Monday, January 24, 2011

Mexican Coca-Cola

Mexican Coca-Cola
I remember a friend of mine encouraging me to try a Mexican Coke.  So, I gave in this year.  They are sold in Kroger and Meijer stores. You can find them roughly around 1.50 to 1.79 in the Mexican food section of your store.  Given that the small-refrigerated bottles of the American coke run about the same price, it is a deal. 
I’ve tried a few of them. 
I have to say the Mexican Coke has a smoother taste than the American Coke.   And, the biggest difference is the sugar in the Mexican formula.  The American Coke has a harsher taste than the Mexican Coke, but the American Coke seems to keep its fizz longer after putting it into ice cubes.  While the Mexican Coke taste better, it seems to go flat sooner.  However, the taste is so damn good in the Mexican formula.  I’d buy Mexican Coke in 2 liters if they sold them. 
I’d recommend a Mexican Coke if you have a dinner and need something to drink with it.  You will also need a bottle opener too, because the metal top does not screw off.  I’ve also noticed the Mexican Bottle seem to be thicker as well. 
Mexican Coke, more or less, is the American original formula before the Coke Company made the switch to the dreaded New Coke. When they switched back to “Classic Coke” they replaced the sugar with high-fructose corn syrup. So, what you're drinking in a Mexican Coke is what Coke tasted like back in the early 80s.
It is a shame we can’t get back to the sweet sugar taste of the Mexican Coke, but it is cheaper for restaurants and the Coke Company to use corn syrup.  I love the American Coke, but Mexican Coke is way better.  So, give it a try the next time you go to the store. 
It seems Canadian Coke is slightly different from American Coke as well.
These guys really like Mexican Coke over the Canadian Coke and the American Coke.
I do need to get my hands on a Canadian Coke though.
Side Note: I am also told that the Kosher Cokes (with the yellow caps) are really good too.  If I ever get a chance, during Passover, I will give this formula a try too.   


MC said...

Tip: If it is between getting a pop in a glass bottle or plastic, choose glass. A capped glass bottle keeps its carbonation while a plastic one slowly loses it carbon over time even in its "sealed" state. That's why they have a best before date (at least they do in Canada).

Semaj said...

I've noticed that the plastic do have different taste depending on date.

I just check my 2 liter and it has a date on it. This one says April 18, 2011.

I need to drink more of the bottled ones more

Anonymous said...

I work for a coca-cola bottler in the northeast and have never tried a mexican coke but that will soon change my company just got authorization in the new england chain Shaw's though the product has not been shipped to our production center as of yet and don't know when we are getting it but can't wait to try it.hopefully it will be soon

Anonymous said...

Also the yellow cap coke has hebrew writing on the top it is simply coke made with purecane sugar just like mexican coke but the equipment that produces it has gone through the ceremony of being blessed by a Rabbi

Semaj said...

I can't wait to try the Hebrew version. Thanks for the update on the Mexican cokes. Here's hoping they become easier for people to find.

I got to get my hands on the ones from Canada.

Patty Jarosh said...

My husband drinks the mexican coca-cola because he likes the taste better and he has sugar diabetes and this does not seem to raise his blood sugar as much as pepsi does. The bottled soda does have a better taste. The only problem for us is that we have a hard time finding it because everyone is running out of it on the shelves.

Semaj said...

Yes, the bottle always tastes better than the can or even the plastic. I try to get the Kosher Cokes as much as possible and try to stock up on it. But yeah it is hard getting your hands on the Mexican stuff.

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