Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Tiddy Bear; (yeah, it is a real product)

Tiddy Bear;  (yeah, it is a real product)
Uh, was the name Tiddy Bear necessary?  They’re basically saying “titty” bear over and over again.  Do they know that what that word means?   And, do you notice that most of the people in the ad are women? 
I know that seatbelts can be uncomfortable for women with large…you knows, but do they want to place stupid animals around their lady lumps?  Having a stupid Garfield toy in you back window is one thing, but having a Tiddy Bear resting on you body is another thing. 
And, now d-bag guys can say “Tiddy” without sounding like jerks.  Like, “Hey, girl, pop out that Tiddy and let me see it.”
“Excuse me?” angry girl asked back.
D-bag pulls out the Tiddy Bear from her seatbelt.  “I just wanted to see your Tiddy Bear.”
Here’s the parody of that stupid product
Here's the best part about the story; two women created this strange invention.
If you want to buy the product, you can check it out here.  BTW, the site now calls the product the Snugglestrap instead of Tiddy Bear.  I guess they realized how bad the name was.  
Soft and Cushy?  Are they still talking about the bear? 

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