Monday, January 31, 2011

Obama Jams
“Shorty” Somehow, Obama sounds great in auto-tune.
Poke me
I have never got the whole “poke” thing from Facebook. It just sounds wrong to hear some straight guys asking to get poked.   

Canada's UBB (Usages-Based Billing)

Canada's UBB (Usages-Based Billing)
When I first read about the rates, I couldn't believe how low the GB cap is. This is so wrong and a clear slight against competition. This is clearly the media giants fight against Microsoft, PSN, Netflix YouTube. I am surprised some of these groups haven't tried to fight the UBB because there will be a lot of people that will stop using their services because they won't be able to afford the extra overcharges. They want to stop the growing increase in Streaming content, which is hurting the cable networks and regular networks.  (Did I mention that this will hurt online gaming too?)
This is wrong and needs to be stopped before more countries attempt to do this, namely the US. It is time for Microsoft YouTube and others of online content providers to start making their voices heard because that revenue that they've been seeing is about get tighter.
We need to stop this in Canada before some dumb ass IPS starts to cap our Uses at around 25GB. Currently in the US, it is around 250GB or more. That could change. Trust me, this new UBB is really pissing me off.

Pillow Wig (Nice)

While searching for pictures of Mark Pillow…for research and not for my own Mark Pillow collection, I came across this little gem of a photo from this blogger.  It is called a Pillow Wig and has nothing to do with Mark Pillow or Superman, but I kind of like the design.  I’m sure some hipster has donned one of these things to be “ironic”. 
Wearing a Pillow Wig gives you the opportunity to sleep pretty much anyway, including while driving your car…wait a second.  I take a lot of naps, and I’d love to get my hands of one of these things.   Designer Joo Youn Paek may have a good thing going on here.  Has anyone seen these things in North America?
Maybe we can combine the Snuggie with the Pillow Wig? 

They are Legion.

Henry Cavill as the new Superman and the Superman Curse

Henry Cavill certainly looks the part, if a slightly younger version of the character.  I think he will work out good for the Superman reboot. 
I help but think about the Superman Curse that is supposedly causes harm to those that play the role of Superman and some of the actors that surround them. 
From the Wiki page, ((The Superman Curse refers to a theory that is based on a series of misfortunes that have plagued creative people involved in adaptations of Superman in various media, particularly actors who have played the role of Superman on film and television.
The curse in a nutshell:
If you play the strongest man on Earth, you will either die an untimely death or end up in the weakest position possible.))
I don’t believe it, but let’s take a look at some of the leading actors in the role of Superman over the years.
Christopher Reeve:  Well, we know what happened to him don’t we?  I still can’t get over what happened to him and later his wife died. 
George Reeves:  His death is still a mystery.  But he was shot by a gun at the age of 45. 
Kirk Alyn:  This guy played the role in two Superman movies back in 40s.  He claimed that no one would hire him for other work because of the high profile role.
Mark Pillow: AKA Nuclear Man is on the list.  He kind of dropped out completely after a TV show called Alaska Kid.  I just think it was a combo of bad acting and directing that destroyed his career with Superman IV. 
Dean Cain:  Can we agree that this guy needs to be in the cursed list.  He hasn’t really had a great career since that Superman show.  It has been a steady career, but certainly not great.  He was in that movie Dead and Deader that was a flux sequel to Boll’s House of the Dead.  Oy…

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Two men and a baby: "Head for zee Hills?" Nope

Yes, this actually Mountain Home AR. Talk about being offended. I'm offended that anyone thinks Elton John even borders on offensive, other than his facelift. I also love the fact someone actually had time to go to management and complain about it. That takes sheer stupid commitment.
MC brought this controversy to my attention over at this blog. The picture from above has brought a lot of controversy over the Internet, but it also shows the positive power of the internet. Basically, someone complained to the grocery store. These family-shields are usually put over magazines that have women in underwear or being close to naked, yet this one with two fully dressed gay men received the same treatment. There is something wrong with the way certain people feel about guy couples.
I guess it is a good thing the customers have never received any King Magazines. They're collective right-leaning heads would explode.    

