are in and they find out the men they brought to the show aren’t the fathers. What do they do? They run off stage crying, I guess they thought they were going to get a paycheck. It seems that’s what they want. Not to attack just the women though, but men, come on! Do you have to bang every piece of slut tail that passes your way? Have some standards guys.

End of rant


Homer Award

Head over to this blog to check out who won the Homer Simpson Transmundanity Awards! Click on the first link, third paragraph to watch the video to see why he won. Truly funny and disturbing.


Blog world

Here’s some interesting thoughts from a new blogger on blogging. In her short time blogging, she gained quite a few readers. I can see why, she’s a nice person and writes well.

I’ve been doing this blog thing for about a year and I’ve met some interesting people along the way. I’d like to thank all the loyal readers of my crappy blog, all five of them. I just hope I can keep it up after I start sending out my manuscript.

End of Line

New T2 tv show?

I found this one some Message Boards. There is a new Terminator based show (pilot) in the works named The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Yeah, it sounds like the Young Indian Jones show, but with killer robots.

((As outlined in Friedman's script, new installment in the "Terminator" franchise revolves around robo-warrior Connor and her savior son, John Connor. C2 senior veepee of development James Middleton, who's a producer on the project, said last fall that "Connor" will explore what happened to Sarah Connor after the end of "T2," when the character went on the run.
"She has the weight of the world on her shoulders, and she also has to raise a 14-year-old son who may be the salvation of the world," he said.
Original "Terminator" stars Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger won't be involved in the new project, Nutter said.))

This could work, if done right, and on the right network. It looks like they’re ignoring T3, which in itself kind of changes continuity with T2.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Daisy 'Dukes' of Hazzard

Forget Jessica Simpson, this Daisy Duke is much hotter.

The ‘new’ Dukes of Hazzard sequel/prequel has a page

Courtesy of

We all know that the movie is going to stink, but damn Daisy is cute.
Uh, Daisy, those are your cousins get your damn hands off them.

Ann Coulter has an Exit plan

Time to eat a hamburger, Ann

Usually tough fighter Ann Coulter morphs into a crybaby and leaves the show.

Comment: While, this is not a political blog, I found this clip just funny; because someone finally gives this hateful woman a taste of her own medicine. She gets up and leaves, come on, Ann I thought you were stronger than that.

Side note: I kind of thought Ann was attractive, but she becoming more manly everyday, and I like tall women.

Random Thoughts

~I was at the bank, filling out a deposit slip, when a construction guy stood beside me filling out a deposit. The dude smelled like a walking bottle of alcohol. I mean he smelled really bad. I guess drinking before work will do that to you. I quickly filled out the slip and stood in line. Of course, he walked up and stood in line behind me, stinking up the place.

~There’s this new guy at my crappy job that has the worst teeth I’ve ever seen. They’re jacked. They’re so messed up that we gave him the nickname Rocks, because he looks like he’s been chewing on some rocks. One day last week, Rocks came in missing some of his already messed up teeth! And, he’s okay with it. The thing I’ve noticed is that people with messed up teeth tend not to smile as much. Rocks didn’t get the memo.

~Want to see Christopher Hitchens Flip the bird? What a jerk? At least he didn’t throw a chair.

~Check this out: Korean Girl Has Seizure

~I have to come up with a query letter for my search for a book agent, and I have to come up a title today for my manuscript.

~I’ve officially seen the first terrible (XBOX360) Next Generation game. Just Cause The game is really bad, the way the character walks and runs looks stupid. They spent too much time on the background, and not enough time on the character models.
Reminds me of Miami Vice: the movie, which is a bad thing.
Bad in a bad way

Star Trek: Enterprise Intros

Star Trek: Enterprise had many problems, and one of them being that damn theme song. Here are some alt takes on the opening

Comment: The female voice isn’t bad, but little too country for my taste. Sounds kind of Firefly-ish


Really cool fan-made intro

Comment: Now, this one used the Judge Dread theme for the Enterprise intro, and believe me it really works. I’m really impressed with this one.


