Sunday, January 30, 2011

Two men and a baby: "Head for zee Hills?" Nope

Yes, this actually Mountain Home AR. Talk about being offended. I'm offended that anyone thinks Elton John even borders on offensive, other than his facelift. I also love the fact someone actually had time to go to management and complain about it. That takes sheer stupid commitment.
MC brought this controversy to my attention over at this blog. The picture from above has brought a lot of controversy over the Internet, but it also shows the positive power of the internet. Basically, someone complained to the grocery store. These family-shields are usually put over magazines that have women in underwear or being close to naked, yet this one with two fully dressed gay men received the same treatment. There is something wrong with the way certain people feel about guy couples.
I guess it is a good thing the customers have never received any King Magazines. They're collective right-leaning heads would explode.    

Before I get sidetracked looking at these King photos, let's get back to the story.
Jennifer Huddleston saw the Family-shield and took a photo of it and posted it on the Inter-tubes. I'm usually at odds with certain hardcore elements of the gay community because they're a bit too sensitive about certain things (Such as a group within the community wanting to ban the word Homosexual), but I have to side with them here. This family-shield is an overkill.
Relax, concern parents. Gay people want to get married, have kids and hate their spouses and getting divorced too.
Well, the store removed the family-shield and apologized (sort of). So, all ends well. I guess.
Side note: How would they feel about a poster of Three Men and a Baby?  
Oh, no, head for the hills


MC said...

DAMN! Stacey Dash got BACK!

Semaj said...

Oh, yeah, and I had no idea either! Currently searching for more photos in google...okay, I am a new fan.

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