Before I get sidetracked looking at these King photos, let's get back to the story.
Jennifer Huddleston saw the Family-shield and took a photo of it and posted it on the Inter-tubes. I'm usually at odds with certain hardcore elements of the gay community because they're a bit too sensitive about certain things (Such as a group within the community wanting to ban the word Homosexual), but I have to side with them here. This family-shield is an overkill.
Relax, concern parents. Gay people want to get married, have kids and hate their spouses and getting divorced too.
Well, the store removed the family-shield and apologized (sort of). So, all ends well. I guess.
Side note: How would they feel about a poster of Three Men and a Baby?  
Oh, no, head for the hills

Friday, January 28, 2011

Spartacus: Blood and Sand (season one review)

 Spartacus: Blood and Sand
It is bloody, loud, and very entertaining.
Spartacus is one of those TV shows that starts out extremely bad and uneven, but gets progressively better after each episode. Instead of relying on a lot of CGI blood and slow motion, the show started to focus on the characters and the political stuff more.  And, that is when the acting and writing started to get better as well. 
The show is full of nudity, blood and gore.  The show seems to marvel in the sin in same manner as the other Roman-based show Rome.  Every noble born character seems to live in excess and give nothing to lower classes and the slaves.  There are a few times when the excessive cruelty from the noble class felt a bit forced to get a point across.  However, Roman culture is very brutal and revenge driven.  I enjoyed all the backstabbing plots and betrayals that ran throughout the season.  Knowing a little bit history of the time period, we will probably see more of an action centered 2nd season. 
So, how is the acting?  For the most, the acting is top-notch.  The classically trained actors from Rome stand out more than Spartacus.  However, the acting is still superb from most of the cast.    
There are four names within the cast that need to be noted.  Andy Whitfield as Spartacus is spot on as the lead character centered on the show.  John Hannah, from the Mummy series, is really outstanding as the slave master/gladiator owner Batiatus.  Hannah doesn’t look the part of a total asshole, but you will be convinced by the middle of the series.  Hannah deserves an award for his role. 
Lucy Lawless plays the spoiled and vindictive wife of Batiatus.  Lawless’s character is such a departure from the Xena that you will have to give props to her performance.  Did I also mention that Lawless has never been sexier than in this show, and you will see her nude a lot…and I mean a lot?   Peter Mensah plays the trainer of the gladiators.  He really brings out the honorable warrior side of a character in world where honor isn’t as important as getting rich and famous. 
As I sated before, the show grew in quality when it started to move away from 300 and more toward the character and political roots of Rome.  I wasn’t the biggest fan of 300, and the first two episodes of the series seemed to be influence too heavily from the worst parts of that movie, and I almost gave up on the show.  However, I stayed with the show and it got progressively better with the acting and storylines that moved throughout the season.
The season ends with a bang too.  The action scenes in that last episode are violent and spectacular at the same time.  We see everything that the writers have built up come to a head full of murder and action.  And, this season end payoff is the reason to stick through the uneven first few episodes.  This is sign of good writing when the writers actually change over the course of the show from being okay to making it a wonderfully pleasing show.
Spartacus Blood and Sand will not be for everyone.  The violence and gore is extremely graphic and extensive.   And, the violence isn’t only centered on the men in the arena, but young children and women will also see edge of someone’s blade.  In addition, there are numerous scenes of sex and nudity.  But, if you watched the entire series of Rome, you should be use to it now. 
Spartacus is one of those rear shows that reward you for sticking with the show.
Grade: B+

Spartacus:  Does the training videos have to be Gladiator or 300? : 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

IHOP Fight (Follow up)


IHOP Fight (Follow up)
After I posted about this story and video, it looks like three people have been charged with “Public Disorderly Conduct” or as I would like to say, “acting like an ass”.
From wistv, ((Deputies arrested and charged Patricia Hampton, Tracy Brown Day, and Alonzo Dantzler, Jr., all of Orangeburg, with public disorderly conduct in the January 22 fight at the IHOP on North Road. ))
I'd still like to know; what was fight over? Pancakes?
I also like that the two women are smiling in their mugshot, but the guy with cane isn't too pleased to get guests of the PD. I think we need to bring back the concept of shame.
Here are few other incidents from restaurants.

