Friday, January 07, 2011

Random Things

Random Things
~I need to find some references for my application for the school newspaper. I think I'll get a manger from my job and a professor from my school. Well, I can throw in the janitor too...
~Neverending Story 3: The Nostalgia Critic reviews probably the worst sequels ever created. Did the producers of part 3 even bothered to watch the first movie? Man, I got to see this mess of a movie for myself. By the way, Jack Black is a bully in this movie. Why was this called NS3 anyway? It has really no connection to the first two films, almost none. The characters are all wrong and designs are way off.
~I had a nose bleed today for no reason. I usually never get them and never got them when I was a child. I wonder if this is connected to all the deaths of fish and birds...hmm...
~Jersey Shore: I would like to say, “f' off” to all the people that made the third season of JS the highest rated show in MTV's history. All 8-Million of you can go to hell right now. Forget making fun of them on Jerry Springer on display, because I guess it is better to watch them in the true environment instead. Please, can we make this JS thing stop? I'll give you a quarter, MTV.
~John Edwards: Edwards, if you want to get back into politics, don't marry Rielle Hunter. It is in poor taste and just another turd to put on the hill of turd bricks you've collected by cheating on your dying wife with that woman. It is in poor taste that she even wants to get married so close to the death of your wife. Don't marry this woman, “It's a trap.”
~Emma Watson let's “something” slip (NSFW): Besides the touch of nudity, she looks stunning in that picture. And, don't worry fellas you can look she's 20 years old. By the way, check out the blogger's site it is rather amusing.   

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