Alt-universe opening from Mirror Universe

Comment: this is that famous alt-universe intro with different music and a new violent opening montage. It’s actually kind of funny seeing these ships blowing things up real good.


Here’s a funny Star Trek Enterprise promo

This one was pretty funny.


Added bonus

Here’s a pretty frank interview with two of the cast members about the last TNG movie and their take on the director.
Bonus photo! Take the stupid dog and the guy out and leave the females, and we might have something here.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

MGS4 more stuff

A new clip of MGS4 has been released

The new clip has a different opening with soldiers on different sides fighting, and then the Metal Gears show up and pretty much wipe the floor with one side of the conflict. It was interesting to see these robots using their legs as weapons. AT-ST coolness
Shouldn’t have used those cheap Firestone tires, damn it!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Sci-fi Channel bites...

Sci-fi Channel sometimes pisses me off and I guess other people feel the same way

There are a few reasons I can’t stand Sci-fi

1 Extreme Championship Wrestling: Uh, last time I checked ECW wasn’t sci-fi and just a shitty wrestling show. It’s like G4 showing Fastline…

2 Those really bad horror movies they show during the weekend: Come on, this stuff is pure trash. Cartoon Network has you guys beat, because they have new programming during their weekend stuff. Can’t you at least show reruns of BSG and other shows during that time?

((Anyway, this grudge-holder has sent a press release to the PRWeb site saying that the network is changing its name to SurgeTV. The release says the name change was being done to reflect the "changing demographic" from the station, with more wrestling, stars of shows like Eureka appearing in the ring, more late-night risque programming, and the English-language debut of Mexico's Lucha Libre wrestling events.))

Friday, August 25, 2006

Michael Giacchino, Trek XI

Composing Trek XI: Looks like my favorite composer is going to score Star Trek XI, Michael Giacchino.

((When asked if he expects to approach the Star Trek XI score in the same way he did the music for Mission: Impossible III, which referenced the previous films and the TV series, he said that he may cherry-pick some of the cues that he likes and discard others. "I think that ultimately you might pick the theme that you think is the important one and utilize that in a certain way and then go completely somewhere else with it," Giacchino said. "That would be I guess in the same way as Mission: Impossible was fun like that to take that and go somewhere wholly different with the score that the other two dudes didn't do. Not that it's better or worse but just different."))

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Superman Returns Soundtrack review

Superman Returns Soundtrack review

When Bryan Singer announced that John Ottman would write the score to his new Superman Returns movie, many fans of John Williams’ old Superman score wanted to know if many of their favorite themes would return for this new score. Ottman assured fans that some of their old themes would in fact return, and he was correct. I found the entire score to be extremely entertaining. Hearing some of Williams’ wonderful themes being used in the movie and the CD brings back memories of the old Donner film. Ottman gives us a very interesting mix old and new themes in this score. He also added a full choir to give the score a grand feel.

1. Main Titles: This is basically the same main Superman theme from the old Superman movies. I believe this is a remake of the old concert Main Title march, re-recorded by Ottman. The music is clear and just fun to listen to. (Can you read my Mind is played in the middle of this track). Note: this CD does not have the Krypton Theme intro that is in the actual movie. Shame on the CD people for not including that track.

2. Memories: This one has the first mention of the Smallville theme at the beginning, and then turns into a fun ‘running’ theme of the Smallville cue. I actually like this version because Williams’s version of this beautiful theme is usually played in a sad tone. Plus, there is some choir work here as well.

3. Rough Flight: Opens with some random action stuff, but then an interesting dark Ottman cue is mixed with the Superman theme. Toward the middle, Superman’s theme comes in and there’s a child’s voice singing for the space portion. I like how Ottman makes us hear the plane plummet toward Earth’s surface. This is a great track; he throws everything into this one.

4. Little Secrets/Power Of The Sun: This track is connected to track 3 with no pause between them. I loved the use of ‘Can you read mind’ in the beginning with flutes and strings, it’s very nice to listen to. We also get to hear the very sad new ‘lost love theme’ mixed with Ottman’s new ‘hero’ theme. I didn’t care for the ending of this track though.