The Razzies nominations for 2010 (Part 2)

MNS:  "Look, I actually won something...wait, it is a Golden Raspberry." 
Part two, begin…fight!
Cats & Dogs 2: Revenge of Kitty Galore:  Didn’t this movie bomb at the box office.  Did anyone ask for a Cats and Dogs 2?  I didn’t even know it was in 3D.
Clash of the Titans:  When the director of the movie says the 3D effects were shit, you know they had a problem. No one liked the 3D conversion and I mean no one.  This was just a cheap money grab to give a boost to an already troubled film. 
The Last Airbender:  MNS, it is time to wake up.  You were once a good director. 
Nutcracker 3D:  Do I want to see a movie called “Nutcracker” in 3D, ewww.  Oh, you meant the old school Nutcracker and not a Saw knockoff, okay. 
Saw 3D:  Speaking of Saw, I have seen a single one of these movies and seeing it 3D isn’t my cup of tea either.  Hopefully, we will never see another one of these movies. 
Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler, The Bounty Hunter:  Yes, they deserve it more than anyone else on the list.  I sat through this movie hating both characters. 
Josh Brolin’s Face and Megan Fox’s Accent, Jonah Hex:  Yes, Megan Fox decided to go with the Hollywood accent for her portray of an old west hooker.  What were they thinking when they cast Fox in that role?
The Entire Cast of The Last Airbender
The Entire Cast of Sex and The City 2: Given that two of the cast members don’t get along that well, will they make a third movie? 
The Entire Cast of Twilight Saga: Eclipse:  Okay, I can see that. 
Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer Vampires Suck:  Somehow, these two are still making movies.  I guess their movies really do turn a profit.  They need to be stopped. 
Michael Patrick King, Sex and The City 2
M. Night Shyamalan, The Last Airbender:  Actually, someone needs to sit down with MNS and talk to him about his story problems.  He’s kind of gone off into this George Lucas world and ignores everything spoken negatively about his films.  It’s time to bring him down to Earth.
David Slade, Twilight Saga: Eclipse:  I remember director Slade bashing the Twilight franchise in an interview before they hired him to direct, but he changed his tune after they paid him a lot of cash. 
Sylvester Stallone, The Expendables:  Expendables wasn’t that bad.  GR people just like putting Stallone on the list just for hell of it.  He’s been on the list for many years.  Yes, his dialogue is simple and bad, but his direction isn’t terrible and in some cases very exciting. 
The Last Airbender, by M. Night Shyamalan, based on TV series by Michael Dante DiMartino and Brian Konietzko:  I haven’t seen the movie, but I keep hearing about how bad the dialogue is and that movie shoves a season’s worth of stories into a two-hour movie. 
Little Fockers, by John Hamburg and Larry Stuckey, based on characters by Greg Glenna & Mary Roth Clarke:  Can we end the Fockers franchise?
Sex and the City 2, Written by Michael Patrick King, Based on the TV Series Created by Darren Star:
Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Screenplay by Melissa Rosenberg, Based on the Novel by Stephenie Meyer
Vampires Suck, Written by Jason Friedberg & Aaron Seltzer
Clash Of The Titans:  This might just win, but Sex & the City might win. 
The Last Airbender
Sex & The City 2
Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Vampires Suck:  Do they ever.  The actual Twilight series is bad that it makes the films funny.  It is hard to mock a series that people mock to death already.  

