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KFC Worker Freak Out

KFC Worker Freak Out
Where is the LSU Pizza Girl when you need her? These two were meant for each other.
Let me get this straight, he doesn't want people recording him. Man, this guy really needs to hook up with the Pizza Girl badly. I have to give credit to the manager on the way he handled it. They pulled the guy in the back.
Unlike the the Pizza Girl incident, there is more to the story than an employee yelling at customers. This KFC in Sydney, Australia is a Halal-friendly KFC. From Wiki, (( Pork and all its products, animals improperly slaughtered, alcoholic drinks including all forms of intoxicants, carnivorous animals, birds of prey and any food contaminated with any of these products.))
That means the KFC doesn't have pork on their menu. Now, what isn't shown is a customer responding to the “No Bacon” policy. I think the customer got a little bit insulting before the guy freaked out.
From MSN, (("As part of our continuing investigation, KFC has been offered statements from other customers who were in the store at the time," the spokesman said.
"These statements indicate a customer had directed offensive language and became abusive towards the team member when the customer's preferred selection was not available at that store."))
Yeah, I think that person wanted to make a statement about the fact they didn't serve bacon. If they don't serve bacon, then go to another store. Not everything needs to be political. Besides, KFC's biscuits are the best anyway. I don't go to KFC for its bacon.
By the way, does that excuse the behavior of the worker? Nope, and he got suspended over it anyway.
What is with people and their crazy reactions when it comes to food?
This is the remix
Oh, there is another KFC story too...

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