Friday, January 21, 2011

The Flaming C: Conan Superhero?

The Flaming C: Conan Superhero?
Bruce Timm and the people over at WB actually took Conan's character and added the character to the Young Justice cartoon show. It seems Timm added the Flaming C to Justice League. But, did this actually show up on the real Young Justice show?
By the way, I love the oven mitt. And, it looks like you can actually buy the action figure right now.
I really do need to check out the show because I am a huge Justice League fan. And, I love seeing that Bruce Timm, the man in charge of all the WB movies, has a sense of humor.   


MC said...

And yet his character is still less weird and fits into the JLA better than Aquaman.

Semaj said...

And, the funny thing is Aquaman is a modified design of 80s and 90s and they still couldn't get him right. Actually, Aqua-Lad his partner is a way better character than him.

BTW, they replaced both superman and batman with Flaming C, but actually took the time to re-animate the character into the scene.

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