5. Bank Job: I’m not a huge fan of this track; it works in a weird Planet of the Apes Goldsmith way though.

6. How Could YOU Leave Us?: Now this is probably my favorite track on the entire CD. It’s simply beautiful. There’s a hint of the Krypton theme at the beginning. The children choir singing in the middle is just breathtaking to listen. The track turns sad with the ‘lost love theme’ and the new Hero theme shows up as well. There’s a sad version of ‘Can you read my mind’ that ends the track.

7. Tell Me Everything: Not much to this track

8. You’e Not One Of Them: Here’s more of the sad themes carried over from track 6

9. Not Like The Train Set: Some of this works, while some of it is boring. We get to hear the Lex Luthor theme in this track, as well the proud Superman theme. Those are the themes that really stand out.

10. So Long Superman: I don’t care for this track too much.

11. The People You Care For: This one is alright, but not as bad as 10.

12. I Wanted You To Know: There some pretty good stuff with it ending on the Smallville theme.

13. Saving The World: I like the ‘Star Trekish’ version of Luthor’s theme at the beginning. The track builds up to the Superman theme and goes into a darker tone toward the end. Interesting use of the voices here.

14. IN THE HANDS OF MORTALS: This works well in the movie, but on CD it isn’t that interesting, except for the ending portion.

15. Reprise / Fly Away: This last track is also one of my favorites as well with the children’s voices returning with Ottman’s Hero theme. Some of this stuff was used in track 6. The track ends on the Superman Theme

On CD Grade: A-

In the movie: A

BTW, here are the opening credits to Superman Returns. Now, this is how you open a movie.

The Benchwarmers

The Benchwarmers

This movie sucks. There’s not much else to say about this crap movie. The basic premise of this movie is that a group of nerds take on a bunch of 9 year olds in a collection of baseball games. The movie stars Rob Schneider, David Spade, and Jon Heder, three people who should never star in any movie, let alone together. Spade looks bored and is merely collecting a paycheck. Heder simply plays a nastier version of his Napoleon Dynamite character. And, Schneider is just having a bad streak in movies.

The movie is unfunny, but it’s also a by the numbers Adam Sandler produced film. Reggie Jackson (Jesse Jackson’s baseball playing half brother) is in this film in a very unfunny montage, he’s better in the Naked Gun movie; hell he’s better in BASEketball. In this movie he just looks sleepy. For some reason, Jon Lovitz took time out of his Subway sandwich schedule and did this turd of a film. Lovitz, stick to those Subway ‘eat fresh!’ spots, and keep Jarred off those ads.

The only thing worth seeing in this movie is William Daniels reprising his role as the car KITT from Knightrider. He shows up un-credited, smart movie KITT!

Grade D+

Resident Evil 4 (hookman)

An older Version of Resident Evil 4 (hookman)

The Trailer

The gameplay

RE4 was in development for a long time, the first concept started out in 2000. The first version was such a departure from the series that version was transformed into The Devil May Cry. There was also a ‘Frog’ version, which was also dropped.

Then there’s the infamous RE4: ‘Hookman’ version. The thing about this one is that it was shown to many people outside the company and a trailer was even created for the game. Many fans called this the Resident Hill version, meaning it had some elements from the Silent Hill series. Instead of Zombies, there were ghost-like creatures and many background elements could harm you. There are also a few Clock Tower things thrown in as well, such as the Hookman following you around randomly. It amazes me how far along this version was.

Of course, this Hookman version was completely dropped. I really liked it; it appeared to be based less on action and more on scaring the player. This could have really given the RE series new life to a dead series (pun intended). I hope they reconsider at least using the engine again for another RE side-story.


On a side note, I found this really cool RE fan-made video using the Die Another Day song

It’s probably one of the best edited fan-made videos I’ve seen in a while. It’s totally in sync with the music. I like the strings in this song, but I can’t stand Madonna’s voice.

Kind of wish this one was a real promo.

Crap TV: The new Survivor season

The new Survivor season will divide teams into races…

((Get ready for a segregated "Survivor." Race will matter on the upcoming season of the CBS show as contestants will be divided into four tribes by ethnicity. That means blacks, whites, Latinos and Asians in separate groups.))

