Thursday, January 27, 2011

IHOP Fight (Follow up)


IHOP Fight (Follow up)
After I posted about this story and video, it looks like three people have been charged with “Public Disorderly Conduct” or as I would like to say, “acting like an ass”.
From wistv, ((Deputies arrested and charged Patricia Hampton, Tracy Brown Day, and Alonzo Dantzler, Jr., all of Orangeburg, with public disorderly conduct in the January 22 fight at the IHOP on North Road. ))
I'd still like to know; what was fight over? Pancakes?
I also like that the two women are smiling in their mugshot, but the guy with cane isn't too pleased to get guests of the PD. I think we need to bring back the concept of shame.
Here are few other incidents from restaurants.

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