Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bargain Bin DVD

Bargain Bin DVD
I went strolling through the “evil” Wal-Mart and stumbled upon the DVD section of the store.  I discovered two classics that I’ve seen repeatedly over the years on basic cable and HBO.  They were only five dollars each so well worth it.  They were...

The Lost Boys:  Nope, I am not talking about the two shameless sequels that came out recently with Corey Feldman, but the bloody original one that I still think holds up today.  Surprisingly, the DVD is a two-disks set with all the special features.  I pretty much watched all the features and all the deleted scenes.  There were a lot of deleted scenes with the mother (Dianne Wiest) working part time at the video/music store of the main vampire Edward Herrmann.  The extra scenes do pretty much spell out that Herrmann’s character was the master vampire with extra hints.  There is also an extra touch where the mother is still afraid of Max’s guard dog.  This DVD is worth it for the extras and interviews alone. 

New Jack City: This DVD had a commentary with director Mario Van Peebles (Solo).  It isn’t the best commentary, but he does bring up some interesting points about the shift in the drug culture from the 80s to 90s.  And, he makes fun of his own terrible hairstyle in the movie.  I do need to sit down and just watch the movie though. 


MC said...

Come to think of it, I've never seen New Jack City.

Semaj said...

While it hasn't aged as well as other movies, there is a bit of goodness to be had from the film. Ice Tea is very good in the role and Chris Rock is great as a crack head.

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