Sunday, January 23, 2011

Star Trek TNG (After School Special)

Drugs will make you have special yellow energy.
Star Trek TNG (After School Special)
This really bad piece of dialogue originates from the TNG episode “Symbiosis”.   I read that the actors didn’t want to do this scene and wanted it removed from the episode.  One of the main producers forced it down their throats and refused to have it removed from the episode.  He felt it was their responsibility to have the anti-drug message.  The speech probably caused people to use drugs instead...
The episode isn’t very good, but it does mark some historic Trek moments. 
-Two Wrath of Khan actors show up for this episode.  Merritt Butrick and Judson Scott,
-Butrick would die from Aids a year later.
-This was also the episode where the Reading Rainbow crew showed up to do a special about the show, via behind the scenes. 
-This was Denise Crosby’s last appearance on the show, despite the fact this was broadcasted before her death scene in the episode “Skin of Evil”.  She can be seen briefly breaking character and waving to the camera as the doors close!
Watch the upper left portion of the screen. 

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