Friday, January 21, 2011

Cameo "Candy" and other covers and remixes

 Cameo Candy
Music Video version
Man, I love this song. I remember hearing this song on the radio all the time back in the 80s. I was also a huge fan of the group Cameo, minus that red crotch-strap.
The music video version of the song adds a saxophone to the track which is not part of certain versions of the song. By the way, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas uses the song on one of their radio stations.
Here is the remix
This song was so popular that a few artists reused the baseline and even the lyrics in future song.
Mariah Carey actually brought back cameo to sing their lyrics for her “Loverboy” song. She even had them show up in the music video!
And, here is the remix for Loverboy.
Damn, she looks amazing in these videos. If I am not mistaken, she re-sung the track for the remix. She certainly bounces around a lot more in the remix video.
Will Smith “Candy”
This track also brought back Cameo to sing new lyrics.
I love how Will Smith uses a lot candy terms within his rap in this song, which is a nice callback to the original song.   

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