Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Steven Archer: The guy that tunneled into a GameStop and got caught

Most gamers want to dig out of GameStop and not inside it, due to its bundle policies and used game prices. This guy did it all wrong and tunneled into the store. The amount of effort it took to get inside gives him some points. So, how exactly did he do it?
From Geekosystem.com, ((33 year old Steven Archer was arrested this Thursday in Tennessee for breaking into a vacant building and using it as a base to tunnel into his local GameStop next door.  Although Archer was not ultimately successful (that is, he was arrested), he initially got away with about $300 in cash and more than $5,300 in games and electronics.  So, that’s a pretty hefty haul. ))
This guy deserved to get caught because he scoped the shopping center out by driving in a purple passion colored SUV. I guess he was a hardcore gamer that never played GTA or the other crime based videogames.  

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