Often overlooked score: Dinosaur by James Newton Howard

(Note:  There is a shot in the movie that is a direct nod to Jurassic Park: The Lost World.  Ever notice that?)
Often overlooked score: Dinosaur by James Newton Howard
There is so much to love about the score.  It is bombastic with some strong themes.  In a lot of ways, it is throwback to strong themes that Jerry Goldsmith and John Williams had back in 80s and 90s.  And, now that I listen to score now, it seems to be a blending of Goldsmith and Williams’ styles. 
It is a shame that this score was attached to a rather bland film that seems to be a strange remake to Land Before Time.  The movie, during production, went through a lot of changes because certain people in charge of the studio demanded the animals talked. 
The track below has my favorite themes, which I call the action adventure theme. 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Remember that Fountain Lady? (Cathy Cruz Marrero)

Behold, the enemy to all fountains.
Remember that Fountain Lady? (Cathy Cruz Marrero)
We've all seen the Fountain Lady video where a woman was texting while walking and she promptly fell right into the damn fountain in the mall. Here's the kicker, she is suing the mall. Uh, wasn't she the one that aimlessly strolled through the mall texting without looking up?
Are you really going to sue because you made an ass of yourself? I remember the Pizza Girl blamed everyone else for the actions she pulled in that pizza place. Plus, most of the Internet wouldn't have known her real name or image due to the fuzzy picture.
Is she going to sue the fountain or the water next?
Right now, because Cathy Cruz Marrero opened the door with this lawsuit, people are looking into her past. From sfgate, ((But it turns out that "Fountain Lady," also known as Cathy Cruz Marrero, faces legal charges herself - charges even more serious than assuming that pedestrians can avoid large structures on pathways.Marrero was charged in late 2009 with running up bills of more than $5,000 on a coworker's credit account at Target and Zales, according to ABC News. She was supposed to repay the money but never did, and will appear in court for sentencing in April.

Read more: ))
Yeah, worrying about your Internet fame is the least of your worries, lady.  

The Razzies nominations for 2010 (Part 1)

The Razzies nominations for 2010 (Part 1)
Because naming off good movies isn’t that fun, I decided to look up Golden Raspberry award.   Because Big Fanboy has the list of the nominations, I'll just use their listing of the movies. And, I shall add my own comments on a few of the movies.
The Bounty Hunter:  This one I watched from beginning to end.  After watching the movie I came to the conclusion that Jennifer Aniston is the new Nic Cage.  She really doesn’t care how many bad romantic comedies she’s in. 
The Last Airbender:  I heard nothing but bad things spoken about the movie.  It is a shame MNS has rose-colored glasses on and pretty much ignores all criticisms of his movies.  He still thinks there is enough good will out there for another Airbender movie.  
Sex and the City 2
Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Vampires Suck:  I might have to see how bad this movie really is before I comment on it. 

Jack Black, Gulliver’s Travels: There might be a chance that he will win, because I think Black would actually show up for the award. 
Gerard Butler, The Bounty Hunter:  What happened to this guy?  He plays the same character in all of his Rom-Com roles.  He needs to get back into action movies. 
Ashton Kutcher, Killers and Valentine’s Day:  This guy deserves to win because he is terrible.  Somehow, he’s tricked people into sticking his name on shows as a “producer” despite the fact he has no talent.  Kutcher, it is time to go back to being an underwear model. 
Taylor Lautner, Twilight Saga: Eclipse and Valentine’s Day
Robert Pattinson, Remember Me and Twilight Saga: Eclipse:  This guy will probably win because of his goofy hair. 
Jennifer Aniston The Bounty Hunter and The Switch: Did I mention that she even admitted that she’s been in some real stinkers?
Miley Cyrus, The Last Song:  She needed to be nominated for smoking that bong in that video. 
Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon, Sex & the City 2
Megan Fox, Jonah Hex:  She deserves the award.  Her acting is probably up to par with her role in transformers. 
Kristen Stewart Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Jessica Alba, The Killer Inside Me, Little Fockers, Machete and Valentine’s Day:  I had totally forgotten that Alba has been in a lot of movies last year.  Yet, her career still hasn’t healed.  I’m waiting for Honey II, Alba.
Cher, Burlesque:  Cher, Madonna called and even she’s telling you to stop acting.  Now, watching your grown up daughter/now-son act in a comedy would be golden. 
Liza Minnelli, Sex and the City 2
Nicola Peltz, The Last Airbender
Barbra Streisand, Little Fockers
Billy Ray Cyrus, The Spy Next Door
George Lopez, Marmaduke, The Spy Next Door andValentine’s Day
Dev Patel, The Last Airbender
Jackson Rathbone, The Last Airbender and Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Rob Schneider, Grown Ups:  I hope he wins because he’ll bitch and moan about it in interviews.  Every time I hear people that say they loved Grown Ups, it is usually from people that have bad taste in movies.  