Man, this just smells of trouble. Now, I can barely sit through an episode of Survivor, so I’m a little bias. However, it seems like a rating ploy with the racial stuff. Controversy mean the collective mass will watch, and they do. You know there will be a point when someone is going make a racial slur, and there will be a major blow up. It will probably get a lot of promotion. Watch as Tracy calls Jack the N-word! Everyone tune in next time to find out who is the superior race!

Even with crap like Flavor of Love and that Hulk Hogan show, this is a new low. God, I hate reality TV…

Baby snakes

The Snakes in the Theater debate

I wonder if an overzealous Marketing guy got carried away.

((This much is agreed on. There were not two snakes in the theater as originally reported on Phoenix television. There was one snake in the theater and another in the parking lot of the AMC complex at Tatum and the 101 Freeway in North Phoenix.))

((Handlers called it a reckless and dangerous stunt, and if the snake was brought in by a moviegoer they would be correct. ))

Or maybe it was a crazy fanboy that dumped the snake into the theater.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Remember that Numa Numa dude with the big mouth and fat head? Well here’s a blog devoted to the entire Numa Numa craze.

(Currently, the You Tube site is down and most of these vids are on that site so just bookmark that blog and return later.)

But wait, there’s more!


((Recently an official Gary Brolsma website has been constructed at, promoting the international release of a New Numa video in the Fall of 2006. This is the first mention of Gary's return since his first clip made its debut. The news has come to the delight of many fans who loved the original, and have since been attempting to reach Gary in hopes to persuade him for a sequel.))

Now, if he can find a way to remix the Peanut Butter Jelly Time song with the Numa song, I’ll be one happy dude.

Kevin Federline

Kevin Federline ‘performs’ at the Teen Choice Awards

Teen’s Choice Awards? Yeah, K’Fed that’s real hardcore.

And whom did they get to introduce K’fed, Method Man, West, Puffy Daddy, or Ice Cube? Nope…

((Britney Spears walked onto stage in a low-cut, cleavage-showing dress, sporting her 8-month pregnant belly. Spears stepped up))

Yep, that’s what all the teens want to see, a knocked up pop-star, way to keep it street, K’fed.

Here’s what a hip-hop writer feel about his crap.

((Elliot Wilson wasn't alone in his criticism. Jermaine Hall, executive editor of King Magazine expressed his lack of enthusiasm. "The thing that really hurts him is the fact that he's perceived as Britney's husband. You know, kinda like Britney's second -- I don't even want to say second in command, but -- he's like the Britney Boy. He's like Mrs. Spears, and it's kinda hard to get over that perception."))

I think I’m going to go back to watching that Go Ninja, Go Ninja video.

Yesterday's Enterprise (Star Trek: TNG review)

Yesterday’s Enterprise

Back in the third season of Star Trek: TNG, something good began to happen, the show started to find its space legs. Overall, the writing improved with a more stable writing staff and the age of Gen Roddenberry’s interference was beginning to erode. Piller moved the show away from the non-sense that Gen had envisioned, and the focus on high concepts and character develop took center stage. One of the best episodes of an already good season was the episode by the name Yesterday’s Enterprise.

The teaser has Worf and Guinan talking over a glass of prune juice. The scene has nothing to do with the main plot, but the entire scene is very cute. It’s funny seeing Guinan introduce prune juice to Worf, (a warrior’s drink), and trying to fix him up with a human date. (The episode opens and ends with Guinan at a table talking to a crewmember, very nice bookend.)

The episode really begins when a riff in space brings another Enterprise from the past into the future and changes the timeline. In this timeline, the Klingons are at war with the Federation. I enjoyed seeing the more military driven Enterprise on screen. The lighting, uniforms and characters are different yet similar to their counterparts, except for Guinan. She is unchanged by the timeline switch. Ronald D. Moore, Ira Steven Behr, and Eric A. Stillwell are some of the writers responsible for this great episode. Piller has an un-credited rewrite as well.

