Monday, January 10, 2011

Random Stuff

Random Stuff
~Dreamcast & Treamcast: I really miss the Dreamcast. While it wasn't as powerful as the PS2 or the XBOX, but there were some fun games on that system. I remember VMUs would have characters from the game on the small screen. If I remember correctly, the PS1 had something similar that was never released in NA. Sony called them the PocketStations. I remember FF8 had a feature in the NA version of the game that was never used.
Here's a picture of the two side by side, via Games Radar.

I have never heard of Treamcast and it was released in Hong Kong. Treamcast was an illegal system.
~ “This guy are sick”: This is the famous Final Fantasy translation mistake that has become a famous line of dialogue. It has become a sort of meme over the years. I've watched a lot of Let's Play Final Fantasy 7 videos and it is one of my faverite mistakes. My other one is Executive “Produce”.
~Here are the “Best Cheerleader Scandals”: You can guess a certain someone is on that list that made this blog famous a few years back. Some of them are actually worst, one having to do with two women ending up in jail. Why isn't that Kobe scandal with a Lakers Girl not on the list?
~Dead Fantasy Gee: Because I was in a FF mood, I came across this strange but interesting video involving Final Fantasy female characters and Dead or Alive female characters. We are now at that point when we can simply create hot CGI girls to dance for us. This is very strange. However, the actually editing and creation of the characters is something to behold. The same guy did another one here.
~It looks like a certain “local celebrity” by the name of Carla Rushing is now behind bars. Look at how the mighty have fallen. Something tells me she'll soon find religion once she gets out of jail. It looks like she's into the meth at the moment. As I stated before, someone keeps removing her name from the notable alumni on the Fern Creek High School Wiki page. Anyway, here's hoping poor Carla gets back on her feet.   
I just love that expression.  


Anonymous said...

She's back in jail. Got arrested last week. lol


Semaj said...

Holy Crap, This girl must love jail or at least getting arrested. lol

Anonymous said...

This is cody lane,correct?

Semaj said...

Yep, this is her. She has two sets of mugshots. And, she has a Ask Me Anything on Reddit floating around somewhere too where she hints at her arrest.

王定名 said...
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