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

IHOP Fight...again!

Can you ring up a fight with that order please? 
IHOP Fight
Yeah, I might just stop going to IHOP at night, even though I don't go very much anyway. If I go there for some pancakes, I don't want to leave with sore back and bruised face. I would expect this behavior at Waffle House, but IHOP is a little more stylish.
When will it end? Right after ranting about the Chuck E Cheese fight, this one comes up. Are we sure it isn't the same group of people minus the children? Again, why do people act like complete jackasses when it comes to food or being around food?
-One woman gets taken completely down when someone pulls her hair.
-Some guy grabs another man's cane and starts attacking people with it.
-Another guy grabs his plate of food and leaves as the brawl heads in his direction. Yeah, I'd do the same thing. I came here to eat not watch people fight.   

Chuck E Cheese fight

Chuck E Cheese fight
I remember Chuck E Cheese because it was an extremely cool place to hang out as a kid. I remember spending hours there for friends' birthday parties. We'd play the latest arcade videogames or watch those creepy robotic animals sing songs. I would win just enough tickets for those damn spider-rings and that's about it. I wish I still had those spider-rings. By the way, I need to get back there to get a hold of some of those tokens.
I don't ever remember hearing or seeing this...

Chuck E Cheese, a kid can be a kid? Or thugs acting like thugs. I thought Chuck E Cheese was supposed to be for children. With all the children walking around with all those people fighting, it just makes us look bad. Part of the problem in certain sections the black community involves poor parenting or no parenting at all. When you act like a total jackass in front of your child, it is no surprise when that child grows up and acts in the same jackass manner. Set a good example for them.
From another black person to these black people in the video, you need to wake up and stop behaving like this. Bill Cosby may have a point.
So, how did this messy fight start? It was between two girls and it involved a guy.
From KYTX, ((The two women were both girlfriends of 18-year old Jordan Eagleton.  Police say when a manager tried to break up the fight, Eagleton threatened to kill him if he called police.))
If you look closely before the camera turns to the girls fighting, you can see the guy get into the face of the Manger. I guess that was when he was threatening him.
From KYTX, ((Company Spokesperson Brenda Holloway said the corporate office is investigating and the people involved in the fight had a past history.   She said they still believe Chuck E Cheese is a safe place for kids. ))
It is a safe place for children. But for adults?
Perhaps, they should have handed out some spider-rings.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Statue of Happiness: Is Hilary Clinton (GTA IV)

 Statue of Happiness: Is Hilary Clinton (GTA IV)
I remember reading about people believing that the Statue in GTA IV was modeled after the Statue of Liberty and that the face on the Statue of Happiness is actually based on Hilary Clinton. And, after looking at closeup pictures of the statue, it is clearly modeled after Hilary Clinton.
This is clearly a knock against Hilary because of her attack against the whole Hot Coffee Scandal. And, the statue is holding a cup of coffee. By the way, they even got her hairstyle as well.  Plus, look at her teeth.  
The other interesting thing is that in the beta version of the game it wasn't based on Hilary and it had a different face, meaning that the Hilary face was probably added at the end of production.

