Tuesday, January 25, 2011

IHOP Fight...again!

Can you ring up a fight with that order please? 
IHOP Fight
Yeah, I might just stop going to IHOP at night, even though I don't go very much anyway. If I go there for some pancakes, I don't want to leave with sore back and bruised face. I would expect this behavior at Waffle House, but IHOP is a little more stylish.
When will it end? Right after ranting about the Chuck E Cheese fight, this one comes up. Are we sure it isn't the same group of people minus the children? Again, why do people act like complete jackasses when it comes to food or being around food?
-One woman gets taken completely down when someone pulls her hair.
-Some guy grabs another man's cane and starts attacking people with it.
-Another guy grabs his plate of food and leaves as the brawl heads in his direction. Yeah, I'd do the same thing. I came here to eat not watch people fight.   

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