The writing all around is spot on, and acting from every cast member is a treat to watch. You can tell that they enjoyed playing darker versions of themselves. The two people who really stand out in this episode are Whoopi Goldberg and Denise Crosby. Goldberg gives one of her strongest performances in this episode. I just loved the way she stood up to Picard and demanded that the ship return to its own time. Yet, Crosby stole the show, because the story centered on her, and it gave the character a chance to die in a gallant manner. (No killer Oil Slicks for you, Yar).

The battle at the end is amazing and fun to watch, as well as Picard making a last stand against two Birds of Prey as flames fill up the screen. Yet, the best scene is saved for last, when Guinan sits with Geordi and says, “So, tell me about Tasha Yar…”

A true classic

Grade A-

Trek fans: notice anything wrong with his uniform?

Despite this mess up, this is a great way to end an episode. I loved Dennis McCarthy adding the Star Trek theme in the end.
______________________________________________Yar: “I keep having these dreams of a big, giant oil slick killing me, and then it switches to me jumping on the back of Eddie Murphy completely naked.” (That was a 48hrs. reference.)
(Guinan: You always drink alone. It wouldn't hurt you to seek out a little...companionship.
Worf: I would require a Klingon woman for companionship. Earth females are too fragile.
Guinan: "Not all of them. There are a few on this ship that would find you ... tame."
Worf: [laughs] "Impossible."
Guinan: "You never know until you try."
Worf: "Then I will never know."
Guinan: "Coward."
Worf: "I was merely concerned for the ... safety of my crewmates."
Guinan: "Drink your prune juice."

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Okay, what the hell is this? The animation is so bad that it’s funny. I don’t get why there’s a chipmunk in a wheelchair and little creature jumping into a cloud! BTW, this thing got three stars.

For more…

another one with scissors and paper…

Get more from this ‘artist’ here

Stargate ends

“Okay, which one of these turns the channel?”

Stargate SG1 ends this season,0,2927656.story?coll=zap-tv-headlines

((The cable network has opted not to extend "SG-1" beyond the current season, the show's 10th overall and fifth on Sci Fi (the first five seasons aired on Showtime). The show's final episodes will air early next year.))

Some people like my friend Paul feel the show needs to end this season anyway, since it’s jumped a few Great Whites and a Killer Whale.

((Spinoff series "Stargate Atlantis," however, will return to Sci Fi for a fourth season. Some cast members from "SG-1" may continue their roles on "Atlantis."))

As it should be, I’ve been catching up with this show from the syndication runs on TV. I like the show a lot.

There is another factor in play here and that’s money. The longer a show stays on the air the more expensive the show becomes. Everyone wants a bigger piece of the pie.

So long, and thanks for all the fish, SG1 (Including the shark)

Whoo-Ha! Busta Rhymes gots you all in check

When Busta Rhymes Attacks…

((One moment, Roberto Lebron was telling Busta Rhymes he was a "big fan" - and the next thing he knew, the rapper was kicking him in the face.))

Actually, Lebron accidentally spit on Busta’s car. Busta got out and confronted him about it.

(("One of his people hit me in the face and I fell on the ground" - and then Rhymes came over to finish the job, he said.

Lebron said the star and his crew kicked and punched him in the middle of Sixth Ave. near 19th St. - then yanked his Nike sneakers off his feet and tossed them away.))

I guess yanking off a man’s shoes is a form of disrespect.

(("I guess they got tired of beating me up," said Lebron, who was a student at John Jay College of Criminal Justice until he took a full-time job hooking up televisions in hospital rooms.))

I find it kind of ironic that this guy was in Criminal Justice. Plus, you know you’ve gotten an ass beating when the attacker gets tired of beating you up. Hey, Busta, is this how you treat all your fans?

Monday, August 21, 2006

confession at the chapel

Here it is the Confessional I talked about earlier, SILENT HILL 3 confession at the chapel

Note: Many people believe that this is Claudia confessing her sins, but it’s not. It’s a different voice and accent.

Random Thoughts: Ninja Rap

Random Thoughts

~I’m nearly done with my first 100 pages for my novel. I just need to give it a final prep before I send it to my writing teacher and then out to agents.