Mexican Coca-Cola

Mexican Coca-Cola
I remember a friend of mine encouraging me to try a Mexican Coke.  So, I gave in this year.  They are sold in Kroger and Meijer stores. You can find them roughly around 1.50 to 1.79 in the Mexican food section of your store.  Given that the small-refrigerated bottles of the American coke run about the same price, it is a deal. 
I’ve tried a few of them. 
I have to say the Mexican Coke has a smoother taste than the American Coke.   And, the biggest difference is the sugar in the Mexican formula.  The American Coke has a harsher taste than the Mexican Coke, but the American Coke seems to keep its fizz longer after putting it into ice cubes.  While the Mexican Coke taste better, it seems to go flat sooner.  However, the taste is so damn good in the Mexican formula.  I’d buy Mexican Coke in 2 liters if they sold them. 
I’d recommend a Mexican Coke if you have a dinner and need something to drink with it.  You will also need a bottle opener too, because the metal top does not screw off.  I’ve also noticed the Mexican Bottle seem to be thicker as well. 
Mexican Coke, more or less, is the American original formula before the Coke Company made the switch to the dreaded New Coke. When they switched back to “Classic Coke” they replaced the sugar with high-fructose corn syrup. So, what you're drinking in a Mexican Coke is what Coke tasted like back in the early 80s.
It is a shame we can’t get back to the sweet sugar taste of the Mexican Coke, but it is cheaper for restaurants and the Coke Company to use corn syrup.  I love the American Coke, but Mexican Coke is way better.  So, give it a try the next time you go to the store. 
It seems Canadian Coke is slightly different from American Coke as well.
These guys really like Mexican Coke over the Canadian Coke and the American Coke.
I do need to get my hands on a Canadian Coke though.
Side Note: I am also told that the Kosher Cokes (with the yellow caps) are really good too.  If I ever get a chance, during Passover, I will give this formula a try too.   

Young Justice (First 3 episodes)

Young Justice (First 3 episodes)
Based on the comic book series of the same, Young Justice is a very entertaining animated show.  It will please long time DCAU and younger fans alike.  The show is fast-paced and the animation is great. 
The story behind the first two episodes barrow heavily from Cadmus storyline from the Superboy comic books and the Death of Superman, which the organization is involved in cloning and secret projects. 
The voice acting is always top-notch for most DC based animated shows anyway.  So, there isn’t a surprise there. 
Robin:  This character is based closer to the Teen Titans version than DCAU version.  This Robin also has computer skills just like Tim Drake (Robin 3) from the comic continuity.  He’s very upbeat.  Unlike the Teen Titans version, he is not the leader of the group.  I really like this version of Robin. 
Superboy:  He is a complete departure from the Superboy from the 90s in tone and altitude.  Here, he is pissed off all the time and goes into a fight without much thought.  
Aqualad:  He is the unofficial leader of the group.  He seems older than the rest of them and more levelheaded.  I really like this character.  His power seems to be technology and water based, which I really dug. 
Kid Flash:  At the moment, Kid Flash is my least favorite out of the group.  But, I might actually grow to like him. 
Miss Martian:  I like her.  Her character is still learning social interactions and other things.  She doesn’t have the same powers as her uncle.
There are some rough edges that still need to be ironed out, but I think the show is off to a great start.  I really dig the relation ship the team has to the already established Justice League.  I always had a problem with the Teen Titans show never really mentioning the older heroes in the DC universe.  This show has the Justice League as a backdrop for the Young Justice team. 
Grade: B+
Note:  There seems to be a strong Star Trek connection to the show because Rene Auberjonois, John de Lancie and Marina Sirtis are listed in the credits in guest roles. 
The Flaming C is NOT a member of the JLA.

