Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Chuck E Cheese fight

Chuck E Cheese fight
I remember Chuck E Cheese because it was an extremely cool place to hang out as a kid. I remember spending hours there for friends' birthday parties. We'd play the latest arcade videogames or watch those creepy robotic animals sing songs. I would win just enough tickets for those damn spider-rings and that's about it. I wish I still had those spider-rings. By the way, I need to get back there to get a hold of some of those tokens.
I don't ever remember hearing or seeing this...

Chuck E Cheese, a kid can be a kid? Or thugs acting like thugs. I thought Chuck E Cheese was supposed to be for children. With all the children walking around with all those people fighting, it just makes us look bad. Part of the problem in certain sections the black community involves poor parenting or no parenting at all. When you act like a total jackass in front of your child, it is no surprise when that child grows up and acts in the same jackass manner. Set a good example for them.
From another black person to these black people in the video, you need to wake up and stop behaving like this. Bill Cosby may have a point.
So, how did this messy fight start? It was between two girls and it involved a guy.
From KYTX, ((The two women were both girlfriends of 18-year old Jordan Eagleton.  Police say when a manager tried to break up the fight, Eagleton threatened to kill him if he called police.))
If you look closely before the camera turns to the girls fighting, you can see the guy get into the face of the Manger. I guess that was when he was threatening him.
From KYTX, ((Company Spokesperson Brenda Holloway said the corporate office is investigating and the people involved in the fight had a past history.   She said they still believe Chuck E Cheese is a safe place for kids. ))
It is a safe place for children. But for adults?
Perhaps, they should have handed out some spider-rings.

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