Thursday, January 13, 2011

MySpace, are you dead yet?

And losers...
I remember using Myspace and stuff, but I barely go on it anymore since I got involved with Facebook. Facebook has some annoying issues, but not nearly as annoying as MySpace. I remember going to a young lady's MS page and being put off by the auto-play music. She didn't have one auto-player blaring pop music she had two of them playing at the same time...with different songs. Then, there's the damn apps that lock up your browser or the glitter that makes their MySpace pages unreadable.
MySpace has seen some tough times of late, like the decline in revenue and 47% of its workforce being laid off. This biggest problem MySpace has is being bought out by News Corp (FOX). This company did kill the site, but it is helping bury it in its shallow grave.
Like Blockbuster, I am not really sad to see these companies meet hard times.   

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