~I’ve found out the hard way that it takes a full week to get the smell of gasoline out of your car. Don’t ask…

~AV has some pictures up on his Blog from his trip to NEW YORK. Man, it’s been a while since I’ve been to New York City. I still remember taking a tour of the World Trade Center buildings when they were still up, that was back in 95.

~Glitch has posted his thoughts of the old days of 2D in videogaming. 2 > 3 I still remember all those hours playing Sonic the Hedgehog and Pantasy Star games in all their 2D glory.

~And for Anime Fanboys: Jiggling Anime Breasts. A montage of animated breasts, I found it strangely amusing in a Fanboy way.

~For a friend, I looked up some info for Stargate Infinity, a poorly done cartoon based loosely on the Stargate saga. What were they thinking?

~The Transformers isn’t the only cartoon show getting a remake. TMNT: There’s another Teenager Mutant Turtles movie on the way. As long as they don’t bring back Vanilla Ice, it should do alright. And here it is, Go ninja rap video: Vanilla Ice - Ninja Rap: What’s worst this video or MC Hammer’s Adams family video?

Space Channel 5: Part 2 (Review)

Space Channel 5 Part 2

Space Channel 5 (SC5) is one of those games that despite it fun nature and easy gameplay slipped through the gaming world cracks. When the original SC5 was released on the Dreamcast, it was widely ignored and forgotten about. SC5 is a music game similar in nature to PaRappa the Rapper. The simple point to the game is to perform a musical Simon Says. The graphics and Background style designs are flamboyant in a weird 60ish way.

SC5 Part 2 takes everything that made the first game fun and improves upon it. In the second game, they added singing portions and instrument battles. These addictions are so much fun that you’ll be nodding your head with the catchy music. The designs of the characters are very simple by today’s standards, but they have a cute charm about them. The main character Ulala is very sexy and motion-capped very well. Apollo Smile returns as the voice of Ulala. Ulala changes her outfits more than Queen Padmé Amidala. (I’m not complaining.)

The music ranges from Techno/Jazz/Funk/Waltz/Rock/Hip Hop. However, the biggest draw is playing with a 3D Michael Jackson. It was cool to dance and sing with Jackson in the game. The only draw back is that there isn’t much in the way of replay value. (There is an alt-intro song for Pine’s twin sister Tex in the replay game, and the moves are in reverse for some of the stages.)

Grade B+

Here are some movies…

Space Channel 5 Part 2, Stage 4 (1/2): This is the one where you dance against Michael Jackson. It’s toward the end of the vid.

Space Channel 5 Part 2, Stage 4 (2/2): Go to the 5 min mark to see the Jackson stuff. This is one of my favorite points in the game.

Drum battle!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Silent Hill 3 storeroom scene

Well, I found that creepy Storeroom scene from Silent Hill 3.

Things to notice

~Look in the mirror at the reflection. You’ll notice that the only the floor in the reflection is bleeding. Your mirror image is unharmed. Yet, there is no blood on your side of the room.

~When the blood clears up, your mirror image starts bleed, and your side of the room actually starts to bleed on the walls and floor.

~As the room starts to fill up with blood and flesh, you will notice that your bloody reflection in the mirror has stopped doing what your doing and is simply staring back at you. It was at this point when I was officially freaked out and left the room. I didn’t know this is what happened if you stayed in the room too long...

The Making of Silent Hill 3

The Making of video of Silent Hill 3

Comment: This video is about 25 mins long, but well worth it. Generally, you don’t see too many of these making of videos for videogames. The MGS 2 one is interesting too. We need to see more of these guys.

Side note: I really enjoyed Silent Hill 3 the best. One of the best scenes in the game is the ‘store room’ scene. It was truly creepy.

The confessional scene is probably one of the most well written scenes in videogames. A woman is in a confessional booth, crying about causing great harm to someone. She hears you enter, and she begins to ask for your forgiveness. The game gives you a choice, forgive her or not.