Smooth Criminal with two Cellos : Kick Butt Cover

Smooth Criminal
Two guys just rule on cellos playing this MJ song.  The editing and camera movement also enhance the coolness of the music video.  Here's hoping they make more covers.  

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Garden Weasel (Larry Sanders)

The Garden Weasel (Larry Sanders)
I’ve been watching early episodes of the Larry Sanders show.  I remember watching this episode about the Garden Weasel.  And, Larry Sanders is correct.  Why would you want to call a product the Garden Weasel anyway? 
Aren't weasels the animals you want to keep away from your garden? 
I guess the Garden Weasel isn't really needed because we got the damn Awesome Auger and, that machine is powered.

Star Trek TNG (After School Special)

Drugs will make you have special yellow energy.
Star Trek TNG (After School Special)
This really bad piece of dialogue originates from the TNG episode “Symbiosis”.   I read that the actors didn’t want to do this scene and wanted it removed from the episode.  One of the main producers forced it down their throats and refused to have it removed from the episode.  He felt it was their responsibility to have the anti-drug message.  The speech probably caused people to use drugs instead...
The episode isn’t very good, but it does mark some historic Trek moments. 
-Two Wrath of Khan actors show up for this episode.  Merritt Butrick and Judson Scott,
-Butrick would die from Aids a year later.
-This was also the episode where the Reading Rainbow crew showed up to do a special about the show, via behind the scenes. 
-This was Denise Crosby’s last appearance on the show, despite the fact this was broadcasted before her death scene in the episode “Skin of Evil”.  She can be seen briefly breaking character and waving to the camera as the doors close!
Watch the upper left portion of the screen. 

PowerPuff Girls learn a new word…(Curses)

PowerPuff Girls learn a new word…(Curses)
I love the group learned how to say “F’ing” and show cleverly edits the cuss world out.  I am surprised they even got away with implying the word.
I also like the huge monster with the potty mouth…literally.   Who created this giant monster that cusses a lot?  So, they defeat the monster by forcing a truck full of soap down its throat. 
I also like that even the bad guys and biker types can’t stand the number curse words coming out of their mouths. 
This aired way back in 2004.
I really need to watch more episodes of this show. 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fifth Element

Fifth Element
The Nostalgia Chick reviewed this strange but interesting.  I am not sure about some of the tone as NC mentions in the review, but the overall story about Evil and the attack on Earth.  When I first watched the movie, I didn’t really get it.  I got caught up in some of the more silly “comedic” bits and found the movie unsatisfying.  
~Tommy 'Tiny' Lister:  Having this big hulking guy as the President of the World is rather amusing.  I didn’t get it when I first watched the movie, but now I love the idea of Tiny Lister as the most important man in the world. 
~Ian Holm and his monk partner:  I still hate most of the scenes with these two.  Most of the problems I have with the film stem from these two. 
~Leeloo: Milla “multipass” Jovovich is cute in the central role.  While wacky, her performance is very good.  No matter how many RE movies she does, she will always be known as Multi-Pass. 
~While the movie never is clear exactly what the relationship is between Zorg (Oldman) and Evil, it is clear that Zorg has been working for “it” for a long time.  The nice touch is the blood that simply appears on Zorg’s head when ever he talks to Evil.  It is a nice touch. 
~Ruby Rhod:  Is he gay or is he straight?  I do think Luc Besson got the whole metro-sexual thing right, if a little extreme.  We now have straight guys wearing really tight pants and shirts as if they are chicks.  And, the culture of men getting in touch with their feminine side is very popular in the hipster culture. 
~Evil X2:  I always got the hint that the Evil globe thing attacked Earth before and was promptly defeated before the movie.  This has to do with the Moon.  We know that defeating Evil turns it into a spherical rock that looks just like the Moon by the end of the movie.  So, it is safe to amuse that it has happened before because of the first moon.  
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