I liked the character of Heather in this game. While James from Silent Hill 2 was the most human, Heather has the most charm.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Thriller: a look back

The ‘Full’ version of Thriller

Being a kid from the 80s, certain things are part of my pop culture history. One of them was Michael Jackson’s Thriller video and song. This mini movie was a 14 min video with great production work and great music.

There are a few things to point out here…

~Most people only remember the shorter Thriller video, which was edited down to just the song portion of the movie. People forget about the 5 min intro with the 50s horror movie stuff, plus Jackson turning into a werewolf.

~This version of the Thriller song was not the one released on records and tapes. The music is rearranged and the Vincent Price voiceover is in the middle of the song instead of the end like the Record version. Actually, there are a lot of differences with the music between the video and the LP versions.

~John Landis directed this video. He was also responsible for the accident that killed three actors in a Twilight Zone remake.

~Yes, that girl is sporting a Jheri curl

Swearengen, Two &$%^sucker

I’m a big fan of Deadwood. So when I found this clip, I've never laughed so hard. C**ksucker is used all the time on this show, and someone decided to edit together a lot of people saying the word on the show. The best is Wu though. "San Francisco c*cksucker"

The word is used so much on the show that even I say it now.

Legends of the Dark Knight (Batman TAS review)

Legends of the Dark Knight

In the second version of the Batman Animated series, the writers decided to make an episode about the different versions of Batman. In the episode, three kids decide to tell each other their takes on Batman with each one putting a totally different twist on their hero. The episode is charming and well written to a certain point, and the music and style of animation changes from each version of the Batman story.

The writers on the show also take a jab at Joel Schumacher in this episode. There are hints that this kid Joel is gay. They bash him so hard that I wonder why WB even let them get away with it; not that I’m complaining.

50's Batman
This version is actually drawn in the very old style of the Batman Comics and has a touch of the old Adam West shows in it. Batman and Robin fight The Joker and his goons in this one. The music in this segment is in mono and poorly edited on purpose to give it that 50’s vibe. Gary Owens provides the voice of the very corny 50’s Batman. It’s a cute segment.

80's Batman (Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns)

While it is listed as the 80s Batman, it’s actually set in the distant future with a much older, rougher Batman and a redheaded female Robin. This one is based on the very well written Frank Miller comic book. The music is a techno/rock mix that sounds strangely like Batman Beyond’s style of music. The kick ass Michael Ironside plays the voice of the 80’s Batman. This version of Batman uses a huge tank armed with rubber bullets. Carrie is the Robin in this version, but the younger version of her is the one actually telling the story.

The 90s Animated Batman

This portion is set in the real-world animated Batman format. This is where the show falls apart. Instead of putting their best villains forward, the writers use the extremely lame villain Firefly. They should have used the Joker.

Grade A-Hey! Who's talking about Batman? I love Batman. All those muscles, the tight rubber armor and that flashy car. I heard it can drive up walls.

Yes, this is an actual line from the episode. That’s the kid Joel (Schumacher), and that’s the writers showing their distain for Batman Forever.
_______________________________________________________Bruce Timm’s version of Frank Miller’s Batman. Frank Miller loved seeing this episode, BTW.

Photos from

Check them out
Robin as a Female.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Cool and not so cool clips

I just love this ad. Just watch it. I can’t believe they got away with this.


What the hell is this? Why is this even on the Internet?

Sora was drunk...I mean Haley Joel Osment,1,2327470.story?coll=la-headlines-pe-california

Haley Joel Osment (Sora) is in a lot of trouble. But at least he didn’t insult the cops like Sergeant Martin Riggs (Gibson).

((Haley Joel Osment, the 18-year-old actor injured in a car crash in La Cañada Flintridge last month, has been charged with misdemeanor drunk driving, authorities said Thursday

Osment lost control of his 1995 Saturn in La Cañada about 1 a.m. July 20. The vehicle flipped over, and Osment suffered a broken rib and a shoulder injury.))

Right, now Osment is feeling lonely and confused, but he can depend of his friends Donald Duck and Goofy.

Wow, I made it through an entire Osment post without making a Sixth Sense joke.

Maybe next time. Sora is the Keymaster, so no jail cell can hold him
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